Chapter 1419 – Revelation Of The Truth

The Dao Emperor!

When he determined that Ji Yu who stood before him was the Dao Emperor that established Dao Emperor Academy, Chen Xi was utterly stunned on the spot.

He was surprised, shocked, dazed, and bewildered.

In his mind, Ji Yu’s identity was like a mystery. Since the day he obtained the Manor, he’d thought that Ji Yu was only a Spirit Body that looked after the Manor, and Ji Yu had lived for countless years and possessed supreme wisdom and experience.

Later on, he encountered his Third Senior Brother from Oracle Mountain, and through the conversations between his Third Senior Brother and Ji Yu, he’d gained further understanding of Ji Yu’s identity. It turned out that Ji Yu was the junior brother of the Master of Oracle Mountain, and the reason Ji Yu stayed within the Manor was because he’d been reduced to a criminal of the three dimensions.

Chen Xi originally thought that he’d seen through Ji Yu’s identity, yet never had he imagined that Ji Yu’s identity would have changed once more at this moment, and he’d become the Dao Emperor!

This was extremely shocking, and it caused Chen Xi to find it slightly difficult to believe.

Because when he was at the Immortal Dimension’s Dao Emperor Academy, he’d heard of a great deal of information related to the Dao Emperor. For example, the Dao Emperor was one...

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