Chapter 1413 – Traces Of The Xeno-race

Big Pervert? Big fat liar? Chen Xi felt helpless, and then he took a glance at the surroundings before suddenly stretching out his hand and performing a grabbing motion.

In his vicinity was a mountain ridge that rose and fell continuously. It was surrounded by luxuriant mountains and a river flowed between them. Along with this motion from Chen Xi, one of these enormous peaks rumbled before it was lifted up from the ground.


After that, a spirit vein that was thick like a dragon flew out from beneath the mountain like a dazzling ray of light, and it was firmly grabbed by Chen Xi.

Chen Xi swiped with his hand, and the thick spirit vein started to burn and melt rapidly before it finally transformed into extremely pure spirit liquid. He placed all of this spirit liquid into a jade bottle, and it was an entire 5,000 plus kilograms in weight.

“Uh, this spirit liquid is sufficient to compensate you, right?” Chen Xi passed the jade bottle over.

Dou Dian had been stunned by this scene a long time ago. Her bright and pitch black gem-like starry eyes were opened wide, and her face was covered in shock. She felt that everything she saw earlier was simply like a dream.

After all, she was only at the Golden Hall Realm, so when had she even seen such extraordinary and shocking ability capable of moving mountains?

All of this had exceeded her understanding. Thus, at this moment, she was stunned like a little fool, and she stared blankly and speechlessly.

“Take it quickly.” Chen Xi glanced at her with an amused expression, and he pushed the jade bottle into her hand.

Only then did Dou Dian return to her senses, and she couldn’t help but gasp as she looked at the entire 5,000 plus kilograms of spirit liquid in the jade bottle. My god! So much spirit liquid is sufficient to buy a few tens of top-grade profound-rank swords!

After that, she couldn’t help but raise her head and stare at Chen Xi, and then she asked with a stutter. “You…you… Exactly who’re you?”

“Didn’t you call me a big pervert? Oh, and a big fat liar too.” Chen Xi teased her.

Dou Dian’s fair and delicate little face instantly flushed red, and she stuck out her tongue. “A great figure doesn’t harbor grievance for the wrongs of a nobody. Senior, stop making fun of me.”


Making fun?

Chen Xi was speechless, and then he said, “Alright. I’m about to leave. Can you tell me where this is?”

Dou Dian didn’t cry or make noise anymore, and she obediently answered him with a clear voice. “Dragon Vanquish Mountain Range outside Darsong Dynasty’s Southcloud City.”

Darsong Dynasty? Chen Xi suddenly recalled that Darsong Dynasty seemed to be situated at the north of Darchu Dynasty, and there were a few millions of kilometers in between the two dynasties.

However, this little bit of distance was obviously nothing to Chen Xi now.

“Senior, where are you headed. Why don’t you allow me to guide you there?” Dou Dian excitedly offered up her services, and her pair of bright eyes gazed at Chen Xi with a wisp of anticipation.

“A single bottle of spirit liquid was sufficient to buy you over?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but tease her when he heard this.

Dou Dian didn’t act bashfully this time, and she said in a composed manner, “I’m not doing this to gain your favor. It’s just because I noticed that you’re unfamiliar with this area, and I can’t bear to see you get lost.”

Chen Xi smiled. If it was any other person that saw his ability, that person would definitely be terrified out of his or her wits. However, this little girl seemed to be very casual about it, and her expression and actions didn’t carry any fear or reverence, causing her to seem rather unusual.

But right after that, his expression turned cold before he said with a frown. “Is the Southcloud City you spoke of 1,500km away from here?”

Dou Dian was stunned, and then she nodded. “Yes. Senior, are you heading to Southcloud City? I grew up there since I was young, and I’m extremely familiar with the place.”

Chen Xi’s frown grew deeper when he heard this. “Is the current cultivation world not so peaceful?”

Not so peaceful? Dou Dian seemed to have thought of something and suddenly cried out involuntarily. “It wouldn’t be the Xeno-race army, right?”

A cold light flashed in Chen Xi’s eyes. It really is like that!

Earlier, he’d instantly enveloped an area of 50,000km with a sweep of his Immortal Sense, so he was naturally able to detect Southcloud City that Dou Dian spoke about. At this moment, it had already been reduced to ruins since a long time ago, and the figures of Xeno-race experts could be frequently seen within these ruins.

He’d killed numerous Xeno-race experts while at the Ninth Hell and Outerealm Battlefield. However, comparatively speaking, the Xeno-race experts in Southcloud City were extremely weak in comparison, and they were entirely unable to compare with the Xeno-race at the Immortal Dimension.

However, it made sense because this was a minor world in the Mortal Dimension, so Xeno-race experts who were able to appear here definitely didn’t possess really formidable strengths.

According to Chen Xi’s knowledge, the strength of the Xeno-race experts was divided into the Blackiron Rank, Bronze Rank, Silver Rank, Gold Rank, Violet Crystal Rank, General Rank, and Marquis Rank.

These ranks roughly corresponded to the Violet Palace, Golden Hall, Golden Core, Rebirth, Nether Transformation, Earthly Immortal, and Heavenly Immortal Realms of the cultivators in the three dimensions.

At this moment, the Xeno-race experts that had appeared within Southcloud City were mostly at the Silver Rank which was equivalent to the Golden Core Realm, and only a few of them were Gold Rank existences that were equivalent to the Rebirth Realm.

