Chapter 1417 – Change In Status

When he saw Chen Xi smiling, Chen Baobao felt that his dignity had been insulted, and he raised his small fist before smashing it towards Chen Xi’s face.


This punch actually carried a trace of a strong gust of wind.

Chen Xi was still smiling as he grabbed Chen Baobao’s small fist, and then he embraced the little fellow before lightly smacking his bottom. After that, Chen Xi scolded with a smile on his face. “What a kid! You’re brave!”

“Let me go! You actually dared to hit my butt! My Mother will definitely cut off your hand if she finds out!” Chen Baobao cried loudly as he kicked around wildly in Chen Xi’s embrace.

“Is your mother very formidable?” Chen Xi asked while grinning.

“Hmph! Of course! Every single time my Father hits me, so long as my Mother glares at him, then he’ll be terrified to the point of directly apologizing to my Mother.” When he mentioned his mother, Chen Baobao’s small face was covered in complacency, and even his eyes curved as he smiled, causing his eyes to seem like a pair of crescents.

After that, the little fellow’s face turned grim. “Oh no! Big Sister Yunyun is here!”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he turned around to look over. He saw a little girl around the age of five or six that wore a light yellow dress with yellow flower prints walking over from afar.

The little girl’s eyes were clear and translucent, and she possessed cherry lips, a fine nose, beautiful ink black brows, and skin that was whiter than snow. The space between her brows was filled with an oppressive aura of tranquility, and she was rather beautiful like a picturesque little celestial maiden.

“Chen Baobao, why have you been running about again?” The little girl noticed Chen Xi, yet her expression was actually tranquil and composed. After that, her pair of eyes that were clear like stars looked at Chen Baobao, and her voice was clear, melodious, pleasant to the ear, and it was tranquil just like her expression.

When looked at from afar, this little girl’s actions were gentle and refined like a beautiful orchid. Her tranquil and composed bearing caused Chen Xi to be shocked in his heart, and he faintly felt a slightly familiar feeling from her.

“I… I wasn’t running about!” When he saw this little girl, Chen Baobao was like a mouse that had seen a cat, and he puckered his lips as he muttered while seeming to be slightly lacking in confidence. As he spoke, he suddenly started struggling with the intention of escaping Chen Xi’s embrace.

“Quickly let me go! Otherwise, once my Mother comes, then she’ll really cut off your hand!” Chen Baobao was unable to struggle free, and his extremely handsome little face flushed red while he cried out loudly.

“Then tell me who your father is first.” Chen Xi grinned as he spoke.

“I would rather die than submit!” Chen Baobao was angry to the point of shouting loudly. He couldn’t be bothered about whether he would be able to keep his dignity and sought help from the little girl. ‘Big Sister Yunyun, quickly save me. I saw this baddie enter our memorial hall earlier!”

The little girl’s eyes suddenly turned cold. Only now did she realize that the fellow who was holding her younger brother wasn’t a clansman of the Chen Clan. It couldn’t be helped, the Chen Clan had truly too many clansmen now, and merely its guards and servants came to a total of no less than ten thousand plus people. So how could a little girl like her possibly remember so many people?

Originally, she thought Chen Xi was a new guard by Chen Baobao’s side, yet when she heard this fellow actually dared to enter the memorial hall of the clan, a wisp of vigilance instantly arose in her heart, and she stared at Chen Xi as she said, “Who’re you?”


As she spoke, she’d already withdrawn a short sword. Her sword drawing movement was agile and perfect. Obviously, she’d trained and polished it over and over again.

“I’m…” Chen Xi had just opened his mouth when a wisp of dazzling sword light suddenly entered his field of vision.

It wasn’t the little girl that had attacked. This wisp of sword light appeared out of thin air and was peerlessly dazzling, and it was filled with an extremely murderous and fierce energy of Dao Insight.

Not bad! Not bad! It’s only a step away from attaining the state of an Enlightened Sword Heart. Chen Xi praised in his heart. While he thought like this, his figure flashed lightly and avoided this attack.


A bottomless rift was slashed open on the ground, and this wisp of sword qi slashed through the ground like slicing through tofu. It was a rather shocking sight.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi finally saw the appearance of this person clearly. It was a graceful woman with jet black hair that was coiled into a bun to reveal a pretty face. She had ink black brows, cherry lips that seemed crimson red, and wore a fiery red dress that made her seem graceful and beautiful.

“Mother!” Chen Baobao instantly cried out loudly when he saw this beautiful woman make an appearance.

So, this woman is the little fellow’s mother. Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding.

“Who’re you!? You actually dared to trespass into our Chen Clan! Quickly let my son go, otherwise, you’re bound to be buried here today!” The beautiful woman had an icy cold expression as she stared coldly at Chen Xi, and the space between her brows carried a wisp of a heavy expression.

This handsome young man is definitely not a member of the Chen Clan, yet he was actually able to silently avoid the restrictions within the clan and arrive before the memorial hall. His strength is definitely extraordinary.

The thing that caused her heart to be in turmoil the most was that her son was still in this young man’s hands! It caused her to hesitate in taking action and she didn’t dare act rashly because she was deeply afraid that he would get angry and harm her son.

“Aunt, it was my mistake. I didn’t look after Baobao properly, and…” The little girl that was like a little celestial maiden lowered her head and was slightly apologetic.

“Yunyun, there’s no need to say anything. Quickly come stand behind me.” The beautiful woman hurriedly raised her hand and stood before the little girl, and then she gazed vigilantly at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi smiled bitterly. I’ve actually been misunderstood! After that, he gasped because Chen Baobao bit his hand.

