Chapter 1425 – On The Verge Of Going Mad

Zuoqiu Hong was an existence at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, and in the Immortal Dimension, he was the renowned Dean of Dao Emperor Academy’s outer court. On the other hand, the thin man that could accompany him to descend to the Mortal Dimension definitely possessed a cultivation and identity that was on par with Zuoqiu Hong.

Yet it was precisely two great figures of the Immortal Dimension like this that had been annihilated with a single strike without any chance of escape, and it caused Chen Xi to be unable to avoid feeling shocked.

This obviously showed exactly how terrifying Ji Yu’s strength was.

But in the next moment, Chen Xi didn’t dare continue thinking about this. Because he suddenly noticed an aura that caused his heart to palpitate, and it was effusing out from the depths of the universe!

That was the energy of the Heaven Dao!

Unlike the Heaven Dao Laws that maintained the minor world, Ancient Hall, this energy of the Heaven Dao was extremely terrifying. It was the true energy of the three dimension’s Heaven Dao, and it was boundless, supreme, and filled with an boundlessly dignified aura.

“I have to leave…” Ji Yu looked up while his clothes fluttered, and his thin face suddenly surged with a wisp of arrogance as if he was ridiculing and feeling disdain towards the energy of the Heaven Dao.

Suddenly, Chen Xi understood that even though Ji Yu’s strike from before had annihilated Zuoqiu Hong and his companion, it had exposed Ji Yu’s aura as well, causing him to be sensed by the three dimension’s energy of the Heaven Dao.


In the distant universe, strands of terrifying lightning of the Heaven Dao surged into appearance, and it transformed into obscure grey arcs of lightning that flowed wildly in the universe. Everywhere it passed, stars shattered into pieces, space split apart, time flowed in the opposite direction, and it caused everything to be in a state of destruction.

When looked at from afar, the entire universe seemed as if it was on the verge of collapse.

“Little Girl Lin, what’re you still daydreaming for? Quickly take action!” Ji Yu suddenly shouted explosively while his figure flashed, and his thin figure stood proudly amidst the stars. He opened his arms wide while his entire body erupted explosively with a myriad of strands of the aura of divinity, and he was like a dazzling scorching sun that suddenly glowed brightly and illuminated the world.

In merely an instant, he actually caused the lightning of the Heaven Dao to be unable to advance any further!

This was already no different from directly resisting the energy of the three dimension’s Heaven Dao!

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. He opened his eyes wide and didn’t have the chance to stop anything at all. He could only watch these scenes, and he was clearly aware that Ji Yu had actually decided to leave since a long time ago, and annihilating Zuoqiu Hong and the other thin man was only something he did casually before leaving.

But even then, when he saw Ji Yu going against the energy of the three dimension’s Heaven Dao, Chen Xi still couldn’t help but be shocked. It was like he was witnessing a heaven defying battle and miracle, and he felt unparalleled shock from both inside and out.

This…is Ji Yu’s true strength! When he thought about how such an extraordinary and great figure of the primeval times that roamed freely through the three dimensions had actually been accompanying him all this time, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly dazed.

All these years, Senior Ji Yu was probably unwilling to just lie low like this, right?

Has he always been preparing for today’s departure?

While Chen Xi had a dazed expression, the tiny cauldron had already started to control the Nine Continent Divine Cauldron to take Ancient Hall away, and then it transformed into a wisp of flowing light that entered into Chen Xi’s body.

When he descended to the Mortal Dimension this time, 90% of Chen Xi’s strength had been sealed by the Myriad Starnet Disk, allowing him to avoid any possibility of being annihilated by the energy of the Heaven Dao.

However, the tiny cauldron didn’t possess such ability, and it was impossible for the tiny cauldron to directly resist the energy of the Heaven Dao like Ji Yu was doing. It could only hide on Chen Xi and rely on the aura of the River Diagram fragments to conceal itself, allowing it to avoid the energy of the Heaven Dao’s detection.


Suddenly, Ji Yu turned around and took a deep glance at Chen Xi, and then he flicked his sleeve, causing radiant divinity to rumble and forcefully establish a passageway in space.

“Kid, take care of yourself!” Amidst his grand and vast voice, Ji Yu’s figure suddenly flashed, and he strode into the passageway and vanished in the blink of an eye.


On the other hand, right when Ji Yu’s figure vanished, the bolts of lightning of the Heaven Dao that raged violently through the universe had suddenly stopped before vanishing in the end.

From the beginning until the end, it didn’t pay any attention to Chen Xi.

Of course, this indirectly proved that Chen Xi who had his 90% of his strength sealed didn’t possess the qualifications to be taken as a threatening variant by the three dimension’s energy of the Heaven Dao.

He’s gone? After everything returned to silence, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly upset. The Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, has vanished for so many years, so where would Senior Ji Yu go to chase after his footsteps?

“Where are we going next?” The tiny cauldron spoke abruptly. “I don’t want to continue staying in the Mortal Dimension. It’s too dangerous.”

Chen Xi took a deep breath and discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind before he said, “We still can’t go back yet. I want to seize this opportunity to make a trip to the Dark Reverie.”

“Heh, you wouldn’t be intending to head to the Dark Reverie to bring some of your women to the Immortal Dimension with you, right?” The tiny cauldron laughed coldly, and its voice carried a trace of ridicule.

Chen Xi’s face froze, and he said in slight embarrassment, “I’m going there to take care of actual business. My disciple and numerous Senior Brothers and Junior Brothers are still at the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, I can’t bear to leave them to their own means. Not to mention that…”

The tiny cauldron directly interrupted him. “There’s no need to give me an explanation. I’m not one of those women that have love entanglements with you.”

