Chapter 145 – Great Conspiracy

Chapter 145 – Great Conspiracy

Up until now, amongst the 2,000 Violet Palace Realm cultivators of the younger generation that had entered the Four-Symbols Layer of the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, there were already over 200 people that had died tragically, 1,500 plus people had crushed their Transportation Talismans and were transported out of the pagoda, and only less than 300 people still persisted in the battle.

Amongst these 200 plus people that had died tragically, a huge portion of them were killed by the sneak attacks of the nine unfamiliar cultivators of mysterious origin, and it was horrifying.

Most of these cultivators that had died tragically came from the various powers. They were young, possessed great potential, and had superb natural talent. Great hope was placed on every one of them by the powers they were from, yet at this moment, all of them lay on the ground and had met a tragic fate: death.  To the various powers, their losses could be said to be extremely heavy, and in the past Hidden Dragon Rankings, it was utterly impossible for such an incident to occur.

The culprits that had caused all this was those nine mysterious and unfamiliar cultivators!

Fortunately, the Four-Symbols Layer wasn’t large, and in next to no time, the remaining disciples noticed that something was strange. They joined forces right away and launched an assault towards the nine mysterious and unfamiliar cultivators under the lead of Fei Lengcui and Qiu Leng.

When they saw this scene, the tense nerves of everyone standing outside the pagoda had finally eased up greatly. As long as the disciples were able to kill these nine people, then perhaps the competition would still be able to be smoothly carried on.

However, unexpected to everyone, when the remaining disciples were about to surround and entrap those nine mysterious and unfamiliar cultivators, another 50 plus people from the remaining 300 disciples had suddenly defected and struck killing blows towards the disciples of the various sects that were by their side. In just an instant, another 40 plus people lost their lives on the spot!

These 50 plus cultivators that had suddenly defected were actually of the same group with those nine mysterious and unfamiliar cultivators!

Not only did this sudden change shock everyone outside the pagoda, even the disciples of the various powers within the pagoda were caught off guard, and a tremendous change instantly appeared in the situation as well.

Only over 200 of the disciples of the various powers led by Fei Lengcui and Qiu Leng remained now, whereas, their opponents had instead changed from nine to 65!

Moreover, these mysterious and unfamiliar cultivators seemed to have been always hiding their strength, and only at this moment of defection did they reveal their true strengths. Every single one of them was formidable to the extreme, and although they couldn’t compare to Fei Lengcui and Qiu Leng, they firmly surpassed the strengths of the other disciples. So, even if there were only 65 of them, they instead faintly possessed a position of superiority.

The battle exploded out in next to no time.

Under the joint forces of those 65 mysterious and unfamiliar cultivators, one by one, the disciples of the various powers of Dragon Lake City crushed the Transportation Talismans in their hands, leaving with hatred in their hearts. There were even some disciples that weren’t able to escape in time and were directly killed on the spot.

The horror of the battle and the bloodiness of the scenes caused the expressions of all the people outside the pagoda to be unsightly to the extreme, and it was as if an enormous rock was pressing on their hearts, causing them to be unable to catch their hearts.

Moreover, everyone noticed that even if those mysterious and unfamiliar cultivators battled to the death, they would absolutely not crush the Transportation Talisman, and they were like loyalists that were indifferent to life and death, ruthless to the enemy and even more ruthless to themselves!

It was precisely because of these fellow’s ruthlessness and mercilessness, and their indifferent regard towards death. After a short moment, only Fei Lengcui, Qiu Leng, and another 10 plus people remained on the battlefield, whereas, there were still another 32 enemies glaring at them like tigers glaring at their prey.

They’re done for!

This was the only thought in the hearts of everyone outside the pagoda, and the facts didn’t exceed their expectations.

“Let’s go. There’s no meaning in continuing. These people are utterly not here to participate in the Hidden Dragon Competition.” Fei Lengcui strenuously defended the attacks that came from all around like tidewater as she spoke Chen Hao who was beside her.

