Chapter 1450 – Displaying Invincible Might

In an instant, the situation Chen Xi was in had become dangerous. He was like a confined prisoner that couldn’t escape or dodge.

“Shit!” The expressions of Zuoqiu Feiming and the others changed abruptly when they witnessed this scene.

“Hmph!” However, before they could make any reaction, Chen Xi who was pressured from all directions suddenly grunted coldly, and he casually swung his hand.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Over a thousand strands of sword qi suddenly appeared out of thin air. Every single strand of sword qi was different, they were either the swords of the five elements, the swords of Yin and Yang, the swords of Tempest, the swords of Star Obliteration, the swords of Enduring, the swords of Taichi… They covered and contained everything, and they formed into boundless Dao techniques.

Moreover, every single strand of sword qi appeared at a completely different location, and they densely covered the entire area. However, they intersected and crisscrossed with each other at the same time to form numerous dense and profound Sword Formations!

Most importantly, this mysterious Sword Formation that was filled with the profundities of the Talisman Dao had actually shot towards the four cloaked figures at the same instant!

From sword qi to sword formation, and then to shooting out destructively… All of this took time to describe, yet it was actually casually and instantly...

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