Chapter 1444 – The Action Of Various Forces

As soon as Meng Xinghe finished speaking, he sat down cross-legged and was just about to meditate and cultivate when a trace of unusual movement arose in his heart, causing him to be unable to fall into a meditative state for a long time.

His brows knit together before he suddenly opened his eyes, and his expression gradually became solemn and even carried a wisp of heaviness.

“My heart is rising, falling, and unable to calm down. Fortune always comes along with calamity. Could it be that there’s some sort of other variable here?” Meng Xinghe stood up and strolled with his hands behind his back, and his pair of deep eyes surged with the glow of wisdom. When one looked carefully at his eyes, boundless profundities flickered within it. Obviously, he was silently deducing something.

“This calamity is strange. I’m actually unable to see through it!” After a long time, Meng Xinghe suddenly stopped moving while a cold bolt of lightning flowed within his eyes, and then a myriad of strands of divine lights soared up from within it and seemed to intend to see through the void and the ages.

“Calamity! Calamity! Calamity! Since I’m unable to deduce it, then I should just make a trip!” Once one had attained a cultivation realm like Meng Xinghe’s, one had long since possessed thoughts that were linked to the world and could understand the ages through the heart. One was capable of deducing the changes in the three dimensions and one was very clearly aware that any trace of an unusual sign usually possessed numerous terrifying secrets hidden behind it.

It was either a calamity, luck, karma, or…killing intent!

It was precisely based on such an understanding that he immediately decided to make a trip!

However, right when Meng Xinghe took a step forward, his movement stopped abruptly, and a wisp of a shocked expression surged into the space between his brows. After that, he suddenly said with a smile, “Looks like I don’t have to make a trip anymore. A distinguished guest has arrived.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a slender figure gradually appeared within the Secret Realm like a wisp of piercingly cold and dreamlike flowing light. After that, a young man in embroidered clothes that had white teeth, red lips, and a natural wisp of charm slowly appeared.

The Sovereign Realm.

The enormous roaring volcano endlessly flowed with lava throughout the ages, and it continued existing for an eternity.

At the peak of the mountain, Suiren Ting sat cross-legged while his entire body was enveloped with a myriad of strands of flaming light, and it burned the sky with an extremely shocking impetus.

“Ancestor, Disciple has already mobilized nine Core Pawns and sixty nine Major Pawns placed in the Immortal Dimension, and I’m only a step away from accomplishing success!” Wei Xing that Zuoqiu Feng relied on like his right hand man was kneeling with his body flat on the ground while he spoke in a respectful and reverent manner.

“Ha! How audacious of you! You even dared to recklessly utilize the Core Pawns that the Sect Master personally placed in the Immortal Dimension!” Suiren Ting opened his eyes while divine flames surged within them, and he glanced at Wei Xing with an icy cold gaze. He was naturally clearly aware that the Major Pawns were the experts at the Half-step Immortal King Realm that the Sovereign Sect had placed within the Immortal Dimension!

On the other hand, Core Pawns were the experts at the Immortal King Realm from the various top powers of the Immortal Dimension!

Every single Core Pawn was personally set-up by the Sovereign Sect’s Master throughout the countless years of the past, and even Suiren Ting didn’t have the qualifications to interfere in this matter. After all, these were all existences at the Immortal King Realm, and the implications were too great. Once their identities were exposed, then it would be sufficient to cause the current Immortal Dimension to fall into shock that shook the entire world!

For example, all the living beings in the Immortal Dimension were presently only aware of the existence of the four great Immortal Kings. As for exactly how many Immortal Kings existed in secret, only a small group of people in the top powers were clearly aware of it.

Why was it like that?

It was very simple. Immortal Kings were already standing at the peak of the Immortal Dimension. Such a force was the central pillar that held a top power together, so would anyone easily expose their existence?

This was like a trump card. The more mysterious it was, the more deterring it was. Once it was exposed, it would cause all sorts of dangerous conflicts.

