Chapter 1429 – Calamity Resurrection

In an instant, the Immortal Dimension’s Decree he placed boundless hope on had been crushed into pieces!

How could this be possible?That decree represents the Heaven Dao of the Immortal Dimension. No matter how strong Chen Xi is, how can he possibly go against the Heaven Dao?

Bing Shitian seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning, and he was utterly dazed. He still didn’t dare believe the scene before his eyes because it was his greatest reliance, yet it just so happened to have not been of any effect at all before it was crushed into pieces. Anyone would probably feel disbelief under the heavy impact of such an unexpected blow.

He didn’t know that Chen Xi who possessed the River Diagram fragments even dared to collide head-on with the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, let alone a mere Immortal Dimension’s Decree.


Truly damnable!

Bing Shitian’s face warped while he seemed to have gone completely mad. He suddenly leaped up while his hands intersected to form a complicated seal, and then strands of energy that shook the heavens and the earth surged and formed in his hands. “I don’t believe I can’t kill a bastard like you!”

Amidst his furious roar, countless strands of violent energy circulated around him. These strands of energy transformed into numerous scenes of calamity like the sun and moon falling, the heavens and the earth being destroyed, a torrent of world obliteration… It was extremely terrifying.

All of this completely fused into the immortal sword in his hand, and it created a boundless destructive aura, causing him to seem like a Fiendgod that controlled punishment and judgment. It emanated boundless might and pressure that caused the heavens and the earth to tremble and wail before shattering inch by inch into pieces, and it created expanse after expanse of rifts and black holes in space.


The heavens and the earth here were changing rapidly while the scene of extraordinary calamity descended, and it seemed to intend to destroy this entire expanse of the world.

This was the inheritance of the Sovereign Sect, the energy of calamity, and it was murderous and emotionless like a calamity. It was sufficient to penetrate the ages and shatter the world!

Moreover, Bing Shitian had obviously exerted all his strength at this moment, and he intended to stop at nothing in order to fight Chen Xi with his life on the life.

“Since you don’t know your limits, then I’ll let you know exactly how great the distance between us is!” Chen Xi was utterly fearless when facing this. His figure stood firm on the spot while the Dao Calamity Sword in his hand let out a clear howl, and then it suddenly created a myriad of surging bloody glows of Sword Insight.

The inheritance of the sword of the Five Elements.

The inheritance of the sword of Tempest

The inheritance of the swords of Yin and Yang.

The inheritance of the sword of Star Obliteration.

Various supreme inheritances that came from the Infinite Divine Talisman were executed with Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Sword Dao that had attained perfection in the Sword God Realm, and they fully erupted at this instant!

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Sword qi after sword qi enveloped every single inch of the heavens and the earth like a torrential storm. The strands of sword qi carried all sorts of imposing auras, and each of them contained their own supreme profundities as they rumbled through the heavens and the earth. Such a grand and brilliant scene caused all the members of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect to be dumbstruck, and they didn’t dare imagined that such a supreme Sword Dao actually existed in this world.

Moreover, when all of this was supported by the Dao Calamity Sword, exactly how terrifying was the might and deterrent force created by it?

At this moment, no one was able to describe the destructive force created by this strike from Chen Xi.

Bing Shitian’s desperate attack had just been executed when it was crushed inch by inch into pieces, and then energy rumbled as it flowed back in the opposite direction and transformed into a ball of chaotic fluctuations.

Chen Xi’s myriad of strands of sword qi didn’t smash onto his body, yet the force from it completely shattered his immortal sword and incinerated his clothes.

“This is impossible! Impossible…” At this moment, Bing Shitian finally felt a strand of extraordinary terror. His body had been injured by the myriad of strands of sword qi, causing numerous bloody marks to be torn open on his body. Even the markings of the Grand Dao on his skin had collapsed while he bled from all seven orifices, and he was in a terrible state.

His hair and brows had been completely shaved off, causing him to become bald while his entire body was drenched in blood. He’d completely lost his haughty and domineering bearing from before.

“Slash!” At this moment, Chen Xi finally fully executed this strike!

No words could describe this attack, and no trump card could resist this attack as well. Bing Shitian’s entire body was instantly slashed apart into pieces of flesh!

In merely a single strike!

This peerless genius, Bing Shitian, that possessed the Immortal Dimension’s Decree and had entered the Sovereign Sect to cultivate had been annihilated!

Even if this all-powerful attack were to go against a true Golden Immortal, the Golden Immortal would probably find it difficult to resist. Of course, this was a force that Chen Xi executed in the Mortal Dimension, and if it was in the Immortal Dimension, then even a Saint Immortal would definitely perish on the spot.

Wen Huating and all the members of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect were flabbergasted by this scene, and they were even more shocked in their hearts.

Earlier, before Chen Xi made an appearance, they’d already obtained an extremely deep understanding of how terrifying Bing Shitian was. Even the three seniors, Deng Chen, Feng Ting, and Fei Ling weren’t able to resist a single strike from him, and he’d even almost obliterated their entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect by himself.

Yet now, such a figure had been swiftly and easily annihilated by Chen Xi!

When these two were compared, it naturally allowed them to clearly understand that the combat strength Chen Xi possessed now had already arrived at an inconceivably terrifying height.

However, before all of them could recover from their shock, an extremely shrill cry suddenly resounded. “Chen Xi, do you think you’ve won? Stop daydreaming! The cycle of reincarnation doesn’t exist, so can anyone do anything to me? Calamity Resurrection Pill, reconstruct!”

Bing Shitian who’d been slashed apart into pieces of meat actually transformed into a peerlessly dazzling black glow at this moment, and then he condensed once more into form and actually came back to life!

This scene was simply more shocking that the ability of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement!

