Chapter 1440 – The Five Signs Of Death

The Boundless Barrier?

What’s the Boundless Barrier?

What are the eighteen profound barriers of life and death within it?

This was the last line of questions that still remained in Chen Xi’s mind before he was swallowed by the chaotic rift that was torn open. In the next moment, his consciousness instantly became hazy before it fell into an expanse of darkness.

When Chen Xi woke up, he saw a door of light standing before him, and it obstructed his path.

There was a mysterious symbol floating above the door of light, and it was twisted and obscure, causing Chen Xi to be unable to distinguish it. Thus, he was naturally unable to see through its profundities.

Obviously, this was probably the Boundless Barrier.

According to Chen Xi’s inference, the first barrier of the eighteen profound barriers of life and death was probably behind this door of light.

He didn’t enter it hastily, and he fell into deep thought instead.

All those years ago when he was at the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds, he’d once gone against the Sword Exalt within the Eternal Tomb of Kings, and he’d experienced countless battles of life and death before finally passing through the test.

At that time, he’d obtain an extremely deep understanding of life and death.

There was great terror at the moment between life and death!

As one of the three supreme...

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