Chapter 1444 – The Action Of Various Forces

As soon as Meng Xinghe finished speaking, he sat down cross-legged and was just about to meditate and cultivate when a trace of unusual movement arose in his heart, causing him to be unable to fall into a meditative state for a long time.

His brows knit together before he suddenly opened his eyes, and his expression gradually became solemn and even carried a wisp of heaviness.

“My heart is rising, falling, and unable to calm down. Fortune always comes along with calamity. Could it be that there’s some sort of other variable here?” Meng Xinghe stood up and strolled with his hands behind his back, and his pair of deep eyes surged with the glow of wisdom. When one looked carefully at his eyes, boundless profundities flickered within it. Obviously, he was silently deducing something.

“This calamity is strange. I’m actually unable to see through it!” After a long time, Meng Xinghe suddenly stopped moving while a cold bolt of lightning flowed within his eyes, and then a myriad of strands of divine lights soared up from within it and seemed to intend to see through the void and the ages.

“Calamity! Calamity! Calamity! Since I’m unable to deduce it, then I should just make a trip!” Once one had attained a cultivation realm like Meng Xinghe’s, one had long since possessed thoughts that were linked to the world and could understand the ages through the heart. One was capable...

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