Chapter 1434 – An Enormous Pleasant Surprise

When they saw Chen Xi’s speechless appearance, all the guests in the vicinity didn’t stop speaking, and they instead started to educate Chen Xi in an even more enthusiastic manner.

They seemed as if they’d taken Chen Xi to be a junior and were teaching him.

If it was another other person here, then these great figures would naturally not be so ‘fervent.’ The key was that Chen Xi was truly too renowned now, and he was an illustrious star of the Immortal Dimension’s younger generation.

Now that they had an opportunity to point out an inadequacy in Chen Xi, how could they miss this opportunity?

At the bottom of it all, it was none other than for the sake of feeling a sense of existence, and they couldn’t be said to have much ill intent.

“Exactly. Even if your present can be announced, it’s only a moment of fame. Moreover, do you dare guarantee that your present can surpass all the others? Doesn’t this really not seem worth it.”

“It isn’t just not worth it, doing this will instead cause many guests to be unhappy. A junior like you trying to fight for the limelight with those old fellows would probably cause others to laugh at you for not knowing your limits.”

All the guests spoke one after the other and guided Chen Xi, and they seemed like seniors that were looking after a junior, causing Chen Xi to be at a loss for whether to laugh or cry.

It’s only a present. Is there any need for all of this?

“Chen Xi, don’t pay attention to these old fellows. They’re obviously envious that your present can be announced. At the bottom of it all, it’s because of the mindset of calling a grape sour because one didn’t have the opportunity to taste it.” A’Xiu laughed lightly without end from the side, and she seemed as if she was watching the show.

Chen Xi rubbed his brows and was very helpless. He was naturally clearly aware of these old fellow’s thoughts, and if he were to argue about it with them, it would definitely cause him to be criticized, so he could only keep quiet.

Fortunately, these great figures that were flaunting their seniority didn’t have any ill intent, otherwise Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to listen to their nonsense.

As if he’d noticed Chen Xi indifferent attitude, a guest instantly revealed an exasperated expression and was just about to educate Chen Xi once more. Yet right at this moment, a sentence from the master of ceremony in the hall drew his attention over.

“This final treasure is from the number one student in Dao Emperor Academy’s inner court, Chen Xi. This treasure can be said to be rare in the three dimensions and difficult to obtain since the ancient times. Its value is simply priceless!” The master of ceremony in the distance held a jade box with both hands, and he had an excited expression while his voice resounded like a bell. He didn’t hold back his words of praise, and it instantly drew the attention of the entire hall.

Everyone was shocked and felt slight disbelief. Because this was the final present, so logically speaking, it would be the most precious and rare amongst all the presents, yet no matter how extraordinary Chen Xi was, how could the present he prepared possibly compare with those ancient powers?

Rare in the three dimensions?

Difficult to obtain since the ancient times?


Is that even possible?

However, because this was the words of the Xuanyuan Clan’s master of ceremony, even though they doubted it in their hearts, not a single person spoke out to question this before they’d confirmed whether it was true or not.

For a time, everyone shot their gazes towards the jade box in the master of ceremony’s hands, and they intended to see exactly what sort of treasure was contained within it.

However, to the disappointment of all, the master of ceremony spoke apologetically in the next moment. “Because this treasure is too shocking, we’ve received Young Brother Chen Xi’s agreement and won’t announce it in public this time.”

Everyone instantly exploded into an uproar. Even the name of the treasure actually won’t be announced? It seems like it’s either because this treasure can’t compare to the other presents at all, and the Xuanyuan Clan’s actions were done for none other than to flatter this junior, Chen Xi.

Or that treasure is really unequaled in its rarity, and once it’s revealed, it would be sufficient to cause all sorts of disturbances. So they concealed it.

So exactly which possibility is it?

All of them weren’t able to obtain an answer from the master of ceremony, so they successively shot their gazes at Chen Xi, causing the latter to instantly become the center of attention within the hall.

Chen Xi was naturally clearly aware of what the present he gave was, and he was very clearly aware why that master of ceremony had concealed the name of the treasure. However, he wouldn’t tell anyone else.

“Hahaha! Everyone, let that little fellow off. However, I can guarantee, this present is so rare that it has even exceeded my expectations, and it can be considered as an enormous pleasant surprise.” It was at this moment that Xuanyuan Poxiao roared with laughter as he spoke, and he helped Chen Xi out of his predicament.

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone instantly dared confirm that the present Chen Xi gave was probably really an extraordinary precious treasure. After all, Xuanyuan Poxiao was an Immortal King, and as the host of the birthday ceremony, there was entirely no need for him to play tricks and fool them.

However, in this way, everyone felt every more curious in their hearts. Exactly what is that treasure? It actually caused Xuanyuan Poxiao, this existence that has just advanced into the Immortal King Realm to feel that it’s an enormous pleasant surprise. This is extremely extraordinary.

Of course, because Xuanyuan Poxiao had asked them to ‘let Chen Xi off,’ they naturally wouldn’t shamelessly ask Chen Xi about it again.

Only the guests around Chen Xi felt rather uncomfortable in their hearts. Earlier, they’d been trying to educate Chen Xi, and they seemed as if they were teaching a junior a lesson.

Yet now, even though they didn’t know exactly what Chen Xi’s present was, merely the fact that this present could be placed as the final present and obtain Xuanyuan Poxiao’s pleasant surprise was sufficient to prove exactly how extraordinary it was.

This sort of change in events was like a shapeless slap that caused their faces to burn with pain, and they didn’t dare to flaunt their seniority before Chen Xi and seek a sense of existence any longer.

