Chapter 1420 – The Bitter Beauties

Ji Yu didn’t deny it, and he maintained his silence.

The shock in Chen Xi’s heart gradually calmed. He faintly understood from Ji Yu’s words that perhaps Ji Yu aroused the thought of leaving precisely because it was impossible to stop the upheaval of the three dimensions.

However, he was extremely puzzled. Is Ji Yu going to return to Oracle Mountain or Dao Emperor Academy?

If it was the latter, then Ji Yu would naturally be returning to the Immortal Dimension with him. Because Dao Emperor Academy was in the Immortal Dimension. However, if it was the former, then there was entirely no reason for Ji Yu to say that he was leaving, and he could just frankly say that he was returning to Oracle Mountain.

Ji Yu suddenly spoke at this moment. “There’s no need to make wild guesses. For the sake of saving me all those years ago, my Senior Brother had no choice but to leave, and I intend to chase after his footsteps now.”

He intends to chase after Fuxi’s footsteps! In an instant, Chen Xi recalled that this Senior Sister Li Yang frequently said that the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, had left Oracle Mountain a long time ago and hadn’t returned until now. Where exactly has gone to?

Now, Ji Yu intends to leave and pursue Fuxi’s footsteps, so could it be that Ji Yu knows where Fuxi headed to?

Right at this moment, Chen Yu’s voice suddenly sounded out from afar. “Uncle, my Father…asked you to return to the clan first.”

Along with this voice, Chen Yu’s figure swiftly appeared in midair, and he arrived by Chen Xi’s side. However, his expression was slightly strange at this moment, and he seemed hesitant to speak and at a loss for whether to laugh or cry.

Chen Xi was stunned. “What is it?”

Chen Yu hesitated for a while before he chuckled as he said, “Alas, how do I explain it? You’ll understand when you get back.”

“Kid, what’s there to be so secretive about?” Chen Xi glared angrily at Chen Yu, and he agreed in the end.

“Martial Uncle Ji Yu, then I’ll come on another day to pay you a visit.” When he spoke up to here, Chen Xi added. “Don’t leave without bidding your farewells.”

Ji Yu was speechless, and then he waved his hand and said, “Quickly go on. I’m not in a rush.”

Chen Xi nodded, and then he immediately left the island with Chen Yu and flew towards the Chen Clan Estate in Pine Mist City.

The Chen Clan Estate.

It was deep in the night, yet a courtyard in the depths of the Chen Clan Estate was lit up brightly with lanterns, and it seemed as if it was daytime there.

Chen Hao and his wife, Fei Lengcui, stood outside the courtyard and seemed to be waiting for someone.

“Alas, it’s all because of that little fellow, Baobao. He actually exposed the news of Big Brother’s return.” Chen Hao sighed with a helpless expression.

Fei Lengcui puckered her lips and smiled instead. “It isn’t Baobao’s fault. At any rate, the news of Big Brother’s return will be known sooner or later. But…” When she spoke up to here, her elegant and graceful face revealed an expression that seemed as if she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She said after quite some time. “But Big Brother is probably going to suffer.”

Chen Hao raised his eyes and looked towards the courtyard before he said softly, “Actually, Big Brother is to be blamed for this. Who asked him to be such a Casanova all those years ago?”

As he finished speaking, he seemed to have thought of something, and a wisp of pleasure from Chen Xi’s misfortune couldn’t help but show on the corners of his mouth and it was accompanied by a faint trace of envy.

Unfortunately, this trace of envy just happened to be noticed by his wife that stood by his side. Fei Lengcui immediately grunted. “What? Are you blaming me for being too strict on you? You want to have a taste as well?”

Chen Hao hurriedly coughed dryly and said with a serious expression, “Lengcui, am I that sort of person? Only Big Brother is capable of such things. I don’t have that sort of ability to enjoy that.”

Fei Lengcui smiled with satisfaction when she heard this. “At least you’re sensible.”

