Chapter 1416 – Sighing With Emotion All Along The Way

Early morning on the next day, the sky had just started to brighten when Chen Xi swiftly left Dawn City with Dou Dian.

In the recent years, because of the Xeno-race invasion, numerous dynasties within Ancient Hall had collapsed and had been wiped out in a single day.

The situation wasn’t good for the Darchu Dynasty either. It practically suffered the attacks of the Xeno-race army from all directions at all times. Especially the border cities, battles erupted there every single day.

Because of this, the various powers in the Darchu Dynasty’s cultivation world had joined forces, and they were commanded by the current Emperor Chu to resist the invasion of the Xeno-race.

Presently, Duanmu Ze was the Patriarch of the Duanmu Clan, and he possessed a cultivation at the Earthly Immortal Realm. He’d been deployed to hold down the fort at Dawn City and lead the cultivators in the city to resist the Xeno-race, so he was utterly unable to free himself from these duties in a short period of time.

It was precisely because of this that he was unable to accompany Chen Xi back to the southern territory.

Before he left, Chen Xi left behind some Immortal Stones, Immortal Artifacts, and Immortal techniques that were beneficial to Duanmu Ze’s cultivation. He was very well aware that it was impossible for him to stay in the Mortal Dimension for too long, and he didn’t know when he would meet Duanmu Ze again next. So as a friend, Chen Xi could only do his best and help Duanmu Ze with some treasures.


A flowing ray of light flickered in the sky, and it teleported swiftly towards the south.

After almost ten minutes of time, Chen Xi had arrived within the southern territory, and then he slowed down and stopped teleporting.

Because this was the southern territory, it was his hometown!

As he gazed at the familiar landscape, Chen Xi was endlessly dazed in his heart. Hundreds of years had passed swiftly, and he’d returned once more to his hometown, so his heart was naturally filled with all sorts of emotions.

Dou Dian that stood by his side didn’t feel anything from this, and she just curiously sized up everything in the surroundings.

While she was in Dawn City, she’d already found out that the senior before her was the world renowned number one figure in the younger generation of Darchu Dynasty a few hundreds of years ago.

Stories related to his deeds were still being spread throughout Ancient Hall until now. For example, he passed through the Primeval Battlefield while ranked as the first, or he was taken as a disciple by one of the ten great Immortal Sects in the Dark Reverie, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, or he’d ascended into the Immortal Dimension…

Even though Dou Dian was young, she’d frequently heard these legendary stories from the storytellers in the teahouses. She even knew that Seniors Chen An and Chen Yu who enjoyed a reputation that was like the scorching sun in the midday sky were the son and nephew of Senior Chen Xi.

Yet Dou Dian had never imagined that this person before her would actually be that Chen Xi! That extraordinary figure that was like a legend!

This caused her to feel shock and disbelief. Especially when she recalled that she’d mistaken him for a pervert and a liar. She felt extremely embarrassed in her heart, and her face burned like it was on fire.

This knowledge caused her to completely give up any intention of taking Chen Xi as her master. It couldn’t be helped, the gap between them was too huge. Chen Xi was an Immortal, so how could he possibly take a cultivator at the Golden Hall Realm as his disciple?

“That’s Myriad Venom Mountain Range. All those years ago when I left the southern territory to participate in the Goldlake Meeting at the Azure County, I passed through this place.” Chen Xi suddenly pointed towards a mountain range in the distance, and he sighed with emotion. “There’s a river called Sunset River within the mountains. According to rumor, a fish demon cultivated there and attained the Dao a few tens of thousands of years ago, and it ascended into the Immortal Dimension. At that time, an immortal glow filled the sky, and it was rather beautiful. From then onwards, this river was called Sunset River, and it has been passed down until now along with the legend of the fish demon.”

Dou Dian returned to her senses from her deep thoughts, and she glanced at Chen Xi. She knew that he was sighing with emotion about the past and didn’t need her to say anything, so she listened quietly in an extremely obedient manner.

“That is Snowcloud City, and the center of the southern territory, Dragon Lake City is 40,000km east from there. All those years ago, I’d once assumed the position of an elder in Dragon Lake City’s Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. Now, there are probably only a few disciples of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect that still remember my name, right?

“Look, that’s Oceanic City…”

All along the way, Chen Xi spoke constantly, and every time they passed by a city, a mountain, or a river, it was able to make him recall some stories of the past.

Dou Dian puckered her lips and listened silently. She felt that it was even more interesting and fascinating than listening to legends, because it was all the marks left behind by Chen Xi as he grew. It was the ups, downs, and experiences of an Immortal when he was young, and now that it was personally told by that Immortal, it was naturally more pleasing than a story.

“That…is Pine Mist City.” Suddenly, Chen Xi stood still and looked towards the distance while he had a slightly blank expression.

It was late in autumn now; it was the time falling leaves fluttered down and all plants withered. A scene of emptiness was reflected throughout Pine Mist City.

The city in the distance stood silently before a mountain range that rose and fell. It was solemn, lofty, and revealed an extremely dense prospering aura. During this time of emptiness late in autumn, it didn’t seem cold and cheerless, and it was extraordinarily bustling instead. Clamorous waves of noise could be heard from far away.

I’ve finally returned… Chen Xi muttered, and the excited feelings he experienced all along the way had actually transformed into tranquility and indifference at this moment.

Presently, Pine Mist City’s Chen Clan seemed to have become the number one clan in the southern territory and even the entire Darchu Dynasty. The population of the clan was exuberant, and it was filled with experts, causing it to be extremely prosperous.

Its Patriarch, Chen Hao, could even sit side by side with Emperor Chu, and he could be said to possess monstrous authority!

As the residence of the Chen Clan, this tiny city in the southern territory, Pine Mist City, had become a paradise of cultivation that was known throughout the cultivation world, and it was renowned throughout the world.

