Chapter 1415 – Unexpectedly Meeting An Old Friend

As he spoke, Chen Xi’s figure flashed while his aura suddenly changed. A mighty aura that was murderous and slaughterous surged out, and he seemed like a peerless divine king that looked down upon the world.

This was the aura he’d attained through experiencing countless battles and slaughters. It was like mountains of corpses and oceans of blood; it was an aura that was obtained from experiencing countless battles while remaining invincible and annihilating innumerable formidable existences.

In an instant, he seemed to have become a completely different person.

Dou Dian opened her eyes wide from the side, and she seemed as if she didn’t know Chen Xi at all and was utterly shocked.


The imposing aura that surged out from Chen Xi was too formidable, and his peerless killing intent shot into the sky, causing the wind and clouds to be thrown into chaos while space in an area of 50,000km trembled and droned. Space seemed as if it was wailing and bowing in submission before a supreme king.

He walked step by step through space while Immortal Force was emanated from his entire body, causing his imposing aura to seem like that of a god that had descended into the mortal world. He was like an eternal monarch of the heavens that caused the energy of Dao Insights in the world to warp...

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