Chapter 1415 – Unexpectedly Meeting An Old Friend

As he spoke, Chen Xi’s figure flashed while his aura suddenly changed. A mighty aura that was murderous and slaughterous surged out, and he seemed like a peerless divine king that looked down upon the world.

This was the aura he’d attained through experiencing countless battles and slaughters. It was like mountains of corpses and oceans of blood; it was an aura that was obtained from experiencing countless battles while remaining invincible and annihilating innumerable formidable existences.

In an instant, he seemed to have become a completely different person.

Dou Dian opened her eyes wide from the side, and she seemed as if she didn’t know Chen Xi at all and was utterly shocked.


The imposing aura that surged out from Chen Xi was too formidable, and his peerless killing intent shot into the sky, causing the wind and clouds to be thrown into chaos while space in an area of 50,000km trembled and droned. Space seemed as if it was wailing and bowing in submission before a supreme king.

He walked step by step through space while Immortal Force was emanated from his entire body, causing his imposing aura to seem like that of a god that had descended into the mortal world. He was like an eternal monarch of the heavens that caused the energy of Dao Insights in the world to warp and change according to his will.

In other words, this area of 50,000km had been completely locked down by his vital energy, and not a single living being could escape!

This was still because 90% of Chen Xi’s strength had been sealed up. If he was at his prime, then not to mention a city or the entire Darchu Dynasty, even the entire Ancient Hall wouldn’t be able to endure the might of a single strike from him!

Even then, the strength Chen Xi possessed now was sufficient to move fearlessly through the Mortal Dimension and look down at all experts.

In an instant, the battle cries in the distant battlefield stopped abruptly!

No matter if it was the Xeno-race army or the cultivators that were stationed on the city. At this moment, all of them simultaneously felt a terrifying might descend upon them, and a wisp of coldness couldn’t help but surge in their hearts while their faces turned pale.

“Who is it!”

“Dammit! It’s actually a native!”

“On guard! Everyone on guard!”

When they sensed the terrifying and murderous might that suffused the air, the thousands of Xeno-race troops let out a wave of terrified roars.

“Calm yourselves! Allow me to deal with this little bastard!”


Space fluctuated as a Xeno-race expert charged over through space.

He had green hair that seemed like algae, an enormous figure, and a dark blue crystal was studded in the space between his brows. As soon as he made a move, he emanated a vast and lofty imposing aura. Shockingly, he was a General Rank Xeno-race expert that was equivalent to an Earthly Immortal!

“General Lan Teyi! It’s General Lan Teyi!”

When they saw him set out, all the Xeno-race troops instantly emanated a wave of cheers that shook the sky, and their expressions were filled with admiration towards this General Lan Teyi.

On the other hand, the expressions of all the cultivators on the city turned grim. They’d never expected that a General Rank existence was actually hidden amongst this Xeno-race army. In Ancient Hall, a Xeno-race expert of such rank was sufficient to be ranked at the peak and was extremely powerful!

However, it was unfortunate that he’d encountered Chen Xi this time.


When facing General Lan Teyi, Chen Xi didn’t even stop moving nor did he even spare a glance at him. Chen Xi casually swept out with his hand, and a wisp of sword qi slashed out.


At this instant, it seemed as if time had stopped. Under the astounded gazes of everyone in the surroundings, General Lan Teyi hadn’t even approached Chen Xi when his figure was suddenly slashed into two, and the strange thing was that he was still shouting loudly with a murderous look on his face…


Blue blood sprayed out explosively from General Lan Teyi’s severed body, and it dyed the sky blue. It was an extremely horrifying yet beautiful scene.

This scene caused everyone present in the surroundings to gasp, and they suddenly recovered from their stunned states.

General Lan Teyi was dead!

This existence that was at the General Rank wasn’t even able to resist a single strike of his opponent before he was slashed into two and perished in midair!

This scene occurred too quickly, and if they didn’t witness it with their own two eyes, there was probably no one that would be able to believe it.

“My Lord!”

“General Lan Teyi!”

“How could this have happened?”

“Damnable natives! Kill! Kill all of them!”

Suddenly, an uproar erupted amongst the Xeno-race army, and then an expanse of sorrowful howls resounded. After that, the Xeno-race army charged towards Chen Xi like tidewater.

Chen Xi stopped holding back when he saw this, and his figure flashed as he charged over!

At this moment, a myriad of sharp sword qi surged out explosively from his entire body. He was like a god of the sword, and everywhere he passed, patches of Xeno-race experts were easily annihilated, causing blood to spray into the sky while shrill howls shook the heavens.

This scene could be described as Chen Xi was unstoppable where his sword pointed, and everything was casually annihilated by him!

When looked at from afar, Chen Xi’s lone figure flashed about in the enormous Xeno-race army, and his sword was like a shocking ray that swept through the surroundings while his aura was that of a monarch that rules the world. He was extremely dazzling and resplendent to the point it was impossible to look directly at him.

Under this terrifying slaughter, the thousands of Xeno-race troops were like a tattered rag that was torn into pieces, causing corpses to pile into hills while blood covered the ground.

This scene was too shocking, and it caused all the cultivators in the distant city to be shocked speechless. They didn’t dare believe their eyes, and they felt as if they were witnessing a divine miracle.

It was a slaughter!

An absolute slaughter!

The handsome young man was simply like a god that had descended to the world, and he possessed boundless divine might!

Everyone was shocked speechless, and they were dumbstruck on the spot.

Thus, they only recovered from this shock when this battle had ended, and when they raised their eyes to look over once more, not a single enemy could be found on the vast plain outside the city.

The entire plain was covered in damaged corpses, pools of flowing blood, piles of bones… The nauseating smell of blood was still drifting through the air, and the smoke of war still remained in the heavens and the earth.

