Chapter 1437 – The Realm Of Time

When he noticed that Zuoqiu Feng was completely moved, Wei Xing struck while the iron was hot. “Presently, I’ve clearly found out that Chen Xi is hiding in Dao Emperor Academy, and it’ll probably require some special methods to kill him.”

Zuoqiu Feng restrained his thoughts and calmed down completely when he heard this.

The Sovereign Sect stood behind Wei Xing. So even if he agreed to collaborate with Wei Xing, Zuoqiu Feng still maintained a trace of vigilance in his heart. After all, the reputation of the Sovereign Sect was truly too terrible in the three dimensions. It pursued the path of emotionlessness, so no matter who it was that cooperated with the Sovereign Sect, that person would have no choice but to be slightly vigilant.

“May I ask, what sort of special methods are you talking about, Mr. Wei?” asked Zuoqiu Feng.

Wei Xing smiled and avoided the question, and he answered with a question instead. “Presently, the Zuoqiu Clan is filled with internal conflict. I wonder if Patriarch Zuoqiu has any plans?”

Zuoqiu Feng instantly frowned, and he said after quite some time, “Conflicts can be resolved in the end, right?”

He paused for a moment and suddenly said with a smile, “Of course, if Mr. Wei is willing to lend me a hand, then my Zuoqiu Clan will definitely remember this kindness.”

Wei Xing smiled as...

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