Chapter 1433 – Xuanyuan Poxiao

Chen Xi shook his head and said with a smile, “It’s nothing.”

Crippling Zuoqiu Ting’s right arm was indeed nothing to Chen Xi now because even if he killed Zuoqiu Ting, he wouldn’t be mentally burdened by it at all.

But obviously, such an answer wasn’t able to satisfy A’xiu. Thus, she directly pulled over an attendant from the side and asked about the sequence of events.

How could that attendant not recognize this little princess of the Xuanyuan Clan? He immediately and respectfully spoke about everything that occurred earlier.

“All of you…actually allowed Little Yu to serve the guests?” When she found out about all of this, A’Xiu instantly glared at the attendants and said angrily, “Who arranged this?” She seemed as if she was about to denounce the crimes of someone.

The attendant’s heart jerked, and he was terrified to the point of being unable to speak.

Earlier, Chen Xi was also wondering why Qi Xiaoyu had been reduced to someone that was like a servant when he’d arranged for her to live in the Xuanyuan Clan, and if this was true, Chen Xi would feel even more uncomfortable in his heart.

Qi Xiaoyu explained softly from the side instead. “It’s not their fault. The clan was short of hands at welcoming guests, so I came to help because I was free and had nothing to do. But I didn’t know what I should do, so…this…this happened.”

Chen Xi instantly came to a sudden understanding, and then he stretched out his hand to pat Qi Xiaoyu on the shoulder. He didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry as he sighed. “Little Girl, aren’t you a bit too kindhearted? Don’t do this again in the future.”

Qi Xiaoyu hurriedly nodded.

But even then, Chen Xi still decided in his heart that he would take Qi Xiaoyu and Liu Jianheng with him after the birthday party ended, and he would arrange a place for them within the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons. In this way, they could meet with the members of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and they wouldn’t have to live under someone else’s roof any longer.

“That Zuoqiu Ting is really brave, he actually dared to cause trouble in my Xuanyuan Clan’s territory. I’ll deal with him later!” A’Xiu was still angry because she’d invited Chen Xi to attend the birthday party this time, yet such an incident had occurred in the territory of her own clan, so how could she not be angry?

“Alright, this is Senior Xuanyuan Poxiao’s birthday ceremony. Don’t allow such trivial matters to affect your mood.” Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile and took the initiative to console A’Xiu.

A’Xiu grunted a few times before she dropped the matter.

This small disturbance passed in the blink of an eye.

Chen Xi led Qi Xiaoyu and A’Xiu along to sit down at a corner of the hall, and they drank wine and sipped tea leisurely.

However, Chen Xi was still able to notice that many gazes within the hall were faintly sizing him up, and these gazes didn’t carry much ill intent and were mostly filled with curiosity.

Chen Xi had long since become unperturbed towards all of this. Even if he was unwilling, he had no choice but to admit that there was probably no one in the Immortal Dimension that didn’t recognize him.

This was his reputation. Especially when Chen Xi killed Zuoqiu Kong all those years ago and completely shed all pretenses with one of the seven great ancient clans, the Zuoqiu Clan. At that time, his reputation in the Immortal Dimension had already arrived at a state of being comparable to the scorching sun in the midday sky, and it was to the point that everyone knew him.

When they saw him make an appearance during Xuanyuan Poxiao’s birthday ceremony, it naturally drew the attention of the great figures from all over.

Especially because he’d even broken Zuoqiu Ting’s wrist earlier. Even though he was helping Qi Xiaoyu avenge the humiliation she received, it was slightly thought provoking when it entered into the eyes of others.

Or perhaps, most people felt that it was precisely because of the hostile relationship between Chen Xi and the Zuoqiu Clan that Chen Xi would seize the opportunity to terribly humiliate Zuoqiu Ting.

Of course, Chen Xi wouldn’t admit this.

“The auspicious moment has arrived!!!” Before long, a clear and resounding voice resounded within the hall. Along with this voice, a group of people emerged one after the other from the side of the hall, and they drew the attention of all the people present in the hall.

The person in the lead of that group was a thin and tall middle aged man. His brows were dense and shaped like blades while his gaze seemed like bolts of lightning, and he wore a simple black robe. Every single move he made emanated an oppressive aura of unyieldingness and resolution that terrifying the soul.

Shockingly, he was the senior of the Xuanyuan Clan that possessed the nickname Iron Blooded King, Xuanyuan Poxiao!

When they saw him make an appearance, the expressions of all the guests turned solemn while they carefully sized him up.

On the surface, these guests had come here this time for the sake of congratulating Xuanyuan Poxiao on his birthday, yet they’d truly come for the sake of finding out the reason behind Xuanyuan Poxiao dragging in lots of people to hold a birthday ceremony after being in closed door cultivation for eight thousand years.

Sure enough, this old fellow has already advanced into the Immortal King Realm… In the crowd, a short yellow robed middle aged man’s eyes narrowed while he couldn’t help but sigh with surprise in his heart. An Immortal King has finally appeared amongst the three brothers, Xuanyuan Poxiao, Xuanyuan Potian, and Xuanyuan Pojun. If news of this was to spread, it would shock the entire Immortal Dimension.

This yellow robed middle aged man was called Zhongli Chen, and he was an elder from one of the seven great ancient clans, the Zhongli Clan. He’d come here today for the sake of congratulating Xuanyuan Poxiao.

It wasn’t just Zhongli Chen, many great figures in the surroundings had determined from the bearing Xuanyuan Poxiao revealed that Xuanyuan Poxiao had attained the Immortal King Realm after cultivating behind closed doors for eight thousand years!

