Chapter 1417 – Change In Status

When he saw Chen Xi smiling, Chen Baobao felt that his dignity had been insulted, and he raised his small fist before smashing it towards Chen Xi’s face.


This punch actually carried a trace of a strong gust of wind.

Chen Xi was still smiling as he grabbed Chen Baobao’s small fist, and then he embraced the little fellow before lightly smacking his bottom. After that, Chen Xi scolded with a smile on his face. “What a kid! You’re brave!”

“Let me go! You actually dared to hit my butt! My Mother will definitely cut off your hand if she finds out!” Chen Baobao cried loudly as he kicked around wildly in Chen Xi’s embrace.

“Is your mother very formidable?” Chen Xi asked while grinning.

“Hmph! Of course! Every single time my Father hits me, so long as my Mother glares at him, then he’ll be terrified to the point of directly apologizing to my Mother.” When he mentioned his mother, Chen Baobao’s small face was covered in complacency, and even his eyes curved as he smiled, causing his eyes to seem like a pair of crescents.

After that, the little fellow’s face turned grim. “Oh no! Big Sister Yunyun is here!”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he turned around to look over. He saw a little girl around the age of five or six that wore a light yellow dress...

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