Chapter 144 – Advancing Triumphantly

Chapter 144 – Advancing Triumphantly

“Who’re those three fellows!? What ruthless methods!”

“They seem to not be disciples of the various powers of Dragon Lake City, could it be that they’re cultivators from outside the city?”

“How ruthless! Every move takes a life! The cultivations of these three people are so high, yet why have I never heard of their names?”

“Yeah, the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda has always been used for training, and it isn’t a game of killing others. These three people are too ruthless!”

The surroundings of the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda was in a complete uproar, and practically everyone was shocked by numerous bloody scenes that occurred continuously on the screens. When has an incident like this ever happened in the previous Hidden Dragon Rankings?

It was only a trial, and if one’s skill was inferior to another, one could just crush the Transportation Talisman. Yet these three people were despicable and ruthless, launching sneak attacks to kill with every strike, and they actually had no intention of allowing anyone to live!

The battle between Fei Lengcui and Qiu Leng in the pagoda had drawn the attention of almost 500 cultivators to spectate. At this moment, under the sneak attacks of those three people, only 10 minutes had passed, yet over 60 people had died already. Moreover, this number was still rising, and if it were to continue on, then wouldn’t all the spectating cultivators be killed in one fell swoop?

When faced with this sort of unforeseen event, even the leaders of the various powers on the jade platform couldn’t maintain their calm.

“Fellow Daoists, have any of you recognized the origins of those three people?” The Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Master, Ling Kongzi, spoke with a serious expression.

“I can’t tell.”

“I don’t know.”

“Strange, I’ve simply never seen or heard of the movement technique of these three people, I wonder from which sect they inherited it from?”

The other leaders had gloomy and serious expressions as they shook their heads without end.

Most of the cultivators that were sneak attacked and killed by those three people were from their respective sects. Moreover, those that were able to enter the second layer of the pagoda possessed exceedingly extraordinary natural talent and aptitudes. Every death of a disciple like this was a disastrous loss to them.

“Since these three people aren’t disciples from the various powers of our Dragon Lake City, then they’re surely cultivators from other places outside the city, and cultivators from outside the city that wanted to participate in the Hidden Dragon Rankings had to register themselves with the Darchu Soulguard and collect their command token.”

Ling Kongzi turned around and said to a middle aged man with a dignified expression, “Qing Chuan, go check with the Darchu Soulguard. You must find out the origins of these three people and report back to me.”

“Understood.” The middle aged man called Qing Chuan knew that the state of affairs was pressing, and he accepted his orders and left right away.

“Fellow Daoist Ling, one can only leave this Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, yet may not enter. If we allow these three people to go on like this, then wouldn’t all of our disciples be wiped out?” The Jade Flower Sect’s Master, Madam Xing Yun, spoke with a face that was like ice.

“Alas, based on the current situation, we can only hope that the disciples in the pagoda will wake up, notice these three people, and save their own lives.” Ling Kongzi shook his head and sighed.

The Buddha’s Trial Pagoda was an Immortal Artifact of legend. Even though it was damaged, with their ability, they were only able to open its doors once every ten years and instruct their disciples to enter into it to undergo training. Whereas now, it was utterly impossible to open up the door of the pagoda again.

“Looks quickly! There are three fellows carrying out assassinations towards the other cultivators over there as well! Ah, over there as well!” It was at this moment that an exclamation of shock sounded out from the crowd.

After that, everyone saw that within the entire Four-Symbols Layer of the pagoda, there were still another two groups of people that were silently carrying out a slaughter towards the disciples of the various great sects. These two groups of people were both made of three people each, and the movement technique they executed was exactly the same as the three people that were seen earlier. Obviously, these unfamiliar cultivators that totaled nine people were together!

At this moment, many of the disciples of the various powers within the pagoda had noticed that something was off, and they all stopped fighting before joining forces to battle those unfamiliar cultivators that had suddenly appeared like spirits.

But what astonished everyone was that these nine cultivators with strange movement techniques actually possessed extremely formidable strengths. Every single one of them was almost not inferior to Fei Lengcui, and they at least possessed a cultivation around the eighth level of the Violet Palace Realm. Moreover, all the weapons in their possessions were top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasures. Although these people were in groups of three, their combat strength was so formidable that they still fought and utterly defeated the other disciples. In the end, the disciples could only helplessly crush their Transportation Talismans and flee from the pagoda.

