Chapter 1418 – Ji Yu’s Identity

How could Chen Xi possibly make a fuss about it with Yue Wenting? He smiled and said, “The unaware carry no blame.”

After a chat, Chen Xi finally figures out that the little girl called Yunyun was actually called Chen Yunzhi, and she was the daughter of Chen An and his wife, Wei Zitong. She was six years old now, and she possessed a tranquil bearing that was rather alike to her father.

The little boy called Chen Baobao was actually called Chen Baojing, and he was Chen Yu and Yue Wenting’s son. He was two years old now, and he was a rather clever and mischievous fellow.

On the other hand, Chen An’s wife, Wei Zitong, and Chen Yu’s wife, Yue Wenting, were both young women that Chen An and Chen Yu had come to know while travelling in the Dark Reverie, and then affection gradually grew between them before they became Dao Companions.

After he found about all of this, Chen Xi was extremely happy in his heart as well. I never expected that when I returned after a few hundreds of years, I would actually be able to embrace my grandchildren. This is an extremely nice feeling.

He teased Chen Baobao and Chen Yunyun as he asked Chen Yu. “Where’s An’er? I seem to have not sensed his aura when I entered the clan.”

“He and sister-in-law have headed to the border to resist the Xeno-race army, and they’ll return in a few days.” Chen Yu answered casually, and then...

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