Chapter 1442 – Reclaiming The Talisman Armament

After he advanced to the Half-step Immortal King Realm, Chen Xi felt that the greatest change in him was in his Immortal Force. It had transformed from the originally clear colored energy of Saint Immortals to strands of dark gold energy of Immortal Kings!

Every single strand of dark gold Immortal King Energy was filled with extremely terrifying might, and merely a single strand was capable of smashing a mountain apart. Space was unable to withstand its weight, and the heavens and the earth were unable to bear the brunt of its force!

Even if it wasn’t true Immortal King Energy, it already possessed a trace of an Immortal King’s might, and it was entirely not something a Saint Immortal could compare to.

If the Immortal Force possessed by a Saint Immortal was a vast ocean, then the Immortal Force possessed by Half-step Immortal Kings was boundless like the universe!

There was a qualitative difference in these two energies, and it could be said to be like the difference between the heavens and the earth. They couldn’t be compared at all.

As he carefully sensed the changes in the strength within his entire body, Chen Xi finally had a deep understanding of why Half-step Immortal Kings were able to crush all Saint Immortals.

Because if energy was divided into levels, then the energy possessed by Half-step Immortal Kings had already touched the paramount height of the three dimensions!

The changes in his Immortal Force was merely one of the benefits he obtained after advancing into the Half-step Immortal King Realm.

Besides that, the world within Chen Xi’s body had expanded. It seemed to encompass an entire universe, whereas, his internal organs, veins, and meridians were like the stars and constellations within the universe…

His blood, vital essence, soul, and the supreme Laws of time, space, and life and death had instead become a quintessence energy that maintained the operation of the universe!

A universe had formed within his body!

This was the most prominent characteristic of a Half-step Immortal King.

However, Half-step Immortal Kings merely possessed a universe that was forming, and when the universe within the body was complete, it would be the sign of advancing into the Immortal King Realm.

Of course, even though the Half-step Immortal King Realm and Immortal King Realm seemed like only half step away, yet there was still a gap that was practically like a natural chasm between them. If one intended to surmount this chasm, then one had to fight for supremacy with the heavens and seize a strand of great karmic luck to attain success!

As it was said, it was impossible to become an Immortal King without karmic luck.

Now, Chen Xi had just advanced into the Half-step Immortal King Realm, so no matter how extraordinary his natural talent was, it was utterly impossible for him to touch the threshold of the Immortal King Realm in a short period of time without heaven defying karmic luck and accumulation through time.

But even then, Chen Xi was extremely satisfied in being able to advance to the Half-step Immortal King Realm after spending a short period of seventy years.


While Chen Xi was sensing the changes in his body, Hua Jiankong flipped his palm and withdrew an Immortal Sword of simple and ancient make. The body of the sword was pitch black and lusterless, and it had a characteristic of returning to simplicity. Shockingly, it was Chen Xi’s Talisman Armament!

“Now that you’ve already advanced into the Half-step Immortal King Realm, there’s no need for me to keep this treasure for you any longer.” Hua Jiankong casually passed the Talisman Armament to Chen Xi.

“Thank you, Senior.” A wisp of happiness flashed in Chen Xi’s eyes. He took the Talisman Armament in his hand and stroked it gently. This treasure had accompanied him to battle through the Mortal Dimension, experience slaughters and drink the blood of his enemies. It had long since become a part of Chen Xi’s life.

Now that this treasure had returned into his possession, Chen Xi was naturally extremely happy and joyful in his heart.

“This sword’s might is only comparable to a Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact, so if you intend to utilize it, then you probably have to refine it once more.” Hua Jiankong reminded from the side.

Chen Xi nodded. He’d accumulated numerous treasures of the heavens and the earth since a long time ago, and it was for the sake of fully refining the Talisman Armament once day when he reclaimed it.

Especially the tiny sword he’d obtained from within the Azurelotus Immortal Sword, it would absolutely bring about unbelievable effects when utilized to refine the Talisman Armament.