On the other hand, to the Sovereign Sect, those Core Pawns were existences that had to be kept hidden. After all, most of those Core Pawns came from the various top powers of the Immortal Dimension, and they possessed extremely respected statuses. So what would happen once others knew they were pawns of the Sovereign Sect?

Wei Xing’s heart trembled when he saw Suiren Ting remain silent, and he couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat. He hurriedly said, “Ancestor, disciple did it for the sake of killing Chen Xi and bringing the Dao Calamity Sword and River Diagram fragments back as soon as possible. I absolutely have no intention to defy Ancestor.”

Suiren Ting suddenly started smiling. “I only said that you were audacious. I never said you made a mistake.”

An unpredictable mood!

This was Wei Xing’s evaluation of Suiren Ting, but he didn’t dare speak about it.

“How’s the situation now?” Suiren Ting restrained his smile and asked in an indifferent tone.

“The outcome can be decided within three days! At that time, Zuoqiu Xue and those rebels of the Zuoqiu Clan will be under our Sovereign Sect’s control, and we wouldn’t have to worry about Chen Xi giving himself up to us.” Wei Xing hurriedly replied.

“Three days…” Suiren Ting muttered, and then he inadvertently recalled the Sect Master’s instructions from a few days ago. After a long time, he returned to his senses and glanced at Wei Xing that knelt on the ground before he said, “Alright, you can return. Strive to accomplish this matter as soon as possible.”

“Understood.” Wei Xing hurriedly nodded and accepted his orders.


However, right when Wei Xing had just stood up, a shocking thunderbolt suddenly tore through the sky and descended. It emanated brilliant violet light that was angled like a dragon, and it was filled with a strand of supreme and terrifying imposing aura.

The arrival of this violet colored divine lightning was too sudden, and it terrified Wei Xing to the point his entire body shivered and almost fell to the ground. After all, he was a Half-step Immortal King, yet he was terrified to such an extent by this wisp of lightning, and it obviously showed how terrifying the imposing aura that filled this lightning was.

However, this thunderbolt wasn’t directed at Wei Xing. As soon as it descended, it transformed into a shimmering and glowing violet colored decree that revolved slowly in midair.

One could faintly notice that the violet decree was filled with a powerful aura of divinity. The divine writing on it twisted about like an earthworm, and it was ancient and obscure, yet it emanated an imposing aura that caused the heavens and the earth to dim in comparison.

Suiren Ting’s expression turned serious when he saw this violet colored decree, and he suddenly stood up before he bowed. “Disciple Suiren Ting awaits his orders.”

“The time has come. Take this command token and start the operation.” An indistinct, profound, indifferent, emotionless, and dignified voice suddenly resounded throughout the heavens and the earth.


Wei Xing was terrifying by this voice that was filled with a supreme aura, and his knees felt weak before he directly knelt on the ground!

“Disciple understands.” Suiren Ting took a deep breath before he lifted both of his palms up and respectfully and reverently received the violet colored decree in his palms before putting it away carefully.

At this point, the supreme imposing aura that filled the heavens and the earth vanished.

At this moment, Wei Xing had recovered from his shock, and his entire body was drenched in cold sweat while he couldn’t help but exclaim with terror in his heart. The Sect Master! That was definitely the Sect Master’s voice! No wonder it was so extraordinary! No wonder!

“What’re you still here for?” Suiren Ting couldn’t help but frown and berate in a cold voice as he gazed at Wei Xing that knelt on the ground in a sorry state.

Wei Xing’s heart trembled as he hurriedly got up from the ground, and then he turned around and left hastily. He didn’t dare stay here any longer, but he couldn’t help but feel curious in his heart. Exactly what is the operation that the Sect Master spoke of?


Suiren Ting didn’t waste any time here either, and his figure flashed and vanished.

Iris Continent

Just like the other continents in the Immortal Dimension, Iris Continent was similarly an extremely vast area that was populated by billions of living beings. It was extremely prosperous and bustling.

