Chapter 1446 – A Sword Strike That Arrived Abruptly

His sorrowful howl resounded through the sky.

All the others by Zuoqiu Feiming’s side were moved by this, and they felt extremely sorrowful.

On the other hand, when these words entered into the ears of Zuoqiu Feng, Zuoqiu Huanglin, and Wei Xing, it caused their expressions to turn gloomy in unison.

Because no one was able to avoid being enraged when one was said to be someone’s dog.

It wasn’t just them, even the mysterious cloaked figures behind Wei Xing more or less felt a trace of anger in their hearts upon hearing these words.

“Looks like all of you don’t intend to repent even when facing imminent death?” Zuoqiu Feng grunted coldly while his expression instantly became merciless and indifferent. “Don’t think I didn’t know that all of you originally intended to seize the opportunity when the upheaval of the three dimensions arrived to help A’Xue seize the position of Patriarch once more. These actions were originally unforgivable, and my actions of giving all of you a chance to survive could already be considered as a show of extreme forbearance and magnanimity. If all of you still refuse to realize your mistakes, then don’t blame me for being merciless!”

Zuoqiu Feiming started laughing from extreme rage. “Why waste your breath? I’ve lived for so many years, yet I’ve never thought of being a dog for another. Kill or dismember us, do as you please!”

“You…” Zuoqiu Feng’s face turned even gloomier, and then he suddenly seemed to have realized something, causing his brows to suddenly raise as he said, “Could it be that all of you were pursued here until Iris Desert because you intended to seize this opportunity to rescue A’Xue?”

The expressions of Zuoqiu Feiming and the others changed when they heard this.

They did indeed have such intentions because Iris Immortal Prison was within a restricted area in the depths of Iris Desert. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned, and their plan this time failed on the verge of success.

“Haha. I knew it. With A’Xue’s wisdom, she would have definitely deduced that it would be in vain even if all of you resisted together. So she’d probably have told all of you a long time ago that fleeing the Zuoqiu Clan first was the best choice. Yet obviously, all of you didn’t do as she said.” Zuoqiu Feng smiled lightly and seemed as if he was in control of the entire situation. “I’ve suddenly changed my plans. Perhaps handing A’Xue and all of you to the Sovereign Sect to deal with might be the most interesting outcome. Because only when all of you’re alive would we be able to draw out that bastard, Chen Xi, that shouldn’t have been born into this world!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of Zuoqiu Feiming and the others turned grim while their eyes almost split apart from rage. They simply didn’t dare believe that Zuoqiu Feng would actually be so shameless and coldblooded!

“Hahaha! Patriarch Zuoqiu, that’s very good!” Wei Xing was waiting for Zuoqiu Feng to say this for a long time, and he immediately couldn’t restrain himself from roaring with laughter.

“You must be out of your mind! Even if I die, I won’t allow the Sovereign Sect to capture me! Everyone! It’s time to fight with our lives on the line!” Zuoqiu Feiming roared furiously as he suddenly flashed forward.

A wisp of a resolute expression surged onto the faces of the other eight higher-ups of the Zuoqiu Clan by his side. Before his voice could finish resounding through the air, they’d attacked furiously and were prepared to fight to the death.

There was merely nine of them, yet they intended to fight to the death at this moment, and this courage was truly moving!

However, when it entered into the eyes of Zuoqiu Feng and the others, such actions were no different than that of a moth flying towards a flame. It was pitiable and regrettable.

“Fellow Daoists, it’s your turns to make a move. Remember, you must capture these rebels alive!” Wei Xing couldn’t help but roar with laughter when he saw Zuoqiu Feiming and the others attack, and he was filled with complacency.

“Let me do it!”


A mysterious cloaked figure flashed through the sky while the aura of an Immortal King surged through his entire body. He stretched out his hand and clawed, causing a myriad of strands of dark light to spray out, and it forcefully crushed Zuoqiu Feiming’s attacks.


Zuoqiu Feiming coughed up a mouthful of blood while his figure was shaken to the point of staggering down from midair. He’d long since suffered numerous heavy injuries during the battles in the past three days, so how could he possibly be a match for an Immortal King that was at his prime?