A’Xiu couldn’t help but cover her mouth and chuckle when she noticed this scene, and her eyes that seemed like puddles of shallow water formed into crescents as she laughed with extreme happiness.

“Look at all these old fellows, they really changed quickly.” A’Xiu sent a voice transmission to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi shrugged and felt very helpless. He swore to god, he really had never thought about counterattacking those great figures in such a manner, and from the beginning until the end, it was they that brought it upon themselves. So how could anyone do anything about it?

After that, no further twists and turns occurred during the birthday ceremony, and Chen Xi left halfway through. It couldn’t be helped. The birthday ceremony had transformed into an occasion where all the great figures chatted with each other, and he was unable to converse with them at all, so it was better to leave as soon as possible.

When he left, he naturally brought Qi Xiaoyu and Liu Jianheng along with him.

On the other hand, not long after Chen Xi returned to the Sword Room, Xuanyuan Poxiao announced during the birthday ceremony for all the great figures of the Immortal Dimension to hear. “From today onwards, if anyone goes against Chen Xi, then it’s going against the entire Xuanyuan Clan!”

As soon as these words were spoken, it was no different than a thunderclap that shook everyone present there!

At such an important moment, Xuanyuan Poxiao had represented the entire Xuanyuan Clan to suddenly announce such a matter, so how could not cause a multitude of thoughts to flash in the minds of all?

Most people guessed that all of this was probably related to the enmity between Chen Xi and the Zuoqiu Clan!

After all, the entire Immortal Dimension was clearly aware that Chen Xi had already shed all pretenses with the Zuoqiu Clan, and now that the Xuanyuan Clan actually announced such a matter in public before so many great figures of the Immortal Dimension, the Xuanyuan Clan obviously intended to stand up for Chen Xi!

In other words, if the Zuoqiu Clan dared to look for trouble with Chen Xi, or if Chen Xi looked for trouble with the Zuoqiu Clan, then the Xuanyuan Clan would definitely not stand by idly!

If this guess was true, then it was extremely shocking.

After all, no matter if it was the Xuanyuan Clan or the Zuoqiu Clan, they were both existences that were ranked amongst the seven great ancient clans. Now, they faintly showed signs of forming a hostile relationship because of Chen Xi, and if news of this were to spread, it would definitely cause all the great powers in the Immortal Dimension to be shocked!

Why did the Xuanyuan Clan act in this way?

Some people guessed that it was because Chen Xi had a good relationship with the little princess of the Xuanyuan Clan, Xuanyuan Xiu, and it was very likely that the two of them had already become Dao Companions in the presence of all the seniors of the Xuanyuan Clan.

There were also some that guessed that it was because of that present Chen Xi gave during the birthday ceremony. After all, at that time, even Xuanyuan Poxiao himself had said that the present Chen Xi gave was an enormous pleasant surprise to him.

Since it could be considered as an enormous even to an Immortal King, then how could it possibly be ordinary?

Of course, there were all sorts of other guesses. But without any doubt, this announcement of the Xuanyuan Clan’s would definitely cause the Zuoqiu Clan to face even greater pressure when dealing with Chen Xi.

Some intelligent people even noticed that even though Chen Xi seemed to have no background at all, the resources he possessed had long since arrived at a shocking degree.

Firstly, he was the number one student in Dao Emperor Academy’s inner court, and he possessed extraordinary natural talent and a peerless combat strength. Moreover, his reputation in the Immortal Dimension was like the scorching sun in the midday sky, and he even possessed the Dao Emperor’s inheritance!

In other words, merely possessing such an identity made it extremely likely that he would succeed the position of Dean in Dao Emperor Academy in the future!

It was common knowledge that Dao Emperor Academy was the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension, and how many people were able to assume the position of Dean from the ancient times until now? Moreover, amongst all the powers in the Immortal Dimensions, how many of them could compare in status to the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy?

Besides that, Chen Xi had obtained the full support of one of the seven great ancient clans, the Xuanyuan Clan, now. In this way, would anyone dare to take him as a student of the younger generation that didn’t possess any background at all?

If it was said that Chen Xi’s past reputation was entirely obtained from his own hard work, then after he obtained the Dao Emperor’s inheritance and the support of the Xuanyuan Clan, the reputation he possessed was covered in layer upon layer of colors that struck awe in the hearts of others!

Under such circumstances, what sort of reaction would the Zuoqiu Clan that was irreconcilable with Chen Xi since long ago make?

Would a conflict erupt between the Xuanyuan Clan and the Zuoqiu Clan because of Chen Xi?

What about Dao Emperor Academy? What sort of decision would it make when facing such a dispute?

After the Xuanyuan Clan announced this news, it could be considered like a stone that caused a thousand ripples on the surface of a lake. In merely a single day of time, it caused the entire Immortal Dimension to start paying attention to this matter, and they paid attention to the dispute and conflict behind this.

Of course, there was another question that made everyone even more curious. Exactly what was the present that Chen Xi gave during Xuanyuan Poxiao’s birthday ceremony?

Chen Xi wasn’t aware of all of this, yet he’d guessed that it would happen since the beginning.

The reason was extremely simple. Before he participated in the birthday ceremony, A’Xiu had told him that the Xuanyuan Clan had made such a decision, and it was precisely because of this decision that he’d given Xuanyuan Poxiao an enormous pleasant surprise.

This wasn’t an exchange of benefits. Strictly speaking, it could be considered as an exchange of gifts. However, the gifts that they exchanged were just slightly astounding.

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