But lately, Iris Continent was in a state of unrest. Rains of blood and battles covered the continent, and it caused all the living beings residing in the continent to be terrified, uneasy, and fearful for their own safety.

The reason was that the internal strife within one of the seven great ancient clans, the Zuoqiu Clan, had completely erupted!

This was the top power in Iris Continent that possessed the greatest forces, was the most ancient, and possessed the greatest authority. It was like the overlord of Iris Continent. So, now that its internal strife had completely erupted, the destruction it caused was obviously shocking.

It was even to the extent that this internal strife was spreading without end, and it affected numerous powers within the continent and caused countless bloody slaughters. Terrifying battles erupted almost every single day, causing cities to be destroyed all over the continent. As for the amount of people that had perished during this disaster, it had arrived at an innumerable number since a long time ago.

In short, this conflict that erupted within the Zuoqiu Clan could be said to have affected the entire continent, causing Iris Continent to be extremely shaken.

Moreover, it was still continuing and growing in intensity!

No one knew that this internal strife had arrived at its most horrifying and critical moment today.

Iris Desert.

The originally golden desert had transformed into a dense bloody red color now as the sky, ground, and grains of sand seemed to have all been soaked in blood, and the color of blood had dyed everything red.

When looked at from afar, it seemed like a bloody purgatory!

At this moment, a world shocking battle was being carried out here.

“Kill!” A large hand with bulging veins appeared out of this air, and it covered the heavens and the earth as it slapped down fiercely. It smashed, shattered, and turned space into powder, and it was extremely astonishing.


36 immortal swords that were crimson red like flames shot into the nine heavens and drew down a myriad of strands of divine flames before it slashed fiercely onto the large hand. The collision of the two attacks created a terrifying aftershock that completely turned everything within an area of 50,000km into powder. Moreover, even space was crushed and transformed into countless black holes and pieces!

“Sixth Brother, why remain impervious to reason?” On the other side, amidst a shout that shook the heavens, a blood red battle blade carried monstrous strength as it crushed through space and slashed out horizontally. The dark gold Immortal King Energy that filled the blade seemed like a torrent that slashed the world into pieces and tore Yin and Yang apart!

“Hmph! Cut the crap! You would rather be the Sovereign Sect’s dog, but I’m not willing to do that!” A thick and towering golden iron rod swept through the air and smashed down fiercely! It was filled with a violent profound glow while it left afterimages along its path, and it carried boundless might!

Intense battles between peak experts like this occurred in practically every single area within Iris Desert, and all the parties to the battle were shockingly higher-ups of the Zuoqiu Clan.

It was even to the extent that the weakest in this battle possessed a cultivation at the Half-step Immortal King Realm!

For a time, this expanse of the heavens and the earth was filled with the surging aura of battle. All around the surroundings, space collapsed, the Grand Dao was destroyed, and boundless torrents of divine light swept towards the surroundings. All sorts of top immortal treasures swept through the surroundings, causing everything to fall into great chaos and destruction.

When looked at from afar, it was like another Primeval Battlefield. Fiendgods were in battle, and the aura of war shook the world.

This scene was too terrifying because battles of such level were truly too shocking. If a Saint Immortal were to arrive here, then the Saint Immortal would shrink back because once the Saint Immortal was affected by this battle, the Saint Immortal would definitely perish.

At the outer area of this battlefield was a group of people standing there, and they were watching the horrifying battle from afar.

The person in the lead had a dignified appearance and an graceful bearing. Surprisingly, it was the current Patriarch of the Zuoqiu Clan, Zuoqiu Feng!

At this moment, his expression was indifferent as he stared at the distant battlefield while standing with his hands behind his back, and he was waiting silently.

Because he was very clearly aware that according to the current development of the situation, then perhaps it wouldn’t be long before the curtains to this horrifying battle would be drawn…

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