Chapter 1430 – Returning To The Immortal Dimension

Dust and dirt dispersed into the air while the surroundings were deathly silent.

Bing Shitian was dead, and it was impossible for him to resurrect again. After they witnessed that world shocking battle from before, everyone was speechless for a long time.

It wasn’t just because of Bing Shitian’s death, and it was because too many things had occurred today. At this moment, when they thought about it, they still felt like it was a nightmare.

First, Bing Shitian had trampled over the entrance to their sect and arrived arrogantly and haughtily before sweeping through all of them. None of them were a match for him, and it caused the Nine Radiance Sword Sect to fall into a hopeless situation while despair arose in all their hearts.

After that, Chen Xi appeared out of nowhere, and then Ancestors Deng Chen and Fei Ling detonated themselves.

Finally, Bing Shitian was annihilated…

All of this seemed to be so shocking and stirring. It caused all of their hearts to experience great sorrow and great joy, and their hearts were unable to calm down for a long time.

Originally, if Bing Shitian didn’t come cause trouble today, then Chen Xi’s return would naturally cause the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect to be stirred, and they would welcome him happily and celebrate it.

Yet now, because their sect was almost completely destroyed and because of the passing of Ancestors Deng Chen and Fei Ling, no one had the mood to celebrate.

The shadow of dusk brought darkness onto the land and cold winds rustled through the air.

At a secluded and empty expanse of ruins, Chen Xi and the Sect Master, Wen Huating, discussed for a very long time. In the end, they decided on a single matter. When Chen Xi returned to the Immortal Dimension, the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect would move into the world created by the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons.

The reason was similarly simple. Presently, the Dark Reverie was in great chaos, and the flames of war raged throughout the world because of the Xeno-race army. Coupled with the territory of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect being transformed into ruins by Bing Shitian, the sect could be said to have suffered a heavy injury.

Under such circumstances, following Chen Xi back to the Immortal Dimension was undoubtedly a good choice.

After they decided on this matter, Chen Xi immediately entered the Bloodsoul Sword Cave.

At the 99th level of the Bloodsoul Sword Cave.

The surging and blazing ocean of lava roiled with white steam, and it blazed to the point even space warped, and it was filled with a terrifying aura just like it was all those years ago.

At the center of the ocean of lava was an enormous bloomed lotus flower. The lotus flower was completely crimson red and extremely gorgeous.

All those years ago, Chen Xi had met Evil Lotus for the first time here.

Yet now, even though the scene here was still the same, Evil Lotus was gone.

Evil Lotus had died. For the sake of taking revenge, he’d crushed the Misty Immortal Mountain, yet he was ambushed on the way back by an Immortal King from the Sovereign Sect, and he perished on the spot.

This time, Chen Xi came to the 99th level of the sword cave with the intention of telling this grievous news to Dao Lotus.

“Chen Xi, you’ve finally come.” As soon as Chen Xi arrived here, a voice that was clear like a bell resounded, and it gave him a tranquil feeling as if he was listening to the profundities of the Grand Dao.

When he raised his eyes to look over, Chen Xi saw a figure sitting cross-legged on the gorgeous and blood red lotus flower at the center of the ocean of lava. He wore green robes, had long hair that hung down to his waist, a handsome appearance, and the space between his brows was filled with a tranquil and carefree expression.

He was like a warm and modest gentleman, and he possessed a pure, flawless, broad-minded, and indifferent bearing, causing others to be unable to help but feel a wisp of tranquility and calm when laying eyes on him.

His bearing was completely different to Evil Lotus, yet his appearance was exactly similar to Evil Lotus.

He was Dao Lotus!

However, unlike the past, Dao Lotus’ aura was extremely weak at this moment. His figure had become extremely blurry, and it seemed like a light touch would cause him to shatter into pieces.

Originally, Chen Xi was extremely excited when he saw Dao Lotus. However, when he noticed Dao Lotus’ aura had declined to such a state, he was instantly shocked and hurriedly asked. “Senior, what happened to you?”

