Chapter 1414 – A Sword Strike That Shook The World

Ruins laid across the land while corpses covered the surroundings.

The entire city had transformed into ruins now. It was covered in desolation, and severed limbs, pools of blood, and smashed up corpses could be seen all over. Even the air was still suffused with a strand of dense aura of blood and death.

The setting sun glowed blood red in the horizon, and it added a desolate and tragic aura to this scene.

This was Southcloud City!

Yet now, it no longer existed, and it was completely devoid of vitality!

When she saw such a scene, Dou Dian was utterly stunned on the spot. Her pupils dilated while she clenched her fists together tightly, and even her soul seemed to have left her body.

“How could this have happened? I just…left for less than a day of time… How could it…?” Dou Dian’s entire body shivered while she stuttered, and her voice carried extraordinary sorrow while two rows of warm tears couldn’t help but flow down. She was grieved to the extreme. Later on, she seemed as if she’d lost all strength, and she squatted on the ground while staring blankly at the city in silence.

Chen Xi’s icy cold gaze watched all of this, and he suddenly felt slightly regretful in his heart. He felt that he shouldn’t have brought her here to witness such a scene.

“Hmm? There are actually some natives that’re still alive!”

“Go kill those two little natives!”


“Don’t fight with me for this opportunity! I lack two more heads to complete my assignment for today!”

Right at this moment, a wave of clamorous shouts resounded from the distant Southcloud City that had transformed into ruins, and then numerous figures tore through the sky as they approached.

All these figures were in all sorts of shapes and forms. Some had numerous tentacles, some wore layers of scale armor, some had four eyes, some even possessed the bodies of beasts. Obviously, all of these were members of the Xeno-race.

There were around a few tens of Xeno-race experts. After they noticed Chen Xi and Dou Dian, all of them revealed murderous, savage, and bloodthirsty expressions as they fought to be the first to kill Chen Xi and Dou Dian.

Dou Dian’s crying stopped abruptly, and then she swiftly stood up while her sorrowful expression was replaced by a wisp of terror. She hurriedly grabbed Chen Xi’s sleeve and said with a trembling voice, “Senior, Senior, let’s flee quickly! “ She seemed to be in panic.

“Flee? It’s too late! Hahaha! This little native girl looks pretty good. It wouldn’t be too late to kill her after I have some fun with her!” A Xeno-race expert that was an entire 27m tall and was completely covered in snow white spikes tore through the sky and arrived before them.

He held a blood red sledgehammer in his hand, and the sledgehammer had already smashed down before he arrived here. A strong gust of wind whistled through the air, and it carried dense a blood red baleful glow that was extremely shocking.

However, in Chen Xi’s eyes, this fellow was like an ant, and it wasn’t threatening at all no matter how this fellow displayed his ferocity.

Chen Xi didn’t move at all, and he just raised his head and glanced at the fellow.

After that, the charging figure of that Xeno-race expert suddenly stopped in midair. When looked at from afar, he was like an insect that had been frozen in ice, and his face still carried a savage smile, causing this scene to seem indescribable strange.

Dou Dian was originally terrified, yet she couldn’t help but be stunned when she saw such a scene. What’s going on?

“Ninth Brother, you idiot! Why aren’t you attacking?” A Xeno-race expert that rushed over from behind couldn’t help but push him with anger.


Along with this action, the figure of that Xeno-race expert that was called ‘Ninth Brother’ suddenly exploded into countless pieces of flesh, and it rained down to the ground.

Even the blood red sledgehammer in his hand transformed into powder that dispersed into the air!

All of this occurred in a mere instant. When the other Xeno-race experts rushed over, they just happened to witness such a horrifying scene, and it caused all their pupils to constrict while they felt extremely shocked in their hearts.

What’s going on? This scene was too strange, and it caused them to feel incomprehensible terror. Their movement slowed down as well before their gazes locked onto Chen Xi in the end, and they had indeterminate expressions. Could it have been done by this native?

“Damnable native! Was Ninth Brother killed by you?” A Xeno-race expert that had four eyes summoned up the courage to shout in a grim voice.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath on this Xeno-race expert. He flicked his sleeve before he said to Dou Dian, “Let’s go.”

Go? Dou Dian was dazed, and then her pupils constricted.

Because she noticed that the figures of those few tens of Xeno-race experts actually started shattering like paper and transformed into powder before a mere flick of Chen Xi’s sleeve, and then this powder was blown away by the wild and vanished completely!

This scene even terrified Dou Dian to the point her scalp went numb. That was a few tens of Xeno-race experts, yet they actually transformed into powder and vanished in the blink of an eye?

Doesn’t this mean that the cultivation of this senior by my side has already attained an unbelievable height, and these Xeno-race experts are no different than ants before him?

Dou Dian once more felt a wave of shock in her heart. Exactly who is this senior? How could he possibly be so formidable? Why would such an expert like him have no knowledge about the current situation in the cultivation world?

At this moment, Chen Xi had become a mysterious existence in Dou Dian’s opinion, and his entire body carried an unfathomable aura.


Chen Xi didn’t feel there was anything wrong with his actions. He thought for a moment, and in the end, he stretched out his hand to grab a sword from the ruins before he pierced it into the ground.

After that, he turned around and left while bringing Dou Dian along with him.

“Hmm? Where are they?”

“Where’s Ninth Brother and the others?”

Not long after Chen Xi and Dou Dian left, a group of Xeno-race experts whistled through the sky and arrived here. All of their faces carried a trace of a bewildered expression because a group of their companions had actually vanished in broad daylight, and this was extremely strange.

