Chapter 1418 – Ji Yu’s Identity

How could Chen Xi possibly make a fuss about it with Yue Wenting? He smiled and said, “The unaware carry no blame.”

After a chat, Chen Xi finally figures out that the little girl called Yunyun was actually called Chen Yunzhi, and she was the daughter of Chen An and his wife, Wei Zitong. She was six years old now, and she possessed a tranquil bearing that was rather alike to her father.

The little boy called Chen Baobao was actually called Chen Baojing, and he was Chen Yu and Yue Wenting’s son. He was two years old now, and he was a rather clever and mischievous fellow.

On the other hand, Chen An’s wife, Wei Zitong, and Chen Yu’s wife, Yue Wenting, were both young women that Chen An and Chen Yu had come to know while travelling in the Dark Reverie, and then affection gradually grew between them before they became Dao Companions.

After he found about all of this, Chen Xi was extremely happy in his heart as well. I never expected that when I returned after a few hundreds of years, I would actually be able to embrace my grandchildren. This is an extremely nice feeling.

He teased Chen Baobao and Chen Yunyun as he asked Chen Yu. “Where’s An’er? I seem to have not sensed his aura when I entered the clan.”

“He and sister-in-law have headed to the border to resist the Xeno-race army, and they’ll return in a few days.” Chen Yu answered casually, and then he invited Chen Xi in an excited manner. “Uncle, my Father is in closed door cultivation. If he knows that you’ve returned, then he’ll definitely be overjoyed. Come, I’ll take you to the Grand Hall of the clan to meet some juniors of our clan.”

Chen Xi thought for a moment yet shook his head and said in the end, “Forget it, I’ll go see them after An’er and his wife returns.”

“Right, Uncle has just returned, so you naturally have to catch up with my Father and Senior Ji Yu first.” Chen Yu nodded. “Come, I’ll take you to go see them.”

Chen Xi said with a smile, “Are they at the island at the center of the lake in the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, right?”

Chen Yu smiled. “Exactly.”

As he spoke, he instructed Yue Wenting. “Wenting, stay in the clan with Baobao and Yunyun, and don’t reveal the news of Uncle’s return yet.”

Yue Wenting hurriedly nodded, and she was still slightly reserved when facing Chen Xi.

It couldn’t be helped. She was from the Dark Reverie, so she was naturally very clearly aware of exactly how terrifying Chen Xi’s reputation was. It was even to the extent that he could be considered a legendary overlord that was unprecedented in ten thousand years, and even now, the dazzling deeds of Chen Xi in the Dark Reverie was something that she could speak of without even thinking about it.

So at this moment, how could she not be nervous when facing Chen Xi?

“This won’t do. I want to go with Grandfather!” Chen Baobao didn’t agree with his father’s arrangement, and he shouted loudly.

Chen Yunyun didn’t speak, yet she gazed at Chen Xi with a look of anticipation as well. Presently, she was already clearly aware that this man who was holding her in his arms was actually the Grandfather that her father frequently mentioned, so she was naturally unwilling to be parted from Chen Xi just like this.

Chen Xi grinned as he said, “Alright, alright, alright! We’ll go together.”

Now, he finally understood the feeling of being a grandfather. As he gazed at his grandchildren, it was simply like looking at a bright pearl in his palm, and he was filled with tender affection towards them.

All those years ago, he hadn’t even been so doting towards Chen An and Chen Yu.

Chen Yu could only nod in agreement when he heard this because this was the decision that his Uncle, Chen Xi, had made.

“Right, Yu’er, there’s one more thing I need your help with.” Chen Xi suddenly recalled Dou Dian. When he entered Pine Mist City, he’d temporarily left Dou Dian in a restaurant. At this moment, he’d returned to his home, so he naturally couldn’t disregard the little girl.

After he heard everything that Chen Xi said, Chen Yu’s gaze instantly became slightly strange as if he’d thought of something.

Chen Xi glanced at him. “What is it?”

Chen Yu shook his head repeatedly. “It’s nothing.”

As he spoke, he shot a glance at Yue Wenting and said, “Wenting, then I’ll trouble you to bring Miss Dou Dian back into the clan. Mmm, arrange for her to stay at the Knowledge Pool Pavilion first.”

