Chapter 1413 – Traces Of The Xeno-race

Big Pervert? Big fat liar? Chen Xi felt helpless, and then he took a glance at the surroundings before suddenly stretching out his hand and performing a grabbing motion.

In his vicinity was a mountain ridge that rose and fell continuously. It was surrounded by luxuriant mountains and a river flowed between them. Along with this motion from Chen Xi, one of these enormous peaks rumbled before it was lifted up from the ground.


After that, a spirit vein that was thick like a dragon flew out from beneath the mountain like a dazzling ray of light, and it was firmly grabbed by Chen Xi.

Chen Xi swiped with his hand, and the thick spirit vein started to burn and melt rapidly before it finally transformed into extremely pure spirit liquid. He placed all of this spirit liquid into a jade bottle, and it was an entire 5,000 plus kilograms in weight.

“Uh, this spirit liquid is sufficient to compensate you, right?” Chen Xi passed the jade bottle over.

Dou Dian had been stunned by this scene a long time ago. Her bright and pitch black gem-like starry eyes were opened wide, and her face was covered in shock. She felt that everything she saw earlier was simply like a dream.

After all, she...

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