Chapter 1425 – On The Verge Of Going Mad

Zuoqiu Hong was an existence at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, and in the Immortal Dimension, he was the renowned Dean of Dao Emperor Academy’s outer court. On the other hand, the thin man that could accompany him to descend to the Mortal Dimension definitely possessed a cultivation and identity that was on par with Zuoqiu Hong.

Yet it was precisely two great figures of the Immortal Dimension like this that had been annihilated with a single strike without any chance of escape, and it caused Chen Xi to be unable to avoid feeling shocked.

This obviously showed exactly how terrifying Ji Yu’s strength was.

But in the next moment, Chen Xi didn’t dare continue thinking about this. Because he suddenly noticed an aura that caused his heart to palpitate, and it was effusing out from the depths of the universe!

That was the energy of the Heaven Dao!

Unlike the Heaven Dao Laws that maintained the minor world, Ancient Hall, this energy of the Heaven Dao was extremely terrifying. It was the true energy of the three dimension’s Heaven Dao, and it was boundless, supreme, and filled with an boundlessly dignified aura.

“I have to leave…” Ji Yu looked up while his clothes fluttered, and his thin face suddenly surged with a wisp of arrogance as if he was ridiculing and feeling disdain towards the energy of the...

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