Chapter 1441 – Heart Of The Saint Dao

Outside the Boundless Barrier.

Hua Jiankong had a solemn expression as he sat cross-legged there like a statue.

He’d been standing guard here for fifty years!

This meant that fifty years had passed since Chen Xi entered the Boundless Barrier, yet there was no sign of him at all until now.

The passage of fifty years didn’t affect Hua Jiankong at all. For example, the incident of the aura of the Five Signs of Death descending onto Ancient Barbaric Continent that day wasn’t able to move Hua Jiankong at all.

After one arrived at his level of cultivation, one had long since seen that life and death were unpredictable, so they would naturally not be affected by anything in the outside world. Even if the upheaval of the three dimensions was about to arrive, it was only a ‘calamity’ to him.

Overcoming it equaled to continuing to seek the Grand Dao.

If he was unable to overcome it, then so what?

It was none other than just death.



On this day, Hua Jiankong who was originally meditating silently suddenly noticed something, and he swiftly opened his eyes.

Right at this instant, a strand of droning sounded out from within the Boundless Barrier, and along with this fluctuation, a figure suddenly walked out from within it.

Shockingly, this figure was Chen Xi!

“You finally came out…” Hua Jiankong stood up and sized up Chen Xi. He instantly noticed that compared to fifty years ago, Chen Xi’s...

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