Chapter 1445 – Desperate Struggle

Rumble! Rumble!

In Iris Desert, the flames of war raged as various supreme immortal treasures collided in midair, causing immortal radiance to erupt while the force of the collision transformed space into powder and destroyed the heavens and the earth. All sorts of terrifying chaotic flows of energy surged through the surroundings, causing the world to be cast beneath a shade.

This intense battle had already been going on for three days and three nights. Every single inch of Iris Desert was soaked in immortal blood. Blood dyed the sky red while the surroundings seemed like a bloody purgatory, and the entire surroundings were suffused with the dense aura of war, blood, and death.

If it was in the outside world, such a battle between peak experts of the Immortal Dimension would have probably destroyed countless cities a long time ago and annihilated innumerable innocent lives.

Fortunately, this was Iris Desert. It was an entire 5,000,000km in area, and its environment was extremely adverse. Thus, very few living beings existed here, allowing this terrifying and monstrous battle to not affect many innocents.

But even then, when this world shocking battle concluded, the entire Iris Desert would probably be destroyed by the flames of war and vanish from the world because it would transform into an expanse of barren ruins.

An entire three days of time!

Outside the battlefield, the Patriarch of the Zuoqiu Clan, Zuoqiu Feng, had been watching coldly for three days as well. Up until this point in the battle, the core forces of Zuoqiu Feiming’s faction had been mostly annihilated, and only a small group of people still remained and were struggling desperately.

On the other hand, Zuoqiu Feng’s side had similarly lost a great deal of elite forces, yet comparatively speaking, these losses were entirely within an acceptable amount for Zuoqiu Feng.

However, he was still unable to arouse any happiness in his heart. It was very simple. This battle was an internal conflict of the Zuoqiu Clan’s in the end. No matter if it was the enemy or his own side, they were all Zuoqiu Clansmen, and the bloodline of the Zuoqiu Clan flowed within them. Could anyone arouse happiness in their hearts while watching their clansmen kill each other?

In other words, if he wasn’t forced by circumstances, Zuoqiu Feng would definitely not take such resolute and merciless methods!

But it couldn’t be helped because these fellows forced him to do it!

Zuoqiu Feng had an emotionless expression as he gazed at the distant battlefield, and there wasn’t a trace of pity in his heart any longer as he listened to the shrill cries, sounds of battle, and furious curses that resounded from the distant battlefield. Since the ancient times until now, all those who achieved great things were resolute, merciless, and ruthless figures!

As it was said, one can’t command an army with kindness.

Zuoqiu Feng felt that if it was someone else in his position, that person would similarly take such cruel action. After all, this conflict severely affected the internal stability of the clan, and his position as Patriarch.

So he had to act in this way!

If you want to blame someone, then blame yourselves for going against me. Even if the Ancestors of the clan come back to life, they have no reason at all to punish me… Zuoqiu Feng muttered in his heart.

“Patriarch, only seventeen enemies remain. The rebel Zuoqiu Feiming still refuses to repent before death and continues to struggle desperately, whereas, our side has lost six Half-step Immortal Kings. Another thirty five Half-step Immortal Kings and Ancestor Huanglin are still in battle, and we’re in a completely advantageous position.” Right at this moment, a robust middle aged man appeared out of thin air and cupped his hands as he spoke to Zuoqiu Feng.

Zuoqiu Feng suddenly returned to his senses from his deep thought, and he said indifferently, “Continue pressuring them. Not a single one can be allowed to escape!”

“Yes!” The middle aged man received his orders solemnly, and then turned around and left.

“Hahaha! Congratulations, Patriarch Zuoqiu. According to the current situation, the outcome can be determined within two hours!” Wei Xing couldn’t help but roar with laughter and congratulate without end when he heard this.

Zuoqiu Feng felt slightly uncomfortable in his heart upon hearing this, yet he said in a flat tone. “It’ll all thanks to Mr. Wei’s support.”

As he spoke, he glanced inadvertently at the area behind Wei Xing.

