Chapter 1448 – Arriving In Succession

This voice was like a thunderclap, it was boorish and unrestrained, and it resounded through the heavens and the earth.

However, that fist was countless times faster than the voice. It seemed to have traversed boundless time and space to arrive here, and everywhere it passed, time and space was destroyed while chaos surged. It seemed to be extremely simple, yet its might was everywhere!

The might of a single fist even filled the heavens and the earth, and it intended to shackle and destroy the world. It shook the heavens and the earth and it quaked the world.


A wave of terrifying rumbling surged into appearance. It was like raging waves were sweeping towards the sky, and it swept throughout the heavens and the earth.

At this instant, Chen Xi’s mind droned while the scene before his eyes turned completely white. He was unable to see anything, and he could only hear a wave of surprised shouts resounding.

“Daobreak Combat Fist!”

“The Xuanyuan Clan’s Patriarch, Xuanyuan Shao!”


When Chen Xi’s vision recovered its clarity, he saw a robust and tall figure in violet robes standing by his side. The figure had dense brows, large eyes, and it was a mighty and imposing middle aged man.

As he stood there casually, his entire body emanated a domineering aura that was lofty like the sky, and he seemed like an ancient Fiendgod with an imposing and majestic aura.

This person was probably A’Xiu’s father, Xuanyuan Shao!

Obtaining new life in a hopeless situation caused the rage, hatred, and regret in Chen Xi’s heart to be dispersed. Especially when he saw that Zuoqiu Feiming hadn’t detonated himself yet, Chen Xi couldn’t help but heave a light sigh of relief in his heart.

On the other hand, Hua Jiankong was still fighting bravely against three opponents in the sky, yet he actually didn’t fall into a disadvantageous position at all, and he seemed to be extremely formidable!

This was a battle between Immortal Kings!

Moreover, even the Profound Path Immortal King that was renowned throughout the Immortal Dimension and a senior of the Zhongli Clan that had lived in seclusion for countless years, Zhongli Feng, were a part of the battle as well.

Even though the identity of the last Immortal King was unknown, his combat strength wasn’t inferior to Zhongli Feng and Profound Path Immortal King at all. Thus, since Hua Jiankong was able to fight all three of them at once, it obviously showed how shocking Hua Jiankong’s combat strength was.

After that, Chen Xi shot his gaze towards the distance. He saw Zuoqiu Feng, Wei Xing, and the others gazing at Xuanyuan Shao with gloomy expressions, and their eyes contained an icy cold and ghastly expression.

Obviously, they were furious that Xuanyuan Shao had suddenly appeared and spoiled their plans.

“Xuanyuan Shao! When did this bastard become your Xuanyuan Clan’s son-in-law? Could it be that you think you alone can turn the current situation around?” Zuoqiu Feng spoke in a low voice. “I advise you to leave as soon as possible and don’t interfere in this matter. Otherwise, you’ll probably be unable to return!”

“Haha! Zuoqiu Feng, you’re actually still so shameless after so many years. Does anyone in the Immortal Dimension not know about A’Xue’s promise to me from all those years ago? Yet it just so happens that an old bastard like you is trying to feign ignorance. Now, you’ve even associated yourself with vicious villains like these bastards from the Sovereign Sect. You’re simply shameless to the extreme!” Xuanyuan Shao roared with laughter. He had a dignified and imposing appearance while his gaze seemed like a bolt of lightning, and every single word he spoke was filled with a domineering aura of supremacy. Even though he was all alone, he had the imposing aura to resist an army, and he seemed to be extremely unusual.

Especially when he bluntly cursed at Zuoqiu Feng and called Zuoqiu Feng shameless before calling Wei Xing and the others bastards. He was so courageous that it was astounding.

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly caused the expressions of Zuoqiu Feng, Wei Xing, and the others to become extremely gloomy.

Chen Xi laughed bitterly in his heart as he listened to this from the side. He was naturally clearly aware of what Xuanyuan Shao was speaking about. However, he still felt slightly uncomfortable when Xuanyuan Shao kept addressing him as son-in-law.