“It’s indeed so. All these fellows are ruthless and merciless, and they’re entirely unlike members of our southern territory.” The nearby Qiu Leng said as well, “Let’s go. We can still live if we go out, yet once these fellows go out, they will probably be captured by the seniors of the various powers outside before being tortured to the point of being skinned alive and having their tendons pulled out, and they will die a graveless death.”

“Alright! Let’s go!” Chen Hao forced an enemy back with a single strike of the sword before crushing the Transportation Talisman in his hand.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At the same time, Fei Lengcui and the others crushed their Transportation Talismans successively, and they vanished on the spot.

In an instant, it actually seemed as if only those 32 unfamiliar and mysterious cultivators remained in the entire Four-Symbols Layer.

“The opportunity has finally come. This Buddha’s Pagoda is an Immortal Artifact passed down from the Buddhist Sect. Although it’s damaged and the Artifact Spirit has been obliterated without a trace, so long as it enters into my hands, then I’ll surely be able to restore it back to good condition in a hundred years!” Outside the pagoda, a black robed woman spoke slowly with an extremely low and icy cold voice from the shadows in the distance. Her entire body was covered in the black robe, her appearance unable to be discerned, and she seemed extremely mysterious.

Beside the black robed woman was a middle aged man that was similarly covered under black robes, and he said respectfully, “Congratulations Hall Master Fan, so long as 10 people from the remaining Devilspirit Guard are able to enter the highest layer of the pagoda, they’ll be able to control the core of this Immortal Artifact. At that time, this supreme Immortal Artifact will be yours, and only someone with a status like yours is worthy of such a treasure!”

“Don’t count the chicks before they hatch. There’re many experts outside this Buddha’s Pagoda. Feng Ming, get ready. Once the 32 Devilspirit Guards succeed, you and I will go to their aid together, and we’ll leave as soon as we get the Buddha’s Pagoda from them.” The black robed woman that was called Hall Master Fan spoke slowly.

“Okay! But Hall Master Fan, those 32 Devilspirit Guards…” The black robed man called Feng Ming asked hesitantly.

“It doesn’t matter if they die. I’ll do the explaining when the Lord asks about it.”

“That would be great.”

“Hmm?” The black robed woman seemed to have noticed something, she suddenly shot her gaze towards the surface of the pagoda. A pair of gazes that was cold to the bone shot out, and a portion of a chin that was white and delicate like fine jade stuck out from beneath her loose and comfortable black colored hat.



The losses of the various powers in the Hidden Dragon Rankings this time can be said to be heavy to the extreme!

It’s all because of these damnable fellows. A nice Hidden Dragon Rankings competition has actually been turned into a battlefield of great slaughter. Once these fellows come out, they must surely be torn into thousands of pieces before burning their bones and scattering their ashes!

Outside the pagoda, the hearts of everyone present felt extremely heavy, and they were exceedingly enraged as they looked at the 32 unfamiliar and mysterious cultivators in the Four-Symbols Area.

“Eh! That’s…”

“Chen Xi! It’s actually Chen Xi! He actually hasn’t left yet!”

“Hmm? He’s flying towards those 32 villains! Could it be that he wants to annihilate them by himself?”

“Can you not joke around at a time like this? The Su Clan disciples can’t compare to those people. Every single one of them is ruthless, merciless, and fearless towards death, and the strength of every single of them is even able to compare to the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Fei Lengcui. No matter how formidable Chen Xi is, he can only flee as well when encountering these 32 people.”

The people present noticed to their shock that within the Four-Symbols Layer, Chen Xi was approaching towards those 32 mysterious and unfamiliar cultivators, and they couldn’t help but emit numerous exclaims of shock.