The Xeno-race army was completely annihilated!

In the entire battlefield, only a single tall and handsome figure was still standing. His backbone was ramrod straight while his gaze was like a bolt of lightning, and his dense long hair fluttered under the glow of the blood red sunset. It was an extremely shocking scene.

The atmosphere in the surroundings was perfectly silent.

Every single gaze that looked at Chen Xi carried a wisp of deep reverence and respect. No one dared to speak as they seemed to be deeply afraid of disturbing this solemn atmosphere.

Millions of corpses appear before the rage of an Emperor!

Even though this senior before them wasn’t an Emperor, he was even more terrifying that an Emperor of the mortal world! Because his opponents were over ten thousand Xeno-race experts, yet he’d annihilated them all in only a short moment, and this ability could be said to be extraordinary and capable of overturning the world.

Would anyone dare to not be reverent and respectful before such an extraordinary figure?

Chen Xi shook his head towards this. Even if he’d attained the Saint Immortal Realm now, he was still not used to being looked at by so many people.

He restrained the imposing aura emanated from his entire body, causing his entire body to recover its extraordinary, calm, and indifferent bearing. He gestured towards Dou Dian that stood in the distance and said, “Come over here, let’s enter the city.”

“Ah!” Dou Dian was jolted awake from her stunned state. Her mind was droning wildly from the shock she experienced from those scenes from before, and she unconsciously walked towards Chen Xi when she heard Chen Xi call out to her.

When he saw a wisp of shock still remained between the young woman’s brows, Chen Xi shrugged helplessly and held her hand, and then he walked towards the city as he said, “I asked you to close your eyes at the beginning, yet you just had to not listen to me. Now you feel terrified, huh?”

Dou Dian mumbled obediently and didn’t dare say anything. Her hand was being held by Chen Xi, and as she sensed the warmth the came from her palm, the terror in her heart couldn’t help but dissipate greatly. Her heart gradually calmed down, and she felt at ease.

The two of them walked into the city, and all along the way, not a single person dared to stop them. It was even to the extent that no one dared to speak rashly, and voices a single voice resounded when Chen Xi and Dou Dian’s figures were about to vanish behind the city gates.

“You… You’re… Chen Xi?” The voice was hesitant and revealed a trace of anxiety.

However, when Chen Xi heard these words, his heart shook. He swiftly turned around and saw a thin and handsome middle aged man looked at him from within the crowd of cultivators, and that middle aged man’s gaze carried a wisp of surprise, doubt, and disbelief.

The familiarity Chen Xi felt grew deeper the more he gazed at the middle aged man, and he couldn’t help but probe. “Brother Duanmu?”

When he heard Chen Xi, the thin and handsome middle aged man’s figure froze, and a wisp of excitement surged out abruptly from his gaze. He cried out. “You…really are Chen Xi!”

A wisp of a dazed feeling surged out from Chen Xi’s heart. He really is Duanmu Ze!

All those years ago when he was at Pine Mist City, he’d relied on his relationship with Du Qingxi to become acquainted with Dragon Lake City’s Duanmu Ze and Song Lin. Moreover, they’d participated in the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain trials together. Later on, their relationship became extremely deep, and they became friends that could speak about everything.

However, they hadn’t seen each other for a very long time!

Since Chen Xi left Darchu Dynasty to enter the Dark Reverie, they’d lost all contact with each other. Now, they’d unexpectedly met with each other in Dawn City, and the excitement they felt was obvious.

“Ancestor Duanmu, who’s this senior?”

“Chen Xi? Which Chen Xi? It wouldn’t be that legendary figure that came from the southern territory’s Pine Mist City, right? But I heard that legendary figure has ascended from the Dark Reverie and headed to the Immortal Dimension?”

“My god! This fellow, Duanmu Ze, actually knows this senior. When has the Duanmu Clan been capable of making friends with an expert of such level?”

When they saw Chen Xi and Duanmu Ze recognize each other, many cultivators in the surroundings erupted into an uproar. They didn’t dare believe that Duanmu Ze actually knew this senior before them.

“Brother Duanmu, let’s look for a different place to have a proper chat!” Chen Xi hurriedly restrained his thoughts when he noticed this, and he notified Duanmu Ze. The latter knew that this place wasn’t suitable to talk, so he immediately left along with Chen Xi.

Within a restaurant in Dawn City.

Chen Xi and Duanmu Ze drunk wine as they chatted, whereas Dou Dian obediently poured wine for them from the side.

When old friends met, there was naturally too much to speak about.

At the beginning, Duanmu Ze was slightly reserved, yet he eased up after drinking more wine, and he sighed emotionally without end, and he told Chen Xi about everything that had occurred within Darchu Dynasty in the past few years.

These matters naturally included the changes in Pine Mist City’s Chen Clan, the current lives of Du Qingxi and Song Lin, and the stories of some of his other old friends…

Chen Xi just listened silently, and in his daze, he felt as if he’d returned to the years of the past, causing him to sigh endlessly with emotion in his heart. In the blink of an eye, a few hundreds of years have passed, yet who would have imagined that so many changes would have occurred to all those people and matters of the past.

This was the ability of time. It didn’t just change people and objects; it even changed the pathways of everyone’s fate.

“Right, didn’t you ascend to the Immortal Dimension a long time ago? Why have you suddenly returned to the Darchu Dynasty this time?” asked Duanmu Ze abruptly, causing Chen Xi to return to his senses from his recollection.


When she heard these words, Dou Dian’s entire figure froze, causing the wine cup in her hand to suddenly fall to the ground and shatter into pieces. Ascend to the Immortal Dimension? Senior Chen Xi…is actually an Immortal?!

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