For a time, the gazes they shot at Xuanyuan Poxiao had changed.

Chen Xi similarly noticed this as well. Even though he was only at the Saint Immortal Realm now, he’d come into contact with supreme existences at the Immortal King Realm on more than one occasion, so he was extremely sensitive towards the might and supreme aura of an Immortal King and was naturally capable of determining this with a single glance.

If it was any other Saint Immortal in his place, then the Saint Immortal would probably be unable to discern all of this.

At the bottom of it all, it was still related to the saying — The difference in one’s horizons causes one’s ability to vary.

Chen Xi’s current horizons had long since arrived at the Godrank Realm. So being able to distinguish that Xuanyuan Poxiao had advanced into the Immortal King Realm was within reason.

No wonder the birthday ceremony this time is so grand. It turns out that Xuanyuan Poxiao has advanced into the Immortal King Realm… Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought, and he faintly understood the objective behind the Xuanyuan Clan holding this birthday ceremony. The Xuanyuan Clan intended to silently reveal its resources and reserves in order to deter the other powers of the Immortal Dimension.

Of course, this was merely Chen Xi’s guess.

“Hahaha! After not making an appearance for eight thousand years, I never expected that I would be able to receive the congratulations of so many Fellow Daoists. I thank all of you.” Meanwhile, Xuanyuan Poxiao stood at the center of the hall and roared with laughter, and his voice was grand and rather frank.

The other guests hurriedly cupped their hands when they heard this, and then they came forward to congratulate Xuanyuan Poxiao.

Since they were congratulating him, they naturally had to give him a birthday present. Moreover, these sort of birthday presents would be announced by the master of ceremony. It wasn’t for the sake of showing off, and it was merely for the sake of adding a happy atmosphere to the event.

Just like this very moment, a pile of presents had already been piled up at the side of the hall, and they were mostly placed within all sorts of exquisite jade boxes. A middle aged man that seemed like the master of ceremony stood at the side, and he announced the name and source of all the presents.

“The Ancient Ji Clan, a pair of Auspicious Dragon Jade Pendants!”

“The Ancient Jiang Clan, a bottle of Clearlight Myriad Profundity Power!”

“The Ancient Mu Clan, a Nine Dawn Bell!”

As the master of ceremony announced present after present, it definitely caused a wave of heated discussion and envious gazes because every single one of those treasures were rare precious treasures that were priceless. It was utterly impossible for powers without great resources and reserves to produce such treasures.

For example, the Auspicious Dragon Jade Pendants from the Ji Clan. It was a rare auspicious precious treasure, and when worn on the body, it gathered the karmic luck of the heavens and the earth, causing auspicious qi to descend onto the body. It was extremely profound and miraculous.

These were the resources and reserves of an ancient clan. Of course, it was also because the birthday ceremony this time was being held for a senior like Xuanyuan Poxiao who possessed the nickname Iron Blooded King. If it was any other ordinary figure, then it would be utterly impossible for the Ji Clan to give away such a precious treasure as a present.

These ancient clans really do possess extremely deep resources and reserves. Chen Xi was extremely astounded as he listened from the side. He didn’t recognize many of the presents, but those treasures undoubtedly possessed extremely shocking values.

“May I ask Young Brother Chen Xi, what present have you given this time, can you allow our horizons to be broadened?” Suddenly, a voice resounded from the side. Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over and saw a middle aged man that was wearing a feather crown and dark clothes grinning at him.

It wasn’t just the middle aged man in dark clothes, many guests in the vicinity were sizing him up with curiosity. They seemed to intend to witness what sort of present this junior, Chen Xi, prepared.

Why was Chen Xi a junior? It was very simple. Because practically all the people capable of being present in this hall were great figures of the top powers in the Immortal Dimension, and there were only a few people of the younger generation like Chen Xi amongst them.

Chen Xi didn’t recognize this middle aged man, yet he still smiled as he said, “I’m sorry, I’ve already presented my present. If you want to know, then perhaps the master of ceremony will announce it.”

He was telling the truth. When he arrived here with A’Xiu, he’d given the jade box with his present to A’Xiu, and then A’Xiu handed it over to the clansmen of the Xuanyuan Clan.

However, his answer caused many guests to be surprised, and it was even to the extent that they…doubted him.

The reason was extremely simple, the present that could be announced had definitely been carefully selected before they were brought forward. If a present that was too ordinary was still announced, then it would be no different than slapping someone on the face and would cause a great deal of displeasure.

The guests by Chen Xi’s side were said to be great figures of the various top powers in the Immortal Dimension, yet most of the presents they gave didn’t have any chance of being announced.

This wasn’t because the presents they gave weren’t precious, and it was because their presents instantly seem ordinary when compared with those ancient clans. So, if their presents were announced in public, then they themselves would feel humiliated as well.

So when they heard Chen Xi say that the master of ceremony would actually announce his present, the reactions of these guests would be so shocked and even slightly doubtful.

“Oh? So, Young Brother Chen Xi paid a great price for the present you gave this time.” The dark clothed middle aged man smiled as he spoke, and his voice carried a trace of faint ridicule.

He seemed as if he was saying. ‘Young Man, was there any need to try so hard in order to seek the limelight?’

“Young Brother Chen Xi, even though we don’t know each other, I have to remind you that one’s intentions are the most important. Don’t act on impulse and get tricked.” Another guest spoke as if he was guiding a junior.

Chen Xi was stunned, and he couldn’t help but rub his nose. It’s only a present. Is there any need to exaggerate so much?

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