Chapter 1431 – Invitation To A Birthday Party

The Sovereign Realm.

On the enormous mountain that was covered in lava and emanated a fiery glow that shot into the sky, Suiren Ting sat cross-legged like a god of flames, and he had a dignified and supreme bearing.

“It was only an ant, yet you lost two Half-step Immortal Kings and a Dao Attendant Disciple of the sect. Wei Xing, you’ve really disappointed me.” Suiren Ting spoke with a flat tone, and it didn’t contain any emotions.

Wei Xing that was called Mr. Wei by Zuoqiu Feng stood before the volcano, and his heart shook while sweat effused out from his forehead. He hurriedly bowed and said, “Ancestor Suiren, since Chen Xi descended to the Mortal Dimension, his strength would definitely not exceed the Golden Immortal Realm. The reason the plan failed this time might have been because Chen Xi had the assistance of an expert, otherwise, with the ability of those Half-step Immortal Kings from the Zuoqiu Clan, they would definitely not die at his hands.”

“The assistance of an expert?” Suiren Ting’s eyes suddenly opened wide, and cold bolts of lightning shot out from within his eyes as he said indifferently, “Is this the explanation you’re giving me?”

“Disciple admits his mistakes. Ancestor, please hand down your punishment!” Wei Xing knelt onto the ground with a thump, and he felt even more terrified in his heart while he remained silent like a cicada in the winter. He didn’t dare try to defend himself again.

He was only a Dao Attendant Disciple, so if Suiren Ting was displeased with him, then Suiren Ting could casually annihilate him without giving him any room to explain himself.

Actually, he felt rather wronged in his heart as well. Because who would have expected that even two Half-step Immortal Kings would suffer misfortune in the Mortal Dimension? This wasn’t the fault of a flaw in his plan, and only that little bastard, Chen Xi, could be blamed for being too abnormal!

“That little bastard possesses the Dao Calamity Sword and River Diagram fragments, and he’s also greatly relatedly to Oracle Mountain. He really isn’t so easy to deal with.” Suiren Ting went silent for a short moment before he spoke indifferently.

However, before he could speak any further, a grand voice suddenly resounded through this expanse of the heavens and the earth. “Senior Brother Suiren, quickly head to Jade Spirit Palace. The Sect Master wants to meet you!”

“Thank you for notifying me, Junior Brother.” Suiren Ting swiftly stood up and cupped his hands towards the space in the distance, and then he said to Wei Xing, “You wait here for now. I’ll be back soon.”

Wei Xing hurriedly bowed, and he only heaved a sigh of relief after Suiren Ting’s figure vanished. He thought in his heart. Why would the Sect Master have summoned him?

I’m not allowed to step foot into the three dimensions within the next hundred years… After the time for an incense stick to burn, Suiren Ting returned. However, his brows were knit together tightly, and there was clearly something weighing down on his mind.

Earlier, when he arrived at Jade Spirit Palace, he didn’t meet the Sect Master of the Sovereign Sect, yet he received a voice transmission from the Sect Master. The Sect Master instructed him that he wasn’t allowed to step foot into the three dimensions again for the next hundred years.

Even though the reason behind this wasn’t pointed out in a clear manner, Suiren Ting was still roughly able to guess the reason. It was definitely related to the upheaval of the three dimensions, otherwise the Sect Master would absolutely not instruct him personally.

Looks like…a great calamity is descending within a hundred years of time… After a short moment, Suiren Ting took a deep breath and confirmed a thought of his.

“Wei Xing,” said Suiren Ting.

“Yes.” Wei Xing had been waiting here since before, and he hurriedly bowed to Suiren Ting.

“Originally, I intended to act myself. However, I have other things important matters to attend to now. Since it’s like that, I’ll give you another chance. You must kill Chen Xi within a hundred years of time! For the sake of making it easier for you to accomplish this, you can take control of and use all the pawns of the sect within the Immortal Dimension.” Suiren Ting pondered deeply before he spoke slowly. “I only have a single request, bring back the Dao Calamity Sword and River Diagram fragments.”