Right at this moment, an expanse of space in the vicinity suddenly fluctuated, and then a passageway unfolded within space until it arrived before Chen Xi.

Hua Jiankong instantly came to an understanding when he saw this, and he said, “Chen Xi, the Dean requests your presence.”

Chen Xi was stunned. “The Dean wants to see me?”

A wisp of excitement couldn’t help but surge into his heart. Because that was the current Dean Meng Xinghe! 

He was an extraordinary figure of legends!

A long time ago when he obtained the Dao Emperor’s inheritance,  he’d started looking forward to being able to meet the Dean, Meng Xinghe. Especially when he found out that Ji Yu was the Dao Emperor, he’d taken the Dean, Meng Xinghe, to be someone close. 

Now, when he found out that he was about to be able to meet the Dean, Meng Xinghe, how could Chen Xi not be excited?

However, Chen Xi still had a slight bit of bewilderment in his heart. Because Hua Jiankong had once told him that Meng Xinghe would only meet him after he’d completely grasped the Dao Emperor’s inheritance. Why would Meng Xinghe suddenly meet me in advance?

After all, because of the River Diagram fragments, he’d still not grasped the Dao Emperor’s inheritance until now!

“Presently, the aura of the Five Signs of Death has descended, and it’s a sign that the upheaval of the three dimensions is about to begin. So the Dean had no choice but to change his mind. Quickly go over, don’t make the Dean wait.” Hua Jiankong explained in a casual manner and urged Chen Xi to make a move quickly.

The aura of the Five Signs of Death!

Chen Xi’s heart jerked, and he carried numerous questions in his heart as he stepped foot on that passageway before his entire figure suddenly vanished.

Hua Jiankong didn’t stay here any longer when he saw this, and he returned to Sword Sharpening Peak.


“Junior Xuanyuan Xiu, has come to pay a visit to Senior Hua Jiankong.” Right at that very afternoon when Hua Jiankong returned to Sword Sharpening Peak, a young woman in a green dress stood outside Sword Sharpening Peak with an anxious expression between her brows. It was A’Xiu.

“Do you need something?” Hua Jiankong always had a rather warm expression before Chen Xi, yet when he was before others, he recovered his aloof and indifferent expression. Even if it was A’Xiu, she was unable to enjoy his special treatment.

However, A’Xiu frequently came to send over some jade slips in the recent years, and they recorded some information about the Zuoqiu Clan’s actions that were extremely useful to Chen Xi. So Hua Jiankong had never refused to meet A’Xiu.

Otherwise, with A’Xiu’s ability, it would be impossible for her to step foot on Sword Sharpening Peak.

“Senior, Junior wants to meet Chen Xi. Presently, a major incident has occurred within the Zuoqiu Clan, and the later Chen Xi finds out about, the worse the situation will be for him!” A’Xiu spoke swiftly with a rare solemn expression on her face.

A wisp of shocking cold lightning flashed abruptly within Hua Jiankong’s eyes. “The internal strife of the Zuoqiu Clan wouldn’t have erupted completely, right?”

A’Xiu nodded.

In the recent years, Hua Jiankong had already obtained an understanding of the enmity between Chen Xi and the Zuoqiu Clan, and he was extremely aware of what the news A’Xiu brought over this time meant. After he obtained A’Xiu’s confirmation, he instantly understood that the situation was so severe that it couldn’t wait any longer.

“Come with me.” Hua Jiankong went straight to the point and took A’Xiu along as he flashed away from Sword Sharpening Peak. 


This was an extremely vast Secret Realm.

Green pine trees, waterfalls, violet bamboos, clear springs, ancient rocks… They were scattered all over the Secret Realm like stars in the sky, and it was simple and tranquil.

At this moment, Chen Xi sat cross-legged on a low rock, and his expression was slightly dumbstruck.

Junior Brother!?

This was the greeting he heard when he entered the Secret Realm, and the person who greeted him was none other than the current Dean, Meng Xinghe!