“Xuanyuan Shao! Don’t you dare be arrogant! Do you really think my Zuoqiu Clan is helpless against you?” Zuoqiu Feng shouted in a grim and low voice.

“Patriarch Zuoqiu, don’t waste your breath on him. Since Patriarch Xuanyuan has come over eagerly, then we’ll make him leave his life behind!” Wei Xing revealed a ghastly smile as he waved his hand.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three cloaked figures immediately stood out. Something worthy of mentioning was that those two Immortal Kings that attacked Chen Xi earlier were amongst them.

Unfortunately, they were just a little bit away from annihilating Chen Xi, yet they were stopped by a single punch from Xuanyuan Shao that had appeared abruptly.

“Oh no! What high sounding sentiments! All of you pieces of trash that’re hiding your identity intend to take my life? If you want a fight, then come! I’ve been restraining myself for so many years, and I’ve wanted to vent by killing some bastards from the Sovereign Sect a long time ago!” Xuanyuan Shao grunted coldly with disdain before his figure flashed, and his entire body emanated an even more imposing and domineering aura. It shook the heavens and the earth, and it caused all beings to fall into a wailing and trembling state as if they’d submitted before him.

“Kill! Kill this ignorant fellow that’s boasting shamelessly!” Wei Xing shouted explosively with rage.

“Hmph! You want to gang up on him? Do you really think there’s no one capable in my Xuanyuan Clan?” However, before those three cloaked figures could make a move, a hoarse and vicious voice resounded once more in the heavens and the earth. Along with this voice, two figures tore space apart and arrived here.

One of them was a grey haired old man and the other was a middle aged man with a beard that seemed like a swallow. They both had differing appearances, yet their imposing auras were similarly formidable. Surprisingly, they were both Immortal Kings!

“Xuanyuan Fengchen! Xuanyuan Tabei!” Zuoqiu Feng’s pupils constricted as he realized to his shock that they were two seniors of the Xuanyuan Clan. Moreover, they were existences of the same generation as Zuoqiu Huanglin, Zuoqiu Feiming, and Zhongli Feng!

Just think about it, even the Zuoqiu Clan possessed numerous Immortal Kings within it. As one of the seven great ancient clans, how could the Xuanyuan Clan possibly be inferior to the Zuoqiu Clan?

This didn’t include Xuanyuan Poxiao that had also attained the Immortal King Realm now. If one considered it carefully, the resources and reserves of the Xuanyuan Clan was even slightly greater than the Zuoqiu Clan.

Chen Xi felt calmer in his heart when he saw these two seniors of the Xuanyuan Clan make an appearance. He was clearly aware that it was probably because A’Xiu had told the Xuanyuan Clan about his actions.

If nothing unexpected occurred, then the more time they bought, the better the situation would be for him!

On the other hand, Wei Xing’s face sank abruptly. The appearance of another two Immortal Kings from the Xuanyuan Clan meant that the current situation had already started to gradually show signs of being turned around.

This wasn’t a good sign for him!

Fortunately, we still occupy a position of absolute advantage. When he thought up to here, Wei Xing knew that he couldn’t delay any longer. He immediately sent a voice transmission to the last three cloaked figures behind him. “The situation seems to be slightly bad. Make a move together and end this battle as soon as possible.”

The last three cloaked figures glanced at each other before they immediately stood out, and they stood by the side of the other three cloaked figures from before and stood in confrontation with Xuanyuan Shao, Xuanyuan Fengchen, and Xuanyuan Tabei.

Six against three. They still occupied a position of absolute advantage!

This caused Wei Xing’s heart to be much more at ease. However, out of cautiousness, he sent a voice transmission to Zuoqiu Feng. “Patriarch Zuoqiu, the situation is slightly bad. If you still sit back and watch, then the situation will probably unfold into one that your Zuoqiu Clan can’t endure.”

Zuoqiu Feng’s face sank. “Don’t worry Mr. Wei, we naturally won’t watch as all of this occurs!”

As he spoke, he’d sent a voice transmission to Zuoqiu Huanglin and the others, and he asked them to prepare to make a move.