Who exactly are these nine people?

The hearts of everyone present was heavy to the extreme. The Hidden Dragon Rankings that was originally a grand occasion of an unprecedented level seemed to have been smeared with a layer of shadows as well.


Chen Xi entirely didn’t notice that an extremely bizarre change was occurring in the Four-Symbols Layer. At this moment, he was standing atop a golden mountain that was extremely tall, and his burning gaze stared fixedly at the metal that emitted dazzling gold light.

He’d noticed a trace of seventh-gold qi after arriving at the White Tiger Area, and dashing along this aura, he saw an enormous rock that was completely round like a ball.

This rock was similar to the 300m tall bald tree that he’d seen earlier; it was impermeable to fire and water, impossible to be scarred by weapons, and it was extremely hard. But Chen Xi had a long since determined an appropriate method. He called out Bai Kui, and Bai Kui cleanly bit off the rock with a few crunches, revealing a piece of metal at its utmost core,

This piece of metal emitted dense seventh-gold qi, entirely gold in color with clear angular edges, and it was like a palm sized piece of unrefined jade. The golden light emitted like it was like sabers and swords, and it actually cut Chen Xi’s skin to the point it faintly ached. After all, his current body had been tempered to the point it was extremely hard long ago, and it was comparable to a Magic Treasure. Yet he still felt as if his entire body was pricked by needles. Thus, exactly how sharp the gold light was could be seen from this.

What dense seventh-gold qi. As expected, this piece of metal is similar to the little sapling that effused second-wood qi, they’re both rare treasures! Chen Xi praised endlessly in his heart. Moreover, he noticed that there was surprisingly a layer of Chaotic Lifesoil beneath this piece of metal, and it seemed that this piece of metal was a treasure born from Chaotic Lifesoil as well.

The Azure Dragon Area and White Dragon Area have both proved to contain this type of treasure. So, the Vermillion Bird Area and Black Tortoise Area will surely have treasures of the same level! Chen Xi stretched out his hand to grab towards the Chaotic Lifesoil as he pondered, and the familiar scene appeared once more. The Chaotic Lifesoil along with the piece of metal was drawn into his body by his Shaman Energy, and they gushed into the Shaman Markings on his back.

There was originally a patch of Chaotic Lifesoil in his Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking, and when the two fused together, its volume instantly rose explosively by more than double, whereas on the Seventh-Gold Shaman Marking, a piece of metal that emitted dazzling gold lights floated indeterminately. Moreover, a connection was linked up between the Seventh-Gold Shaman Marking and the Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking.

At this moment, three shaman markings appeared side by side on Chen Xi’s back.

At the center was the Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking, and a patch of obscure black ash colored Chaotic Lifesoil floated within it.

On the left was the Second-Wood Shaman Marking, and within it was a green and luxuriant little sapling.

On the right was the Seventh-Gold Shaman Marking, and within it was a piece of metal that emitted dazzling golden lights.

With the Chaotic Lifesoil as the axle, the three Shaman Markings were linked up and had a slight connection, and it was as if a bridge of the five elements had been linked together. The Chaotic Lifesoil effused out an ancient and vast aura that gushed into both the green and luxuriant little sapling and the piece of metal that emitted dazzling golden light, and then it was converted into pure second-wood qi and seventh-gold qi that poured into Chen Xi’s body to be transformed into roiling and surging Shaman Energy.


The instant the dense seventh-gold qi transformed into Shaman Energy, it was like numerous tiny sharp blades that washed through the blood, flesh, skin, and tendons in Chen Xi’s body to repeatedly get rid of the impurities that were hidden deep within. In the span of a few breaths of time, Chen Xi felt his entire body become light, his tendons and apertures snow white like crystals, and his internal organs, flesh, and blood had been thoroughly cleansed. They seemed to emit a trace of misty gold light, and it was like they were covered with a layer of extremely tough golden skin, causing them to seem incomparably divine.

Another few breaths of time later, Chen Xi’s entire body trembled as his body abruptly emitted the explosive sounds of a thunderstorm, whereas, beneath the Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking on his back, another Shaman Marking had appeared once again. Its markings were fiery and conspicuous, unbridled and wild, and it was precisely the Third-Fire Shaman Marking.

