Chapter 1414 – A Sword Strike That Shook The World

Ruins laid across the land while corpses covered the surroundings.

The entire city had transformed into ruins now. It was covered in desolation, and severed limbs, pools of blood, and smashed up corpses could be seen all over. Even the air was still suffused with a strand of dense aura of blood and death.

The setting sun glowed blood red in the horizon, and it added a desolate and tragic aura to this scene.

This was Southcloud City!

Yet now, it no longer existed, and it was completely devoid of vitality!

When she saw such a scene, Dou Dian was utterly stunned on the spot. Her pupils dilated while she clenched her fists together tightly, and even her soul seemed to have left her body.

“How could this have happened? I just…left for less than a day of time… How could it…?” Dou Dian’s entire body shivered while she stuttered, and her voice carried extraordinary sorrow while two rows of warm tears couldn’t help but flow down. She was grieved to the extreme. Later on, she seemed as if she’d lost all strength, and she squatted on the ground while staring blankly at the city in silence.

Chen Xi’s icy cold gaze watched all of this, and he suddenly felt slightly regretful in his heart. He felt that he shouldn’t have brought her here to witness such a scene.

“Hmm? There are actually...

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