Chapter 1422 – Loneliness Of Standing At The Peak

Chen Xi had returned!

This piece of news rumbled through the entire Chen Clan like a storm, and then it spread out in all directions at a shocking speed.

Pine Mist City, the Southern Territory, the Darchu Dynasty…

In merely less than a single day, the entire cultivation world of the Darchu Dynasty knew that the number one figure in the younger generation from all those years ago, Chen Xi, who’d entered the Dark Reverie as the first in the Primeval Battlefield and even ascended to the Immortal Dimension in less than a hundred years — had returned!

For a time, a mighty uproar arose in the entire world. The streets, teahouses, restaurants… Practically every single corner of the world was discussing Chen Xi’s name.

Indeed, Chen Xi had left the Darchu Dynasty for a few hundreds of years, yet the numerous miracles he created in the cultivation world all those years ago still hadn’t been broken until now.

To the cultivation world of the Darchu Dynasty, Chen Xi was like a legend that they could only look up to. Even though he’d left for a few hundreds of years, people still indulged in talking about and spreading all his deeds from all those years ago.

Now, such an unprecedented and legendary figure had returned to the Darchu Dynasty,...

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