Chapter 1451 – The Fall of An Immortal King

The battle was still going on.

Chen Xi was silent, murderous, swift, and fierce. As the battle went on, not only did his imposing aura not weaken, it rose steadily instead, and he revealed an aura of sweeping through the heavens and the earth.

If they didn’t witness it with their own eyes, it would be absolutely impossible for them to imagine that Chen Xi was already formidable to such an extent, and he could be considered a peerless genius.

In the battlefield, a rain of blood poured down from the sky while shrill cries shook the heavens.

It was like a bloody purgatory had descended into the world.

In the end, Wei Xing’s heart felt cold, and he didn’t dare hesitate at all to shout in a grim voice and order the other higher-ups in Zuoqiu Feng’s faction to join the battle.

There were more than thirty higher-ups in Zuoqiu Feng’s faction, and every single one of them was at the Half-step Immortal King Realm. They were originally unwilling to join the battle, but they were clearly aware that once Chen Xi was allowed to continue slaughtering the others like this, then it would be their turn once all those dogs of the Sovereign Sect had perished.

Thus, they joined the battlefield in the end.

In an instant, Chen Xi’s opponents increased by over thirty. Moreover, the addition of these elders from the...

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