Chapter 1421 – Heavy Favor

Don’t you dare!

After that, Chen Xi decisively stood still and didn’t dare take a step forward.

Outside the hall, Fei Lengcui puckered her lips and smiled when she saw this, and she turned around and left while bringing along Chen Hao who was taking pleasure in Chen Xi’s misfortune.

After that, the atmosphere within the hall fell into deathly silence once again.

The five delicate and charming beauties puckered their lips and stayed silent with bitterness in their eyes, and the expressions in their eyes caused Chen Xi’s heart to feel cold. In the end, he smiled in embarrassment and returned to his seat.

But even when he sat there, it still felt like he was sitting on a cushion of pins, and he felt extremely uncomfortable. It was simply like he was a prisoner that was waiting to receive judgment.

“After so many years, you’re finally willing to come back?” In the end, it was Ya Qing that spoke. She had bright eyes, beautiful features, jet black hair that flowed down like a waterfall, and her gorgeous face was completely tranquil and composed.

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. It was good that someone spoke because at the very least, it was much more calming that silence.

However, before he could feel slightly at ease, the other four women’s gazes swished...

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