Wei Xing’s spirits were refreshed when he heard this. “Disciple will definitely not let Ancestor Down!”


Suiren Ting tossed a command token over to Wei Xing, and then his expression became stern as he said coldly, “Remember! If you’re unable to complete this assignment within a hundred years of time, then don’t blame me for being merciless!”

The Immortal Dimension, Dao Emperor Academy.

Within a Secret Realm, the grey clothed and white haired Hua Jiankong sat cross-legged there.

The Myriad Starnet Disk floated in midair behind him, and it revealed a myriad of strands of chilly starlight.


Suddenly, a wave of strange fluctuations arose, and then a bright light flashed within the Myriad Starnet Disk before a passageway surged into appearance.

Hua Jiankong who was meditating with his eyes closed was suddenly jolted awake, and then he stood up and looked over. Sure enough, he saw Chen Xi’s figure walk out from within the passageway.

“You’ve returned,” said Hua Jiankong with a smile on his face.

“Senior.” Chen Xi cupped his hands. He heaved a sigh of relief for no rhyme or reason within his heart upon returning to the Immortal Dimension that was familiar to him, and he was able to clearly sense that his sealed strength had recovered completely.

This sort of feeling of possessing strength once more caused him to feel very steady in his heart.

“Have you finished what you intended to do?” asked Hua Jiankong.

Chen Xi nodded. The matters of the Mortal Dimension had indeed come to an end, and the only regret he had was being unable to head to the Bai Clan to meet Bai Wanqing and the others.

“The Dean asked me to tell you that once you’ve fully grasped the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, he’ll personally meet you. Now that you’ve returned to the Immortal Dimension, then calm yourself and cultivate within the academy.” For an unknown reason, Hua Jiankong gave Chen Xi such a suggestion.

“Yes, Junior understands.” Chen Xi nodded once more. Actually, since he found out that Ji Yu was the Primeval Dao Emperor, Chen Xi was already clearly aware that the Dean knew of his identity a long time ago.

As for whether Hua Jiankong knew of his identity, he didn’t know.

However, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered about all of this at this moment. Perhaps he would be able to find out about everything from the Dean after he completely grasped the Dao Emperor’s inheritance.

After that, Hua Jiankong didn’t speak any further, and he led Chen Xi out of this Secret Realm and sent Chen Xi all the way to the Sword Room before he left.


After he returned to his own abode and sat down cross-legged within it, Chen Xi didn’t rest for a moment before he checked on the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons, and he instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed that nothing unusual had occurred within it.

Because this was the Immortal Dimension, and the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons didn’t just contain the minor world, Ancient Hall, now even all the higher-ups and disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect were within it. So once it was noticed by the energy of the Heaven Dao in the Immortal Dimension, he would absolutely have boundless troubles.

There probably won’t be any mishaps with the tiny cauldron and my clone taking care of them within the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons… Chen Xi pondered silently in his mind.

The Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons were divine treasures that held down the karmic luck of the world at the absolute beginning of the world, and it was divided into nine divine cauldrons. Every single cauldron had a world within it, and it was extremely miraculous.

His clone had always been cultivating the Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form technique within the cauldrons, and it was improving with amazing speed. Presently, his clone had already cultivated this technique until the third level, and his clone’s body had been tempered to the Golden Immortal Realm. In the Immortal Dimension, his clone’s strength was sufficient to crush any Golden Immortal.

However, this sort of cultivation speed was still inferior to the cultivation realm of his main body.

Chen Xi didn’t have any extravagant hopes that his clone would be able to help him greatly. From the beginning until the end, he’d taken his clone to be a method of escape for him. If his main body suffered a mishap, then his clone would be of use.

Now, because Ancient Hall and the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect had been placed within the cauldrons, his clone could speak with his friends and family within the cauldrons while his clone cultivated, so it could be considered to be a very pleasing matter.