“All of you kneel down for me as well!” The mysterious cloaked figure didn’t hesitate at all after succeeding with his first strike, and he stretched out his hand and clawed once more, causing the force of it to tear through the sky and blot out the sun as it descended like a cage.

These eight elders of the Zuoqiu Clan that attacked desperately along with Zuoqiu Feiming didn’t even have the chance to move before they were suppressed by the cage, and their figures smashed down to the ground.

In merely two strikes, the outcome was decided!

It was unbelievable swift! The expression ‘like breaking dry branches’ wasn’t even sufficient to describe such terrifying might.

This obviously showed how terrifying the strength of this mysterious cloaked figure was. Amongst the top powers of the Immortal Dimension, he was still a supreme existence that was deeply respected.

“Beautiful!” Wei Xing clapped as he roared with laughter.

The pupils of Zuoqiu Feng, Zuoqiu Huanglin, and the others constricted while vigilance arose in their hearts. Even if Zuoqiu Feiming was covered in injuries since a long time ago, he was still an Immortal King in the end. Yet he was actually unable to resist a single strike from the mysterious cloaked figure, so wasn’t this a bit too strong?

Most importantly, there were an entire eight more supreme existences like this by Wei Xing’s side!

“You want to capture me alive? Stop daydreaming!” Zuoqiu Feiming coughed up blood after suffering this strike, and his countenance was ghastly pale. However, the space between his brows was filled with a firm and unyielding aura, and he let out a howl that shook the heavens.

The expression of Wei Xing that was roaring with laughter suddenly turned grim, and he cried out. “Shit! He intends to commit suicide. Quickly stop him!”

Actually, there was no need for him to say anything because that mysterious cloaked figure that attacked earlier had noticed this since a long time ago. His figure immediately flashed and appeared suddenly by Zuoqiu Feiming’s side before his palm smashed down!

His reaction was so swift, his combat experience was so abundant, and his actions were so resolute that it vividly displayed the extraordinary might an Immortal King possessed.

However, right when he’d just made a move and hadn’t touched Zuoqiu Feiming yet, an unexpected event suddenly occurred!

A terrifying, murderous, and peerlessly fierce strand of sword qi shattered the space throughout the sky as it appeared abruptly like a dragon that came from the abyss!

At this instant, the restraints of time seemed to have been overcome, and the heavens and the earth dimmed in comparison at this moment!

This sword strike was too swift, unexpected, and peerlessly murderous. Since he was caught off guard by this, it didn’t just cause the mysterious cloaked figure to be blasted back repeatedly, even the actions of Zuoqiu Feiming that intended to detonate himself had stiffened under the terrifying might of this sword strike and stopped briefly.


The strand of sword qi descended. Space was destroyed while an enormous and bottomless chasm was forcefully torn open on the ground. It continued on towards the distance, and it terrified many people present in the surroundings to dodge endlessly in succession.

The might of a single sword strike was so terrifying!

“Who is it!?” The expressions of Zuoqiu Feng, Wei Xing, and the others changed abruptly. Never had they imagined that at this instant when the outcome was about to be decided, such a surprising and unexpected event would actually occur.

In next to no time, they saw the appearance of the people that had arrived.

The person on the left wore green clothes, had a handsome expression, and every single move he made carried an extraordinary and ethereal aura, yet he emanated an imposing aura of an emperor, causing him to seem extremely unique.

The person of the right wore grey clothes, had snow white hair, an aloof and indifferent expression, and he embraced a sword before his chest. His entire body emanated a peerlessly fierce and sharp aura that shot into the sky and threw the winds and clouds in the surroundings into chaos. He was like an emperor of the sword.

These two people were Chen Xi and Hua Jiankong that had rushed over!

“Chen Xi!”

“Dao Emperor Academy’s Hua Jiankong!”

In an instant, everyone in the surroundings recognized the identities of Chen Xi and Hua Jiankong, and they had varied expressions.

Zuoqiu Feng’s face sank while a wisp of deep-rooted hatred surged within his eyes. His only son, Zuoqiu Kong, had perished at Chen Xi’s hands, so how could he possibly not hate Chen Xi?

Zuoqiu Huanglin and the others were slightly surprised.

