Chapter 1421 – Heavy Favor

Don’t you dare!

After that, Chen Xi decisively stood still and didn’t dare take a step forward.

Outside the hall, Fei Lengcui puckered her lips and smiled when she saw this, and she turned around and left while bringing along Chen Hao who was taking pleasure in Chen Xi’s misfortune.

After that, the atmosphere within the hall fell into deathly silence once again.

The five delicate and charming beauties puckered their lips and stayed silent with bitterness in their eyes, and the expressions in their eyes caused Chen Xi’s heart to feel cold. In the end, he smiled in embarrassment and returned to his seat.

But even when he sat there, it still felt like he was sitting on a cushion of pins, and he felt extremely uncomfortable. It was simply like he was a prisoner that was waiting to receive judgment.

“After so many years, you’re finally willing to come back?” In the end, it was Ya Qing that spoke. She had bright eyes, beautiful features, jet black hair that flowed down like a waterfall, and her gorgeous face was completely tranquil and composed.

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. It was good that someone spoke because at the very least, it was much more calming that silence.

However, before he could feel slightly at ease, the other four women’s gazes swished over to stare at him. All of these bitter gazes were like blades that cut at Chen Xi to the point his heart trembled.

After quite a long while, he smiled bitterly and rubbed his nose before opening his mouth with the intention of saying something. However, he closed his mouth right after because he didn’t know how to answer Ya Qing’s question.

“Alas, can’t you give us all an explanation? Even if it’s a lie, it’s a way of expressing your feelings at the very least, right?” Ya Qing sighed faintly.

It was like a stone that caused a thousand ripples on the surface of a lake, and the other four girls spoke successively.

“It looks to me like he’s guilty.” Du Qingxi puckered her lips, and her icy cold face was covered in a sense of loss.

“Big Brother Chen Xi, I remember that you used to be very good at sweet-talking girls, yet you’re currently keeping silent. Have you taken us to be strangers after a few hundreds of years passed?” Mu Yao spoke with a pitiable expression, and her crescent shaped eyes seemed watery as if on the verge of tearing up.

“I knew it! We wasted a few hundreds of years for nothing! Look, all of you’re speechless now, right?” Yan Yan grunted, and she seemed bitter, displeased, angry, and disappointed.

“Beauty only lasts for a moment. Alas, I think that even if we wait until our hair turns grey, we wouldn’t be able to see the moment that he changes his mind.” Yun Na sighed sorrowfully.

Chen Xi instantly felt his head ache while he smiled bitterly without end. Why have these women become like this? Can’t we just talk normally?

Of course, he could only criticize in his heart because he himself was clearly aware that he’d let them down and still hadn’t given them a clear answer.

Now, a few hundreds of years had passed, yet they actually still kept thinking about him, causing him to feel even more guilty. Under such circumstances, he knew that he was in the wrong, so how could he possibly try to defend himself?

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before Fei Lengcui entered the hall with a group of servants, and it instantly caused the five bitter beauties to stop talking, allowing Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief in his heart.

After Fei Lengcui finished commanding the servants to lay down a table of sumptuous food and wine, she smiled lightly before turning around and leaving.

After this short incident, Chen Xi seized this opportunity to speak. “Let’s eat as we talk. It won’t be long before I might have to leave again. It’s really difficult to get together once.”

Leave? All of them were stunned, and their hearts tightened while their expressions changed slightly. Since Chen Xi left the Darchu Dynasty, they’d been constantly staying in the Chen Clan, and all their thoughts were about meeting Chen Xi again.

This wait was an entire few hundreds of years, and this ‘heartbreaker’ Chen Xi had finally returned, so how could they possibly watch helplessly as he vanished once more?

They instantly couldn’t be bothered to feel bitter and stood up successively to head over and sit down before the table. They each took up different tasks and seemed to not intend to make a fuss about it with Chen Xi any longer.

This allowed Chen Xi’s heart to ease up greatly, and then he felt that he was slightly despicable. Is using my departure as an excuse really a good thing?

But in next to no time, he couldn’t let his thoughts run wild any longer because…

“Chen Xi, try this. When I knew you’d returned, I specially prepared this for you. I remember that the first dish you learned when being a Spirit Chef Apprentice in Clear Stream Restaurant was this Deep-fried Inkscale Prawn.” Du Qingxi that was icy cold earlier revealed a brilliant smile at this moment, and she helped Chen Xi clamp up a piece of jade white prawn meat that emanated a tempting fragrance.

“Big Brother Chen Xi, do you still remember this dish. All those years ago, you prepared it for me. In the recent years, I learned to cook this dish in my free time. Try it and see if it’s to your taste.” Mu Yao’s tender white face flushed red, and she lowered her head in embarrassment as she clamped food for Chen Xi. She didn’t dare meet Chen Xi’s gaze, and she seemed like a completely different person when compared to how she was earlier.

“Chen Xi, this is the wine we drank when we first met. Do you still remember its taste? Quickly have a taste of it and see if its taste has changed.” Ya Qing poured a cup of wine for Chen Xi in a composed manner, and then she stretched out her slender hand to pass it over to Chen Xi. Moreover, her clear eyes carried a smiling expression and surged with strands of sincere affection.

“Chen Xi…”

“Chen Xi…”

Yan Yan and Yun Na joined in as well. They clamped food and poured wine for Chen Xi while carrying affection in their gazes, and they had warm attitudes towards him. The change in their attitude was so fast that Chen Xi was slightly overwhelmed by this sudden favor.

There was a saying, the favor of a beauty is the most difficult to enjoy, and it just happened to describe Chen Xi’s feelings at this moment. Five gorgeous beauties were blushing bashfully as they served him eagerly and attentively, and if it was any other person, that person would probably drool with envy.

