Chapter 1426 – Pressing Down Step By Step

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Bing Shitian finally started moving. His pace was neither slow nor fast, and every single step he took caused space to shatter while terrifying energy fluctuation swept out.

It sounded like thunderclaps resounding, and the fluctuation raged like a storm.

Along with Bing Shitian’s steps, one could notice with the naked eye that numerous tall mountains were being shattered into powder like pieces of paper, and plants were reduced to pieces while the earth split apart.

Everywhere he passed, it could be said that everything was collapsed and destroyed!

This was the place where one of the ten great immortal sects in the Dark Reverie, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, resided. So, when Bing Shitian started moving, it instantly drew a reaction from the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

“Who is it?”

“You actually dare trespass into our Nine Radiance Sword Sect? Sect Guarding Disciples, hear my commend, activate the Nine Tribulation Glow Sect Guarding Grand Formation!”

“Quickly! Quickly report this to the Sect Master, a formidable enemy is attacking!”

When they saw the mountains in the distance collapsing one by one and saw that man that walked over through the sky like a god, the expressions of all the disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect that stood outside the entrance to the sect turned grim. Some exclaimed with shock while some swiftly left to notify the higher-ups of the sect, and there were even some that didn’t hesitate at all to activate the Sect Guarding Grand Formation.

This scene was too terrifying, and that man with a terrifying imposing aura had obviously come with ill intent!


The grand formation was activated, causing the divine glow of restrictions to surge into the sky and illuminate the world. It completely enveloped the Nine Radiance Sword Sect and emanated strands of terrifying energy. It was like a primeval ferocious beast that had awakened from its deep slumber.

“Hmph!” When he saw this scene from afar, Bing Shitian’s expression remained unchanged, and he let out a cold grunt of disdain. With a casual raise of his hand, Immortal Force flowed out, and it was blazing like the scorching sun in the sky and seemed to possess a terrifying imposing aura capable of controlling the world.

In his eyes, the Sect Guarding Grand Formation of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was extremely ordinary, and it wasn’t threatening at all.

“Who’re you!? Quickly make your name known, otherwise we’ll kill without showing any mercy!” A disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect shouted loudly with a grim voice from within the formation.

Bing Shitian’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning, and the disdain on the corners of his mouth grew even deeper. An ant dares to mouth off at me?

In his daze, he recalled that time all those years ago in the Heavenflow Dao Sect where he’d widely invited the Fellow Daoists of the Dark Reverie to watch the ceremony of him becoming Dao Companions with Qing Xiuyi.

But at that time, all of this had been destroyed by Chen Xi who’d suddenly arrived there.

At that time, Chen Xi was all alone and had trespassed into the Heavenflow Dao Sect all by himself. He walked step by step through the entrance and killed countless disciples of the Heavenflow Dao Sect all along the way, causing blood to flow into a river and gave an extremely severe blow to the reputation of the Heavenflow Dao Sect.

Most importantly, even though Chen Xi was all alone, there was actually no one that was capable of obstructing him, allowing Chen Xi to completely destroy Bing Shitian’s ceremony to become Dao Companions with Qing Xiuyi!

This was simply like trespassing into his own territory and giving him a slap, and this slap caused the dignity of the Heavenflow Dao Sect to sweep the floor and caused Bing Shitian to be utterly disgraced. Moreover, even his clone that descended to the Mortal Dimension had been annihilated!

How could Bing Shitian possibly forget such an extraordinary humiliation?

It was impossible!

When he descended to the Mortal Dimension for the second time now, Bing Shitian was completely different. No matter if it was his combat strength or cultivation, it had undergone a tremendous change since a long time ago.

Today, he intended to completely vent and take revenge on the Nine Radiance Sword Sect for all the humiliation that Chen Xi had brought upon the Heavenflow Dao Sect and himself all those years ago!

“Kill!” Suddenly, a world shocking shout resounded from afar, and it jolted Bing Shitian who was immersed in boundless hatred.

