Chapter 1448 – Arriving In Succession

This voice was like a thunderclap, it was boorish and unrestrained, and it resounded through the heavens and the earth.

However, that fist was countless times faster than the voice. It seemed to have traversed boundless time and space to arrive here, and everywhere it passed, time and space was destroyed while chaos surged. It seemed to be extremely simple, yet its might was everywhere!

The might of a single fist even filled the heavens and the earth, and it intended to shackle and destroy the world. It shook the heavens and the earth and it quaked the world.


A wave of terrifying rumbling surged into appearance. It was like raging waves were sweeping towards the sky, and it swept throughout the heavens and the earth.

At this instant, Chen Xi’s mind droned while the scene before his eyes turned completely white. He was unable to see anything, and he could only hear a wave of surprised shouts resounding.

“Daobreak Combat Fist!”

“The Xuanyuan Clan’s Patriarch, Xuanyuan Shao!”


When Chen Xi’s vision recovered its clarity, he saw a robust and tall figure in violet robes standing by his side. The figure had dense brows, large eyes, and it was a mighty and imposing middle aged man.

As he stood there casually, his entire body emanated a domineering aura that was lofty like the sky, and he seemed like an ancient...

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