Chapter 1432 – Conflict During The Birthday Party

Xuanyuan Poxiao!

A rather legendary senior in one of the seven great ancient clans, the Xuanyuan Clan. He’d experienced countless bloody battles throughout his life, and he was an unyielding and resolute figure that shook the entire Immortal Dimension.

His most renowned battle occurred eight thousand years ago in the Outerealm Battlefield. Xuanyuan Poxiao alone furiously slaughtered twelve Xeno-race Grand Commanders that were equivalent to the Half-step Immortal King Realm and obtained the nickname, Iron Blooded King. His might shook the entire world, and countless living beings took pleasure in talking about it.

However, after that battle, Xuanyuan Poxiao went into closed door cultivation in seclusion, and eight thousand years had passed since then.

A’Xiu had come looking for Chen Xi today in order to invite him to attend Xuanyuan Poxiao’s birthday.

Because this birthday was unlike his birthdays of the past, it indicated that Xuanyuan Poxiao had once again emerged into the world after his closed door cultivation for eight thousand years. Such a great figure that possessed the nickname of Iron Blooded King held a birthday ceremony as soon as he left his closed door cultivation, so it drew the attention of countless people in the Immortal Dimension.

Darkombat City.

The territory of the Xuanyuan Clan.

Since the information about Xuanyuan Poxiao’s birthday ceremony being held in Darkombat City spread throughout the Immortal Dimension, the figures of numerous top powers in the Immortal Dimension had appeared within Darkombat City, and today was the day of Xuanyuan Poxiao’s birthday ceremony.

Within an extremely grand hall, it was filled with a crowd of guests, and the top great figures from all over the Immortal Dimension were waiting here since long ago.

Row after row of beautiful maidservants poured tea while polite and respectful attendants moved about around the hall, and they provided hospitable services for all the guests.

Because there were too many guests this time to the point it greatly exceeded the expectations of the Xuanyuan Clan and coupled with the venue of the birthday ceremony being Darkombat City instead of the Xuanyuan Clan’s headquarters, it caused the disciples of the Xuanyuan Clan that welcomed the guests this time to be slightly insufficient.

Under such circumstances, Qi Xiaoyu that lived within the Xuanyuan Clan took up the role of welcoming guests.

She was the foster daughter that Liu Jianheng had taken in, and after she was brought back to Darkombat City by Chen Xi, Chen Xi had arranged for her and Liu Jianheng to stay within the Xuanyuan Clan, so she passed her days in a rather substantial and calm manner.

However, Qi Xiaoyu had grown up within the mining area since she was young. So even though she’d lived in the Xuanyuan Clan for many years, she had never welcomed guests in her life. Coupled with the fact that all who entered the hall were great figures from all over the Immortal Dimension, she couldn’t help but be slightly nervous.

It was even to the extent that she wasn’t clearly aware of exactly what role she was supposed to play. So she had no choice but to do anything that she noticed had to be done. She didn’t just welcome guests, and she even did her best to help with other things like pouring tea and serving guests that maidservants and attendants had to take care of.

Qi Xiaoyu didn’t feel aggrieved because she and Liu Jianheng had been living within the Xuanyuan Clan for the past few years, and they received a great deal of care and protection from the Xuanyuan Clan. This caused her to be rather grateful, yet she’d never been able to find an opportunity to repay this.

At this moment, she had the fortune to welcome guests with some disciples of the Xuanyuan Clan, so she was extremely happy in her heart.

However, it was the first time she was doing things like this after all. For a time, she couldn’t help but be slightly flustered, and there were quite a few times where she almost shattered the tea pots and wine cups.

A beautiful maidservant noticed Qi Xiaoyu almost overturn a wine cup while serving a guest, and she hurriedly came forward and said to Qi Xiaoyu, “Young Miss Qi, allow me.”

“I’m fine, feel free to tend to your own tasks.” Qi Xiaoyu stuck out her tongue and spoke with slight embarrassment, and then she turned around with the intention of pouring tea for another guest that had just entered the hall.

However, she collided with a guest as soon as she turned around, causing the hot tea that she’d just filled to the brim to pour down, and if that guest didn’t dodge in time, then it would have almost poured on his body.