Yue Wenting was stunned, and then she said with a smile, “Alright, then quickly bring Uncle along to meet Father and Senior Ji Yu. Leave this matter to me.”

Southern Barbaric Mountain Range. The island at the center of the lake.

All those years ago when Chen Xi left the Darchu Dynasty, he’d once cultivated here for many years, and he’d even met his Third Senior Brother here and obtained the Exalted Bone of a Roc, allowing him to cultivate the Stellar Lightningform and Devour Dao Insight.

At this moment, clouds covered the sky while a clear breeze swept lightly through the air. Ji Yu who had a thin face sat on his rocking chair as usual, and his eyes were slightly narrowed as he looked up towards the sky.

He’d lived for too many years, and he’d become accustomed to all sorts of great events. This was a rare moment in his life where his life was constantly calm, so he really cherished this moment.

A wave of footsteps resounded from afar, and then a young man with a dignified appearance, thick brows, and large eyes walked over. Surprisingly, it was the current Patriarch of the Chen Clan, Chen Hao.

Ji Yu didn’t even turn his head around as he asked with an indifferent tone. “What’s wrong?”

“In these past few days of closed door cultivation, my heart has been unable to keep calm. I keep having the feeling that something is about to occur.” Chen Hao frowned as he sat by Ji Yu’s side.

Ji Yu was stunned, and then his narrowed eyes swiftly opened up. His gaze was deep and like a bolt of cold lightning as he looked towards the distance, and a wisp of a mysterious smile appeared on the corners of his mouth after some time. He said, “Something is about to happen indeed.”

Chen Hao was stunned.

Right at this moment, a large shout resounded from afar. “Senior Ji Yu, look who I brought to come see you? Eh, my Father has actually left his closed door cultivation as well?”

Along with this voice, Chen Hao suddenly noticed his son, Chen Yu, teleporting over from extremely far in the distance. Moreover, there was a man by Chen Yu’s side. The man had a handsome appearance, an indifferent and extraordinary bearing, and his hands were holding Chen Baobao and Chen Yunyun.

In an instant, Chen Hao seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning, and he cried out involuntarily. “Big Brother!”

“He has finally returned…” Ji Yu smiled lightly as well, and a wisp of happiness appeared on his thin face. It seemed as if he’d expected that this day would come.

“Senior Ji Yu, Little Hao.” Meanwhile, Chen Xi and Chen Yu had arrived on the island at the center of the lake. He passed the two little fellows in his hands to Chen Yu before he bowed to greet Ji Yu, and then he nodded to Chen Hao.

The two brothers smiled at each other, and everything was conveyed without a single word.

However, Chen Yu was amused when he heard the words ‘Little Hao.’ His Father that was usually extremely dignified had actually been called Little Hao by his Uncle, and if this was heard by the clansmen of the Chen Clan, then they would definitely burst out with laughter.

“Is it very funny?” Chen Hao suddenly turned around and glared at Chen Yu, causing the latter to smile shyly before hurriedly forming a serious expression on his face.

The island at the center of the lake was just as it was all those years ago, and there was only a single simple house there as Ji Yu’s residence.

At this moment, a table was laid out within the house. Clear wine and light tea were laid out on the table, and fruits and snacks lay between them. Chen Xi, Chen Hao, Ji Yu, and Chen Yu sat around the table while drinking wine, eating, and chatting happily.

There was naturally an endless number of things to talk about when reuniting after a very long time.

Chen Xi mentioned some of his experiences in the Immortal Dimension while Chen Hao spoke about the changes in the Chen Clan, and all of them sighed endlessly with emotion as they chatted.

Chen Baobao was running about in the hall. Even though the little fellow seemed to be only around the age of two or three, he didn’t stop moving for a moment, and he was filled with energy. On the other hand, Chen Yunyun sat obediently by Chen Xi’s side, and her tiny hands held up her fair and pretty face as she silently listened to her Grandfather Chen Xi and Grandfather Chen Hao chat.

At this moment, the atmosphere here was so peaceful and happy that it caused Chen Xi’s heart to feel extremely warm, and the one and only regret he had was that his son, Chen An, and his daughter-in-law, Wei Zitong, weren’t here…

Of course, if Qing Xiuyi, his mother Zuoqiu Xue, and his father Chen Lingjun were here as well, then it would be even better.

