Chapter 1449 – The Battle Erupts

After Zuoqiu Feng noticed that the situation had suddenly started to turn bad, he immediately decided to join the battle. Thus, the battle instantly erupted.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two figures tore through the sky and charged at Midnight Immortal King.

These two people were respectively Zuoqiu Feng and Zuoqiu Huanglin. The former had just stepped into the Immortal King Realm a few years ago, whereas the latter had already attained the Immortal King Realm for countless years. Since they’d decided to join forces and kill Midnight Immortal King, they naturally wouldn’t hold back at all.

“Hah! Two against one? Both of you really think highly of me, Midnight. Unfortunately, your strength is slightly insufficient!” Dian Dian’s beautiful hair fluttered while her fair and pretty face revealed a wisp of proud and aloof expression.

In the next moment, she’d transformed into a wisp of a light violet shadow that shot into the sky and met them head-on. The three Immortal Kings established a new battlefield in the sky, and they fought violently.

Immortal light rumbled while the Laws intersected, and the world was illuminated by their collision!

Moreover, its impetus was extremely shocking. 

At the same time, the six cloaked figures moved out ferociously as well.

The opponents they chose were Xuanyuan Shao, Xuanyuan Fengchen, and Xuanyuan Tabei.

Six against three.

The situation was actually similar to the battle Midnight Immortal King was facing because Xuanyuan Shao and the others were each facing the attacks of two cloaked figures.

On the other hand, early on since this battle had even erupted, Hua Jiankong had always been in battle in the sky. He was fighting three opponents by himself, and up until now, the battle had become even more intense and it seemed like the outcome couldn’t be determined in a short period of time.

In other words, at this moment, besides Zuoqiu Feiming that had suffered a heavy injury, all the Immortal Kings from both sides had successively launched a life and death battle against each other!

For a time, the sky above Iris Desert that covered an area of a few tens of millions of kilometers had completely transformed into a chaotic battlefield. Space shattered into pieces, Dao techniques rumbled, lightning flowed, howls and wails echoed, and even the sky was crushed apart while the sun and moon dimmed down and were on the verge of collapse.

The Immortal King Realm!

They were existences that stood proudly at a supreme position in the three dimensions, and they were all-powerful. With a single though, they could control time and space or turn life and death around. They were practically eternal beings with extraordinary ability.

Yet now, a battle between a group of Immortal Kings was being carried out!

Such a scene wasn’t just astounding, even saying it startled the universe and the gods wasn’t sufficient to describe a fraction of it! Throughout the countless years the three dimensions had existed, a battle of a such a supreme level could be considered as extremely rare!

The battle was extremely horrifying and intense!

At this instant, this world shocking battle even caused the entire Iris Continent to suffer great unrest. Chaotic phenomena descended from the heavens, the sounds of Fiendgods wailing resounded, rains of blood poured down, divine lightning flowed about, time and space flowed chaotically…

On the ground, all sorts of scenes of calamity like erupting volcanoes, pouring torrents, fleeing beasts, the ground quaking, and so on and so forth could be seen everywhere.

All the myriads of living beings in the entire territory of Iris Continent were terrified, uneasy, and in a state of anxiety at this moment. They were fleeing in all directions, and they thought that the upheaval of the three dimensions was arriving!

However, only people related to the matter were clearly aware that all of this was caused by that battle between Immortal Kings that was going on right now.

One party to the battle was the forces represented by Zuoqiu Feng and Wei Xing, and they amounted to a total of eleven Immortal Kings.

The other party to the battle was the forces represented by Chen Xi, and they amounted to a total of five Immortal Kings.

If it was judged merely based on numbers alone, then Chen Xi’s side was obviously in a disadvantageous position. However, this was merely an advantage in numbers after all. In a battle between Immortal Kings, the most important factor was the combat strength that each Immortal King possessed! 

On the other hand, combat strength was reflected through cultivation, Immortal King Laws, the might of Immortal Artifacts, combat experience, combat instinct, cultivation in the Dao Heart, and various other aspects.

So no one was able to make clear judgment when facing this group battle between Immortal Kings.

Thus, the final outcome would depend on their respective ability.

Wei Xing was similarly clearly aware of this. So he didn’t have any mood at all to pay attention to this battle between Immortal Kings.

As far as he was concerned, it was sufficient so long as his forces were able to constantly suppress the enemy Immortal Kings because they weren’t his objective this time, and it was…Chen Xi!

The Immortal Kings were locked in a fierce struggle. In this way, it just happened to allow Wei Xing to capture and kill Chen Xi without having to worry about anything. Moreover, he was confident that his forces were sufficient to deal with Chen Xi!

Because only Zuoqiu Feiming and the others, a group of defeated forces, were by Chen Xi’s side at this moment.

On the other hand, there were sixty nine Half-step Immortal Kings by Wei Xing’s side, and if he was included, then there were seventy Half-step Immortal Kings!

Under such circumstances, it would be absurd if they were unable to kill Chen Xi.

“Seize this opportunity to make a move against him!” It was precisely because of this perception that Wei Xing didn’t hesitate at all when he saw the battles between Immortal Kings had erupted, and he led the cloaked figures at the Half-step Immortal King Realm to swarm towards Chen Xi.

At practically the same instant, Chen Xi noticed Wei Xing’s actions and intentions.

He swept them with his gaze, and a wisp of an icy cold and murderous arc appeared on the corners of his mouth. Moreover, his eyes that were vast like the starry sky surged with a strand of terrifying and pure killing intent.

If it was in the past, then perhaps he would feel helpless and fearful.

Yet now, he’d similarly stepped into the Half-step Immortal King Realm, and his cultivation had long since ascended to a realm that was similar to them. So how could he possibly be fearful?