At this moment, Chen Xi had actually advanced once more to attain the 4th level of the Violet Palace Realm in body refinement, the Third-Fire Realm!

I’ve advanced twice in one day and I haven’t even cultivated much. This… This is too unbelievable! Chen Xi felt as if he was hit by a pie that fell from the skies, and was struck dizzy. In his heart, he was instead worried that all of this was an illusion as he felt it was unreal…


Chen Xi took a deep breath and clenched his fist, he felt a strong feeling of strength that he’d never had before gush throughout his body, and he felt as if he could shatter a large mountain into powder with a single punch.

Of course, this was a misconception. But Chen Xi’s current strength had risen explosively by a few times when compared with his strength from yesterday, and if he were to fight with those 100 plus Su Clan disciples now, he was completely confident of annihilating all of them!

The muddleheaded Chen Xi didn’t continue staying here any longer, and he hurried on, dashing towards the Vermillion Bird Area without stopping. Without exception, he acquired a palm sized and diamond shaped fire crystal that emitted third-fire qi and a patch of Chaotic Lifesoil.

His strength rose violently by a level once again to arrive at the 5th level of the Violet Palace Realm in body refinement — The Ninth-Water Realm!

Moreover, after experiencing the tempering and torture of the Third-Fire Shaman Energy, Chen Xi’s body had become greatly stronger once again, and it was simply like a weapon that had been thoroughly tempered in a furnace, perfect without a flaw.

After that was the Black Tortoise Area.

When he obtained the last pearl that emitted ninth-water qi and a patch of Chaotic Lifesoil, Chen Xi was instead not shocked anymore, or perhaps he was already numb.

On his back at this moment, the Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking lay at the center, the Second-Wood Shaman Marking and Seventh-Gold Shaman Marking on the left and right respectively, and the Ninth-Water Shaman Marking and Third-Fire Shaman Marking on the top and bottom respectively. All five shaman markings contained an extremely rare treasure and were connected together with the Chaotic Lifesoil as the core, and they acted in cooperation with each other from afar.

Moreover, Chen Xi noticed that the connection formed between the five shaman markings that went back and forth in order was like the relationship of mutual promotion and restriction between the five elements, benefitting each other and facilitating the growth in each other, and they went in cycle after cycle as if it was entirely formed by nature. The profound and mysterious connection between them was like a supreme law of the heaven and earth that had existed eternally, and it emitted a mysterious aura that caused reverence in others.

On the other hand, the Shaman Energy in his body used the baleful qi of the stars as its source, and then it fused with the five elements of fifth-earth, second-wood, seventh-gold, ninth-water, and third-fire, causing it to become even more desolate, vast, mysterious, and ancient. It was like the energy that fiendgods possessed innately before the primordial era, and its might was limitless.

The School of Fiendgod Body Refinement was born from the fiendgods during the primordial era, and those formidable fiendgods innately possessed Shaman Energy that was terrifying to the extreme, allowing them to burn rivers and boil seas, command the universe, and look down upon the world.

Presently, Chen Xi undoubtedly possessed the potential similar to a primordial fiendgod, and so long as he cultivated diligently without stopping on the path of cultivation, then he would one day be able to grow into an existence as terrifying as the primordial fiendgods.

“This little fellow, Bai Kui, contributed greatly in allowing me to be able to successively break through three times in one day this time. No wonder Senior Ji Yu said that a Pixiu is a top auspicious beast in the world and is able to accumulate karmic luck. In this way, all the good fortune I experienced today is surely related to Bai Kui.” Only at this moment did Chen Xi deeply understand the value of Bai Kui’s existence. In the past, he’d only taken the little fellow to be a glutton that consumed his Magic Treasures, but now, he didn’t dare think like that anymore.

Moreover, if Bai Kui didn’t bite of the indestructible tree roots, rocks… Then Chen Xi could only enter a mountain of treasures yet come back empty handed today, and it would be utterly impossible for him to possess so many fortuitous encounters.

I wonder how’s the battles in the Four-Symbols Layer at this moment. Will Chen Hao, Du Qingxi, and the others be able to persist until they enter the third layer of the pagoda? Chen Xi pondered for a moment and was unable to be at ease in the end. He stood up right away before flashing out towards the jade green forest of the Azure Dragon Area.

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