Chapter 1433 – Xuanyuan Poxiao

Chen Xi shook his head and said with a smile, “It’s nothing.”

Crippling Zuoqiu Ting’s right arm was indeed nothing to Chen Xi now because even if he killed Zuoqiu Ting, he wouldn’t be mentally burdened by it at all.

But obviously, such an answer wasn’t able to satisfy A’xiu. Thus, she directly pulled over an attendant from the side and asked about the sequence of events.

How could that attendant not recognize this little princess of the Xuanyuan Clan? He immediately and respectfully spoke about everything that occurred earlier.

“All of you…actually allowed Little Yu to serve the guests?” When she found out about all of this, A’Xiu instantly glared at the attendants and said angrily, “Who arranged this?” She seemed as if she was about to denounce the crimes of someone.

The attendant’s heart jerked, and he was terrified to the point of being unable to speak.

Earlier, Chen Xi was also wondering why Qi Xiaoyu had been reduced to someone that was like a servant when he’d arranged for her to live in the Xuanyuan Clan, and if this was true, Chen Xi would feel even more uncomfortable in his heart.

Qi Xiaoyu explained softly from the side instead. “It’s not their fault. The clan was short of hands at welcoming guests, so I came to help because I was free and...

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