Chapter 1431 – Invitation To A Birthday Party

The Sovereign Realm.

On the enormous mountain that was covered in lava and emanated a fiery glow that shot into the sky, Suiren Ting sat cross-legged like a god of flames, and he had a dignified and supreme bearing.

“It was only an ant, yet you lost two Half-step Immortal Kings and a Dao Attendant Disciple of the sect. Wei Xing, you’ve really disappointed me.” Suiren Ting spoke with a flat tone, and it didn’t contain any emotions.

Wei Xing that was called Mr. Wei by Zuoqiu Feng stood before the volcano, and his heart shook while sweat effused out from his forehead. He hurriedly bowed and said, “Ancestor Suiren, since Chen Xi descended to the Mortal Dimension, his strength would definitely not exceed the Golden Immortal Realm. The reason the plan failed this time might have been because Chen Xi had the assistance of an expert, otherwise, with the ability of those Half-step Immortal Kings from the Zuoqiu Clan, they would definitely not die at his hands.”

“The assistance of an expert?” Suiren Ting’s eyes suddenly opened wide, and cold bolts of lightning shot out from within his eyes as he said indifferently, “Is this the explanation you’re giving me?”

“Disciple admits his mistakes. Ancestor, please hand down your punishment!” Wei Xing knelt onto the ground with a thump, and he felt even more terrified in his heart while he...

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