He focused his gaze over and saw the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s grand formation had been completely activated, causing divine radiance to surge into the sky and transform into strands of terrifying restrictions. It swept towards him like tidewater, and its impetus was extremely terrifying.

However, all of this was still nothing worth mentioning in Bing Shitian’s opinion!

He stretched out his slender and fair right hand before lightly slapping the space before him.


A black colored palm that covered the sky and blotted out the sun suddenly appeared above the grand formation, and then it smashed down fiercely. The palm emanated the energy of calamity, and merely this single strike shook the grand formation to the point of trembling intensely and being on the verge of collapse.

On the other hand, many disciples hiding within the grand formation suffered backlash from this strike, and they coughed up blood while their countenance instantly turned pale. Moreover, there were even some weaker disciples that were directly knocked unconscious.

The might of a single strike was actually so terrifying!

“Shit! The enemy is too formidable! Quickly go ask the Elders to come over!”

“My god! Who exactly is that fellow? Why is his strength so abnormal? Could it be that he’s a Saint Emperor Rank existence from the Xeno-race army?”

The Nine Radiance Sword Sect was in utter chaos. All the disciples were panicking because even though they possessed outstanding strength, it was utterly insufficient when compared with Bing Shitian.


Bing Shitian’s face sank when he saw the strength of his strike was actually unable to destroy the grand formation, and he slapped down once more with his palm. At this instant, the sun and moon dimmed down while space exploded apart, and the grand formation that covered the Nine Radiance Sword Sect rumbled as it transformed into countless rays of flowing light before completely collapsing into pieces. Even the entrance to the sect had been destroyed by this strike!

All the Sect Guarding Disciples weren’t able to flee in time at all, and they were annihilated on the spot!

Bing Shitian grinned when he saw this, and his icy cold gaze flickered with ruthless flames of vengeance. He suddenly roared towards the sky. “Bastards of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, listen here! Quickly surrender and I’ll spare your lives, otherwise don’t blame me for annihilating your sect!”

His voice was like a thunderclap that resounded throughout 50,000km in the surroundings.

At this instant, the surroundings fell into deathly silence while the beasts in the area trembled. The heavens and the earth were filled with monstrous killing intent, and it seemed to be extremely shocking.

“How presumptuous!” Suddenly, space fluctuation from far away within the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and then numerous figures with monstrous imposing auras appeared. Surprisingly, the person in the lead was the Sect Master, Wen Huating.

All the other elders of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect were following behind him, and there was an entire hundred plus of them.

Even the Three Sages of Nine Radiance, Fei Ling, Deng Chen, and Feng Ting had made an appearance along with them. These three were like pillars of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and even the Sect Master and all the higher-ups had to be extremely respectful, reverent, and address themselves as juniors before these three existences.

All of these higher-ups had obviously made an appearance at once because the commotion Bing Shitian created was too great, and it caused them to sense the aura of danger.

“Bing Shitian!” However, when they noticed that the attacking enemy was actually Bing Shitian, the pupils of Wen Huating and all the other higher-ups constricted, and they felt slight disbelief.

Why is it this fellow!?

Could it be that he returned from the Immortal Dimension with the intention of taking revenge for the incident from all those years ago?

All of their hearts sank. How could they be unaware of the matter from a few hundreds of years ago when Chen Xi had trampled through the Heavenflow Dao Sect and annihilated Bing Shitian’s clone?

However, never had they imagined that Bing Shitian would actually descend to the Mortal Dimension a few hundreds of years later and directly come to seek revenge from the Nine Radiance Sword Sect!

“This is bad! This fellow’s strength is unfathomable, and even I feel a trace of horror when facing him. His strength is probably at the Mysterious Immortal Realm or above it!” Deng Cheng’s face turned grim as he swiftly sent a voice transmission to the others.


As soon as these words were spoken, it caused the hearts of Wen Huating and the others to sink. Since even Ancestor Deng Chen has said this, then doesn’t it prove that Bing Shitian’s current strength is already capable of severely threatening the Nine Radiance Sword Sect?