Dao Lotus said with a smile, “Could it be that you’ve forgotten? Evil Lotus and I were born together. Since he has left, how could I possibly survive alone?”

His smile seemed carefree, and his voice was clear, tranquil, and composed. He seemed as if he’d seen through life and death a long time ago, and he was completely indifferent to it.

Chen Xi was stunned. “You already know?”

Dao Lotus nodded. “I knew since the moment Evil Lotus fell. No one is to be blamed for it. His only fault was that he was too impatient to seek revenge, and he acted with undue haste.”

Chen Xi was speechless, and he didn’t know what to say.

“All those years ago when Master was schemed against and perished, I knew that our enemies were too formidable, and they weren’t existences that Evil Lotus and I could go against. Unfortunately, Evil Lotus had never been willing to listen to me.” Dao Lotus sighed lightly, and his handsome and warm face was suffused with a wisp of imperceptible bitterness.

But right after that, he smiled lightheartedly, and he looked at Chen Xi with a clear gaze before he said, “Fortunately, my Nine Radiance Sword Sect has you, Chen Xi. There’s still a trace of hope in the end.”

Chen Xi puckered his lips and said, “Don’t worry Senior, even if you don’t mention this enmity, I would still help you put an end to it.”

Dao Lotus nodded and said abruptly, “Chen Xi, have you heard of the Ancient God Domain?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he said, “I have. It seemed like only those gods that have the qualifications to ascend the God Attainment Chart have the opportunity to enter such a divine domain.”

“The God Attainment Chart…” Dao Lotus muttered with a dazed expression, and he seemed to have recalled some matters of the past. He said after quite some time, “The Ancient God Domain has been called the Eternal Land since ancient times, and it’s called the kingdom of the gods. However…”

When he spoke up to here, Dao Lotus’ expression became slightly indeterminate, and he actually went silent for a long time.

“Senior.” Chen Xi couldn’t help but call out to Dao Lotus.

“Nevermind. You’ll naturally understand when you’ve come into contact with the secrets of becoming a god. The three dimensions are only a cage, and it’s truly difficult to escape this cage and arrive at the Eternal Land.” Dao Lotus returned to his senses from his deep contemplation, and he sighed lightly. “If it’s possible, then I don’t advise you to seek the secrets to becoming a god.” After that, he laughed bitterly once more. “However, you probably won’t stop just like that.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and his heart was filled with questions. However, based on Dao Lotus’ expression, he obviously didn’t intend to speak further about it. So Chen Xi could only suppress these questions in his heart.

However, through the understanding he obtained in the God Attainment Region and coupled with Dao Lotus’ words, he was faintly able to sense that arriving at the Ancient God Domain wasn’t as easy as he’d imagined.

Of course, all of this was still slightly far away from him. Perhaps it was just like Dao Lotus had said, when he truly started to search for the method to become a god, he would understand everything.

“Chen Xi, the Grand Dao is treacherous and filled with ups and downs. For example, my Master sought it throughout his life, yet perished in the end. Now, the upheaval of the three dimensions is impossible to stop, and I only hope that you’ll be able to maintain a flame of inheritance for the Nine Radiance Sword Sect so that it won’t vanish just like that.” Suddenly, Dao Lotus stood up, his gaze glowed, and his voice was like the ring of a bell while he emanated a magnanimous bearing.

He placed his hands behind his back before he turned to look at Chen Xi with a smile on his face. “I lived my entire life while restrained by circumstances, and it wasn’t as carefree as Evil Lotus in the end. Now that I’ve finally obtained my freedom, it’s time to leave… Chen Xi, take care of yourself!”

After that, he transformed into a wisp of smoke that vanished into the air.

His voice was still drifting through the air, yet Dao Lotus’ figure had vanished.

Chen Xi stared blankly as he stood on the spot, and he felt dejected.

Senior Ji Yu had left while telling him to take care of himself and had gone to catch up to the footsteps of Fuxi. However, so long as they were still alive, they would meet again one day.

Now, Dao Lotus had left as well while telling him to take care of himself. But from today onwards, he would probably be unable to meet Dao Lotus again…

It was just as Dao Lotus had said, Dao Lotus and Evil Lotus had been born together. So, when Evil Lotus perished, Dao Lotus was bound to be unable to survive by himself.