As he gazed at the six cloaked figures in the distance, Xuanyuan Shao suddenly smiled and turned around to ask Xuanyuan Fengchen and Xuanyuan Tabei. “Three against six, what do the both of you think?”

“It’s alright.”

“We can only go all out.”

Xuanyuan Fengchen and Xuanyuan Tabei replied in an extremely relaxed manner.

“Alright! Then let’s make a move! That kid, Hua Jiankong, will probably not be able to hold on for much longer…” As he spoke, Xuanyuan Shao glanced at Hua Jiankong who was in a fierce battle in the sky, and then he withdrew his gaze. After that, he strode forward while his aura surged explosively once more, and it was like an enormous dragon had awakened.

“Senior, there’s no rush to start the battle. The more time we buy, the better the situation will be.” Chen Xi couldn’t help but speak swiftly when he noticed this. “It won’t be long before the situation will only grow more and more advantageous to us.”

“Hmph! Kid, go to the side and wait! If you’re killed here, then that little girl, A’Xiu, will definitely tear me into pieces!” Xuanyuan Shao cursed with a smile on his face, and then he strode forward.


It was merely a single step, yet it seemed like a thunderclap had descended from the heavens, and it caused the heavens and the earth to shake.

The battle would erupt at any moment!

However, right at this moment, another light violet strand of divine radiance suddenly tore through the sky and arrived here. As the violet glow flowed, it drew out a graceful, slender, and beautiful figure that was pretty and otherworldly.

Xuanyuan Shao and the others that originally intended to attack instantly stopped moving, and at practically the exact same moment, the six mysterious cloaked figures stopped abruptly as well.

At this moment, the gazes of everyone shot successively towards the beautiful figure that had appeared abruptly.

She had a pretty appearance, a round and fair forehead that flickered with the glow of wisdom, dense brows that were shaped like willow leaves, lively starry eyes, and natural and otherworldly beauty. It was exactly Dian Dian, the Midnight Immortal King!

“Midnight Immortal King!” Everyone present in the surroundings recognized her identity, and their eyes focused. All of them were unsure of exactly which side Midnight Immortal King belonged to.

Only Chen Xi said with pleasant surprise after feeling slightly surprised, “Dian Dian? Why…have you come?”

“You didn’t notify me when you encountered such a major matter, so I could only come here myself.” Dian Dian glared at Chen Xi as if she was blaming him, and then swiftly arrived by Chen Xi’s side.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel slightly guilty. “This matter occurred too suddenly, and it caught me slightly off guard. Right, weren’t you in closed door cultivation?”

“I was only a thread away from stepping into the threshold of the Godrank Realm. However, you had an urgent matter, so how could I care about becoming a god or not?” Dian Dian smiled as she spoke via voice transmission, and she didn’t intend to allow the others to know of this.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly moved in his heart. He was very clearly aware how cruel it was for an Immortal King that was charging into the Godrank Realm to forcefully stop cultivating, and it was even to the extent that the Immortal King might completely lose the chance to become a god.

Yet Dian Dian had acted in this way in order to help him, so how could Chen Xi not be moved?

When he saw Chen Xi chatting with Midnight Immortal King while their relationship was obviously not ordinary, Xuanyuan Shao and the others were slightly stunned, and then they were extremely delighted. They were naturally happy to see another Immortal King join their ranks. Especially because Midnight Immortal King’s ability was extraordinary, and with her joining them, the situation would definitely become even more advantageous to them.

On the other hand, the faces of Zuoqiu Feng, Wei Xing, and the others sank because they’d finally confirmed that Midnight Immortal King was invited over by Chen Xi.

In other words, another Immortal King had appeared on Chen Xi’s side at this moment!

How could they not be surprised and furious because of this? If this sort of situation were to continue on, then the position of absolute advantage they possessed earlier would definitely be destroyed!

“Leave the Midnight Immortal King to Ancestor Huanglin and I to deal with! Mr. Wei, let’s act. We can’t be hesitant at all any longer, otherwise, the more time passes, the more variables will appear!” Zuoqiu Feng had a gloomy expression as he gritted his teeth and decided.

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