Love entanglements…

This was simply blunt ridicule towards him.

Chen Xi rubbed his nose and was speechless. The tiny cauldron seems to be acting slightly unusual today. What’s going on?

Since the ancient time until now, the Mortal Dimension was said to possess three thousand large worlds and a myriad of minor worlds.

At the bottom of it all, no matter if it was a large world or minor world, they were actually some fragmented World Planes. They were like shattered glass that still remained connected together, and all minor and large worlds had paths that connected them.

For example, the Primeval Battlefield that Chen Xi passed through when he left the Darchu Dynasty to enter the Dark Reverie was a path that linked a large world with a minor world.

However, it was too easy for Chen Xi to head to the Dark Reverie. He was already clearly aware of the Dark Reverie’s exact location, and he only had to teleport and traverse numerous layers of spatial walls before he would smoothly arrive at the Dark Reverie. There was utterly no need for him to rely on those inherent pathways.


Chen Xi’s figure flickered repeatedly in space. He traversed countless spatial walls, passed through countless World Planes, and he finally arrived at the Dark Reverie after the time for an incense stick to burn.

This was a low mountain ridge, and there was a city less than 1,500km away.

Hmm? As soon as he arrived here, Chen Xi instantly sensed that the seal on his strength actually loosened greatly, and he’d at least recovered around 40% of his strength!

This meant that he was entirely capable of utilizing the strength of a Mysterious Immortal at this moment, and he was merely a trace away from the Golden Immortal Realm!

This sort of change caused his immortal sense and strength to suddenly improve, and his imposing aura changed because of this and became extremely terrifying.

“The Dark Reverie is a large world that’s closest to the Immortal Dimension. Since the ancient times until now, numerous ancient sects and extraordinary overlords have been born here, and the Heaven Dao Laws here are closest to that of the Immortal Dimension. Normally speaking, unless a Golden Immortal descends here, otherwise it’s impossible for an ordinary Immortal to pose any threat to this large world.” The tiny cauldron seemed to have noticed Chen Xi’s bewilderment and quickly explained. “For example, the Saintly Land of Ascension and Unknown Lands are able to be called minor worlds because of this. Of course, the strength of a Golden Immortal has already exceeded the scope of the Dark Reverie’s energy of the Heaven Dao, so it’s impossible for a Golden Immortal to descend here.”

After he found out about all of this, Chen Xi finally came to an understanding. He recalled the matter of him and Liang Bing returning from the Talisman Dimension all those years ago. At that time, Liang Bing possessed a cultivation at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, yet her strength didn’t suffer any restriction from the Dark Reverie’s Heaven Dao Laws after she arrived in the Dark Reverie.

On the other hand, when Bing Shitian descended to the Dark Reverie with the Immortal Dimension Decree in his possession, he’d only descended with a clone, thus causing him to only possess the strength of a Heavenly Immortal.

Bing Shitian? When he thought of this name, a wisp of detest surged from Chen Xi’s heart, and it felt as if it was stuck in his throat. I wonder where that fellow has gone now. After being in the Immortal Dimension for so many years, I actually haven’t heard anything about him at all…

Nine Radiance Mountain Range.

This was the location of one of the ten great immortal sects in the Dark Reverie, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

In these past few hundreds of years, along with the Xeno-race army’s ceaseless invasion of the Dark Reverie, a boundless rain of blood had arisen in the cultivation world while endless vast wars raged throughout the cultivation world.

In the face of such large scale battles, the small sects and powers were practically unable to protect themselves, and they were either uprooted, annihilated, or lost their own sects before seeking refuge and protection from top powers.

Under such circumstances, as one of the ten great immortal sects of the Dark Reverie, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect naturally recruited numerous small powers. Up until now, the size of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect had expanded by more than double.

It wasn’t just the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, the other top powers were like this as well. For the sake of resisting the Xeno-race army’s invasion, the various large powers in the Dark Reverie had no choice but to work together and jointly resist it.

On this day, a handsome young man with eyes that were illusory like starlight appeared out of thin air before the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. He had his hands behind his back, a handsome appearance, a lofty aura, and he naturally emanated an unmovable imposing aura.

Shockingly, this person was Bing Shitian!

He looked towards the depths of the mountain range from afar, and his expression was completely icy cold as he muttered in a light voice. “Even the second ranked Elite Disciple of the Sovereign Sect, Lord Suiren Ting, has targeted Chen Xi. Your Nine Radiance Sword Sect deserves to be implicated in this matter…”

Inadvertently, Bing Shitian recalled the time when he descended to the Mortal Dimension last and the battle between him and Chen Xi at the Heavenflow Dao Sect. At that time, his clone was annihilated by Chen Xi, and he almost went mad with hatred.

Yet now, he’d descended once more to the Dark Reverie, and his mental state was different from the past. Besides the unforgettable hatred in his heart, there was even a violent feeling of yearning to take revenge and vent.

He’d been enduring it for too long!

The Senior Sister he loved, Qing Xiuyi, had been taken from him while Chen Xi who he’d completely looked down upon all those years ago was renowned throughout the world now and had become the number one student in the inner court of Dao Emperor Academy, whereas, he was still only a Dao Attendant Disciple in the Sovereign Sect…

All of this was like a poisonous thorn that pierced deep into his heart, and it caused him to be on the verge of going mad. He had to take revenge, he had to vent!

Otherwise, he suspected that he would really go mad if this continued!

“Chen Xi! Oh! Chen Xi! Presently, even the Sovereign Sect desires to eliminate you. Can anyone in this world save you now?” Bing Shitian took a deep breath while the blood in his entire body surged, and the hatred and ambition in his heart roared like a savage wild beast.

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