Chapter 1447 – Profound Path Immortal King

Wei Xing’s voice was filled with a ridiculing, mocking, and haughty tone!

Zuoqiu Feiming’s expression flickered between a livid and pale expression when he heard this, and he was torn apart with sorrow and resentment. Because he was even mocked when he intended to take his own life, and this was bound to not feel nice.

“Bastard dog! You think you can run wild by relying on the reputation of the Sovereign Sect?” Chen Xi’s reaction towards this seemed to be rather domineering, and he spoke in an extremely blunt manner.

Boundless rage had already accumulated in his heart long ago. At this moment, when he saw Zuoqiu Feng and these members of the Sovereign Sect that assisted the Sovereign Sect to carry out wicked deeds, the enmity and hatred he’d accumulated throughout the years had surged into his heart, so how could he possibly hold back?

“Little Bastard, you still dare to be insolent when you’re about to die!?” Wei Xing’s face sank.

“Mr. Wei, don’t waste your breath on this bastard! He’s buying time!” Zuoqiu Feng reminded from the side with an extremely gloomy expression.

He originally intended to make a move himself and kill Chen Xi. However, when he saw Hua Jiankong that stood by Chen Xi’s side, he instantly changed his mind because that was the disciple of the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy, so it couldn’t be any better if Wei Xing was allowed to make a move against him instead.

Wei Xing immediately saw through Zuoqiu Feng’s thought, but he didn’t expose it and nodded immediately before he said, “I’m naturally clearly aware of that.”

As he spoke, his expression suddenly turned grim before he said with an icy cold tone, “Little Fellow, you ought to be clearly aware of why we’ve come here. So, no matter if you kneel down and beg for mercy today or struggle desperately, you’re unable to change the outcome, death! If you hand over the treasure in your possession obediently, then perhaps I’ll allow you to die a bit more swiftly!”

“What treasure? I have more than one treasure in my possession. I can’t be handing all of it over, right?” Chen Xi had a composed expression as he spoke casually.

“Hmph! You’re still trying to buy time at a time like this?” A wisp of dense disdain arose on the corners of Wei Xing’s mouth, and then he turned around to look at all the mysterious cloaked figures by his side before he said, “Which one of you is willing to make a move and kill this kid?”

However, to his surprise, no one answered when he finished speaking!

This caused everyone in the vicinity to be slightly stunned, and it was even to the extent that it surprised Chen Xi.

“Because once they fight me, they’ll expose their identities.” Hua Jiankong provided an appropriate answer, and it allowed Chen Xi to instantly come to an understanding.

He finally understood that these mysterious cloaked figures were definitely the pawns that the Sovereign Sect had placed within the various top powers of the Immortal Dimension.

Wei Xing’s pupils constricted while a wisp of anger flashed on his face, and he said in a low voice, “What? Could it be that all of you are still worried about exposing your identities? It’s only Hua Jiankong by himself. Even if that old geezer Meng Xinghe came here, what could he possibly do? Don’t forget that all of you wouldn’t have been able to attain your current accomplishments without the support of the Sovereign Sect!”

“Nevermind, I’ll do it!” Suddenly, a mysterious cloaked figure stood out. He casually gestured with his hand, and a glistening greenish gold colored immortal sword floated into appearance on his palm. In an instant, his imposing aura changed abruptly.

It was fierce, mighty, powerful, and boundless!

He was like a peerless ferocious weapon that was revealing its edge after being in deep slumber for countless years!

“Azureflame Nethergold Sword! Zhongli Feng! I never expected that you have actually joined the Sovereign Sect as well!” Hua Jiankong spoke abruptly with a voice that revealed a wisp of detest, and his expression was icy cold to the extreme.

Zhongli Feng!

The hearts of everyone in the vicinity shook when they heard this. Zhongli Feng was a senior from one of the seven great ancient clans, the Zhongli Clan, and he’d entered into seclusion for countless years. His strength was unfathomable, and his status in the clan was extremely lofty and respected.

If Hua Jiankong didn’t identify his identity, who could have imagined that he would have actually become a pawn of the Sovereign Sect!?

