Chapter 1424 – Like A God

If one wanted to take an entire minor world away, then one naturally had to leave the world first.

Two days later, Chen Xi and Ji Yu took action, and they didn’t alarm anyone at all.


The two of them flickered in the sky as they shot up into the nine heavens. They traversed layer upon layer of spatial barriers, and in the blink of an eye, they were already outside Ancient Hall.

This was a vast starry sky with countless stars circulating within it, and they emanated numerous dazzling glows.

When he turned around and looked down, Ancient Hall was like an eggshell that lay across a river of stars. It revolved slowly and led strands of World Energy along with it.

According to Chen Xi’s understanding, there were 100,000,000 minor worlds like this in the entire Mortal Dimension. It was vast like a boundless river of stars, and every single minor world required World Energy to maintain its functionality.

The source of World Energy was the Heaven Dao Laws!

However, compared to the Immortal Dimension, the Heaven Dao Laws that enveloped a minor world seemed to be extremely weak and extremely damaged. It wasn’t complete.

In the past, Chen Xi wasn’t aware of all of this. Yet now that his cultivation had attained the Saint Immortal Realm, he’d stepped onto the...

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