“Hmph! What is this thing that only I’m capable of?” Right at this moment, a clear and loud voice resounded, causing Chen Hao to immediately close his mouth. When he raised his eyes to look over, he saw Chen Xi’s figure walking step by step towards him beneath the veil of night.

“Big Brother.” Fei Lengcui hurriedly moved forward to greet Chen Xi.

Chen Xi waved his hand, and then he smiled spuriously as he looked at Chen Hao. “I never expected that after so many years of being apart, you actually dare to talk behind my back.”

Chen Hao smiled bitterly. “How could I dare to do that?”

“Uncle, we should hurry up and get to business.” Chen Yu who arrived right after Chen Xi hurriedly helped his father out of this predicament.

“Right, right, get to business first.” Chen Hao gave his son a grateful gaze before hurriedly leading Chen Xi into the courtyard, and he quickly said via voice transmission as they walked, “Cough, cough. Big Brother, you have to mentally prepare yourself. Err… I won’t be going in with you.”

Chen Xi was stunned. “Weren’t you the one looking for me?”

Chen Hao had a slightly strange expression as he scratched his head. “Alas, how do I put it? You’ll know once you go in.”

This courtyard wasn’t very large, and there was only a single exquisite and beautiful pavilion standing in it. A stream circles around the pavilion, and a bridge made of white jade was built above it while flowers and plants hung down from its sides. The fragrance of the flowers and the soft tinkling from the stream caused its environment to be rather tranquil and beautiful.

As they spoke, Chen Xi had arrived before the pavilion. He was just about to utilize his immortal sense to determine exactly who was actually able to make his younger brother seem helpless and hesitate to speak.

Right at this moment, Chen Hao who was walking behind Chen Xi suddenly took a step forward and opened the pavilion door, and the scene within the hall was instantly revealed within Chen Xi’s vision.

When he saw everything within the hall clearly, Chen Xi’s pupils suddenly constricted, and he stood stunned on the spot as if he’d been struck by lightning. Moreover, his body stiffened like a wooden doll.

The hall was brightly lit up with lanterns, and it was decorated in a very simple manner. A scarlet red carpet covered the ground, and a row of sandalwood chairs were laid out at the sides of the hall.

At this moment, there were numerous graceful figures sitting within the hall. It was five beautiful young women that were chattering happily together like orioles, and each of them had a completely different bearing. It was like a myriad of flowers blooming at the same time, and each possessed its own unique beauty.

Cold like ice.

Delicate and cute.

Elegant and refined.

Sweet and hot.

Picturesque beauty.

Five drop dead gorgeous beauties, five unique bearings that excelled in their own regard were revealed beneath the illumination from the lanterns, and they each emanated their own enchanting charm.

Du Qingxi, Mu Yao, Ya Qing, Yun Na, and Yan Yan!

Chen Xi recognized these five beauties at first glance, and it was precisely because he’d seen them appear simultaneously that Chen Xi would be so shocked in his heart as he stood frozen before the hall. He was unable to take another step, and he was on the verge of being suffocated.

Even if he’d become accustomed to all sorts of storms, even if his cultivation in the Dao Heart had attained the Heart Infant Realm, when he saw these five beauties that were emotionally entangled with him all those years ago, how could he possibly maintain his composure?

At this moment, he finally understood why Chen Hao seemed to have that strange and hesitant appearance, and he understood why Chen Yu brought him over hastily from the island at the center of the lake…

But even though he understood, he was still extremely dazed. A few hundred years have passed already, so why have they all gathered here in my clan? Could it be…that it’s because of me?

Chen Xi felt shocked in his heart while all sorts of feelings surged into his heart, and he inadvertently recalled the scenes from the past.

He recalled his time as a Spirit Chef in Clear Stream Restaurant, and the scenes where he got to know Du Qingxi by chance.

He recalled the time when he’d just arrived at Dragon Lake City and rescued Mu Yao and her younger brother.

He recalled the process of getting to know Ya Qing when he arrived at Maple Leaf City’s Treasure Heaven Pavilion.

He recalled….

