Chapter 1424 – Like A God

If one wanted to take an entire minor world away, then one naturally had to leave the world first.

Two days later, Chen Xi and Ji Yu took action, and they didn’t alarm anyone at all.


The two of them flickered in the sky as they shot up into the nine heavens. They traversed layer upon layer of spatial barriers, and in the blink of an eye, they were already outside Ancient Hall.

This was a vast starry sky with countless stars circulating within it, and they emanated numerous dazzling glows.

When he turned around and looked down, Ancient Hall was like an eggshell that lay across a river of stars. It revolved slowly and led strands of World Energy along with it.

According to Chen Xi’s understanding, there were 100,000,000 minor worlds like this in the entire Mortal Dimension. It was vast like a boundless river of stars, and every single minor world required World Energy to maintain its functionality.

The source of World Energy was the Heaven Dao Laws!

However, compared to the Immortal Dimension, the Heaven Dao Laws that enveloped a minor world seemed to be extremely weak and extremely damaged. It wasn’t complete.

In the past, Chen Xi wasn’t aware of all of this. Yet now that his cultivation had attained the Saint Immortal Realm, he’d stepped onto the path to seek godhood, and he himself had grasped the supreme Spatial Divine Crest, he noticed with a single glance that a layer of indistinct energy of the Heaven Dao enveloped the surroundings of Ancient Hall like a barrier of light.

It wasn’t complete, and damaged rifts could be seen all over it, causing it to seem extremely fragile. Chen Xi even believed that even if he only recovered 50% of his strength, it would be sufficient for him to destroy this entire minor world with a single strike!

“This is Ancient Hall. All those years ago, my Senior Brother and the Third Netherworld Emperor discussed the Dao here for ten days, and they left behind numerous fortuitous encounters.” Ji Yu sighed with emotion from the side, and a trace of recollection appeared within his eyes.

Fortuitous encounters? Chen Xi was stunned, and then he instantly understood that he’d probably obtained those fortuitous encounters. Because he hadn’t just inherited the mantle of the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, he’d similarly inherited the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush that belonged to the Third Netherworld Emperor.

However, he’d never imagined that the reason he was able to obtain such fortune was actually related to the Dao discussion that occurred all those years ago.

“Let’s begin.” Ji Yu’s expression turned serious and indifferent.


Chen Xi didn’t delay any longer. He gestured casually with his hand, causing nine extremely ancient bronze cauldrons to float into the sky, and they flowed with a thick and lofty aura. It was precisely the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons.


As soon as these divine treasures appeared, a bright light flashed before a jade white cauldron floated up into appearance from one of the bronze cauldrons. It revolved as it soared and floated in the sky, and it emanated a myriad of strands of the glow of divinity.

This was naturally the tiny cauldron, the daughter of the Primeval Emperor Yu.

“Eh, Little Girl Lin?” Ji Yu swept the jade white cauldron with his gaze, and he instantly sensed a strand of soul that was stored within it, causing him to be unable to help but exclaim with surprise.

Chen Xi was instantly stunned. Martial Uncle Ji Yu seems to recognize the tiny cauldron?

But right after that, he came to a sudden understanding. Ji Yu was the Primeval Dao Emperor, and he was one of the Five Primeval Emperors just like the tiny cauldron’s father, Emperor Yu. In this way, it was naturally within reason that Ji Yu recognized the tiny cauldron.

“Uncle Ji Yu?” A chilly voice that was pleasing to the ear sounded out from the tiny cauldron, and it carried a trace of surprise. It was entirely not completely emotionless like Chen Xi had heard in the past.

Along with this voice, a graceful figure suddenly floated up into appearance from the jade cauldron. She was peerlessly beautiful and lofty, yet this figure was very quickly restrained and vanished, causing Chen Xi to not have the time to see her true appearance clearly.

“Sorry, I’m unable to reveal my true figure.” A voice sounded out from within the tiny cauldron.

