Chapter 1434 – An Enormous Pleasant Surprise

When they saw Chen Xi’s speechless appearance, all the guests in the vicinity didn’t stop speaking, and they instead started to educate Chen Xi in an even more enthusiastic manner.

They seemed as if they’d taken Chen Xi to be a junior and were teaching him.

If it was another other person here, then these great figures would naturally not be so ‘fervent.’ The key was that Chen Xi was truly too renowned now, and he was an illustrious star of the Immortal Dimension’s younger generation.

Now that they had an opportunity to point out an inadequacy in Chen Xi, how could they miss this opportunity?

At the bottom of it all, it was none other than for the sake of feeling a sense of existence, and they couldn’t be said to have much ill intent.

“Exactly. Even if your present can be announced, it’s only a moment of fame. Moreover, do you dare guarantee that your present can surpass all the others? Doesn’t this really not seem worth it.”

“It isn’t just not worth it, doing this will instead cause many guests to be unhappy. A junior like you trying to fight for the limelight with those old fellows would probably cause others to laugh at you for not knowing your limits.”

All the guests spoke one after the other and guided Chen Xi, and they seemed like seniors that were looking after...

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