Chen Xi was stunned because of this greeting, ‘Junior Brother!’

When he met Ji Yu in the Mortal Dimension, he’d long since guessed that at the bottom of it all, the reason his Senior Sister Li Yang had arranged for him to enter Dao Emperor Academy was because of Ji Yu. Because Ji Yu was the Dao Emperor that established this number one academy in the Immortal Dimension by himself.

It was precisely because of this knowledge that he finally understood why no seniors of the academy dared to take him as their disciple after he entered the academy while being the first in the recruitment test. Because strictly speaking, he was the Martial Nephew of the Dao Emperor! So, would anyone have the qualifications to take him as their disciple?

He was also finally clearly aware of why the Dean took his Talisman Armament away. Because the Dean was worried that he would expose his identity. In other words, Meng Xinghe had definitely guessed his identity, so Meng Xinghe acted in this way entirely with the intention of looking after him.

However, Chen Xi had never imagined that he would actually become the Dean’s Junior Brother!

If news of this were to spread, it would probably cause everyone in the Immortal Dimension to go mad, right?

Actually, when Chen Xi calmed down and thought about it, this outcome was within reason. Because Meng Xinghe was able to succeed the position of Dean in Dao Emperor Academy, so he’d definitely obtained the Dao Emperor’s inheritance in the past.

On the other hand, the Dao Emperor’s inheritance had been left behind by Ji Yu. In other words, Meng Xinghe was one of Ji Yu’s disciples. In this way, it was extremely normal for Meng Xinghe to address Chen Xi as Junior Brother.

At this moment, Meng Xinghe was similarly sitting cross-legged in a casual manner on a rock before Chen Xi, and his deep eyes that were filled with the aura of experience carried a smiling expression as he looked at Chen Xi.

When he saw Chen Xi’s expression recover its calm, he said, “I called you over here this time for two reasons. The first is to allow you to understand the relationship between us, and the second is to confirm something.”

Chen Xi was slightly stunned, and he hurriedly said, “Senior, please go ahead.”Meng Xinghe teased. “You’re still calling me Senior? Could it be that you don’t intend to admit that I’m your Senior Brother?”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly embarrassed, and he said, “Senior Brother, don’t take it to heart. I just haven’t gotten used to it.”

“That’s normal. Even though I’ve been paying attention to you at all times in the recent years, I’ve never met you directly. You’ll get used to it in the future.” Meng Xinghe smiled before his expression became solemn, and he said in a serious manner, “Did you meet my Master when you returned to the Mortal Dimension?”

Chen Xi nodded, and then he sighed lightly. “I did. Unfortunately, he didn’t return with me, and he left by himself…”As he spoke, he spoke about all the information he knew. He did this because he didn’t doubt Meng Xinghe’s identity at all, so he naturally wouldn’t treat Meng Xinghe like an outsider.

“I knew this day would come.” Meng Xinghe went silent for a long time after he heard all of this from Chen Xi, and then he sighed with emotion. A wisp of sadness couldn’t be hidden on his face, and his thoughts at this moment were a mystery.

Chen Xi was rather regretful in his heart as well because he couldn’t bear to see Ji Yu leave as well.

Right at this moment, Hua Jiankong’s voice suddenly resounded within the Secret Realm. “Master, Disciple has an urgent matter tell you.” Meng Xinghe frowned, and then he flicked his sleeve. In the next moment, Hua Jiankong’s figure appeared within the Secret Realm.

“What’s so urgent?”

Hua Jiankong cupped his fists and said, “Master, this matter is related to Chen Xi. Presently, the internal strife within the Zuoqiu Clan has erupted completely, and the situation is urgent!”

“What!?” Chen Xi’s expression turned grim as he suddenly stood up, and he asked urgently. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t know the exact situation. That little girl from the Xuanyuan Clan is waiting for you outside the Secret Realm. You…” 


Before Hua Jiankong could finish speaking, Chen Xi had already charged out impatiently from the Secret Realm. 

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