Ji Yu nodded, and then he frowned as he said, “I understand. It’s just that after not meeting you for so many years, I never expected that you would actually…”

“Uncle Ji Yu, there’s no need to speak any further. I did all of this for the sake of saving my life.” The tiny cauldron interrupted Ji Yu.

Chen Xi listened to their conversation from the side. Originally, he would be able to find out about some of the tiny cauldron’s secrets, yet never had he expected that the tiny cauldron wouldn’t be willing to speak about it.

He looked at Ji Yu, and before he could speak, the tiny cauldron spoke before him. “If you want to take that minor world, then hurry up. Once the Laws of the Heaven Dao notice the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons, it’ll send down a tribulation!”

“Exactly, we should get down to business first.” Ji Yu seemed to be lost in thought as he glanced at the tiny cauldron, and then he nodded as he spoke.

Chen Xi could only nod in agreement. However, in his heart, he committed to memory that the tiny cauldron’s name was probably ‘Lin,’ and the truth behind the reason she transformed into a tiny cauldron was definitely not simple.

Unfortunately, no matter if it was the tiny cauldron or Ji Yu, they obviously didn’t intend to explain it to him, so he could only bury this question in his heart.


In next to no time, nine ancient bronze cauldrons soared into the air and erupted with strands of clear radiance. Under the tiny cauldron’s control, one of the bronze cauldrons rumbled at it enlarged itself. In the blink of an eye, it actually lay across the starry sky like a divine mountain that one couldn’t see the peak of, and all the stars in the sky weren’t even a thousandth of its size.

After that, the bronze cauldron suddenly teleported in the universe and enveloped down towards Ancient Hall.

This scene was too magnificent. It was a minor world that lay across a river of stars, and it was extremely large in size. Yet now, it was completely enveloped by the shadow of the ancient bronze cauldron, and it seemed extremely tiny.

“Hmm? That’s…”

“Dammit! Someone actually intends to take the minor world, Ancient Hall, away before us!”

“Quickly attack!”

When Ancient Hall was about to be enveloped by the bronze cauldron, at this critical moment, a wave of violent voice fluctuations suddenly resounded from the depths of the universe.

In the next moment, a terrifying hand covered the sky as it descended. It traversed the starry sky and grabbed fiercely at the bronze cauldron.

This scene was extremely sudden, causing Chen Xi to be unable to help but be slightly stunned. Never had he imagined that someone would actually interfere at such a moment.

However, Ji Yu seemed to have noticed it a long time ago. His gaze turned cold as his figure suddenly surged explosively with a terrifying imposing aura. He flicked his sleeve and a terrifying fluctuation of Divine Energy surged out. It was like a storm in the universe, and it rumbled as it obstructed that hand.

Under the violent and terrifying fluctuation caused by this collision, stars shattered while meteors turned to powder in an area of 50,000km, and it was a rather shocking sight.

Because of this strike, the tiny cauldron didn’t dare to continue taking Ancient Hall away, and it stopped what it was doing before becoming completely vigilant.

At this moment, Chen Xi finally clearly noticed two figures appear in the depths of the universe. One wore a tall crown, ancient clothes, had a thin face, and an extremely terrifying gaze that seemed like flaming lightning.

The other figure was a short middle aged man that wore a dark yellow embroidered robe. His moustache was in the form of a ‘八’ character, and his chubby face was covered in a gloomy and ghastly expression. Moreover, his imposing aura was even more terrifying than the thin man by his side.

“Zuoqiu Hong!” Chen Xi recognized the short middle aged man with a single glance. Surprisingly, it was the outer court Dean of Dao Emperor Academy, Zuoqiu Hong!

In an instant, Chen Xi’s expression turned gloomy because this fellow was from the Zuoqiu Clan, yet he’d made an appearance here now, so his objective was obvious. He’d come for the Chen Clan!