However, Chen Xi was slightly uneasy. This contrast was too great, and it caused him to be slightly filled with anxiety instead. Thus, he could only act mute as he held his chopstick and ate everything that came his way, and he buried his face in his bowl…

As for wine, he welcomed all that came to him. It was even to the extent that he restrained his Immortal Force with hopes of stopping after getting extremely drunk, so that he could free himself from this beautiful yet slightly strange atmosphere.

Outside the hall, Chen Hao who was sneakily watching this scene opened his eyes wide while he felt admiration and envy in his heart. Big Brother’s technique in controlling women is really extraordinary!

But in next to no time, he was dragged away by the ear by Fei Lengcui who had an icy cold expression…

Early in the morning on the next day, Chen Xi woke up from his drunken state, and his mind was slightly dazed.

Last night, he’d really gotten drunk, drunk to the point his body felt like mush. Even though it was utterly impossible for him to get drunk with his cultivation, he’d done so intentionally…

He had to get drunk!

Would he be able to escape the beauties that were filled with bitterness if he didn’t get drunk?

Obviously, it was impossible.

Chen Xi circulated his Immortal Force. In an instant, the remaining alcohol in his body was dispersed, causing his entire body to feel refreshed and comfortable, and he couldn’t help but let out a mouthful of four air.

As he sat on the bed and recalled the scenes from last night, Chen Xi still couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. Love really does harm!

“Grandfather, you’ve woken up. Here’s the towel.” A little girl that wore a flowery little dress walked over. She had clear black eyes, fair skin, and her exquisite and tranquil little face carried a slight smile.

It was Chen Yunyun. She held a moist towel that was wrung dry, and she seemed obedient and sensible as she passed it over to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile when he saw this little girl. He sat up on the bed and embraced Yunyun before kissing her on the face, and then he said, “Yunyun is the best to Grandpa.”

“Grandfather, I’ll help you wipe your face.” Yunyun spoke in a clear voice, and her eyes that were bright as stars carried a wisp of anticipation.

Chen Xi naturally wouldn’t refuse. He immediately grinned as he stretched out his face, and he enjoyed his granddaughter’s care while feeling extremely warm in his heart. This sort of feeling really couldn’t be described with words.

It was the feeling of being a grandfather!

Yunyun wiped his face very carefully and attentively. After she finished wiping Chen Xi’s face, she stretched out her fair little hand to touch Chen Xi’s forehead, and it was very intimate.

However, Chen Xi felt that it was slightly strange, and he couldn’t help but ask. “Yunyun, do you frequently wipe your parent’s faces?”

Yunyun shook her head. “I’ve only wiped Little Grey.”

Chen Xi was stunned. “Who’s Little Grey?”

Yunyun suddenly held her small red lips and buried her head in Chen Xi’s embrace before she said shyly, “Little Grey is the pet Father gave me. He’s a Violet Eyed White Marten, and he’s extremely cute.”

Chen Xi’s face turned black. I’ve actually received the treatment of a pet!

For a time, Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile bitterly without end, and then he held Yunyun in his arms as he walked out of the room. “Come, Grandpa will take you to have breakfast.”

“Grandpa, Big Sister Qingxi, Big Sister Mu Yao, Big Sister Ya Qing, Big Sister Yan Yan, and Big Sister Yun Na asked me to ask you a few questions when you wake up.” Yunyun leaned on Chen Xi’s shoulder as she spoke to him in a clear voice.

Big Sister? Chen Xi’s face sank. “Yunyun, they’re your…”

When he spoke up to here, he suddenly noticed that he didn’t know what sort of method of address he should make Yunyun use for them. Aunty? That won’t do. It’s a rank lower. Grandmother? That won’t do as well. They aren’t my Dao Companions yet.

When he thought like this, Chen Xi was instantly speechless, and he said in his heart, Forget it, Yunyun is still young. I’ll let her do as she pleases…

“What did they ask?” Chen Xi asked casually.

Yunyun tilted her head and thought for a moment before she said swiftly, “Those Big Sister’s actually had a single question. They asked who Su Qingyan, Xia Wei, Bei Ling, Cui Qingning, Liang Bing, A’Xiu, Dian Dian…”

She spoke successively of a string of names, and then Yunyun gasped for breath before she successively asked a string of questions. “They asked me to ask you who these women are, where they’re from, what sort of relationship they have with you, and if they’re more beautiful than Qing Xiuyi, Zhen Liuqing, and Fan Yunlan…”

The corners of Chen Xi’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch fiercely, and he was completely speechless.

After a long time, he let out a long sigh. “Yunyun, you’re still too young. You don’t understand.”

Yunyun opened her clear and pure eyes wide before she said, “Grandpa, are you unhappy? Then I’ll stop asking.”

Chen Xi pinched her little nose with tender affection and said, “I knew it, Yunyun is the best to Grandpa.”

Yunyun chuckled happily. “At any rate, it’s fine so long as Grandpa is good to Grandma.”


It was naturally Qing Xiuyi.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for Chen An to exist, and it would naturally be impossible for Yunyun to exist as well.

However, when he thought about Qing Xiuyi, Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. He suddenly noticed that he had too many love entanglements, yet it just so happened that he’d never faced these problems directly…

“Big Brother, everything is prepared. Come meet our clansmen and your friends with me later.” Right at this moment, Chen Hao walked over from afar.

Chen Xi instantly returned to his senses from his chaotic thoughts, and he nodded.

At this moment, he’d decided that he would take action after he met the clansmen of the Chen Clan, and once he made arrangements for everything, he would return directly to the Immortal Dimension.

The matters of the past were the past in the end, and he was bound to have a longer path to take. Perhaps when he stepped foot onto the extremes of the Grand Dao one day, he would choose to live in a carefree manner like he was now.

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