Chapter 1440 – The Five Signs Of Death

The Boundless Barrier?

What’s the Boundless Barrier?

What are the eighteen profound barriers of life and death within it?

This was the last line of questions that still remained in Chen Xi’s mind before he was swallowed by the chaotic rift that was torn open. In the next moment, his consciousness instantly became hazy before it fell into an expanse of darkness.

When Chen Xi woke up, he saw a door of light standing before him, and it obstructed his path.

There was a mysterious symbol floating above the door of light, and it was twisted and obscure, causing Chen Xi to be unable to distinguish it. Thus, he was naturally unable to see through its profundities.

Obviously, this was probably the Boundless Barrier.

According to Chen Xi’s inference, the first barrier of the eighteen profound barriers of life and death was probably behind this door of light.

He didn’t enter it hastily, and he fell into deep thought instead.

All those years ago when he was at the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds, he’d once gone against the Sword Exalt within the Eternal Tomb of Kings, and he’d experienced countless battles of life and death before finally passing through the test.

At that time, he’d obtain an extremely deep understanding of life and death.

There was great terror at the moment between life and death!

As one of the three supreme Laws of the three dimensions, the Life and Death Laws weren’t new life after rebirth, and it was true life and death. No matter if it was the gods that filled the sky or the living beings that roamed the earth, no one was able to maintain their calm before life and death.

For example, the reason Immortal Kings were able to live for practically an eternity and were unafraid of the assault of time was because they’d grasped the Life and Death Laws.

Then, what exactly were the Life and Death Laws?

Chen Xi didn’t know because he hadn’t comprehended it. All those years ago when he went against the Sword Exalt, it merely allowed him to understand that one could be unafraid of death when there was obsession in the heart, and one’s heart would be free of restriction when one was unafraid of death.

Unfortunately, being unafraid of death and comprehending the Life and Death Laws were two entirely different things.

A force like life and death was bound to not be something that was so easy to comprehend.

Let me see exactly what sort of dangers fills these eighteen profound barriers of life and death. If it’s able to allow me to comprehend the energy of life and death, then no matter how dangerous it is, it’s nothing… When his mind calmed down completely, Chen Xi made his decision, and he didn’t hesitate any longer and walked through the door of light, causing his figure to instantly vanish.

Time flowed by swiftly in the blink of an eye.

Since Chen Xi entered the Boundless Barrier, there was no further news of him.

Or to put it in a more precise manner, since Chen Xi entered the Realm of Time to comprehend the Temporal Laws twenty years ago, he’d completely vanished from the view of the public.

Besides the current Dean of Dao Emperor Academy, Meng Xinghe, Hua Jiankong, and a few others, no one knew where Chen Xi had gone, and no one heard any news related to Chen Xi’s whereabouts.

This sort of unusualness exceeded the expectations of everyone, and it was even to the extent that it caused a period of discussions and guesses.

Some said Chen Xi had entered into closed door cultivation.

Some said he’d left the academy a long time ago and was seeking the Immortal King Realm by himself.

It was even to the extent that there was no lack of people that suspected Chen Xi’s disappearance might be related to the Zuoqiu Clan. Because it was common knowledge that Chen Xi and the Zuoqiu Clan were like fire and water after he killed Zuoqiu Kong and Zuoqiu Linghong.

Now, Chen Xi hadn’t showed himself for a few tens of years, so others couldn’t help but suspect that the Zuoqiu Clan might have harmed Chen Xi in secret.

Of course, this was merely a suspicion. Because if Chen Xi was really killed by the Zuoqiu Clan, then Dao Emperor Academy would probably be the first to not let the matter go.

The current situation was that Dao Emperor Academy hadn’t declared anything to the public with regards to Chen Xi’s disappearance, and this sort of attitude made many people feel that Chen Xi’s disappearance didn’t have any direct relationship to the Zuoqiu Clan.

