Chapter 1442 – Reclaiming The Talisman Armament

After he advanced to the Half-step Immortal King Realm, Chen Xi felt that the greatest change in him was in his Immortal Force. It had transformed from the originally clear colored energy of Saint Immortals to strands of dark gold energy of Immortal Kings!

Every single strand of dark gold Immortal King Energy was filled with extremely terrifying might, and merely a single strand was capable of smashing a mountain apart. Space was unable to withstand its weight, and the heavens and the earth were unable to bear the brunt of its force!

Even if it wasn’t true Immortal King Energy, it already possessed a trace of an Immortal King’s might, and it was entirely not something a Saint Immortal could compare to.

If the Immortal Force possessed by a Saint Immortal was a vast ocean, then the Immortal Force possessed by Half-step Immortal Kings was boundless like the universe!

There was a qualitative difference in these two energies, and it could be said to be like the difference between the heavens and the earth. They couldn’t be compared at all.

As he carefully sensed the changes in the strength within his entire body, Chen Xi finally had a deep understanding of why Half-step Immortal Kings were able to crush all Saint Immortals.

Because if energy was divided into levels, then the energy possessed...

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