Chapter 1452 – Travelling Atop A Dragon

Zuoqiu Huanglin had resurrected!

Everyone was shocked when they witnessed this scene.

However, if one looked carefully, one could notice that Wei Xing, Zuoqiu Feng, and the pawns of the Sovereign Sect weren’t really moved by this scene and seemed as if they’d expected it.

Only Hua Jiankong, Midnight Immortal King, Xuanyuan Shao, and the others were extremely surprised by this.

After that, their expressions became solemn.

A killed Immortal King was actually able to be instantly revived. This caused them to similarly realize a possibility, the Calamity Resurrection Pill!

Thus, there was utterly no need for Chen Xi to warm them before they understood how serious the situation was.

It was very simple. If all of their opponents possessed the Calamity Resurrection Pill, then this already unfair battle would be impossible to win!

Because even if their opponents were killed, they could be resurrected instantaneously. So, how would they fight this battle?

But no matter what, this battle wouldn’t go according to their will at all, and they could only continue.

However, the atmosphere had become oppressive instead.

Chen Xi didn’t say anything about this. All he could do was to kill these opponents of his as soon as possible, and then seize the opportunity to assist the others.

Because only he was clearly aware that the energy of Terminus he possessed could be utilized to kill those fellows that possessed the Calamity Resurrection Pill.

However, the scene that arose next threw Chen Xi’s plans into disorder, and it was even to the extent that it exceeded the expectations of everyone in the surroundings.

After Zuoqiu Huanglin was resurrected, he didn’t continue to fight Midnight Immortal King with Zuoqiu Feng, and he turned around and charged towards Chen Xi instead!

Obviously, this old fellow had discerned that it was utterly impossible for Wei Xing and the other Half-step Immortal Kings to be a match for Chen Xi.

So as soon as he was resurrected, he intended to deal with Chen Xi first!


The impetus of an Immortal King was extremely terrifying and coupled with Zuoqiu Huanglin’s actions being carried out in an extremely swift manner while it exceeded the expectations of everyone, a palm strike pressed down from afar at Chen Xi. In an instant, it completely sealed off all Chen Xi’s paths of retreat.

Chen Xi didn’t have the time to react at all before he sensed that the heavens, the earth, time, and space in his surroundings were completely frozen, whereas he was like an insect that had fallen into the web. He was firmly stuck to the web, and no matter how he struggled, he was actually unable to move at all!

This caused his expression to turn grim while a feeling of terror from extreme danger arose in his heart. It was the aura from being on the verge of death, and he’d experienced it innumerable times since he’d started cultivating until now.

However, it had never been so strong as it was at this moment, and it was even to the extent that he sensed the smell of death!

At this instant, Chen Xi even saw Wei Xing and the others heave a sigh of relief while looking at him with a savage and complacent expression, and their gazes seemed as if they were looking at a dead person.

On the other hand, Hua Jiankong, Dian Dian, Xuanyuan Shao, and the others revealed furious expressions, and they intended to struggle free of their opponents to rescue Chen Xi…

Unfortunately, all of this seemed to be too late!

Zuoqiu Huanglin had attacked too quickly and too suddenly. It was even to the extent that he’d utilized his entire strength as soon as he attacked with the intention of eliminating Chen Xi with a single strike, so he utterly didn’t leave behind any opportunity for others to seize.

If an Immortal King intended to kill a Half-step Immortal King with all his strength, then it was no different than crushing an ant. It was as easy as turning one’s hand over.

It as even to the extent that Chen Xi could see the pity in Zuoqiu Huanglin’s eyes at this moment…

What’s he feeling pity for?

Is he laughing at me for overestimating my ability?

Or perhaps he’s laughing at me because everything I did was in vain?

Hmm? Wait!

At this critical moment between life and death, Chen Xi suddenly noticed that the pity in Zuoqiu Huanglin’s eyes had suddenly changed. It was enveloped with a wisp of fear that changed into panic, and then it transformed into terror…

What’s he feeling terrified about? 

Right at this moment, Chen Xi felt his entire body shake. All of the pressure and restraints on his body had receded like tidewater, and he recovered his freedom. After that, his figure was carried up and suddenly vanished on the spot.


At this moment, Chen Xi felt as if he was moving through the universe. He moved through the clouds, whistled through the heavens, and he wasn’t even able to open his eyes.

“Roar!!!” After that, a shocking dragon roar resounded through the world. Chen Xi felt his entire body shake before he instantly recovered his senses, and when he looked forward, he realized that he’d suddenly arrived above the nine heavens.

Moreover, he was actually standing on the back of a dragon!

This was an ancient azure dragon! 

Its serpentine body that was an entire 50,000km in length seemed like a continuous mountain range that lay across the heavens. Its whiskers swayed like two silver rivers were descending from the universe. Its head was enormous like a mountain, and even every single one of the scales that densely covered its body were extremely enormous and were branded with countless dense Dao markings.

This dragon was truly too mighty, and it resided above the nine heavens because only such a place was able to support its body!


In the next moment, Chen Xi felt a tremor come from his feet. The azure dragon’s figure swiftly transformed into a 30m tall golden robed old man with an ancient appearance and a bearing that was noble and proud.

Chen Xi had no reason to doubt that this golden robed old man was definitely the Dragon Dimension’s Ancestor, Ao Jiuhui, a terrifying existence that had cultivated for countless years.

Obviously, it was Ao Jiuhui that had made a move and rescued Chen Xi from Zuoqiu Huanglin.

“Fortunately, we weren’t too late.” Ao Jiuhui glanced at Chen Xi before he said with a smile, “It’s fine now. There’s no need to be nervous.”

As he spoke, his figure flashed, and he brought Chen Xi along as he descended from the nine heavens and arrived in the sky above Iris Desert.

