Chapter 1423 – Golden Rain Of Immortal Energy

The morning sun was rising high into the sky while emanating boundless golden radiance.

A vast and spacious square within the Chen Clan Estate was jam-packed with a swarm of people.

Today, all the disciples of the Chen Clan had gathered here, and it was for the sake of witnessing the elegant demeanor of the legendary figure in their hearts, Chen Xi!

The dense crowd on the square seethed with excitement. Even though there were many people, it was extremely silent, perfectly silent, and everyone was waiting with anticipation.

These disciples of the Chen Clan had mostly changed their surnames to Chen, and there were merely a few that could be considered as true direct line disciples. They could be counted on one’s fingers.

However, they were already surnamed Chen after all. So the treatment they received in the clan was naturally completely different, thus they had a natural sense of belonging to the Chen Clan.

When the sun rose high up into the sky, Chen Xi’s figure appeared out of thin air. He swiftly appeared on a flat platform at the front of the square, and his figure was tall, handsome, and possessed an extraordinary bearing. As soon as he appeared, he instantly drew over the gazes of everyone.

In an instant, a wisp of undisguisable...

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