“Hmm? This sword seems to be slightly unusual…” A Xeno-race expert noticed the sword Chen Xi left behind. He immediately walked forward and sized it up before pulling the sword out.


A clear sword howl shot into the sky, and it shattered the clouds in the surroundings!

The expressions of all the Xeno-race experts changed, and they felt terrified and uneasy.


Before they could make any reaction, a strand of a terrifying sword qi rumbled as it swept out. It was like a gale that swept through everything in its path, and those Xeno-race experts didn’t even have the chance to let out a shrill howl before they were all obliterated into nothingness!

After that, the strand of terrifying sword qi swept out at an extremely shocking speed, and it instantly flashed through Southcloud City that was in ruins.

There were over 10,000 Xeno-race experts stationed in Southcloud City, yet at this instant, all of them were annihilated by this wisp of sword qi as if they’d melted into water, and nothing was left behind!

When that wisp of sword qi completely effused out, the entire Southcloud City had become completely silent. Only the howls of the wind still whistled through the air, and it seemed to be terrified of that world shocking scene from before.


A flowing ray of light flickered through space and teleported through the air.

Unfortunately, the space in the Mortal Dimension is too weak, and it has greatly restricted my speed of teleportation. Once I exert too much strength, then I’ll probably leave behind expanses of spatial rifts, and that’s undoubtedly a calamity to the living beings that reside here… Chen Xi sighed lightly as he teleported.

If he was in the Immortal Dimension, then with his current strength, traversing a few millions of kilometers would only take a short moment for him. However, now that he was in the Mortal Dimension, he had to spend ten minutes to traverse such a distance.

This wasn’t his own limit, and it was the limits of the World Energy here. Once he exceeded it, Chen Xi would be fine, yet a calamity would occur in this expanse of the heavens and the earth because numerous spatial rifts would be created, and they would bring disaster to all the other inhabitants of this minor world.

“Are you alright?” Chen Xi inadvertently turned his head and saw Dou Dian having a dumbstruck expression.

“I’m… I’m…” Dou Dian hurriedly shook her head and returned to her senses. After that, a wisp of reverence and admiration surged onto her delicate and fair face as she said, “This is teleportation. Senior…are you an Earthly Immortal?”

Before Chen Xi could answer her, she continued. “No wonder you were so formidable. Right, do you have a disciple? What do you think of my natural talent? Even though I’m slightly stupid, I’m very hardworking when it comes to cultivating.”

As she spoke, she looked at Chen Xi with a hopeful expression.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he said after quite some time, “I have too many things to do, so I’m afraid I’m unable to take you as my disciple.”

This was equivalent to a refusal, causing the hope in Dou Dian’s eyes to gradually dim down, and she said with a smile after a long time, “Senior, I’m sorry, I was rash earlier.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she fell into silence.

Her parents had perished when she was a young age, causing her to wander from place to place, and then only reason she was able to grow up all alone until now was none other than a firm and optimistic attitude.

Because she firmly believed that since the heavens allowed her to survive, then the heavens would definitely not leave her alone without caring about her. So, she always felt that her luck wasn’t bad.

Even though…she couldn’t help but encounter some setbacks sometimes.

“I’ll introduce you to a good teacher after we arrive at the Darchu Dynasty. I guarantee that your master won’t be inferior to Chen Yu and Chen An.” Chen Xi’s voice sounded out by her ears, and it carried a warm force that comforted the heart, causing Dou Dian’s entire body to stiffen while a wisp of indescribable warmth surged out from her heart. She took a deep breath and said with a clear voice as she smiled, “Mmm, thank you Senior.”

As he gazed at the firm, optimistic, and radiant smile revealed by the young woman, Chen Xi started smiling as well. Meeting this little girl right after descending to the Mortal Dimension is a type of fortune as well, right?

He’d decided that he would at least make arrangements for this little girl before he left the Mortal Dimension.

As they chatted, waves of surging battle cries resounded abruptly from the distance.

Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving, and his extremely cold gaze swept over like a bolt of lightning.

This was a vast plain, and a mighty city stood towering in the distant horizon. At this moment, a large-scaled battle was being carried out in the plains before that city.

A Xeno-race army that was dense like tidewater covered the heavens and the earth as it charged towards the mighty city. A baleful glow shot into the sky while the glow of blood shot into the surroundings, and their impetus was extremely shocking.

On the other hand, the opponents of the Xeno-race army were row after row of cultivators. They were stationed on the city and spared no efforts to fight the Xeno-race army. They fought to the point the heavens and the earth dimmed down, and the battle seemed to be extremely intense.

Chen Xi glanced over and looked carefully. He noticed that large-scale formations densely covered the city from both inside out. Coupled with those cultivators that possessed formidable strengths, if nothing unexpected happened, then the Xeno-race army would probably not attain victory in this battle.

So, this is Dawn City that’s at the northern border of Darchu Dynasty… I’m finally here… Chen Xi’s immortal sense swept out swiftly and covered an area of 50,000km, and he gathered some information that was useful to him from the extremely clamorous voices in this area.

In the next moment, his figure flashed, and he led Dou Dian along towards the battlefield.

“Senior…you intend to slaughter your way into the Xeno-race army?” Dou Dian opened her eyes wide and spoke with shock.

“Are you afraid? If you are, then close your eyes. Don’t worry, it’ll end very quickly…” A wisp of a smile suffused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth, and his eyes were already piercingly cold when he looked towards the distant battlefield.

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