The reason was actually very simple. The Pine Mist City’s Chen Clan possessed too many extraordinary great figures like it’s Patriarch Chen Hao, his son Chen Yu, his nephew Chen An, and Chen Hao’s wife, Fei Lengcui, were all existences that stood at the peak of the cultivation world.

Besides them, great figures that had made a name for themselves a long time ago like the Old Turtle King and Nine-tailed Fox King also resided in the Chen Clan. If the powers that had a good relationship with the Chen Clan were included, then there were countless powers like these, and it could be considered to possess relationships with powers throughout the world. None could rival the Chen Clan!

In short, the current Chen Clan couldn’t be compared to the Chen Clan of the past!


On the bustling streets of Pine Mist City, a figure walked through the sky. Every step he took seemed as if he’d teleported, causing the people and cultivators on the streets to be utterly unable to sense his existence.

This figure belonged precisely to Chen Xi, and it wasn’t long before he arrived before the Chen Clan Estate.

Compared to a few hundreds of years ago, the current Chen Clan Estate had expanded more than ten times. Everywhere that met the eyes were numerous grand buildings that formed continuous rows that were arranged closely together in an orderly manner. They continued on into the distance, and it was actually impossible to see the end of them!

Chen Xi stood there silently for a long time, and he didn’t alarm anyone as he walked in.

The surroundings of the Chen Clan Estate was densely covered in layer upon layer of restrictions, and it was sufficient to annihilate any Earthly Immortal. Such a defense could be considered as extravagance in a place like Ancient Hall.

However, all of this only existed in name to Chen Xi. He walked step by step through space, and he saw numerous Chen Clan disciples, servants, guards… Unfortunately, all of these faces were very unfamiliar to him, and he practically didn’t recognize any of them.

There were numerous obscure and formidable auras residing in the depths of the estate. Obviously, it was the great figures of the Chen Clan. However, Chen Xi didn’t alarm them and headed directly towards the depths of the estate.

After a short moment, an archaic building appeared before his eyes.

The atmosphere here was silent. There were only two servants clearing up the yellowing fallen leaves before the building, and it wasn’t long before they finished sweeping the leaves and turned around to leave carefully.

This was the Chen Clan’s memorial hall!

After a few hundreds of years, the Chen Clan had changed, most of the faces in the clan had become unfamiliar, yet the memorial hall before his eyes was still like it was all those years ago. It was ancient, solemn, and hadn’t changed at all.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and walked step by step into it.

The memorial hall was spacious and silent. Numerous memorial tablets were placed there, and the surroundings burned with Wyrm Marrow Candles that burned eternally. They emanated expanses of bright light that illuminated every single memorial tablet within the memorial hall.

Chen Xi swept all the memorial tablets with his gaze, and his gaze finally descended onto a memorial tablet at the center. The name Chen Tianli was inscribed on this memorial tablet.

Chen Xi walked forward and knelt silently while numerous scenes of the past flashed within his mind.

“Xi’er, Grandfather has given the best to Little Hao, Grandfather has…been unfair to you.”

“You can’t cultivate, so help Grandfather take good care of Little Hao because he’s the hope of our Chen Clan!”

“You…won’t blame Grandfather for being biased, right?”

“Remember! You must live on!”

In his daze, his Grandfather, Chen Tianli’s, instructions and sighs reverberated once more in his mind, and he seemed to have returned to his youth.

At that time, he was quiet, reserved, and sedate. He was ridiculed as a Jinx and Deadpan Chen, and even his cultivation was unable to improve, causing his Grandfather to be sad for countless days and nights…

Yet now, all of this had passed. No one dared to call him a Jinx again. He’d become a Saint Immortal, and most importantly, it wouldn’t be long before he would be able to take revenge for all the members of the Chen Clan that perished all those years ago!

Grandfather, how nice would it be if you were still alive… After a long time, Chen Xi stood up and stared silently at Chen Tianli’s memorial tablet for a long time, and he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

Hmm? After that, his brows raised, and he turned around to walk out of the memorial hall. He noticed with a raise of his eyes that a young boy around the age of three or four was jogging over here, and then he sat cross-legged before the memorial hall.

The young boy had an extremely handsome appearance. He had bright and jet black eyes that were like stars that had been cleansed by a clear spring, and his little face was covered in a solemn and tranquil expression as he sat cross-legged on the ground.

However, in Chen Xi’s eyes, this little fellow was extremely cute, and he couldn’t help but walk forward and squat down before he asked. “Little Fellow, what’s your name? Why’re you here?”

The figure of the little boy froze, and he opened his large black eyes with shock before swiftly standing up and looking vigilantly at Chen Xi. He said with a sweet and childish voice, “Who’re you? Why haven’t I seen you before? Quickly tell me the truth, otherwise, my Father won’t show you any mercy!”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile when he saw this little boy berating him in a serious manner, and he raised his hand to pinch the little fellows cheek before he said, “Since it’s like that, then tell me who your father is and let me see if he can show me mercy or not.”

Having his cheek pinched by this unfamiliar person before him caused the young boy to be extremely angry, and he said, “Outrageous! How can the face of a man or the hand of a woman be casually touched by anyone?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he almost doubted his hearing. This little fellow is only so young, yet he seems to know a great deal.

Chen Xi’s face immediately turned grim. “Little Fellow, quickly tell me who your father is, otherwise, I’ll take you away from here!”

The young boy crossed his arms before his chest and grunted before he said with disdain, “I, Chen Baobao, am a true man that’s upstanding and dauntless. I’m not afraid of you at all! Try me if you dare!”

Chen Xi suddenly started smiling. This little fellow is truly too interesting. Chen Baobao? I wonder whose child he is.

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