Chapter 1420 – The Bitter Beauties

Ji Yu didn’t deny it, and he maintained his silence.

The shock in Chen Xi’s heart gradually calmed. He faintly understood from Ji Yu’s words that perhaps Ji Yu aroused the thought of leaving precisely because it was impossible to stop the upheaval of the three dimensions.

However, he was extremely puzzled. Is Ji Yu going to return to Oracle Mountain or Dao Emperor Academy?

If it was the latter, then Ji Yu would naturally be returning to the Immortal Dimension with him. Because Dao Emperor Academy was in the Immortal Dimension. However, if it was the former, then there was entirely no reason for Ji Yu to say that he was leaving, and he could just frankly say that he was returning to Oracle Mountain.

Ji Yu suddenly spoke at this moment. “There’s no need to make wild guesses. For the sake of saving me all those years ago, my Senior Brother had no choice but to leave, and I intend to chase after his footsteps now.”

He intends to chase after Fuxi’s footsteps! In an instant, Chen Xi recalled that this Senior Sister Li Yang frequently said that the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, had left Oracle Mountain a long time ago and hadn’t returned until now. Where exactly has gone to?

Now, Ji Yu intends to leave and pursue Fuxi’s footsteps, so could it be that Ji Yu knows where Fuxi headed to?

Right at this moment, Chen...

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