Chapter 1447 – Profound Path Immortal King

Wei Xing’s voice was filled with a ridiculing, mocking, and haughty tone!

Zuoqiu Feiming’s expression flickered between a livid and pale expression when he heard this, and he was torn apart with sorrow and resentment. Because he was even mocked when he intended to take his own life, and this was bound to not feel nice.

“Bastard dog! You think you can run wild by relying on the reputation of the Sovereign Sect?” Chen Xi’s reaction towards this seemed to be rather domineering, and he spoke in an extremely blunt manner.

Boundless rage had already accumulated in his heart long ago. At this moment, when he saw Zuoqiu Feng and these members of the Sovereign Sect that assisted the Sovereign Sect to carry out wicked deeds, the enmity and hatred he’d accumulated throughout the years had surged into his heart, so how could he possibly hold back?

“Little Bastard, you still dare to be insolent when you’re about to die!?” Wei Xing’s face sank.

“Mr. Wei, don’t waste your breath on this bastard! He’s buying time!” Zuoqiu Feng reminded from the side with an extremely gloomy expression.

He originally intended to make a move himself and kill Chen Xi. However, when he saw Hua Jiankong that stood by Chen Xi’s side, he instantly changed his mind because that was the disciple of the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy, so it couldn’t be any better if Wei Xing was allowed to make a move...

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