Chapter 1416 – Sighing With Emotion All Along The Way

Early morning on the next day, the sky had just started to brighten when Chen Xi swiftly left Dawn City with Dou Dian.

In the recent years, because of the Xeno-race invasion, numerous dynasties within Ancient Hall had collapsed and had been wiped out in a single day.

The situation wasn’t good for the Darchu Dynasty either. It practically suffered the attacks of the Xeno-race army from all directions at all times. Especially the border cities, battles erupted there every single day.

Because of this, the various powers in the Darchu Dynasty’s cultivation world had joined forces, and they were commanded by the current Emperor Chu to resist the invasion of the Xeno-race.

Presently, Duanmu Ze was the Patriarch of the Duanmu Clan, and he possessed a cultivation at the Earthly Immortal Realm. He’d been deployed to hold down the fort at Dawn City and lead the cultivators in the city to resist the Xeno-race, so he was utterly unable to free himself from these duties in a short period of time.

It was precisely because of this that he was unable to accompany Chen Xi back to the southern territory.

Before he left, Chen Xi left behind some Immortal Stones, Immortal Artifacts, and Immortal techniques that were beneficial to Duanmu Ze’s cultivation. He was very well aware that it was impossible for him to stay in the Mortal Dimension for too...

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