Chapter 1443 – Setting Out With Rage

Hua Jiankong couldn’t help but frown when he saw Chen Xi leave hastily. “The great are always able to keep their calm before major events. He has already advanced to the Half-step Immortal King Realm, yet he’s still so impetuous. Looks like his hatred has really affected his Dao Heart.”

Meng Xinghe pondered deeply instead when he saw this and said, “Jiankong, what’s your views of this internal strife within the Zuoqiu Clan?”

As he spoke, a boundless ocean surged within his eyes that were filled with the aura of experience, and this ocean was pure, translucent, and filled with the glow of wisdom that casted light on the rise and fall of powers through the ages.

Hua Jiankong was stunned, and then he said, “With the strength and potential Chen Xi possesses now, then if he interferes in this battle, he’ll definitely be able to easily turn the situation around.”

This wasn’t an exaggeration. Chen Xi seemed to be only at the Half-step Immortal King Realm now, yet the support of numerous terrifying powers stood behind him. For example, Oracle Mountain, Dao Emperor Academy, the Xuanyuan Clan…

If all of these forces were combined together, then it was sufficient to easily crush and sweep through a mere Zuoqiu Clan.

“No.” Meng Xinghe shook his head instead. “Since the moment that the forces of the Sovereign Sect flowed into the Zuoqiu Clan, this internal strife had long since exceeded the control of the Zuoqiu Clan, so the meaning behind it had naturally become completely different.”

“Master, what’s the difference?” Hua Jiankong couldn’t help but ask this question.

Meng Xinghe sighed as he stood up from the rock, and his eyes that surged with an ocean of wisdom gazed towards the distance as he said, “You know it as well, the aura of the Five Signs of Death has appeared in advance. According to the deductions of the past, this calamity would at least erupt three hundred years from now, so this is slightly strange.”

Hua Jiankong seemed to have realized something, and his pair of dense and slanted brows raised up. “Master, you think that it was caused by the Sovereign Sect?”

“It’s probably like that.” Meng Xinghe didn’t hide anything and said frankly, “The Sovereign Sect has been constantly making plans in secret throughout the years, and it intends to seize the opportunity that the arrival of this calamity provides to bring disaster to the world and re-establish the Sovereign Sect’s control over the three dimensions. Now that the aura of the Five Signs of Death has descended, this is a sign that it’ll probably not be long before the Sovereign Sect’s shadow will spread throughout the Immortal Dimension…”

Hua Jiankong frowned as he said, “But what does all of this have to do with the Zuoqiu Clan?”

When he spoke up to here, he seemed to have instantly come to an understanding, a wisp of bright light suddenly surged out explosively from his eyes before he said, “Could it be that the Sovereign Sect intends to take this internal strife within the Zuoqiu Clan to be their first step in sweeping through the world?”

Meng Xinghe didn’t deny it, yet he didn’t speak about this any longer. He pondered deeply for a short while before he decided in the end. “Jiankong, go with your Martial Uncle. At the moment that chaos seems to be growing, my Dao Emperor Academy naturally can’t refuse to get involved, and not to mention that it’s even related to your Martial Uncle.”

“Martial Uncle?” Hua Jiankong was instantly dazed. No matter how aloof and indifferent his disposition was, he couldn’t help but be bewildered because he’d never heard that his Master had a Junior Brother.

Meng Xinghe instantly came to an understanding when he saw Hua Jiankong’s appearance, and he roared with laughter. “Jiankong, I forgot to tell you. Chen Xi is my Junior Brother, so he’s naturally your Martial Uncle.”

Chen Xi?

My Martial uncle?

Hua Jiankong was stunned once more. No matter how he wracked his brains, he was unable to imagine that the little fellow that repeatedly addressed him as senior would actually be his Martial Uncle…

Isn’t this a bit too absurd!?

Hua Jiankong gasped without end. When he thought about how he had to address Chen Xi as Martial Uncle in the future, he tasted a bitter taste in his mouth. I’m really unable to say it at all!

“What? You’re unwilling?” Meng Xinghe grinned as he asked.