There were nine figures in black cloaks standing there. These figures had extremely obscure auras, and the cloak was filled with a strange energy that caused others to be utterly unable to determine their appearances, causing them to seem extremely mysterious.

However, Zuoqiu Feng was very clearly aware that these nine mysterious cloaked figures were Immortal Kings! They were the Core Pawns that the Sovereign Sect had placed within the various top powers of the Immortal Dimension throughout the boundless years of the past!

It was naturally impossible for such extraordinary figures to expose their identities.

Zuoqiu Feng couldn’t be bothered to care about the identities of these mysterious cloaked figures in the Immortal Dimension, yet he didn’t dare be careless in his heart at all. Conversely, since Wei Xing brought these Core Pawns back, it caused him to become extremely vigilant in his heart.

There was a total of nine mysterious cloaked figures, and besides them, there were sixty nine Half-step Immortal Kings by Wei Xing’s side. These experts were similarly wearing dark cloaks, and they were pawns that the Sovereign Sect placed in the Immortal Dimension as well.

In short, merely these experts Wei Xing brought over amounted to a total of nine Immortal Kings and sixty nine Half-step Immortal Kings. When such a terrifying force was gathered together, it could even sweep through those top powers of the Immortal Dimension!

When facing such a force, how could Zuoqiu Feng not be vigilant in his heart?

If it was merely for the sake of collaborating with the Zuoqiu Clan to kill Chen Xi, then Zuoqiu Feng would naturally not be worried about anything. However, he was worried that the forces of the Sovereign Sect that Wei Xing represented would infiltrate and take control of his Zuoqiu Clan after dealing with Chen Xi.

This was what Zuoqiu Feng was most vigilant against.

“Actually, if Patriarch Zuoqiu is willing, then I absolutely dare to guarantee that this battle before us can be easily resolved in a matter of minutes.” While Zuoqiu Feng’s thoughts were flashing swiftly in his mind, Wei Xing grinned and spoke once more while the space between his brows surged with strong confidence.

“There’s no need. This is an internal matter of my Zuoqiu Clan in the end, so it doesn’t make sense for outsides to interfere in it.” Zuoqiu Feng felt apprehensive in his heart as he refused decisively.

At the beginning of this battle, Zuoqiu Feng had refused Wei Xing’s intent to lead the forces he’d brought along to deal with Zuoqiu Feiming and all the other traitors of the clan.

The reason was exactly as what he’d said earlier. This was an internal matter of the Zuoqiu Clan after all, so how could he possibly watch as others slaughtered his own clansmen?

Once something like this occurred, then even if continued to sit steadily at the seat of the Patriarch, the clansmen of the Zuoqiu Clan would probably have all sorts of grudges towards him in their hearts.

Simply speaking, the reason Zuoqiu Feng had agreed to collaborate with Wei Xing this time was none other than to rely on the might of the Sovereign Sect to deter and repress those clansmen that were going against him.

On the other hand, when he really made a move to clear out these clansmen, he would absolutely not rely on the forces of the Sovereign Sect. This was his own limits, and it was for the sake of taking precautions against the forces of the Sovereign Sect infiltrating and taking control of the Zuoqiu Clan.

Wei Xing didn’t speak any further when he heard this, yet he laughed coldly without end in his heart.

As far as he was concerned, Zuoqiu Feng’s actions weren’t just stupid, it was unspeakably stupid. Because if Zuoqiu Feng didn’t refuse him repeatedly, then this internal strife would have been crushed and eliminated three days ago.

Unfortunately, Zuoqiu Feng just happened to not agree to this.

This caused Wei Xing to be extremely displeased in his heart. After all, he’d done all he could in order to invite these nine Core Pawns at the Immortal King Realm and sixty nine Major Pawns at the Half-step Immortal King Realm.

If such a terrifying force joined the battle, then the formidable might they would exert was obvious. However, because of Zuoqiu Feng’s refusal, this force could only lay dormant here and act as bystanders.

How could Wei Xing be content with this?