“Elder Lie Peng, notify the disciples to hide within the Bloodsoul Sword Cave. No disciple is allowed to make an appearance without our orders!”

“Elder Mo Lin, you head to the Scripture Reserve and take all the inheritances and books within it, and then hide within the Bloodsoul Sword Cave with the disciples. Quickly!”

“The other elders, prepare to jointly meet the enemy in battle!”

Wen Huating was worthy of being the Sect Master. In an instant, he’d prepared for the worst possible scenario.

Wen Huating was very clearly aware that Bing Shitian wouldn’t definitely not be willing to let the matter go after he came here this time, so for the sake of the continuity of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, he could only make such a choice!

The other higher-ups knew how serious the situation was, and they didn’t question his decisions at all. Because Bing Shitian did indeed possess a strength sufficient to threaten the Nine Radiance Sword Sect now!

“It looks like all of you intend to take drastic measures and fight with your lives on the line in order to allow your sect to continue existing?” Bing Shitian suddenly spoke from afar, and his voice carried a trace of dense disdain and ridicule. “All of you really are brave. Even I’m on the verge of being moved by your actions. Unfortunately, no matter how all of you struggle, you’re bound to be unable to change the outcome that your Nine Radiance Sword Sect will be annihilated. I advise all of you that it’s best to surrender obediently and head to the Immortal Dimension with me. Then, perhaps you’ll be able to live for a few more days, otherwise…”

He didn’t finish speaking, but the meaning behind his words was clearly displayed.

The faces of Wen Huating and the others sank. Obviously, Bing Shitian had seen through their intentions.

“Hmph! Bing Shitian, as a member of the Immortal Dimension, you’ve come to the Mortal Dimension to run wild instead. Could it be you’re unafraid of suffering the wrath of the heavens?” Deng Chen grunted coldly with a furious and matchlessly ferocious expression.

“The wrath of the heavens?” Bing Shitian seemed as if he’d heard a huge joke, and he roared with laughter. “I’ve come with the Immortal Dimension’s Decree in hand, so I myself represent the intent of the heavens. All of you on the other hand have defied me, and that’s equivalent to defying the intent of the heavens!”

These words were simply arrogant and domineering to the extreme. It seemed like he was saying that he, Bing Shitian, was the Heaven Dao, and he was acting on behalf of the heavens, whereas Wen Huating and the others were criminals that had gone against the Heaven Dao.

“Hmph! Let me fucking see who gave you the courage to act in such a way!” Suddenly, an old man in dark clothes flashed in the sky, and he swept the golden war halberd in his hand, causing golden light to whistle out and shoot explosively towards Bing Shitian.

Shockingly, it was Ancestor Feng Ting that launched this attack!

He had the hottest temper amongst the Three Sages of Nine Radiance. As soon as he attacked, the golden war halberd tore through the sky and carried monstrous might as it shot over explosively.

“A tiny pearl dares to compete in radiance with the sun and moon?” Bing Shitian grunted coldly and then casually flicked with his finger, causing a strand of the energy of calamity to sweep out.


It actually instantly shattered the golden war halberd into pieces!

At practically the exact same time, Ancestor Feng Ting coughed up a mouthful of blood while his figure staggered back, and his countenance was ghastly pale. He’d actually suffered a heavy injury from a single strike!

The pupils of all the others dilated while their hearts shook violently. He’s too strong! The strength Bing Shitian revealed had already exceeded their expectations by too much, and it caused them to feel despair.

“All of you’ve seen it as well. All of you’re completely useless before me. Let me say it one more time, either surrender, or…die!” Bing Shitian grunted coldly, and he spoke haughtily and domineeringly.

“How audacious!”

“Then we’ll risk our lives and try!”

As soon as he finished speaking, two loud shouts resounded at practically the exact same moment, and then Deng Chen and Fei Ling attacked in unison and charged through the sky towards Bing Shitian!

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