Chapter 1428 – Winning Steadily

If Chen Xi didn’t kneel down and beg for mercy in ten breaths of time, then he would definitely kill Deng Chen and Fei Ling!

As they looked at Bing Shitian who stood proudly in the sky in a threatening and haughty manner, and as they heard this humiliating and threatening conditions, Wen Huating and all the members of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect almost gnashed their teeth into pieces from hatred.

How despicable!Bing Shitian is simply shameless and despicable to the extreme!

Chen Xi’s expression was already icy cold and murderous to the limit while the killing intent in his eyes surged like lava. However, he had no choice but to restrain it because Deng Chen and Fei Ling were still in Bing Shitian’s hands, and he couldn’t just watch as Bing Shitian killed them!

“Hahahaha!” Bing Shitian roared with laughter. The more Chen Xi acted in this way, the more delighted he felt in his heart, and a wisp of dense happiness from taking revenge surged out from his heart.

“Miserable wretch! We cultivators kill decisively and are cruel and merciless. Yet you, Chen Xi, are softhearted and irresolute. I really wonder how a coward like you cultivated to such an extent.” Bing Shitian laughed coldly with disdain, and his words were filled with ridicule and mocking.

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly grabbed Deng Chen and Fei Ling’s necks before he said in a grim voice, “Ten breaths of time are almost up. If you still...

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