Chapter 1432 – Conflict During The Birthday Party

Xuanyuan Poxiao!

A rather legendary senior in one of the seven great ancient clans, the Xuanyuan Clan. He’d experienced countless bloody battles throughout his life, and he was an unyielding and resolute figure that shook the entire Immortal Dimension.

His most renowned battle occurred eight thousand years ago in the Outerealm Battlefield. Xuanyuan Poxiao alone furiously slaughtered twelve Xeno-race Grand Commanders that were equivalent to the Half-step Immortal King Realm and obtained the nickname, Iron Blooded King. His might shook the entire world, and countless living beings took pleasure in talking about it.

However, after that battle, Xuanyuan Poxiao went into closed door cultivation in seclusion, and eight thousand years had passed since then.

A’Xiu had come looking for Chen Xi today in order to invite him to attend Xuanyuan Poxiao’s birthday.

Because this birthday was unlike his birthdays of the past, it indicated that Xuanyuan Poxiao had once again emerged into the world after his closed door cultivation for eight thousand years. Such a great figure that possessed the nickname of Iron Blooded King held a birthday ceremony as soon as he left his closed door cultivation, so it drew the attention of countless people in the Immortal Dimension.

Darkombat City.

The territory of the Xuanyuan Clan.

Since the information about Xuanyuan...

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