This chat continued until the sun set, and then Chen Hao and Chen Yu returned to the Chen Clan with the two little fellows.

They had to make preparations and notify the clansmen of the Chen Clan and Chen Xi’s friends to come meet Chen Xi a few days from now. After all, it was truly too rare for Chen Xi to make a trip back here from the Immortal Dimension, so he naturally had to meet all those that he should meet.

For a time, only Ji Yu and Chen Xi remained within the house.

“Accompany me on a walk.” Ji Yu stood up and walked out.

Chen Xi had a lot of things to ask Ji Yu as well, so he immediately followed after Ji Yu.

At this moment, the glow of sunset filled the sky, and the setting sun was dropping down while emanating blood red rays of sunlight. Waves of the cries of birds frequently resounded from the distant mountains, and the surroundings seemed to be exceptionally empty and quiet.

“You saw the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation and God Attainment Chart when you were in the God Attainment Region?” As he stood before the clear lake, Ji Yu went silent for a long time before he spoke and broke this silence.

Chen Xi was stunned. He seemed to have never expected that the first question from Ji Yu would be about this. He immediately nodded and said, “Yes I did. Both of them were extremely mysterious existences.”

“They’re very mysterious indeed, and extremely formidable. They represent the forces above the Heaven Dao of the three dimensions. All those years ago, I was expelled from the three dimensions and reduced to a criminal of the three dimensions because of the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation.” As soon as Ji Yu spoke, he spoke extremely astounding words.

Chen Xi was shocked. Never had he imagined that the existence who’d looked after the Manor for countless years would have actually been persecuted by the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation in the past!

When Chen Xi intended to find out more about this, Ji Yu stopped mentioning this topic and asked. “Has your time in Dao Emperor Academy during these past few years been alright?”

Chen Xi nodded. “All the seniors of the academy were rather caring towards me.”

After that, he acutely noticed that even if he’d advanced into the Saint Immortal Realm now, he was still unable to see through Senior Ji Yu’s exact cultivation realm.

Even if he sensed it carefully, he was unable to detect the depths of Ji Yu’s cultivation, and coupled with a type of understanding he’d deduced in his heart a long time ago, he couldn’t refrain himself from asking at this moment. “Senior, exactly…what realm is your cultivation at? Why was it so exhausting for you to take the Profound Disruption Mountain all those years ago?”

He was speaking about the time all those years ago in the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range. For the sake of obtaining the first River Diagram fragment, Ji Yu hadn’t hesitated to exhaust himself in order to take the Profound Disruption Mountain away.

Ji Yu was stunned, and then he recalled this matter of the past. He pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “All those years ago, I was just like you are now, and it was even to the extent that I was greatly inferior to you. 99% of my cultivation was sealed up, and it was done for the sake of avoiding the detection of the energy of the Heaven Dao. So the amount of strength I was able to utilize was naturally extremely small.”

He paused for a moment and said in a light voice, “Now, you’ve already advanced to the Saint Immortal Realm and witnessed the strength of the Eye of Heavenly Tribulation and the God Attainment Chart. Could it be that you’ve still not guessed the cultivation I possess?”

Chen Xi suddenly had a moment of inspiration. “You…wouldn’t have already become a god a long time ago, right?”

Ji Yu seemed to feel Chen Xi’s reaction was slightly strange, and he frowned as he said, “Didn’t you say that you’ve already entered the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds and obtained the Dao Emperor’s inheritance from the Past Life Bloodpool?”

Chen Xi was stunned. Is there any relation between this and Senior Ji Yu’s cultivation?

But right after that, he looked at Ji Yu who stood before him, and the mighty figure that he saw at the Past Life Bloodpool couldn’t help but flash within his mind. At that time, he felt that figure was slightly familiar, yet he was unable to recall where he’d seen that figure in the past. At this moment, when he compared the figure to Ji Yu that stood before him, a tempestuous wave instantly arose in his heart. “You wouldn’t be…”

Ji Yu started smiling as he sighed with emotion. “Little Fellow, you’ve only figured it out now?”

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