Chapter 1435 – Betrothed Before Birth

The Sword Room.

Chen Xi was reading a jade slip with his head lowered. The jade slip recorded that various rumors that were created after Xuanyuan Poxiao’s announcement.

The jade slip was sent over to him by A’Xiu, and she was sitting lazily at the side right now.

“There are actually people that guessed we’ve become Dao Companions?” Chen Xi put the jade slip down and looked at A’Xiu with a strange expression.

A’Xiu puckered her tender little mouth and said casually, “It’s only a guess. Could it be that you intend to take it seriously?” As she spoke, her clear eyes spun while she glanced at Chen Xi with a pretty gaze.

The flirtatious expression she revealed at that instant carried a shocking charm of its own.

Chen Xi coughed dryly and hurriedly changed the topic. “However, I really have to thank you this time. Truthfully speaking, being able to obtain the full support of the Xuanyuan Clan greatly exceeded my expectations.”

“Didn’t you give my Grandfather a Dao Fruit’s Spirit? If he still didn’t make some sort of show for it, he would really be going too far.” A’Xiu spoke casually.

“Grandfather?” Chen Xi was astounded. “So, Senior Xuanyuan Poxiao was your Grandfather?”

A’Xiu said angrily, “The entire Immortal Dimensions knows that, yet it just so happens that you’ve only come to an understanding now. You’re simply heartless.”

Chen Xi was slightly embarrassed. He had indeed paid no attention to A’Xiu’s origins, and he was merely aware that she was the little princess of the Xuanyuan Clan. As for who her father, mother, and ancestors were, he hadn’t found out about it at all.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t concerned about her, and it was because he felt there was entirely no need to do this. The relationship he had with A’Xiu wasn’t because of how prominent she was.

“Wait.” Suddenly, Chen Xi shook his head.

“What?” A’Xiu raised her brows.

“When I attended the birthday ceremony, you’d already told me that the Xuanyuan Clan would support me, and I still hadn’t had the chance to present the Dao Fruit’s Spirit at that time.” As he spoke, Chen Xi looked at A’Xiu with a serious expression. “A’Xiu, I’ve always had a question in my heart, can you tell me exactly why you’ve always been helping me?”

This question had been kept in Chen Xi’s heart for too long. It wasn’t that he suspected A’Xiu had other intentions, and it was instead that since he knew A’Xiu, she’d always been silently helping him. Up until now, she’d even made the entire Xuanyuan Clan support him, so he would truly be heartless if he still acted as if he didn’t realize something. He would simply be no different than a heartless and ungrateful person.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s expression was unprecedentedly serious. His gaze was extremely deep, and it caused A’Xiu to be unable to help but panic in her heart and not dare meet his gaze.

A’Xiu lowered her head while her beautiful brows knit slightly together, and her exquisite and pretty fair face was covered in a struggling expression. She seemed to be very hesitant.

Chen Xi wasn’t in a hurry, and he looked silently at A’Xiu.

The atmosphere became deathly silent for a moment.

After quite some time, A’Xiu bit her teeth and raised her head, and she glared angrily at Chen Xi before she said angrily, “Alright, I’ll tell you, alright.”

Chen Xi smiled bitterly. “I’m not forcing you. It’s just that…you’ve helped me too much, and if this continues, then I probably won’t be able to eat and sleep in the future.”

“What do you mean by being unable to eat and sleep? It looks to me like you’re too suspicious.” A’Xiu grunted, and then she bit her moist lips and sighed lightly in the end. “Actually…you’ll understand everything after you rescue Aunty Zuoqiu Xue.”

Chen Xi’s eyes instantly opened wide. Could it be that all of this is related to my mother? This had really exceeded his expectations.

“How do I put it? It’s a matter from a very long time ago. At that time, my Father still wasn’t the Patriarch of the Xuanyuan Clan, and he once travelled the Immortal Dimension with Aunty Zuoqiu Xue…” A’Xiu took a deep breath and told him about everything in the end, and her voice that was clear, melodious, and pleasing to the ear resounded endlessly within the abode.

It turned out that when A’Xiu’s Father, the current Patriarch of the Xuanyuan Clan, Xuanyuan Shao, was young, he was one of the people that adored Zuoqiu Xue. For the sake of obtaining Zuoqiu Xue’s heart, Zuoqiu Shao had even left the clan to follow Zuoqiu Xue wherever she went for a few hundreds of years.

Unfortunately, his love was unrequited. Zuoqiu Xue had always taken Xuanyuan Shao to be a brother, and Xuanyuan Shao was clearly aware of this as well, so he couldn’t help but be slightly dejected. However, he still stayed bitterly with her. Regretfully, after the passage of many years, he was still unable to move Zuoqiu Xue’s heart, and he gave up completely.

However, Xuanyuan Shao was a strange man. After he experienced this tribulation of love, he’d become completely enlightened, and he stopped being infatuated with Zuoqiu Xue and took her to be a friend that understood him instead.

Later on, he even made an agreement with Zuoqiu Xue that if they each had a son and daughter of their own, then these two children should be married, and it could be considered as a form of happy fate.

Zuoqiu Xue naturally agreed to this. Moreover, something worthy of mentioning was that Zuoqiu Xue was still single at that time, and Chen Xi’s father, Chen Lingjun, still hadn’t made an appearance…

After he found out about all of this, Chen Xi’s jaw almost hit the floor from shock. “So, in this way, the two of us might have been…betrothed before birth?”

When she heard these words, A’Xiu’s pretty face flushed red, and then she said angrily, “That’s an agreement formed between my Father and your Mother. It isn’t related to me at all!”

Chen Xi scratched his head. “Err, I’m just slightly shocked. If both of us were men or women, then what do you think would happen to this agreement of theirs?”