Besides that, the most anxious people during these past few years of Chen Xi’s disappearance were none other than his friends and seniors. For example, Zhao Mengli, Ji Xuanbing, Zhen Lu, Ye Tang, Ling Qingwu, and many others, and these included the members of the Star Alliance.

On the other hand, the most complacent and happy were none other than those that had enmity with Chen Xi, but these people didn’t include the Zuoqiu Clan.

Conversely, the Zuoqiu Clan was extremely vigilant towards Chen Xi’s disappearance because there was definitely a reason to every strange occurrence. They didn’t believe that Chen Xi had really vanished for no rhyme or reason.

It was even to the extent that the current Patriarch of the Zuoqiu Clan, Zuoqiu Feng, felt that it was extremely likely that Chen Xi was accumulating his forces and preparing to take revenge on the Zuoqiu Clan!

It was precisely out of this mentality that Zuoqiu Feng joined forces with Wei Xing to speed up the action he was taking to clean up the resistance within the clan, and in a short period of a few years, six elders of the Zuoqiu Clan had vanished forever without a trace…

As for some other members of the resistance that had slightly lower statuses, they were either bribed or eliminated, and it was such a huge number of clansmen that it was impossible to count.

However, the only thing that could be confirmed was that the forces of Zuoqiu Feiming’s faction that supported Zuoqiu Xue had already suffered an extremely severe blow from Zuoqiu Feng’s ceaseless elimination of their members, and it was even to the extent that they were on the verge of falling apart!

But before long, no matter if it was Chen Xi’s disappearance or the ceaseless and rapid changes in the Zuoqiu Clan, no one paid further attention to it. Because at the 67th year of Chen Xi’s disappearance, the entire Immortal Dimension was stirred because of a shocking piece of news.

The aura of the Five Signs of Death had descended to the Ancient Barbaric Continent!

The Ancient Barbaric Continent was at the extreme west of the Immortal Dimension, and it was an extremely ordinary area amongst the 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension. Yet now, along with the arrival of the aura of the Five Signs of Death, it instantly caused the Ancient Barbaric Continent to be the center of attention of the entire Immortal Dimension.

“The Five Signs of Death have arrived, and the three dimensions are about to fall into chaos!” After they confirmed the truth of this piece of news, numerous great powers of the Immortal Dimension practically made a single determination, and it was that the upheaval of the three dimensions that had been deduced a long time ago was about to sweep through the three dimensions.

Because the aura of the Five Signs of Death was the sign of the arrival of the upheaval!

For a time, the entire Immortal Dimension was filled with panic. All the large powers planned all sorts of operations overnight, and the entire Immortal Dimension was covered in a bleak and anxious atmosphere.

Practically every single person was clearly aware that once the upheaval of the three dimensions arrived, then the gods were like ants, Fiendgods were like grass, and no one could survive!

What did this mean?





Especially to those immortals that diligently sought after eternal life. The arrival of the upheaval of the three dimensions could absolutely be considered as a calamity that could end the world, and no one dared to strike their chest and guarantee they would be lucky enough to survive this calamity.

No one dared to confirm that this calamity wouldn’t affect them, and it was precisely because of this that this calamity seemed even more terrifying and shocking.

At this moment, even those top large powers were unable to maintain their composure, and they made the best use of their time to plan everything in order to prepare to resist the calamity.

“Young Miss, we can’t delay any longer!” In Iris Immortal Prison, Zuoqiu Feiming came to see Zuoqiu Xue again, and he spoke while ridden with anxiety. “Presently, the foundation of our forces is about to be damaged. If we still don’t resist, then we’ll lose any chance we had.”

At this moment, Zuoqiu Xue’s expression had become heavy as well. She’d long since heard of everything Zuoqiu Feng had done over the recent years, and she naturally understood exactly how disadvantageous the current situation was to her.

She took a deep breath and asked. “How many members have we lost in total during the recent years?”

“Almost 60%!” Zuoqiu Feiming said in a low voice, “However, the only fortunate thing is our most elite forces didn’t suffer any losses during this purge. But…”

“But what?” Zuoqiu Xue frowned as she asked.

