Chapter 1419 – Revelation Of The Truth

The Dao Emperor!

When he determined that Ji Yu who stood before him was the Dao Emperor that established Dao Emperor Academy, Chen Xi was utterly stunned on the spot.

He was surprised, shocked, dazed, and bewildered.

In his mind, Ji Yu’s identity was like a mystery. Since the day he obtained the Manor, he’d thought that Ji Yu was only a Spirit Body that looked after the Manor, and Ji Yu had lived for countless years and possessed supreme wisdom and experience.

Later on, he encountered his Third Senior Brother from Oracle Mountain, and through the conversations between his Third Senior Brother and Ji Yu, he’d gained further understanding of Ji Yu’s identity. It turned out that Ji Yu was the junior brother of the Master of Oracle Mountain, and the reason Ji Yu stayed within the Manor was because he’d been reduced to a criminal of the three dimensions.

Chen Xi originally thought that he’d seen through Ji Yu’s identity, yet never had he imagined that Ji Yu’s identity would have changed once more at this moment, and he’d become the Dao Emperor!

This was extremely shocking, and it caused Chen Xi to find it slightly difficult to believe.

Because when he was at the Immortal Dimension’s Dao Emperor Academy, he’d heard of a great deal of information related to the Dao Emperor. For example, the Dao Emperor was one of the five Primeval Emperors. All those years ago, the Dao Emperor himself had established the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension, Dao Emperor Academy, left behind an inheritance grounds called the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds, and so on and so forth.

Yet now, this figure of legend had merged into one with the junior brother of the Master of Oracle Mountain that he’d known since a long time ago. So, the shock he felt was indescribably enormous.

The spirit of the Manor, the Martial Uncle of Oracle Mountain, a criminal of the three dimensions, one of the five Primeval Emperors, the first Dean of Dao Emperor Academy… When all of these identities were overlapped together, there was probably no one that would have imagined all of these identities would belong to a single person.

In his daze, Chen Xi inadvertently recalled a book that he’d read when he’d first entered the Scripture Reserve of Dao Emperor Academy — the Allheaven Quintessence Examination.

This book wasn’t written by the Dao Emperor himself, yet it was described and elaborated on by the Dao Emperor. At that time, he noticed that the period of time in which this book was written seemed to be even earlier than the time the Dao Emperor attained the Dao. The reason was extremely simple, commenting and elaborating was a form of understanding and interpretation done by the later generations to the books of their predecessors.

When Chen Xi noticed the true author of that book, he noticed to his shock that it was actually written by the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi!

At that time, Chen Xi suspected that the Primeval Dao Emperor was probably related to the Master of Oracle Mountain. Now it would seem like it wasn’t just a mere relationship, their relationship was even one between a Senior Brother and a Junior Brother!

In this way, he finally understood why his Senior Sister Li Yang would ask him to enter Dao Emperor Academy to gain a foothold for himself after entering the Immortal Dimension, and he finally understood why Hua Jiankong, the disciple of Dao Emperor Academy’s Dean, Meng Xinghe, would suddenly take his Talisman Armament away. All of this was definitely related to Senior Ji Yu!

“No wonder, no wonder…” Chen Xi muttered while he sighed with emotion to the extreme within his heart. So, it turns out that I’ve always received the protection of Oracle Mountain throughout my path of cultivation!

Indeed, no matter if it was when he entered the Dark Reverie through the Primeval Battlefield or when he entered Dao Emperor Academy, all of it was arranged for by his Senior Sister. It was done silently to the point that Chen Xi had only come to an understanding at this moment, and all sorts of emotions couldn’t help but surge out from his heart.

“I didn’t tell this to you in the past because your cultivation was too low. But most importantly, your starting point was too high because you’d become a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain early on when you were still at the Violet Palace Realm. So how many people in the three dimensions could compare to your starting point? If I told you all of this at that time, it would only delay your path towards the Dao, and it was utterly harmful to you.” When he saw Chen Xi’s expression gradually recover its clarity, Ji Yu said, “After all, a person’s path to the Dao has to be found by that person itself. How could the Dao be sought without experiencing all sorts of tempering, ups, and downs all along the way? Constantly helping and protecting you would only reduce you to a mediocre cultivator that was helped up all along the way, and it would definitely be impossible for you to step onto the peak of the Grand Dao.”

Chen Xi naturally understood this principle. Early on when he’d just started cultivating, Ji Yu had warned him about this on more than one occasion, so he naturally understood this principle better than anyone.

Yes, cultivation was bound to be something one faced alone.

The help of another was only temporary, and if one desired to go further, then one could only rely on one’s self!

Because so long as one continued down one’s path, then a day would come when one was able to surpass one’s predecessors, surpass those existences that were usually in a supreme position, and walk onto a further and higher path towards the Dao. At that time, could anyone still help?

This was the path towards the Dao, it was an endless path that changed according to each person!

Relying on the assistance of one’s clan, loved ones, seniors, and sect would indeed allow one to attain temporary strength, yet one would probably be unable to arrive at the limits of one’s path to the Grand Dao!

“Actually, the Nether Immortal’s Coffin was refined by me. Unfortunately, it suffered the assault of the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation when it was partially complete. In the end, I was unable to refine it successfully, and I was reduced to a criminal of the three dimensions.” In their subsequent conversation, Chen Xi asked about the Nether Immortal’s Coffin, and Ji Yu didn’t conceal anything and spoke about the reason behind it.

“At the bottom of it all, it was merely because the Dao I sought had already started to threaten the energy of the Heaven Dao. Fortunately, Senior Brother Fu Xi was there all those years ago, and he allowed me to avoid being restrained and annihilated by the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation. However, after experiencing this calamity, I could only hide in the Manor to prolong my existence.” When he spoke up to here, a wisp of sadness appeared on Ji Yu’s face, and he seemed to have recalled the matters of the past.