“This kid is still striving to flaunt his superiority at a time like this. He’s truly courting death! But, it’s best if this kid escapes…” On the jade platform, the Su Clan’s Patriarch, Su Zhentian, looked at Chen Xi who was within the pagoda. When he recalled the six Golden Hall Realm cultivators and one Golden Core Realm cultivator that had died tragically at Chen Xi’s hands and when he recalled the 96 elite Su Clan disciples of the younger generation that had died miserably at Chen Xi’s hands, billowing hatred gushed out from within his heart, and he wished for nothing more than to capture Chen Xi now before using all types of brutal techniques of torture on Chen Xi!


When Chen Xi arrived at the jade green forest, he saw the innumerable corpses that lay on the ground with blood that flowed out to form rivers, and the condition of their deaths was extremely tragic. His heart suddenly tightened, then his Divine Perception spread out to carefully sweep past all the corpses, and he secretly heaved a sigh of relief when he confirmed that Chen Hao and Du Qingxi’s group weren’t amongst the corpses.

But a bloody and brutal scene like this still caused his expression to become extremely serious. Because he faintly felt that it seemed like an unexpected change that he was unaware of had occurred in the Four-Symbols Layer…

“Hmm? There’s still a person over there.” Right at this moment, a voice sounded out abruptly from extremely far in the forest, and accompanying this voice, a few tens of figures were like a roiling dark cloud that drifted over and had appeared before Chen Xi in the blink of an eye. Shockingly, it was those 32 unfamiliar and mysterious cultivators who were also the Devilspirit Guard that the mysterious Hall Master Fan spoke of.

But Chen Xi didn’t know all of his, yet he acutely noticed that the killing intent on these people was dense to the extreme, and their clothing was tainted with fresh blood. Obviously, they’d just experienced a fierce battle.

Chen Xi pointed at the corpses on the floor and asked. “These people were killed by all of you?”

“Exactly. Presently, all the disciples of the various powers of your Dragon Lake City have either lost their lives or fled, and only you remain. I advise you to get the fuck out of here on your own, so as to avoid losing your worthless life.” A man with striking white hair walked out slowly, and it was precisely the cultivator called Lu Ping.

Get the fuck out? Worthless life?

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he spoke with an expressionless face. “Oh, in that case, all of you aren’t cultivators from Dragon Lake City? If I’m not wrong, perhaps all of you aren’t even cultivators from the southern territory.”

“Hmph! Do you think I’ll tell you?” Lu Ping grunted in disdain, and then he swung his hand as he said, “Quickly fuck off, fuck off. You little bastard, why do you have so much nonsense to say? Don’t force me to make a move, otherwise, this worthless life of yours won’t be able to live until tomorrow!”

No matter how good Chen Xi’s temper was, he couldn’t help but burst into rage from being insulted repeatedly, and killing intent instantly emerged in his heart, yet he said calmly, “All of you have killed so many people, and you’ll probably have to die after you go out. Since it’s like this, can you tell me what all of you are attempting to obtain? Could it be that it’s this pagoda?”

As far as Chen Xi was concerned, the actions of these fellows were too unusual, and it seemed as if they weren’t afraid of their own safety nor were they killing for the sake of the rankings and prizes of the Hidden Dragon Rankings. Then, they surely were after something, moreover, they were after something great. Otherwise, they would absolutely not kill so brazenly right under the noses of the leaders of the various powers.

“How did you…?” Lu Ping spoke with astonishment, and then he suddenly reacted and promptly shut his mouth.

Unfortunately, it was already too late. At this moment, Chen Xi was already able to confirm that these fellows had come for the sake of this pagoda. After all, this pagoda was once an Immortal Artifact many years ago. Although it was already damaged, to someone that was able to repair it, it was undoubtedly a peerless treasure that someone would greatly desire even in their dreams.

Looks like these fellows ought to have the method to repair the pagoda in their possession. If it’s able to come into my possession, then wouldn’t it be equivalent to acquiring an Immortal Artifact for free? Chen Xi’s heart palpitated with excitement.

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