“Lowly servant! Don’t you know how to look before you walk?” The guest was a young man in a luxurious robe, and he instantly became displeased and berated coldly when he saw a maidservant clumsily collide with him.

This young man was called Zuoqiu Ting, and he was a disciple of the Zuoqiu Clan. At the same time, he was an inner court student of Dao Emperor Academy.

The relationship between the Zuoqiu Clan and Xuanyuan Clan wasn’t really good. However, they were both amongst the seven great ancient clans after all. This time, since Xuanyuan Poxiao was holding a birthday ceremony, the Zuoqiu Clan still had to send someone to congratulate Xuanyuan Poxiao.

Zuoqiu Ting was representing the Zuoqiu Clan by attending the birthday ceremony, and the reason he alone was sent over was because of the severe internal conflict within the Zuoqiu Clan. There was no end to the chaos within the clan, and all the great figures of the clan were in conflict and go against each other, so they didn’t have any mood to attend Xuanyuan Poxiao’s birthday ceremony. Thus, Zuoqiu Ting was sent over to make up for this.

Zuoqiu Ting was clearly aware of the bad relationship between the Zuoqiu Clan and the Xuanyuan Clan, so he was rather unwilling when he came to attend the birthday ceremony this time. Now, when he saw a maidservant actually collided with him and almost caused him to embarrass himself, how could his mood be good?

“Young Master, I’m sorry. Please calm your anger.” Qi Xiaoyu hurriedly apologized in a low voice.

“Fuck off!” Zuoqiu Ting frowned as he spat out two words, and his face was covered in displeasure.

No matter how good Qi Xiaoyu’s temper was, her pretty face couldn’t help but turn pale from anger after being called a lowly servant and bluntly asked to ‘fuck off.’ However, she didn’t dare say anything in the end because today was Xuanyuan Poxiao’s birthday ceremony, and she didn’t want the happy atmosphere to be destroyed because of her.

Coupled with the fact that Zuoqiu Ting’s identity was definitely extremely distinguished because he was able to attend the birthday ceremony, so how could Qi Xiaoyu dare make a fuss about it with him?

“Young Master, Young Miss Qi isn’t a servant of our Xuanyuan Clan, so please watch your words.” An attendant at the side couldn’t bear to continue watching, and he couldn’t help but remind Zuoqiu Ting.

Zuoqiu Ting’s face sank. Never had he imagined that an attendant would dare to talk back to him as well, and he couldn’t help but smile coldly at Qi Xiaoyu. “You’re a clansman of the Xuanyuan Clan?”

Qi Xiaoyu puckered her lips and shook his head.

“Then you’re a honored guest invited by the Xuanyuan Clan?” Zuoqiu Ting continued.

Qi Xiaoyu shook her head once more.

A wisp of rage couldn’t help but arise in Zuoqiu Ting’s heart when he saw this. “Since it’s like this, then could it be that this Young Master was wrong to ask you to fuck off?”

“Young Master, you’ve misunderstood…” The attendant at the side intended to explain about Qi Xiaoyu’s identity upon hearing this. However, before he could finish speaking, he was berated by Zuoqiu Ting. “You fuck off as well! This Young Master came to attend the birthday ceremony and not to waste my breath on lowly trash like the two of you!”

“Who’re you calling lowly trash?” Even though Qi Xiaoyu was exercising forbearance, she would absolutely not allow anyone to degrade her. So, when she heard Zuoqiu Ting humiliating her over and over again, then if she still didn’t make a stand against him, then she would lose all honor.

Zuoqiu Ting was stunned for a moment, yet when he noticed the guests in the surroundings were looking at him, he instantly felt as if he was monkey that was watched by a crowd. When had he, Zuoqiu Ting, suffered such a humiliation?

They are servants of the Xuanyuan Clan! Yet they actually dared to bully me? If I let them go like this, then my Zuoqiu Clan would utterly lose face!

When he thought up to here, he swung his palm fiercely at Qi Xiaoyu while cursing angrily. “Bitch! You’re lawless!”

The nearby guests hadn’t expected that Zuoqiu Ting would react so drastically and actually disregard his elegant demeanor to slap a young woman in front of so many people.