“But Ancestral Uncle Bei Yong and Ancestral Aunt Leng Hua…have already stood at Zuoqiu Feng’s side!” Zuoqiu Feiming spoke with a bitter voice.

“Hmph! That was actually within my expectations. All those years ago when my Father passed away, I knew the day would come when they would make such a choice. However, I never expected that they would hastily take sides before the outcome of the fight was decided.” At this moment, Zuoqiu Xue calmed down instead, and her eyes flowed with a cold glow.

“A’Xue, we should seize the moment to make a move. Presently, the aura of the Five Signs of Death has descended, and the upheaval of the three dimensions is about to sweep through the three dimensions. We can choose to make a move at this moment and fight with everything we have, and perhaps we might have a slight chance to turn the situation around.” Zuoqiu Feiming spoke in a low voice, and a wisp of a resolute and decisive expression flashed between his brows.

“What about Xi’er? Is there still no news about him?” Zuoqiu Xue pondered deeply for a long time, yet she suddenly changed the topic and asked about Chen Xi.

“No.” Zuoqiu Feiming shook his head and sighed. “However, I can roughly determine that this little fellow is probably working hard to prepare something. Moreover, he caused Zuoqiu Feng to feel extremely pressured, otherwise Zuoqiu Feng wouldn’t have suddenly sped up his operation to purge and suppress us in the past few years.”

A wisp of an imperceptible glow arose within Zuoqiu Xue’s eyes when she heard this, and then the corners of her mouth curled up slightly before she said with a smile, “Since it’s like that, then let’s take action!”

When he heard her agree so readily, Zuoqiu Feiming was stunned instead, and he nodded after quite some time had passed. “Alright! Then I’ll go make preparations.” As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and left.

“Third Uncle.” Zuoqiu Xue suddenly stopped Zuoqiu Feiming. “Actually, even if you didn’t tell me, I’d guessed a long time ago that Zuoqiu Feng has probably colluded with the Sovereign Sect long ago, and if we rely merely on our current strength, then even if we do resist him, we have practically no chance of winning.”

“A’Xue, you…knew since the beginning?” Zuoqiu Feiming spoke with a stunned expression, and he’d obviously been taken by surprise. Because he’d never told Zuoqiu Xue about Zuoqiu Feng colluding with the Sovereign Sect’s Wei Xing because he was worried that she would feel despair and completely lose any thoughts of resisting.

However, this scene before him showed that Zuoqiu Xue had obviously guessed this a long time ago.

“There’s actually nothing to guess because with Zuoqiu Feng’s overcautious disposition, he would utterly be unable to take such bold and resolute suppressive action.” Zuoqiu Xue’s eyes had a calm glow as she spoke slowly.

“Then you…” said Zuoqiu Feiming.

“Don’t worry, Third Uncle, I naturally won’t become dispirited just like that.” Zuoqiu Xue smiled with a composed and firm expression. “I only hope that all of you’ll be able to leave the Zuoqiu Clan safely after this operation. This clan…isn’t worthy of us giving ourselves to it any longer!”

Zuoqiu Feiming’s heart jerked, and he was just about to say something when Zuoqiu Xue spoke before him. “Third Uncle, there’s no need to say anything. If you want to leave a seed for the clan to regrow, then do as I said.”

Zuoqiu Feiming’s expression changed indeterminately, and he stared at Zuoqiu Xue for a long time before he gritted his teeth and said, “A’Xue, then wait for my good news!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed and left, and he seemed to be unwilling to stay here any longer.

When Zuoqiu Xue saw this, not only did she not feel at ease, a wisp of worry arose between her brows instead. She had a very good understanding of Zuoqiu Feiming’s disposition, and she knew that he would probably not do as she said.

Could it be that…the fate of the clan has already arrived at an irredeemable state? Zuoqiu Xue muttered while her expression was filled with sorrow and disappointment.

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