After all, Chen Xi’s strike had slashed Bing Shitian into pieces of meat, and it could obviously be considered as his body had been destroyed while his soul had been dispersed. However, in this instant, he’d come back to life again. Moreover, based on his imposing aura, he was actually even slightly stronger than before.

“Dammit! He isn’t a body refiner, so how could he possibly come back to life?”

“Even if it’s a body refiner, the body refiner would have definitely perished beneath that strike from Elder Chen Xi. All of this is definitely because of that Calamity Resurrection Pill.”

“What should we do? If this continued, then it would be utterly impossible to kill him!”

All the members of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect were surprised and bewildered by the scene of Bing Shitian’s resurrection.

Calamity Resurrection Pill? What sort of medicinal pill is this? Could it be that the members of the Sovereign Sect can rely on this pill to instantly resurrect themselves if the energy of the cycle of reincarnation doesn’t exist, and it’s utterly impossible to annihilate them? Chen Xi was shocked in his heart and frowned without end. According to his understanding, if this medicinal pill was really like he had guessed, then it was really too heaven defying.


Resurrecting caused Bing Shitian’s imposing aura to become even more terrifying. The aura of calamity that filled his body shot into the sky, and he was like a peerless overlord that looked down upon the world.

On the other hand, his eyes that looked at Chen Xi were filled with a glow of madness, cruelty, bloodthirst, and resentment.

“Calamity rise to the heavens. Restricted technique of emotionless. All Daos bow before darkness!” He suddenly let out a long howl before he slashed down once more with his sword. The might of this strike was terrifying, and it seemed like all the Daos in the world had really bowed in submission before him.

This sword strike was extremely formidable indeed, and it caused the Grand Dao of the heavens and the earth to avoid it as if it possessed unparalleled might.

Chen Xi’s gaze was icy cold when facing this, and he said, “Looks like the Sovereign Sect prepared a great deal of life saving measures for you when you descended to the Mortal Dimension this time. However, if you think that I’m unable to annihilate you, then you’re truly too naïve!”

As he spoke, Chen Xi charged forward with sword in hand, and he collided head-on with Bing Shitian.


Chen Xi was like a god of the sword. Sword Insight surged while the wind and clouds circulated around him, and the images of fish and dragons swam about. His entire body emanated sword light that was boundlessly vast.

On the other hand, even if Bing Shitian’s imposing aura had become stronger, he was suppressed once more after a short moment, and he seemed like a trapped beast that was unable to resist Chen Xi.

“You can feel free to consume as many Calamity Resurrection Pills as you possess, but death will be your final destination.” Chen Xi walked forward with large strides while revealing a crushing aura. He moved according to profound footwork, and his body was suffused with a type of eternal Sword Insight. Countless strands of Sword Insight coiled and flickered around his body, and he struck another casual strike at Bing Shitian.


Bing Shitian was unable to dodge this strike, and his entire body was slashed into a ball of flesh once again. Only his head still floated within the pieces of flesh, and his pair of hateful eyes stared fixedly at Chen Xi while filled with boundless flames of hatred.

When they saw this scene, Wen Huating and the others heaved another sigh of relief. This battle could be said to be filled with ups and downs, and it was extremely dangerous. Moreover, the ability of both parties to the battle had exceeded the scope of the Mortal Dimension, and it had exceeded their imagination as well.

Because these were immortal techniques from the Immortal Dimension, and it was utterly not something that cultivators of the Mortal Dimension could understand!

Obviously, Chen Xi firmly resided in a superior position in this battle, and he was superior to Bing Shitian.

Chen Xi stretched out his hand and grabbed, and he grabbed Bing Shitian’s head. After he sensed it carefully, he really did notice that even though Bing Shitian’s head had been severed and soul had been shattered, there was a strange energy that was repairing and condensing Bing Shitian’s soul and body at an unbelievable speed. Presumably, it was the energy of the Calamity Resurrection Pill.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi was unable to determine exactly what sort of medicinal properties it contained because that strand of strange energy was extremely obscure and exceeded his understanding. It seemed to not be something that could exist in the three dimensions.

“Chen Xi, you can’t kill me! It isn’t just that, even if you survive today, you’ll be annihilated by the Sovereign Sect in the end, and all those that’re related to you will die!” Bing Shitian’s head roared loudly in a ferocious manner.

“The Sovereign Sect?” A wisp of an icy cold arc appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. “You still intend to threaten me when you’re about to die? But don’t worry, the day will come when I crush the Sovereign Sect and obliterate its inheritance!”


As he spoke, he exerted strength from his hand and crushed Bing Shitian’s head into pieces. After that, he executed a string of obscure seals with his hand and completely sealed Bing Shitian’s remaining thoughts, techniques, Blood Essence, soul, and Laws, and then transformed it into a very large golden ball.

Even then, Bing Shitian’s voice still sounded out from within the golden ball, and it was extremely resentful. “Chen Xi, just you wait! Just you wait!!!”

“I’ll only be waiting for the day that I crush the Sovereign Sect, and not your threats. The enmity between us is bound to come to an end today!” A strand of imperceptible Terminus Dao Insight surged out abruptly from Chen Xi’s palm, and then it bore into the golden ball.


The golden ball suddenly exploded into pieces and was obliterated. It completely transformed into nothingness while all vitality within it had been terminated!

Bing Shitian!

This peerless genius that commanded the winds and clouds for numerous years, was reputed to be an extraordinary genius in the Dark Reverie’s younger generation, and had resolutely entered the Sovereign Sect to become a Dao Attendant Disciple for the sake of taking revenge had been completely annihilated by Chen Xi at this moment!

The enmity, hatred, and karma between him, Chen Xi, and Qing Xiuyi and the past had been ended at this moment. From today onwards, Bing Shitian ceased to exist in the world!

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