Chen Xi was silent. Only now did he notice that the rumors he’d heard were only partially true, and the untrue part of the rumors was that the Nether Immortal’s Coffin was something the Dao Emperor had obtained by luck and placed in Dao Emperor Academy.

On the other hand, according to Ji Yu, the Nether Immortal’s Coffin was refined by him instead, yet during the process of refinement, he’d suffered the assault of the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation, causing him to fall short of completing the Nether Immortal’s Coffin.

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi suddenly recalled something and frowned as he said, “Martial Uncle Ji Yu, all those years ago, was the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation called down by the Sovereign Sect?”

Ji Yu shook his head while a wisp of rare disdain appeared on the corners of his mouth. “The Sovereign Sect? It’s only a dog that’s under the control of another.”

A dog!

Chen Xi was astounded in his heart. Even if he was unwilling, he had no choice but to admit that the Sovereign Sect was one of the three supreme sects in the three dimensions, and its resources and reserves were terrifying to the extreme. Yet Ji Yu had actually bluntly called such a supreme sect a dog, and if others were to have heard this, they would probably be extremely shocked.

When Chen Xi asked about the person that controlled this dog, Ji Yu seemed to be unwilling to mention this matter, and he said, “You’ll understand very soon.”

After that, Ji Yu asked about the reason Chen Xi had returned to the Mortal Dimension this time. Chen Xi didn’t conceal anything and told Ji Yu about his upcoming plans to take revenge on the Zuoqiu Clan, and the reason he returned to the Mortal Dimension was because he was worried that his loved ones would be captured by the Zuoqiu Clan, forcing him to hold back from taking action.

Ji Yu fell into deep thought when he found out about all of this, and he said after some time, “Do you know how the Manor fell into your Mother’s hands?”

This question seemed to be slightly sudden, and it caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but be stunned. He said after a short moment, “She seems to have obtained it from a Secret Realm in the Northern Underworld Ocean.”

Ji Yu glanced at Chen Xi. “This isn’t the main point. The Manor was the mantle of inheritance left behind by my Senior Brother, and not everyone can obtain it.”

The meaning behind his words was that there was deep meaning behind the reason why his mother was able to obtain this treasure!

Chen Xi acutely perceived this, yet when he sought an explanation from Ji Yu, the latter shook his head and said, “I’m not clearly aware of the answer to this. Perhaps you’ll be able to obtain an answer from your mother after you rescue her.”

Chen Xi was very clearly aware of Ji Yu’s nature. He knew that if Ji Yu was unwilling to answer, then Ji Yu wouldn’t answer him even if he asked a hundred times, so he could only suppress this question at the bottom of his heart.

“So, you returned this time with the intention of bringing the Chen Clan into the Immortal Dimension with you?” Ji Yu changed the topic and asked about Chen Xi objective.

Chen Xi shook his head. “Not just the Chen Clan. I intend to take the entire Ancient Hall with me.”

This answer caused Ji Yu to be slightly stunned. “Even though there are a myriad of minor worlds in the Mortal Dimension, and Ancient Hall is one of them, taking it away with you isn’t such a simple task. The most difficult barrier is the Heaven Dao Laws of the Immortal Dimension.”

Chen Xi understood everything that Ji Yu spoke about. However, he’d made preparations before returning, so he immediately said with a smile, “Martial Uncle Ji Yu, do you think it’s possible for me to place Ancient Hall into an immortal treasure?”

Ji Yu’s brows raised. “Even if it’s a Void Grade Immortal Artifact, it’ll be restricted by the Laws of the Immortal Dimension. Could it be that you have a Divine Artifact that exceeds the Void Grade?”

Chen Xi stared blankly at Ji Yu for a moment. “Is Emperor Yu’s Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons considered as a Divine Artifact?”

He was indeed unsure of the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons’ grade. However, according to the information he received from the tiny cauldron and coupled with everything Hua Jiankong said before he descended to the Mortal Dimension, he’d roughly determined that a treasure like the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons was definitely not inferior to the Void Grade.

It was precisely because of this that he dared speak about taking the entire minor world, Ancient Hall, with him.

“Emperor Yu’s Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons?” Sure enough, Ji Yu instantly revealed a slightly strange expression when he heard Chen Xi actually possessed these cauldrons, and he said, “Looks like you really have made sufficient preparations. This treasure was a Divine Artifact that suppressed the karmic luck of the world before the three dimensions was created, and it resided on all nine borders of the world. Its profundity is unfathomable, and it can be considered a Divine Artifact of a dimension. With it in your possession, you are indeed able to place a minor world within it.”

Ji Yu paused for a moment before he continued. “Coupled with the River Diagram fragments you possess, you’ll be able to conceal it from the energy of the Heaven Dao. So you’ll indeed be able to avoid the Heaven Dao Laws of the Immortal Dimension.”

Obviously, Ji Yu’s understanding of the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons was clearer than Chen Xi, and the reason was extremely simple. Emperor Yu was similarly one of the five Primeval Emperors, and as the Primeval Dao Emperor, how could Ji Yu possibly not know of the Nine Continent Divine Cauldrons in Emperor Yu’s possession?

After he obtained Ji Yu’s confirmation, Chen Xi relaxed completely, and he said with a smile, “That’s exactly what I intend to do.”

Ji Yu seemed to have fallen into deep thought instead. After a long time, he raised his head to look up at the sky that was gradually being enveloped by the veil of night, and he said, “This is fine as well. The upheaval of the three dimensions can’t be stopped, so it’s time for me to leave as well…”

Leave? Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. “Martial Uncle Ji Yu, you don’t intend to return to the Immortal Dimension with me?”

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