Chapter 1435 – Betrothed Before Birth

The Sword Room.

Chen Xi was reading a jade slip with his head lowered. The jade slip recorded that various rumors that were created after Xuanyuan Poxiao’s announcement.

The jade slip was sent over to him by A’Xiu, and she was sitting lazily at the side right now.

“There are actually people that guessed we’ve become Dao Companions?” Chen Xi put the jade slip down and looked at A’Xiu with a strange expression.

A’Xiu puckered her tender little mouth and said casually, “It’s only a guess. Could it be that you intend to take it seriously?” As she spoke, her clear eyes spun while she glanced at Chen Xi with a pretty gaze.

The flirtatious expression she revealed at that instant carried a shocking charm of its own.

Chen Xi coughed dryly and hurriedly changed the topic. “However, I really have to thank you this time. Truthfully speaking, being able to obtain the full support of the Xuanyuan Clan greatly exceeded my expectations.”

“Didn’t you give my Grandfather a Dao Fruit’s Spirit? If he still didn’t make some sort of show for it, he would really be going too far.” A’Xiu spoke casually.

“Grandfather?” Chen Xi was astounded. “So, Senior Xuanyuan Poxiao was your Grandfather?”

A’Xiu said angrily, “The entire Immortal Dimensions...

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