In an instant, his imposing aura suddenly changed. The airflow around his body whistled through the heavens and the earth as it swallowed the energy within the world. Boundless and peerless dark golden Immortal Force surged out from his body and shot into the nine heavens. Every single move he made possessed an imposing aura of an emperor that had ascended into the heavens.

“Seniors, leave these bastards to me.” His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when Chen Xi’s figure had already instantly vanished on the spot.

Originally, Zuoqiu Feiming and the others intended to help him and protect Chen Xi behind them, yet they couldn’t help but be astounded when they saw this scene.

“Isn’t this kid a little too rash? How could he possibly be a match for those bastards of the Sovereign Sect all by himself? This won’t do! I have to go help him!” An elder of the Zuoqiu Clan frowned as he spoke with worry, and he was just about to move out when he was stopped by Zuoqiu Feiming.

“Let him go. Let’s see exactly what sort of ability A’Xue’s son possesses now. Don’t forget that he’s the most dazzling star in the younger generation of the Immortal Dimension. I observed his cultivation earlier, and he’d actually stepped into the Half-step Immortal King Realm a long time ago. Perhaps he’ll give us a pleasant surprise.” Zuoqiu Feiming took a deep breath while his aged and calm face revealed a wisp of anticipation.

“Could it be that we’re going to watch just like this? The current situation is still rather serious!” One of the others frowned and was filled with worry and anxiety.

“Of course not. All of you protect me. I failed to detonate myself on two occasions earlier, and it has already injured my quintessence energy in the Immortal King Realm. It wouldn’t be too late to make a move after I’ve suppressed the injuries within my body!” Zuoqiu Feiming took another deep breath while he spoke with a firm expression.

The other eight elders of the Zuoqiu Clan nodded and agreed when they heard this.

After experiencing the intense battles and slaughters of the past few days, only the nine of them remained in their entire faction, and it was even to the extent that their physical strength had been exhausted a long time ago. Under such circumstances, it simply felt like a miracle to them that they were able to survive until now.

At this moment, when they saw the situation showed signs of turning around, they naturally didn’t dare slack off. They started to make the best use of their time to recover their injuries, protect Zuoqiu Feiming, and pay vigilant attention to the battlefield in the distance. They were prepared to rescue Chen Xi at any moment.

When Zuoqiu Feiming and the others started to discuss the matter, Chen Xi had already entered into battle!

The area above the sky was the battlegrounds of the experts at the Immortal King Realm, whereas the area beneath the sky had become the area that Chen Xi fought the sixty nine Half-step Immortal Kings that Wei Xing led.

The battle immediately erupted.

Both sides were clearly aware of how pressing the situation was, so they naturally wouldn’t waste a single shred of time.

“Chen Xi, you little bastard! Die!” 


A cloaked figure that was the first to charge over shouted in a grim voice before a myriad of strands of water attribute lightning smashed out from his palm. In an instant, it actually transformed into an ancient Daoist scripture that flowed with the glow of lightning, and it smashed down towards Chen Xi in a ferocious and mighty manner.

When facing this attack, Chen Xi casually stretched out his hand and made a clawing motion. A spatial vortex surged out, and it rippled as it forcefully shattered the ancient Daoist scripture into powder that rained down like a rain of light.

At the same time, Chen Xi took a stride forward, and he smashed through the layer upon layer of restraints of space before pressing his palm down onto the cloaked figure’s chest.


The cloaked figure’s chest shattered and sunk down while the cloak he wore shattered into powder. He was bleeding from all seven apertures, and his face had twisted into a bunch from pain.

“Vastsky Academy’s Eccentric Feng? It’s you!” Chen Xi’s eyes that surged with battle intent turned cold as he’d recognized the cloaked figure. A long time ago during the Seven Academy Dao Discussion, he’d met this Eccentric Feng, and he was aware that Eccentric Feng had joined the Sovereign Sect’s side. However, Chen Xi had never expected that Eccentric Feng would actually participate in today’s battle as well.


As he spoke, Chen Xi didn’t hold back at all. He stomped down with his foot and trampled ferociously on the heavily injured Eccentric Feng. The latter’s figure instantly shattered into piece and perished on the spot!

In an instant, a Half-step Immortal King had been annihilated on the spot!

“Be careful! This kid is slightly unusual!” 

“Attack together!”

Eccentric Feng had been defeated too swiftly, causing the group of Half-step Immortal Kings that were charging over to not be in time to save him. On the other hand, the combat strength Chen Xi revealed caused their hearts to tremble, and they didn’t dare be careless.

Especially Wei Xing, a bright light flashed in his heart, and he imperceptibly started retreating to the back of the group.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Another four Half-step Immortal Kings charged over in unison. They came from four directions, and they each executed their strongest attack.

An apricot yellow immortal sword soared through the sky like a waterfall, and it transformed into a sword veil that glowed like the scorching sun. It was murderous and blazing.

A glass bottle revolved. The bottle was fine, long, and jade white, and it emanated ghastly pale divine flames that covered the sky and burned through it.

A blood red Five Vision Streamer fluttered through the sky as it formed numerous Fiendgod warriors that roared furiously and dashed forward while whistling through the sky.

An enormous grey Mountain Seal smashed down from the sky, and it was like an ancient divine mountain had descended from the starry sky and crushed all before it.

Four Void Grade Immortal Artifacts and four Half-step Immortal Kings attacked with their entire might. At this instant, they pressed down at Chen Xi from all directions and blocked off all his paths of retreat, and they even restricted the space and time in the surroundings!

Obviously, Chen Xi’s attack from before caused them to not dare be careless again. Thus, as soon as they attacked, they joined forced against Chen Xi and intended to annihilate him with a devastating blow!

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