“How could disciple dare?” Hua Jiankong hurriedly cupped his hands and said, “If Master doesn’t have any other instructed, then I’ll go look for Chen Xi… Martial Uncle… Chen Xi.” He spoke in an extremely awkward manner.

Meng Xinghe couldn’t help but roar with laughter once more when he heard this, and he waved his hand as he said, “Go on, go on. Tell that little fellow that when it’s necessary, then Zhao Taici, Ao Jiuhui, and Chi Cangsheng will lend him a hand. So he doesn’t have to make a trip for this.”

“Yes.” Hua Jiankong received his orders and left.

“Three days ago, all the higher-ups of the Zuoqiu Clan that were led by Zuoqiu Feiming had completely shed all pretenses with Zuoqiu Feng’s faction, and the internal strife erupted.”

“Moreover, according to the information I received, Zuoqiu Feng had made sufficient preparations before the internal strife erupted. In other words, Zuoqiu Feiming and the others’ resistance had fallen into Zuoqiu Feng’s schemes since the beginning, and as soon as the battle erupted, eleven Half-step Immortal Kings on their side had been successively annihilated by Zuoqiu Feng’s faction, causing them to suffer a severe blow.

“At this point, Zuoqiu Feiming’s faction were completely pinned down, and if this is to continue, then they’ll definitely be completely annihilated by Zuoqiu Feng in a few days of time!”

When Chen Xi rushed out of the Secret Realm, he found out about everything from A’Xiu, and he simply felt as if he’d been struck by lightning and was unable to return to his senses for a long time.

All of this had occurred too swiftly and suddenly. According to Chen Xi’s original deduction, his mother, Zuoqiu Xue, wouldn’t be in a really threatening situation in at least a hundred years of time.

Yet who would have imagined that this internal strife of the Zuoqiu Clan would actually erupt in advance by so many years, and he was instantly taken by surprise because it had suddenly erupted before he could start preparing his forces!

He took deep breaths repeatedly and suppressed all the anxiousness and agitation in his heart before he finally recovered his calm slightly, and then he asked swiftly. “A’Xiu, where are they trapped at now?”

“Iris Immortal Prison.” A’Xiu gazed at Chen Xi with a worried expression. He was able to sense that Chen Xi seemed like a provoked wild beast at this moment, and he emanated a vicious and ruthless aura from inside out at this moment.

“Iris Immortal Prison… Iris Immortal Prison… Isn’t that where my mother is being confined?” Chen Xi felt a wave of heaviness in his heart when he thought of his mother, and his expression became icy cold to the extreme. A cold glow surged within his eyes, and it was filled with boundless rage, anxiousness, and worry.

I can’t continue waiting!

A wisp of a resolute expression flashed on his face, and then he gritted his teeth and said, “A’Xiu, help me do something. You just have to activate this command token, and you’ll arrive directly at Nuwa’s Dao Palace. Please notify the disciples of Nuwa’s Dao Palace, Shi Yu, Xiangliu Li, Sun Wuhen, Pang Du, and Dao Yao to come assist me. Tell them that I, Chen Xi, have an urgent matter of vital importance that I need their help with!”

As he spoke, he pushed a command token into A’Xiu’s hand.

This command token was exactly the command token that Xiangliu Li had given Chen Xi after they returned from the God Attainment Region, and there was a teleportation formation within the command token. It only had to be activated before one could arrive directly at Nuwa’s Dao palace. It was extremely miraculous.

However, A’Xiu didn’t do as Chen Xi said, and she frowned as she glared at Chen Xi before she berated. “Chen Xi, I know your mind is in chaos, but the matter hasn’t arrived at a state that’s beyond redemption. However, if you yourself get flurried, then it’ll affect the subsequent action you take!”

Her tone was stern, and she’d reprimanded Chen Xi for the first time!

Chen Xi’s heart shook, and it felt like he’d been doused with cold water, causing the vicious emotions in his heart to be suppressed before he calmed down. “Don’t worry, A’Xiu. I won’t act recklessly.”