Didn’t this mean that the forces of the Sovereign Sect had infiltrated the Zhongli Clan a long time ago?

If news of this were to spread out, then it would definitely cause a mighty uproar in the Immortal Dimension!

The mysterious cloaked figure didn’t give any explanation towards this. He remained silent as his figure flashed, and he directly charged explosively at Hua Jiankong.


His immortal sword soared through the sky while its sword qi seemed as if it assaulted Hua Jiankong from the ancient times. It carried the boundless might of an Immortal King as it shattered and turned time, space, and even the world into powder. It was extremely shocking.

The peerless ability he revealed at this instant vividly displayed the might that an Immortal King possessed.

Yet the target of his attack was actually Chen Xi!

“Hmph!” Hua Jiankong grunted coldly before his figure flashed. His snow white hair fluttered backwards as the sword in his hand shook lightly, and it emanated a wisp of an extremely pure and murderous sword qi. With a casual slashing movement, this wisp of sword qi shot out and destroyed the scenery in the surroundings.


Their attacks collided and created a terrifying chaotic flow of energy that shook through the surroundings!

Zuoqiu Feiming and the others seized this opportunity to surround and protect Chen Xi so as to prevent him from being affected by this battle. Chen Xi didn’t refuse this, yet he couldn’t help but be slightly anxious in his heart.

When he witnessed the strength possessed by Zuoqiu Feng, Wei Xing, and the others, his heart couldn’t help but feel extremely heavy. He knew that it was absolutely impossible to turn the situation around by relying solely on himself and Hua Jiankong.

Originally, he intended to buy time and wait for his support to arrive. Yet he never expected that they would see through his intentions since the beginning and didn’t waste any time to make a move against him.

If this continued, then they would probably suffer misfortune before his assistance arrived…


In the sky, Hua Jiankong and Zhongli Feng fought. A battle between two supreme sword cultivators at the Immortal King Realm was extremely terrifying, and they fought to the point the heavens and the earth dimmed down while the sun and moon seemed dark.

With Chen Xi’s current ability at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, he was actually unable to discern the exact situation of the battle!

Fortunately, in merely the time of a few breaths, Hua Jiankong gained the upper hand, and with a swing of his sword, he slashed off Zhongli Feng’s left arm!


The golden blood of an Immortal King rained down while Zhongli Feng staggered back without end as he’d suffered a heavy injury.

“Hmph! You dare utilize the sword against me while merely at the Sword God Realm? You’re courting death!” Hua Jiankong was aloof and indifferent as he strode forward. With a single step, he traversed layers of space, and the tip of his blade pointed directly at the injured Zhongli Feng!


However, right at this moment, a peerlessly beautiful dark green blade light shot into the sky, and it forcefully obstructed Hua Jiankong.

“Qi Daoxuan! I never expected that even you have been bribed by the Sovereign Sect!” After he blocked this strike with a wave of his sword, Hua Jiankong looked towards the distance with an icy cold expression. Another cloaked figure had appeared there, and he held a crescent shaped immortal blade that flowed with clear radiance as he stood before the injured Zhongli Feng to protect him.

“Qi Daoxuan!” Besides Wei Xing and the others, the hearts of everyone else shook when they heard this name.

Who was Qi Daoxuan?

There was probably no one in the Immortal Dimension that didn’t know him. Because he was one of the four great Immortal Kings that were publicly acknowledged in the Immortal Dimension — the Profound Path Immortal King! He was a supreme existence that was on par with Midnight Immortal King, Icesky Immortal King, and Valiant Star Immortal King!

Such a supreme figure had actually joined the Sovereign Sect’s forces now. Thus, the shock it gave everyone present here was obvious.

It was even to the extent that it was difficult to believe!

Even Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel a wisp of horror in his heart at this moment. The Sovereign Sect actually got ahold of a figure like the Profound Path Immortal King. Isn’t the ability of the Sovereign Sect too shocking?

Qi Daoxuan didn’t deny it when his identity was exposed, yet he didn’t admit it either. He attacked once more in silence, and he assaulted Hua Jiankong.