A day later, Chen Xi stood for a long time within the Nine Radiance Sword Sect that had been transformed into ruins.

Presently, the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect had been sent into the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons by Chen Xi. He originally intended to make a trip to the Bai Clan, yet he found out from Wen Huating that the Bai Clan had left the Dark Reverie over a hundred years ago, and no one knew where they’d gone.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel regretful because of this. However, according to his inference and according to the ability of the Bai Clan’s Patriarch, Bai Jingchen, the Bai Clan had definitely noticed something and made the decision to take such action.

As for exactly where they’d gone to, Chen Xi was able to roughly guess the answer, and it was most probably the Immortal Dimension. Of course, Chen Xi didn’t dare confirm if this was indeed the truth.

In the end, he took a deep breath and stopped hesitating.


He flicked his sleeve, causing strands of dense and obscure Immortal Force to spray out before crisscrossing in space, and then it transformed into a mysterious talisman that finally condensed into a strange formation diagram.

The formation diagram glowed like a river of stars in the universe was flickering, and it was extremely gorgeous and resplendent.

Chen Xi walked up onto the formation diagram, and then turned around to glance once more at the heavens, the earth, and everything in the world before he turned around and left.


A beam of light shot into the sky and shook the wind and clouds in the surroundings. It seemed to have torn apart the space outside the Dark Reverie, and when all of this returned to calm, Chen Xi had already vanished.

Moreover, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect had vanished along with him!

“Mr. Wei! I need an explanation!”

Within the core hall of the Zuoqiu Clan in the Immortal Dimension’s Iris Continent, the current Patriarch, Zuoqiu Feng, had a gloomy expression as he smashed a jade slip on the ground, causing it to shatter into powder.

The hall was completely empty, and besides Zuoqiu Feng, there was only a violet robed middle aged man with grey hair and a refined bearing.

He glanced slowly at Zuoqiu Feng before he said, “All men make mistakes, just like all horses stumble. Even though I prepared the plan this time, who would have imagined that your clan’s Zuoqiu Hong and Zuoqiu Boyun would have died in a minor world?”

He paused for a moment and continued. “That’s two Half-step Immortal Kings. Not to mention a minor world, two Half-step Immortal Kings were more than enough to annihilate a large world. Yet now, they were killed, and this only proves that the enemy has some sort of trump card hidden up his sleeve, and it’s not because of a flaw in my plan.”

Zuoqiu Feng naturally understood this principle, yet he was unable to accept all of this. It was two Half-step Immortal Kings! Even if their Zuoqiu Clan was one of the seven great ancient clans of the Immortal Dimension, existences of this level were still extremely scarce, and it was utterly impossible to foster another in a short period of time!

“Hmph! Mr. Wei, is this your Sovereign Sect’s attitude to the matter?” Zuoqiu Feng had a gloomy expression as he gritted his teeth and spoke.

The violet robed middle aged man called Mr. Wei frowned, and he was just about to say something when his eyes suddenly focused. He stretched out his hand and gestured, and then a jade slip swished into appearance out of thin air before he grabbed it firmly in his hand.

“Bing Shitian’s operation has failed as well…” When he saw the content of the jade slip, Mr. Wei’s expression sank as well. “Looks like that little fellow called Chen Xi really isn’t easy to deal with!”

Bing Shitian? Zuoqiu Feng was stunned because this name wasn’t familiar to him.

“Patriarch Zuoqiu, calm yourself. This time, we have a common enemy, so my Sovereign Sect will naturally not let the matter go. When we meet again after I make a trip back to the sect, I’ll naturally give you a satisfying answer.” Mr. Wei stood up and hastily spoke these words before leaving.

“A satisfying answer? Hmph! Damnable Sovereign Sect! Let me see exactly what sort of answer I’ll be able to obtain after my Zuoqiu Clan paid such a price!” Zuoqiu Feng was still furious in his heart after Mr. Wei left, and his expression was terrifyingly gloomy!

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