Wei Xing on the other hand was overjoyed because he was looking for Chen Xi, yet Chen Xi had actually come right to him. After all the effort I spent here, he came to me without me even having to do anything!

As for Hua Jiankong, he was just a single person, so Wei Xing hadn’t taken Hua Jiankong seriously at all.

On the other hand, Zuoqiu Feiming and the others were stunned when they saw Chen Xi, and they felt extremely surprised as well. After that, they couldn’t help but feel worried for Chen Xi.

The reason was extremely simple, Zuoqiu Feiming had noticed that only Hua Jiankong was following by Chen Xi’s side, so how could they possibly be a match for Zuoqiu Feng and the others?

For a time, because of Chen Xi and Hua Jiankong’s sudden appearance, the atmosphere in the surroundings once again became confrontational, yet Zuoqiu Feng and the others weren’t in a rush to make a move.

Because even if Hua Jiankong was all alone, he was still a threat that couldn’t be underestimated.

However, this sort of confrontation wasn’t equal at all, and the appearance of Chen Xi and Hua Jiankong seemed more like two preys that walked into a trap themselves, and the situation they were in seemed extremely bad.

“Little Fellow, why have you come!? Could it be that you intend to give your life away!? You’re simply running wild!” Even though it was the first time he’d met Chen Xi, because of his love for Zuoqiu Xue, Zuoqiu Feiming couldn’t help but berate Chen Xi in a stern voice.

“Senior, please tell me where my mother is? Where is she now?” Chen Xi was naturally able to discern the concern Zuoqiu Feiming had for him, but he didn’t have the mood to care about all of this at all now.

“A’Xue is still being confined in Iris Immortal Prison, she’s probably not in much danger for now…” said Zuoqiu Feiming. Even though he said this, he was very clearly aware that once he and the others were killed, then Zuoqiu Xue would definitely be unable to escape calamity.

Now, this kid, Chen Xi, just happened to have made an appearance himself. Disasters really do come one after the other!

When he thought up to here, the sorrow in his heart became even more uncontrollable, and his appearance seemed to have instantly aged by countless years and revealed a wisp of despair.

On the other hand, Chen Xi finally heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Zuoqiu Feiming’s answer, and the agitation, rage, regret, hatred, worry, and all sorts of other emotions that had accumulated in his heart all along the way here was completely wiped away!

Mother is still alive!This means that it isn’t too late. That’s more than enough!

In the next moment, Chen Xi’s gaze suddenly swept towards the distance, and it swept past everyone before finally descending onto Zuoqiu Feng that was in the lead.

He knew that this person was probably the current Patriarch of the Zuoqiu Clan, Zuoqiu Feng.

Wei Xing and those mysterious cloaked figures behind Wei Xing had similarly attracted his attention. According to his inference, they were definitely a force that came from the Sovereign Sect.

When he realized this, he felt a trace of a fortunate feeling in his heart. If I came a step later, then the consequences would be unimaginable!

It took a long time to describe, yet it actually happened in a moment. From the moment Chen Xi and Hua Jiankong appeared to the reactions everyone revealed, and then the conversation between Chen Xi and Zuoqiu Feiming, everything had occurred in a mere ten plus breaths of time.

On the other hand, when Chen Xi’s gaze shot towards Zuoqiu Feng, the latter’s icy cold gaze that was like a blade locked onto Chen Xi as well.

This was the first time Zuoqiu Feng had seen Chen Xi in the flesh with his own two eyes, and he was able to faintly discern his younger sister, Zuoqiu Xue’s, appearance from Chen Xi’s face. However, it was precisely because of this that he hated Chen Xi even more in his heart!

This bastard shouldn’t have been born into this world! This bastard even killed my son!

How could Zuoqiu Feng not be angry and hateful from this?

“Hahaha! This is the will of the heavens. The heavens really do look after us. Now that this kid has made an appearance, it doesn’t matter at all if all of you rebels die or not.” Before Zuoqiu Feng could speak, the overjoyed Wei Xing couldn’t help but roar with laughter, and his voice carried a wisp of boundless delight and excitement. “Didn’t all of you intend to detonate yourselves? Then continue. I guarantee that no one will stop all of you any longer!”

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