On the other hand, Qi Xiaoyu dodged instinctively, yet how could she possibly dodge when Zuoqiu Ting had swung a slap at her so suddenly? His palm grew closer and closer to her, and she was even able to feel the airflow that came from the swing of his palm, causing her to feel piercing pain coming from her skin.

Right at this moment, a hand suddenly stretched out form the side and firmly grabbed onto Zuoqiu Ting’s wrist, and that slap that was filled with rage was forcefully stopped just like this. It was only an inch away from Qi Xiaoyu’s face.

“Who is it!” Zuoqiu Ting let out a muffled grunt while his wrist was almost twisted apart. His expression immediately changed before he turned around to look over fiercely, yet he instantly cried out involuntarily when he saw the appearance of this person clearly, “Chen Xi?”

This person wore green clothes and had a handsome appearance. It was exactly Chen Xi.

He originally didn’t intend to attend this birthday ceremony, yet he was unable to overcome A’Xiu’s pestering, and coupled with the fact that this birthday ceremony was being held in Darkombat City, he agreed to it in the end.

However, never had he expected that as soon as he arrived here, he would see his Master, Liu Jianheng’s, foster daughter, Qi Xiaoyu, actually suffer such humiliation, and his face instantly became icy cold.

Chen Xi!

Zuoqiu Ting’s involuntary exclaim of shock drew the gazes of many people in the vicinity as well. It couldn’t be helped, this name was simply like the scorching sun in the midday sky within the Immortal Dimension now, and it was known to all. So how could all the numerous great figures present here be unaware of this name?

When they found out that this handsome young man before them was Chen Xi, it naturally drew the attention of numerous gazes.

Zuoqiu Ting knew that he’d lost his composure slightly earlier, and he steadied his mind and heart before he said coldly to Chen Xi, “Chen Xi, what’s the meaning of this?”

His wrist was still being held by Chen Xi, and his bones hurt, yet no matter how he struggled, it was utterly in vain. This caused him to be both shocked and furious in his heart.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Chen Xi patted Qi Xiaoyu on the shoulder. “She’s my little sister. Since my little sister was bullied, then I, her older brother, naturally have to help her seek justice.”

His younger sister!

Zuoqiu Ting’s face turned grim. No matter how he wracked his brains, he would have never imagined that this young woman before him that poured tea for the guests earlier would actually be Chen Xi’s little sister.

It wasn’t just him, all the guests in the vicinity felt that it was slightly difficult to believe. When did Chen Xi actually get a little sister?

Only Qi Xiaoyu who stood at the side felt moved and nervous in her heart, and she said softly, “Big Brother Chen Xi, today is Senior Xuanyuan Poxiao’s birthday. Don’t…make a fuss about it with him.”

“Alright, I’ll listen to you.” Chen Xi nodded, yet he suddenly said, “However, even though he can avoid death, he can’t escape punishment. Since he dared to attack you, then I’ll crippled this hand of his as punishment.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a crack resounded. Zuoqiu Ting’s right wrist was directly twisted, and the bones within it shattered inch by inch!


Zuoqiu Ting gasped in pain, and he was just about to exclaim in pain when he heard Chen Xi’s indifferent voice. “If you dare make a sound, then I’ll kill you right now. You can try if you don’t believe me.”

His voice was calm, yet it carried an unquestionable tone.

Zuoqiu Ting instantly forcefully restrained himself while his face had become livid and ferocious, and he gritted his teeth and said, “Very good! Let me see for how long you, Chen Xi, can continue living!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he glanced at Chen Xi with extreme resentment, and then he turned around and left. After being humiliated to such an extent, he naturally couldn’t bear to stay here any longer.

Coupled with the fact that he was extremely worried that Chen Xi would truly disregard everything and kill him, so he didn’t dare stay here for a moment longer. After all, even the heir of the Zuoqiu Clan, Zuoqiu Kong, had died at Chen Xi’s hand.

He was too much inferior to Zuoqiu Kong, so he naturally didn’t dare challenge Chen Xi.

On the other hand, all the people in the surroundings were extremely shocked in their hearts when they saw this scene. He actually dared to do that during Xuanyuan Poxiao’s birthday ceremony, this Chen Xi really is brave.

“Chen Xi, what happened?” Meanwhile, A’Xiu came over from afar when she heard about what was happening here.

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