For example, Chen Xi’s clone was talking with his younger brother, Chen Hao, within Pine Mist City at this moment.

The Dao Emperor’s inheritance… After a short while, Chen Xi moved his thoughts to the jade brand within his sea of consciousness, the Dao Emperor’s inheritance. Unfortunately, it was enveloped by the energy of the River Diagram fragments, so he was unable to comprehend the contents of the jade slip no matter how he tried.

Forget it. I’ll obtain this inheritance sooner or later. Now, I should calm myself and cultivate, and strive to completely fuse the Enduring Divine Crest. At that time, it would be enough for me to establish my own Talisman Saint Dao. Chen Xi pondered deeply for a long time before he decided.

His experiences in the Mortal Dimension allowed him to have a deeper feeling that it wouldn’t be too long before the upheaval of the three dimensions would probably erupt completely.

Most importantly, the appearance of Zuoqiu Hong, Zuoqiu Boyun, and Bing Shitian caused Chen Xi to sense a trace of an extremely dangerous aura. He deeply understood that the Zuoqiu Clan and Sovereign Sect had clearly been targeting him for a long time, and it was even to the extent that these two powers might be planning an operation to deal with him.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi didn’t dare slack off at all.

Of course, he was very clearly aware that if he really entered into a full-scale battle with the Zuoqiu Clan now, then he didn’t have to worry about failing. Because he’d planned numerous things in these past few years, so if he were to declare war with the Zuoqiu Clan, then there would absolutely be numerous extraordinary figures that came to assist him.

For example, Shi Yu and Xiangliu Li, Dao Yao, Pang Du, and Sun Wuhen from Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and the Midnight Immortal King from Midnight Continent. Even though they were currently at the Immortal King Realm, but don’t forget that they’d each obtained a Dao Fruit’s Spirit. Moreover, if nothing unexpected occurred, then they would be able to step into the Godrank Realm within a hundred years of time!

It wasn’t just that, even Dao Emperor Academy’s Chi Cangsheng, Hua Jiankong, Zhao Taici, and Ao Jiuhui had each obtained a Dao Fruit’s Spirit from Chen Xi. If they found out that Chen Xi had entered into war with the Zuoqiu Clan, then they would definitely not stand by idly.

Besides that, forces like the members of the Star Alliance and the Xuanyuan Clan that stood behind A’Xiu would become powerful supporters of Chen Xi.

It could be said that Chen Xi had long since created a network of relationships and powers of his own in Dao Emperor Academy, and once it erupted, it would absolutely shake the entire Immortal Dimension.

The only thing that Chen Xi wasn’t satisfied with was his own cultivation. It was only at the Saint Immortal Realm, and it was precisely because of this that he still hadn’t declared war with the Zuoqiu Clan until now.

So to Chen Xi right now, the important matter at hand was to cultivate and improve his cultivation with all his might! It wasn’t just for the sake of taking revenge on the Zuoqiu Clan, he still had to go against the Sovereign Sect and the impending upheaval of the three dimensions!

When he figured all of this out clearly, Chen Xi didn’t have the mood to think about anything else, and he immediately entered into closed door cultivation within the world of stars.

Flowers bloomed and withered while spring passed, and autumn arrived.

Three years had passed since Chen Xi entered into closed door cultivation, and an entire fifteen years had passed in the world of stars.

To the residents of the Immortal Dimension, these three years of time passed in merely the blink of an eye, and it was nothing. After all, some seniors could enter into closed door cultivation for over ten thousand years at a time!

Time was extremely long to all the cultivators within the Immortal Dimension, yet it was also extremely pressing. Because every single time they cultivated, it would consume too much of their time.

On this day, A’Xiu suddenly paid a visit to Chen Xi, and she jolted Chen Xi awake from his cultivation.

She invited me to attend Senior Xuanyuan Poxiao’s birthday? Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned when he found out the reason for A’Xiu’s arrival. He didn’t know who Xuanyuan Poxiao was, but he felt that it was only a birthday, so he wondered why he would be invited.

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