At the same time, Zhongli Feng who had his left arm severed had recovered, and he launched a pincer attack against Hua Jiankong along with Qi Daoxuan.

In an instant, it became a battle that was two against one!

Hua Jiankong similarly stopped talking, and it was even to the extent that he seemed to not know what fear was. Even if he was facing two Immortal Kings that were long renowned throughout the Immortal Dimension, he still stuck to his precious course of action and fought all by himself with sword in hand.

The battle erupted once more!

But it was very obvious that the attention of everyone in the surroundings wasn’t on this battle.

“What’re all of you hesitating for? Seize this opportunity to quickly capture and kill that little bastard!” Wei Xing shouted loudly in a deep voice.

As soon as these words were spoken, it caused the expressions of Zuoqiu Feiming and the others to change, and they protected Chen Xi in unison.

On the other hand, Zuoqiu Feng and the others revealed a wisp of cold smiles. Under such circumstances, they were naturally happy to watch the fight from a distance.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two more cloaked figures immediately moved out once more. Shockingly, it was another two Immortal Kings.

“All of this…is finally going to end!” Zuoqiu Feng muttered in his heart, and his heart was filled with indescribable happiness from being able to take revenge.


The two Immortal Kings attacked jointly. One stretched out an enormous palm that covered the sky and was covered in glowing brilliant, and it smashed down from midair like an enormous mountain.

In an instant, it completely enveloped Zuoqiu Feiming and the others.

The other pressed his fingers together and pointed towards the space before him. A wisp of a dazzling beam of light tore through the sky, and it traversed the barriers of time and space to pierce towards Chen Xi in a swift and sharp manner that seemed impossible to obstruct.

If this strike were to hit, then it wouldn’t just be Chen Xi who perished, even Zuoqiu Feiming and the others would definitely be annihilated into nothingness on the spot!

“Watch out!” In the sky, Hua Jiankong’s expression changed slightly. He originally intended to make a move and help them. However, at this critical moment, another cloaked figure moved out, and the cloaked figure encircled Hua Jiankong along with Qi Daoxuan and Zhongli Feng, causing him to be unable to break free!

This caused the situation Chen Xi, Zuoqiu Feiming, and the others were in to become dangerous to the extreme!

“Protect Chen Xi, I’ll deal with all of this!” At practically the exact same moment, Zuoqiu Feiming roared furiously while his figure flashed up, and his entire body surged explosively with strands of energy, essence, and spirit that burned like an ocean. The imposing aura he emanated rose madly, and a strand of a terrifying and dangerous aura surged out from within the violent energy in his body.

At this moment, an Immortal King like him had actually chosen to detonate himself once more!

It took a long time to describe yet occurred in an instant. Since the moment those two Immortal Kings attacked to the point Hua Jiankong exclaimed and Zuoqiu Feiming roared furiously and shot into the sky. It had practically all occurred at the same moment. It was unbelievably fast and fast to the point that another would be utterly unable to react in time.

This clearly showed exactly how dangerous the current situation was!

It was even to the extent that at this moment, Chen Xi was utterly unable to stop Zuoqiu Feiming from doing all of this in time. This sort of helpless feeling caused Chen Xi’s eyes to turn blood red, and he was on the verge of going berserk!

Since he started cultivating painstakingly at the Mortal Dimension until now, he’d exhausted a great deal of effort in planning for so many years, and wasn’t it all for the sake of taking revenge on the Zuoqiu Clan and rescuing his mother, Zuoqiu Xue?

But when this moment finally arrived, Chen Xi noticed that he was still unable to change the situation! Only now did he notice that he was still too weak, still unable to withstand even a single strike, and it was even to the extent that he could only watch as others detonated themselves and lost their lives in order to protect him!

In an instant, the anger, hatred, and regret in his heart had simply risen to the extreme!

“Bastards! How dare you try to kill my Xuanyuan Clan’s son-in-law!?” At this critical and extremely dangerous moment, a boorish voice resounded through the heavens and the earth, and a fist arrived even faster than this voice. It seemed as if it charged over from the annals of time, and it filled the heavens and the earth.

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