Chapter 1445 – Desperate Struggle

Rumble! Rumble!

In Iris Desert, the flames of war raged as various supreme immortal treasures collided in midair, causing immortal radiance to erupt while the force of the collision transformed space into powder and destroyed the heavens and the earth. All sorts of terrifying chaotic flows of energy surged through the surroundings, causing the world to be cast beneath a shade.

This intense battle had already been going on for three days and three nights. Every single inch of Iris Desert was soaked in immortal blood. Blood dyed the sky red while the surroundings seemed like a bloody purgatory, and the entire surroundings were suffused with the dense aura of war, blood, and death.

If it was in the outside world, such a battle between peak experts of the Immortal Dimension would have probably destroyed countless cities a long time ago and annihilated innumerable innocent lives.

Fortunately, this was Iris Desert. It was an entire 5,000,000km in area, and its environment was extremely adverse. Thus, very few living beings existed here, allowing this terrifying and monstrous battle to not affect many innocents.

But even then, when this world shocking battle concluded, the entire Iris Desert would probably be destroyed by the flames of war and vanish from the world because it would transform into an expanse of barren ruins.

An entire...

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