If I was a step later, then this fellow would have probably succeeded! When he thought up to here, a strand of killing intent that couldn’t be restrained surged explosively from Chen Xi’s heart.

Indeed, Zuoqiu Hong was an existence at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, but this was the Mortal Dimension. So Zuoqiu Hong’s strength had definitely been sealed as well. Thus, the strength Zuoqiu Hong was able to utilize would be no different than Chen Xi.

Under such circumstances, Chen Xi didn’t mind fighting him and killing him in one go!

“Martial Uncle Ji Yu, that fellow is the Zuoqiu Clan’s Zuoqiu Hong, and his companion is definitely from the Zuoqiu Clan as well.” Chen Xi swiftly sent Ji Yu a voice transmission.

As soon as he heard the words, Zuoqiu Clan, Ji Yu instantly understood their objective.

“Chen Xi!!!” On the other hand, Zuoqiu Hong’s pupils constricted when he saw Chen Xi. Obviously, he’d never expected to encounter Chen Xi here, but in next to no time, his expression became ghastly.

“Brother Boyun, see that? That little bastard is that bastard child that shouldn’t have been born into this world!” Zuoqiu Hong spoke with an icy cold voice, and every single word he spoke was cold and sharp like a blade.

“Oh?” The thin man at the side sized Chen Xi up with an emotionless face, and then his gaze descended onto Ji Yu. After that, his face changed slightly as he was actually unable to sense Ji Yu’s strength.

After all, this was the Mortal Dimension. So even if there was a difference in their strengths in the Immortal Dimension, once they descended to the Mortal Dimension, everyone would be restrained by the energy of the Heaven Dao and would only be able to exert the might of a Heavenly Immortal.

However, the thin man felt that Ji Yu’s aura wasn’t simply at the Heavenly Immortal Realm!

This was slightly bewildering. Could it be that his strength is already formidable to the point of being able to disregard the energy of the Heaven Dao?

“Little Girl Lin, you continue taking Ancient Hall. Chen Xi, leave these two fellows to me. Take it as a gift from me before I leave.” Ji Yu spoke abruptly while the aura he emanated grew stronger and stronger, and it practically rose steadily. In an instant, it caused the entire universe to tremble as if it was wailing.

It was like a primeval god that was in deep slumber within his body had awakened. At that instant, even Chen Xi was shocked.

When he raised his eyes to look at Ji Yu once more, Ji Yu seemed to have become a completely different person. Ji Yu’s entire body surged with the glow of divinity that blazed like the scorching sun, and he emanated a supremely dignified aura.

He was like a god!

This was the true aura of Fuxi’s Junior Brother, the aura of the Primeval Dao Emperor!

The changes in this instant caused him to become like a supreme god that ruled this expanse of the universe, and he emanated boundless divine might!

“This…this… This is Divine Energy!”

“What’re you still standing there for? Flee!”

When they seemed the tremendous change in Ji Yu’s imposing aura, the faces of Zuoqiu Hong and the thin man turned pale, and a wisp of terror couldn’t help but surge out from their hearts.

Under such circumstances, they didn’t dare hesitate and practically instinctively flickered through space with all their might, and they wished for nothing more than to have been born with more legs.

Unfortunately, no matter how swiftly they fled, they were unable to escape Ji Yu’s eyes. He stretched out his arm lightly, and then an aged hand traversed the starry sky and suddenly descended above Zuoqiu Hong and the thin man before clawing down at them.

Bang! Bang!

With Chen Xi’s immortal sense, he was merely able to sense that two terrifying rumbling sounds had resounded extremely far away in the universe, and then a brilliant glow shot into the sky while countless stars were shattered into powder. It was like a spatial storm had erupted there, and its impetus was extremely terrifying.

“They’re dead?” Chen Xi gasped.

“They’re dead,” said Ji Yu. He spoke with a relaxed tone as if he’d done something extremely trivial.

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