At this moment, Chen Xi noticed that it wasn’t just Ao Jiuhui that had come, even Zhao Taici and Chi Cangsheng were shockingly standing proudly in the surroundings at this moment.

Zhao Taici’s snow white hair was coiled into a bun, and it revealed a peerlessly beautiful face that looked like a young woman. As she stood there casually, she emanated a supreme imposing aura that looked down upon all living beings and looked proudly throughout the nine heavens, and she was an existence that no one could overlook.

Chi Cangsheng was thin, bad tempered, and unreasonable as always, yet his imposing aura was obviously unlike before. It carried an extra otherworldly aura of divinity.

It wasn’t just him, even Zhao Taici and Ao Jiuhui were both filled with the energy of divinity. According to Chen Xi’s judgement, the three of them had definitely stepped into the Godrank Realm!

In other words, the three of them were ‘gods’ of legend that had surpassed the three dimensions and weren’t part of the five elements!

“Disciple Chen Xi greets Seniors.” Chen Xi forcefully restrained the excitement in his heart and bowed to them.

“There’s no need for courtesy. Let’s first deal with the matter before us before we catch up.” Zhao Taici smiled, and then she shot her gaze towards the battlefield.

Three seniors from Dao Emperor Academy at the Godrank Realm had arrived in succession, and it instantly changed the situation.

The Immortal Kings that were originally in intense battle had actually stopped simultaneously at this moment, and they split apart from their opponents.

The mysterious cloaked figures converged with Zuoqiu Feng, Zuoqiu Huanglin, Wei Xing, and the others, and they looked at Chen Xi’s side with solemn expressions. Without exception, all their gazes had descended onto Zhao Taici, Ao Jiuhui, and Chi Cangsheng.

The longer they looked, the more terrified they became, and their expressions turned even more solemn.

Hua Jiankong, Midnight Immortal King, Xuanyuan Shao, Xuanyuan Fengchen, Xuanyuan Tabei, and the others had converged by Chen Xi’s side, and they were similarly sizing up Zhao Taici, Chi Cangsheng, and Ao Jiuhui.

However, their expressions were covered in excitement, shock, and pleasant surprise.


If Immortal Kings were said to already be standing at the supreme peak of the three dimensions, then experts at the Godrank Realm could be considered as paramount. They’d overcome the restraints of the three dimensions and weren’t part of the five elements. They were truly free, and they would remain eternal so long as their divine flame remained lit!

Merely a single existence at such a level was sufficient to deter everyone and cause all Immortal Kings to not dare act rashly.

Yet now, three existences at the Godrank Realm had appeared at once. This was like divine warriors descending from the heavens, and it utterly undeniably turned the entire situation around.

“Dammit! Why is this happening?” Zuoqiu Feng had a gloomy expression while even his heart felt like it was bleeding. Earlier, all of them occupied a position of absolute advantage, and they were on the verge of annihilating all the traitors within their clan. Yet who would have imagined that Hua Jiankong and Chen Xi would simultaneously make an appearance at the critical moment.

Moreover, before they could kill the two of them, Xuanyuan Shao, Xuanyuan Fengchen, and Xuanyuan Tabei arrived successively, and it was even to the extent that Midnight Immortal King had come on her own accord as well.

Even then, they were still in a fairly advantageous position. Yet who would have imagined that Chen Xi would actually reveal an extremely terrifying combat strength that the Half-step Immortal Kings on their side couldn’t withstand at all.

On the other hand, in the battles between Immortal Kings, Zuoqiu Huanglin was even annihilated by Midnight Immortal King, and if it wasn’t for the Calamity Resurrection Pill, Zuoqiu Huanglin would have probably perished for real.

Fortunately, the situation at that time was still within their control, and Zuoqiu Huanglin was about to annihilate Chen Xi. Yet it just so happened that another unexpected event occurred at this critical moment!

This unexpected event was so great that it entirely exceeded their imagination. It was actually three existences at the Godrank Realm from Dao Emperor Academy!

In this way, it had completely destroyed any advantage they possessed, and they were in imminent danger.

How could Zuoqiu Feng accept all of this?

However, even though Zuoqiu Feng was furious, Wei Xing was even more furious than him, and it was even to the extent that Wei Xing almost gnashed his teeth into pieces.

He’d mobilized nine Core Pawns at the Immortal King Realm and sixty nine Major Pawns during the operation this time. Yet it just so happened that Zuoqiu Feng was unwilling to cooperate with him and allow him to interfere in the internal strife of the Zuoqiu Clan.

Now, the rebels hadn’t even been eliminated when wave after wave of opponents had appeared instead. Moreover, three terrifying existences at the Godrank Realm had even made an appearance now. How could Wei Xing not be furious because of this?

“He really is useless!” Wei Xing almost went mad with hatred. Even he’d started to feel despair when facing the current situation, and he was very clearly aware that they practically had no chance to turn the situation around before three existences at the Godrank Realm.

It wasn’t just Zuoqiu Feng and Wei Xing. At this moment, when they faced these three existences at the Godrank Realm, the hearts of those mysterious cloaked figures and Zuoqiu Clansmen behind the two of them felt heavy beyond compare.

“Hmph! How truly patient. Since it’s like this, then we can only deal with these fellows first.” Suddenly, Zhao Taici grunted coldly and spoke words that were incomprehensible.

However, everyone in the surroundings did understand the second half of what she said, and it instantly caused Zuoqiu Feng, Wei Xing, and the others’ hearts to jerk while their faces turned grim.

At this instant, Zuoqiu Feng’s heart was drowned with terror, and he’d completely lost all composure. So, he didn’t dare retain any hope or hesitation and immediately roared towards the sky. “Ancestors, please quickly lend us a hand!”

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