Because he was afraid of injuring the little fellow, he’d restrained all his Immortal Force since the beginning. So when he was bit fiercely by the little fellow’s snow white teeth, he couldn’t help but feel a trace of pain.

Of course, this sort of pain was utterly no different than an itch to Chen Xi, and he was just slightly surprised because this little fellow was really daring.

“Don’t do anything rash!” When she saw Chen Xi frown from being bitten by her son, it instantly terrified the beautiful woman to the point her heart jerked, and then she quickly said, “So long as you let my son go, then I’ll agree to anything you want.”

Chen Xi sighed, and he said helplessly, “Can you listen to me first?” As he spoke, he placed Chen Baobao on the ground first in order to display that he didn’t have any ill intent.

Chen Baobao was a smart fellow, and he immediately ran towards the beautiful woman as soon as he stood on the ground. After that, he turned around and looked at Chen Xi as he said, “Mother, he’s a big baddie, and he even hit my butt earlier. Quickly beat him up! Right, he even entered the memorial hall earlier, and he was definitely up to no good!”

The beautiful woman had heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Chen Xi let her son go, and her expression had eased up. However, when she heard that last sentence from Chen Baobao, her expression suddenly became extremely icy cold.

He entered the memorial hall?

That’s the core restricted area of the Chen Clan!

No matter why he did it, it absolutely can’t be tolerated!


Under such circumstances, the beautiful woman didn’t hesitate at all to charge at Chen Xi with her sword in hand.

Chen Xi sighed once more. Is it so difficult to allow me to explain my identity?

He was just about to dodge when he heard a loud shout come from afar. “Wenting, stop!”

This voice was like a thunderclap and shook the heavens and the earth. Along with this voice, a tall and handsome figure appeared out of thin air and actually obstructed the beautiful woman’s attack.

This was a young man with a shocking imposing aura, and he had slanted brows and a firm face. Earlier, Chen Xi’s immortal sense had already sensed this young man and recognized the young man’s identity, yet when he saw the young man appear before him, Chen Xi still couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart. This kid is getting more and more like his father…

This young man was naturally his younger brother, Chen Hao’s, son, Chen Yu, and he was also Chen Xi’s nephew.

“Brother Yu, why did you stop me! This fellow just trespassed into the memorial hall!” The beautiful woman glared angrily with her almond shaped eyes.

At this moment, Chen Yu couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to her. As soon as he appeared, his gaze had shot towards Chen Xi, and his face revealed a wisp of excitement, happiness, and pleasant surprise while his throat was actually stuck, causing him to be unable to speak.

“Yu’er, you don’t recognize your Uncle anymore?” Chen Xi smiled as he looked at the young man.

The beautiful woman was stunned. This fellow that almost kidnapped my son and trespassed into the memorial hall actually called my husband as Yu’er? And he called himself Uncle?

“Uncle! It really is you?” Chen Yu’s face flushed red with excitement, and he suddenly hugged Chen Xi as he cried out loudly. “You’ve returned! You’ve actually returned! My god! I almost thought I was seeing things!”

When she saw her husband that was usually extremely dignified reveal such an appearance, the beautiful woman was utterly dumbstruck. He…he…he’s Brother Yu’s Uncle, then doesn’t that mean he’s…

In an instant, a name floated into appearance within her mind — Chen Xi!

After that, all Chen Xi’s deeds flashed within her heart, causing her to open her eyes wide while her entire body stiffened.

I actually…attacked Uncle just now?

“Father, this fellow is a big baddie!” Chen Baobao cried out loudly with extreme rage from the side. How could Chen Baobao that was only two or three years old understand the meaning behind the word ‘Uncle’ that his father spoke?

“Big baddie!? Little Brat, this is your Grandfather! Quickly kneel down and kowtow to your Grandfather!” Chen Yu turned around and dragged Chen Baobao over to stand before Chen Xi, and then he gestured towards the little girl in the distance. “Yunyun, quickly come over as well. Kowtow to your Grandfather!”



Chen Baobao and Chen Yunyun both looked at Chen Xi with dazed expressions, and they were slightly unable to wrap their heads around this turn of events.

However, Chen Yu couldn’t care about all that. When he noticed the two little fellows were hesitating, he immediately pressed them down to kowtow to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi didn’t stop Chen Yu as well. In other words, tempestuous waves were surging in his heart since a long time ago from the shock he received from this, and he didn’t have the time to recover from this shock yet. I’ve…actually become a Grandfather?

My god!This… This…

Chen Xi was completely flabbergasted. Even if his cultivation was extraordinary now, he didn’t know how to describe what he felt at this moment.

“Grandfather!” Chen Yunyun seemed to be much more composed than Chen Xi instead. Or perhaps, she who was just five or six years old didn’t know the meaning of the word Grandfather, so upon being instructed by Chen Yu, she knelt down and cried out in a clear voice.

“Grandfather!” Chen Baobao seemed to be very depressed because he was pressed down to the ground by his father.

Chen Xi was instantly jolted awake. He opened his arms and swept the two little fellows up into his arms. He looked left and right, and he felt happier the more he looked, and his happiness showed on his face before he couldn’t restrain himself from roaring with laughter.

I’ve…become a grandfather!

Chen Yu was extremely happy as well when he saw this. When he saw his wife was still standing at the side, he immediately pulled her by the arm and walked over to Chen Xi’s side. “Uncle, this is Yue Wenting, my wife. Wenting, quickly greet my Uncle!”

Yue Wenting was suddenly jolted back to her senses, and she bowed in embarrassment. “Wenting greets Uncle. I didn’t know Uncle had returned earlier, I hope Uncle will forgive me.”

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