Chapter 1446 – A Sword Strike That Arrived Abruptly

His sorrowful howl resounded through the sky.

All the others by Zuoqiu Feiming’s side were moved by this, and they felt extremely sorrowful.

On the other hand, when these words entered into the ears of Zuoqiu Feng, Zuoqiu Huanglin, and Wei Xing, it caused their expressions to turn gloomy in unison.

Because no one was able to avoid being enraged when one was said to be someone’s dog.

It wasn’t just them, even the mysterious cloaked figures behind Wei Xing more or less felt a trace of anger in their hearts upon hearing these words.

“Looks like all of you don’t intend to repent even when facing imminent death?” Zuoqiu Feng grunted coldly while his expression instantly became merciless and indifferent. “Don’t think I didn’t know that all of you originally intended to seize the opportunity when the upheaval of the three dimensions arrived to help A’Xue seize the position of Patriarch once more. These actions were originally unforgivable, and my actions of giving all of you a chance to survive could already be considered as a show of extreme forbearance and magnanimity. If all of you still refuse to realize your mistakes, then don’t blame me for being merciless!”

Zuoqiu Feiming started laughing from extreme rage. “Why waste your breath? I’ve lived for so many years, yet I’ve never thought of being a dog for another. Kill or dismember us, do as you please!”

“You…” Zuoqiu...

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