A’Xiu had obviously thought of this question a long time ago, and she answered without the slightest hesitation. “They’ll naturally become sworn brothers or sisters.”

Chen Xi was speechless. “That really is a good idea.”

“Hmph! Don’t think that I’m foolish enough to take a liking to you and intend to become Dao Companions with you.” A’Xiu glanced proudly at Chen Xi. “All those years ago when I found out about this from my Father, I was extremely furious in my heart. I wasn’t even born yet, so how could he find me a Dao Companion like that? Thus, I left the clan at night and headed to the Mortal Dimension with my Ancestral Uncle’s help.”

Chen Xi was stunned. “You wouldn’t have come to look for me at that time, right?”

A’Xiu grunted and said, “Of course. At that time, I was constantly thinking how I should teach you a good lesson and make you obediently give up such thoughts. It was even to the extent that I’d decided that I would kill you if I didn’t have another choice!”

When she spoke up to here, she glared fiercely at Chen Xi, and then she couldn’t help but burst out with laughter. She laughed to the point even her eyes formed two crescents, and then she said, “Fortunately, when I met you, I had a rather good impression of you, and the food you cooked was nice. So I was barely able to restrain myself from dealing with you.”

Chen Xi was completely speechless. The cause and effect of the matter was actually like this!Of course, he knew that A’Xiu was mostly joking. However, the facts were probably like this, and this perfectly explained why A’Xiu had constantly did her utmost best to help him in the Mortal Dimension all those years ago.

Now, the Xuanyuan Clan had announced that it would support him, and it was definitely because of the efforts put in by the Patriarch, Xuanyuan Shao. After all, according to what A’Xiu said, Xuanyuan Shao could be considered to possess deep friendship with his mother, Zuoqiu Xue.

When he realized this, Chen Xi suddenly felt slight admiration towards his father that he’d never met. My mother was an heir of one of the great ancient clans all those years ago, and she was a genius that even a peerless figure like Xuanyuan Shao was unable to take the heart of, yet as a cultivator that came from a clan in the Mortal Dimension, my father actually won my mother’s heart. This ability really is extraordinary.

The corners of Chen Xi’s mouth curled up slightly. A’Xiu seemed to have seen through his thoughts and couldn’t help but grunt before she said, “Are you thinking that my Father is inferior to your Father?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he smiled bitterly as he said, “Is there any need to compare them like this?”

A’Xiu puckered her lips and said, “Don’t think that your father is just a tiny cultivator from the Mortal Dimension. According to my Father, your father’s origins are not simple at all. Otherwise, he wouldn’t just watch as your father took Aunty Zuoqiu Xue away.”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart because Xuanyuan Shao was the current Patriarch of the Xuanyuan Clan, yet he actually said that Chen Lingjun’s origins weren’t simple at all? What does this mean?

Chen Xi inadvertently recalled the information he’d heard about his father in the recent years.

He remembered that the Sect Master of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, Wen Huating, had once said that a Grand Meeting of the Extraordinary was held in the Dark Reverie all those years ago, and it gathered all the top figures of the various great powers in the Dark Reverie. It was led by the Sect Master of the Saintly Land of Ascension at that time, Miao Yunji, and they’d headed to the Northern Underworld Ocean with the intention of obtaining a divine treasure, the Star Manor.

Later on, the Star Manor was obtained by Chen Xi’s mother, Zuoqiu Xue, and Miao Yunji and the others originally intended to seize it from her, yet they were all defeated by Zuoqiu Xue. In the end, it was Chen Xi’s father, Chen Lingjun, that asked for them to be spared.

It was precisely because of this that Miao Yunji and all the great figures of the Dark Reverie owed Chen Lingjun a favor, and it was precisely because of this that Chen Lingjun was able to enter the Immortal Dimension through a Secret Realm under the help of the Saintly Land of Ascension and the other great figures. (Please see Chapter 748 for details.)

At that time, Chen Xi’s impression of his father wasn’t very clear, and he merely felt that the reason his father’s strength was so formidable was mostly because of his mother’s help.

Later on, Chen Xi met Bai Wanqing, and he found out about even more matters of the past from Bai Wanqing. However, Bai Wanqing didn’t know much about Chen Lingjun, and it just allowed Chen Xi to understand a single thing — his father’s strength was even stronger than he’d expected.

When he entered the Immortal Dimension, he found out from Ling Bai that his father, Chen Lingjun, had entered the Prehistoric Ruins after arriving at the Immortal Dimension. Moreover, even Heaven Trampler had heard many rumors related to his father.

Unfortunately, when Chen Xi arrived at the Prehistoric Ruins, he’d missed his father again, and the clues he obtained were extremely limited as well. However, he faintly understood from all of this that his father was absolutely not simple, yet all of this couldn’t be verified.

At this moment, when he found out from A’xiu that even the Patriarch of the Xuanyuan Clan, Xuanyuan Shao, felt that his father, Chen Lingjun, wasn’t simple at all, Chen Xi didn’t feel suddenly enlightened at all, and he instead felt even more perplexed.

Exactly what sort of figure…is he?

If he’s only an ordinary little cultivator from the Mortal Dimension, then how could he possibly obtain my mother’s heart? How could he possibly enter the Prehistoric Ruins? And how could he possibly make Xuanyuan Shao feel that he wasn’t simple at all?

“Actually, there’s entirely no need for you to think so much about it. Perhaps you’ll obtain the answers your want after your rescue Aunty Zuoqiu Xue,” said A’Xiu from the side.

Chen Xi instantly awoke from his deep contemplation, and then he nodded and said firmly, “You’re right. I’ll definitely rescue my mother from Iris Immortal Prison, and it’ll be very soon!”

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