A’Xiu examined Chen Xi carefully for a long time, and she noticed the space between his brows was completely tranquil and didn’t carry any emotions. However, this didn’t allow her to relax, and she became even more worried for Chen Xi.

She knew that the situation was urgent, and she nodded and said, “I’ll send someone to Nuwa’s Dao Palace with this command token. As for me, I’ll tell my father about all of this and ask him to lead the forces of the Xuanyuan Clan to head over there with you.”

“That won’t do. I’m going first.” Chen Xi shook his head with a firm attitude. “I don’t dare to continue waiting. If I wait any longer, then I’m worried that I would feel pain and regret for my entire lifetime!”

“You alone? Have you gone mad?” A’Xiu’s beautiful brows knit together while she seemed furious. She’d never seen Chen Xi act so rashly in the past, and she felt that he was simply unspeakably stupid! If it was any other person, she would have swung a slap at that person a long time ago so that the person’s mind would clear up.

“Don’t worry, I won’t fight desperately like an idiot. I only wish to have a look at the situation, otherwise it’s impossible for me to feel at ease.” Chen Xi answered in a serious manner.

“You…” A’Xiu was angered to the point she almost gnashed her teeth into pieces.

“Since it’s like that, then allow me to go with him.” Right at this moment, Hua Jiankong’s figure appeared out of thin air, and he glanced at Chen Xi with a slightly strange gaze while he thought in his heart. This little fellow wouldn’t blame me for not addressing him as Martial Uncle, right?

He’d obviously worried for nothing. At this moment, how could Chen Xi possibly have the mood to make a fuss about this? When he heard that Hua Jiankong was willing to go with him, he felt extremely happy in his heart and cupped his fists before he said, “Then I’ll be troubling Senior.”

When he heard Chen Xi’s method of address, Hua Jiankong’s heart suddenly jerked, and he waved his hand and said, “It’s something I should do. Master has already told me everything. Master said that when the time comes, Zhao Taici, Ao Jiuhui, and Chi Cangsheng will come over to assist you, so you don’t have to run around for this.”

Chen Xi calmed down completely when he heard these words, and he recalled his loss of composure from before. He couldn’t help but be slightly embarrassed in his heart because he was so focused with inviting Shi Yu and the others over that he actually forgot that there were numerous seniors in Dao Emperor Academy that could help him…

After that, he discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind and said, “Senior, then let’s set out!”

Hua Jiankong felt uncomfortable in his heart when he heard Chen Xi address him as ‘Senior’ again, and he frowned as he said, “Don’t call me Senior in the future.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he slapped himself on the forehead. He recalled that he was currently Meng Xinghe’s Junior Brother, so as the disciple of Meng Xinghe, Hua Jiankong had naturally become his Martial Nephew.

However, Chen Xi felt very uncomfortable to address Hua Jiankong as Martial Nephew!

After that, the two of them who were Martial Uncle and Martial Nephew by name teleported and left in silence.

When she saw this, A’Xiu left hastily with the command token Chen Xi passed to her.

Before they left the academy, Chen Xi pondered for a moment, and in the end, he returned to the Sword Room and left both the tiny cauldron and the Manor there.

He did this in order to give himself a method to escape.

This obviously showed that Chen Xi had resolved to fight with his life on the line in the battle that was about to begin!

Within the Secret Realm, Meng Xinghe had his hands behind his back while his gaze that was like a boundless ocean of wisdom penetrated through layer upon layer of space. After he sent Chen Xi and Hua Jiankong off with his gaze, he went silent for a short period of time before he said in a light voice, “The scenes of chaos have descended into the world. The fortuitous encounter that the three of you have been waiting for is bound to arrive along with this. So it’s time for the three of you to warm yourselves up.”

His flat tone seemed to be ordinary, yet it was like a strand of the tune of the Dao, and it spread into the distance and towards three different places of cultivation within the academy.

At this moment, Zhao Taici, Ao Jiuhui, and Chi Cangsheng that were in closed door cultivation had opened their eyes at practically the exact same moment, and it was like three gods awakening from their deep sleep…

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