Hmph! You’re already leading the life of a whore, yet you still want to put up a monument that attests to your chastity. If it wasn’t for me being afraid of those two old goats at the Godrank Realm within your Zuoqiu Clan, I would have fucking killed an extremely stupid and idiotic bastard like you! Wei Xing was rather resentful in his heart, yet he could only endure it. Fortunately, this internal strife was about to end, and his objective was to capture Zuoqiu Feiming and a few other important figures in order to threaten Chen Xi to give himself up. Thus, allowing him to attain his objective of seizing the Dao Calamity Sword and River Diagram fragments.

This was what Wei Xing cared about the most.

“Patriarch, only nine enemies remain, and they’ve already been firmly encircled by Ancestor Huanglin and the others! Should we annihilate them or keep them alive? Give the order, Patriarch!” After the time for an incense stick to burn, the robust middle aged man came to report to Zuoqiu Feng again.

This moment has finally come… This internal strife that has continued for a few hundreds of years is about to be completely resolved at this moment! Zuoqiu Feng’s spirits were refreshed, and he took a deep breath before he waved his hand and said, “Come, let’s go over and have a look!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he and the robust middle aged man teleported over.

“Let’s follow them as well!” A bright light flashed in Wei Xing’s eyes when he saw this, and he sent a voice transmission to the others before leading the mysterious cloaked figures to follow Zuoqiu Feng over.

In the depths of Iris Desert.

There was a short period where the battle had stopped.

The higher-ups of the Zuoqiu Clan led by Zuoqiu Huanglin stood at all directions and formed a tight formation that completely encircled Zuoqiu Feiming and the others, and it completely cut off all their paths of retreat.

“Third Brother, let it go. Too much blood of our Zuoqiu Clan has already flowed in the past few days, and too many clansmen have perished. You ought to be clearly aware that today’s tragedy was caused by a single great mistake of yours.” Zuoqiu Huanglin stood with his hands behind his back as he sighed.

“Hmph! Second Brother, could it be that you’ve forgotten how Big Brother died all those years ago? It was the Sovereign Sect! Up until now, all of you actually still refuse to realize your mistakes and are relying on the forces of the Sovereign Sect to kill your own clansmen! All of you simply deserve death!” Zuoqiu Feiming’s had a furious expression while his entire body was soaked in blood, and he glared angrily with eyes that were scarlet red like blood. He was like a trapped beast that intended to struggle to death in a hopeless situation.

At his side, the last eight remaining higher-ups of the Zuoqiu Clan had furious expressions as well, and their faces were covered in boundless hatred. Most of their companions in their faction had been mercilessly slaughtered in the past few days, and it had caused them to be filled with extreme hatred since a long time ago.

“That matter from all those years ago was Big Brother’s own mistake, and I can’t be bothered to argue with you about who’s right or wrong. Out of the consideration that we’re of the same bloodline, I’ll give all of you a chance. So long as all of you admit your mistakes, then I can spare your lives.” Zuoqiu Huanglin gazed at Zuoqiu Feiming and the others with pity, and his voice carried a tone of superiority that belonged to a victor.

“Ancestor Huanglin is right. So long as all of you are willing to surrender, then I guarantee with swear on my position as Patriarch that all of your lives will be spared. I’m doing this because I can’t bear to see our Zuoqiu Clan continue being plagued with unrest and so that our Zuoqiu Clan can avoid becoming the laughingstock of the outside world.” Meanwhile, Zuoqiu Feng had arrived here as well, and he spoke in a stern tone.

It wasn’t just Zuoqiu Feng, Wei Xing had led his forces over and arrived here as well. He stood at the side while gazing at Zuoqiu Feiming and the others with a mocking gaze. He seemed like a cruel and merciless vulture that had locked onto its prey.

“Surrender? Hahaha! Do you think I’d become a dog for the Sovereign Sect like all of you?” Zuoqiu Feiming swept his gaze past Zuoqiu Huanglin, Zuoqiu Feng, Wei Xing, and the others. He knew the situation was hopeless now, and as he recalled those clansmen that had passed away, he couldn’t help but almost go mad with sorrow in his heart and couldn’t refrain himself from laughing loudly with rage.

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