Chapter 1438 – Time Vortex

Another day passed, summer left and autumn arrived. Leaves whistled down to the ground as the heavens and the earth were filled with a scene of withering.

Chen Xi was still walking forward tirelessly with an unrestrained disposition, and he finally stopped moving when autumn passed to welcome winter.

When he turned around again, the scene before his eyes instantaneously changed.

It was still that expanse of peach trees that were in full bloom while the plants in the surroundings were luxuriant, and the spring sun and warm breeze were intoxicating. It was spring again.

On the other hand, the place where Chen Xi stood was surprisingly the place he’d stood when he’d just entered the Realm of Time. Everywhere that met his eye was a picturesque scene of spring, and it was just like the scene he’d seen earlier.

While I kept moving forward, time continued without end, and when I suddenly turned around, the scene had returned to how it was at the beginning… The changes of time really are the most difficult to figure out. Chen Xi stared blankly for a long time while the scene within his eyes swiftly changed between spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The scene changed without end, and it overlapped endlessly.

This sort of change occurred between night and day, and it was revealed in the changes in the...

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