He recalled too many scenes from the past, and every single experience contained the shadow of one of them that coiled around his heart. Even when he recalled it now, it still seemed to be vividly visible before his eyes as if it just occurred yesterday.

It was even to the extent that he even recalled Qing Xiuyi, Fan Yunlan, Huangfu Qingying, Su Qingyan…

Truthfully speaking, in these years that he’d been cultivating, he’d run into too many unparalleled beauties. However, he who sought the Dao wholeheartedly was unable to give any one of these women an exact promise or answer because of numerous reasons.

So he could only bury all these feelings at the bottom of his heart and not think about it, and he didn’t dare think about it as well. Because he had too many things to do, and he carried too much on his shoulders…

However, Chen Xi had never expected that after experiencing the passage of a few hundreds of years, he would actually be reunited with these women when he returned to his hometown. Moreover, all of them were gathered together at the same time. This shock was like a sword that tore open a hole in his heart, allowing the torrent of feelings that had been suppressed for many years at the bottom of his heart to surge out completely.

So he was stunned on the spot and had a dazed expression.

“Big Brother, quickly go in!” Chen Hao pushed Chen Xi from the side.

Chen Xi was instantly jolted awake from his various thoughts. He opened his mouth with the intention of greeting them, yet he was at a loss for words.

“Hmph!” A uniform grunt sounded out from within the hall, and it was from the five beauties.

At the instant the door was opened, and when they saw Chen Xi’s familiar figure appear there, their eyes had simultaneously lit up while traces of excitement and pleasant surprise flashed within them. Moreover, their hearts were similarly filled with all sorts of emotions while numerous memories surged into their minds.

However, in next to no time, they simultaneously moved their gazes away as if they’d agreed upon this since the beginning. They didn’t spare Chen Xi another glance, and their expressions more or less carried a trace of bitterness.

But when they noticed Chen Xi standing outside the hall like an idiot and didn’t come in after a long time, a wave of anger instantly arose in their hearts. So they grunted in unison to display their displeasure.

When this grunt entered Chen Xi’s ears, it instantly caused his heart to shake. In the end, he summoned up the courage to walk into the hall, and he seemed like a walking corpse that was completely stiff.

On the other hand, when they saw Chen Xi enter the hall, the five beauties puckered their lips and kept silent. They looked left and right yet just didn’t look at Chen Xi, and the bitterness in their expressions grew more and more dense.

This caused Chen Xi to feel his scalp go numb, and his heart trembled with fear. The pressure he felt was even greater than what he felt when he faced an Immortal King. He was unable to explain why he felt like this, and it seemed that it was because he felt that he owed them too much?

Or perhaps he was slightly caught off guard by these emotional entanglements from all those years ago?

Chen Hao who stood outside the hall was amused when he saw this scene, and if it wasn’t for the current situation being unsuitable for it, he would have almost been unable to hold back his laughter. Had anyone ever seen the number one figure in the younger generation of Darchu Dynasty reveal such an embarrassed and stiff appearance?

“Alright, stop laughing. Otherwise, Big Brother will definitely teach you a lesson if he notices it!” Fei Lengcui glared fiercely at Chen Hao, and then she shouted towards the hall with a gentle voice. “Big Brother, do you need me to help you prepare a feast?”

This could be considered as helping Chen Xi out of his predicament.

Chen Xi instantly heaved a sigh of relief and coughed dryly before he said, “That couldn’t be any better. Mmm, the feast today must be slightly grander than usual. It’s better if I do it myself. We haven’t seen each other for so long, so I should allow everyone to taste my cooking.”

As he spoke, he intended to walk out hastily. It couldn’t be helped. His mind was in chaos, and he wanted to calmly think about how he should deal with the scene before him.

However, before he could walk out of the hall, Du Qingxi, Mu Yao, Ya Qing, Yun Na, and Yan Yan instantly became anxious. If he’s allowed to escape, then could it be that we’ll have to wait another few hundred or thousands of years?

So they practically tacitly shouted in unison with tender voices. “Don’t you dare!”

Chen Xi’s figure instantly froze on the spot.

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