Such a force was nothing in Chen Xi’s eyes, yet to the cultivators in a small dynasty within a minor world of the Mortal Dimension, it was sufficient to destroy an entire city!

After all, the strongest cultivator in the southern territory’s Pine Mist City all those years ago was merely at the Golden Hall Realm!

The Xeno-race have actually started to wreak havoc in the minor worlds… Chen Xi sighed in his heart. A long time ago in the Dark Reverie, he’d once seen the scene of numerous Xeno-race armies wreaking havoc throughout the Dark Reverie. However, the Dark Reverie was a large world after all, so the appearance of Xeno-race experts wasn’t a rare sight.

Yet now, Xeno-race experts had actually even appeared within minor worlds, and this was a serious problem.

Chen Xi even suspected that all of this was indicating that the upheaval of the three dimensions had already started to gradually affect all the myriad of worlds in the universe…

When he thought up to here, he asked Dou Dian directly. “When did the Xeno-race army appear?”

“Over a hundred years ago. I don’t know the exact time. But since I was born, those damnable Xeno-race had already started to kill and pillage through Darsong Dynasty.” When she mentioned the Xeno-race, Dou Dian’s pretty face was covered in a wisp of hatred that was impossible to conceal, and she said furiously, “My parents and friends all perished at the hands of the Xeno-race. Those fellows are simply heinous! If I wasn’t rescued to Southcloud City by a kind person, I would have probably been killed by them…”

As she finished speaking, Dou Dian was angered to the point her entire body trembled.

Chen Xi patted her on the shoulder to console her, and then he asked. “Then do you know exactly how large the Xeno-race army is?”

“I don’t. At any rate, I heard from other Fellow Daoists that Dartang, Darkhan, and another eight dynasties have already been captured by the Xeno-race. Everywhere they pass, nothing is left behind, and countless people have perished at their hands…” Dou Dian took a deep breath while her voice carried a trace of sorrow. “If this continues, then it won’t be long before my Darsong Dynasty will be annihilated as well…”

Chen Xi sighed in his heart. Never had he imagined that during these years where he’d left this minor world, so many things would have actually occurred. After that, his heart constricted as he asked. “What about the Darchu Dynasty?”

Dou Dian seemed to have thought of something, and her eyes lit up before she said, “Could it be that you intend to seek refuge at the Darchu Dynasty?”

Chen Xi was stunned. “What do you mean by that?”

Dou Dian was extremely surprised when she noticed that he didn’t even know this. His strength is so formidable, yet he doesn’t even know about the situation within the Darchu Dynasty?

Dou Dian couldn’t help but ask. “Haven’t you heard? Only the Darchu Dynasty has been able to stand its ground against the Xeno-race army until now?”

“No. Continue.” Chen Xi shook his head.

“Actually, I’m not really aware of the situation. I only heard from others that most of the cultivators from the other dynasties fled to the Darchu Dynasty in order to survive. They said that the Darchu Dynasty possesses numerous formidable figures guarding it, causing the Xeno-race army to be unable to do anything to it.” Dou Dian swiftly spoke about everything she knew. “Right, you’ve probably heard of Chen Yu and Chen An, right? They’re currently the pillars of the Darchu Dynasty, and they’ve killed countless generals of the Xeno-race army. It’s precisely because of their presence that the Darchu Dynasty was able to stand its ground.”

Dou Dian’s eyes instantly lit up when she mentioned these two great figures, Chen An and Chen Yu, and her voice carried a trace of admiration. As she spoke, she’d completely not noticed that Chen Xi’s expression had become slightly strange.

“I heard from a friend that Seniors Chen Yu and Chen An are both great figures that descended from the Dark Reverie, and they’re extremely formidable. I originally intended to head to the Darchu Dynasty, and it couldn’t be any better if I’m able to take one of these two great figures as my master!” As soon as she finished speaking, Dou Dian’s face couldn’t help but carry a trace of anticipation.

Chen Xi was extremely dazed when he found out about all of this from a little girl. Those two little fellows, Chen Yu and Chen An have already grown to such an extent?

“How about it? Aren’t Seniors Chen Yu and Chen An extremely formidable? Presently, their reputation has spread throughout the cultivation world. I heard they’re even cousin brothers with an extremely good relationship.” When Dou Dian noticed Chen Xi’s stunned expression, she thought that he’d been shocked by Chen Yu and Chen An’s reputation, and she couldn’t help but console him. “However, you’re not weak as well. Even though you can’t compare to Seniors Chen An and Chen Yu, not a single person amongst the people I know can compare to you.”

Chen Xi was speechless, and he nodded before he said, “Based on what you said, they seem to be very formidable indeed.”

“What do you mean by seem?” Dou Dian glanced angrily at Chen Xi, and then she burst into laughter before she said in a clear voice, “Your tone really is sour. Is it because you’re envious of them?”

Envious? Chen Xi smiled bitterly. Would I envy my own son and nephew?

After that, he shook his head and said frankly, “I’m leaving. Right, I forgot to tell you. Southcloud City has already been destroyed by the Xeno-race, so I advise you not to return there.”

“What?” Dou Dian was horrified, and she was caught off guard by this piece of information. She said with disbelief. “You…don’t lie to me.”

Her voice carried a wisp of terror and confusion.

“You’ll understand after I take you there to have a look.” When he thought about how this little girl at the Golden Hall Realm had survived in these chaotic times with great difficulty, and she was about to lose the place she lived in once more, Chen Xi couldn’t bear to leave her by herself.

As he spoke, he flicked his sleeve, and he brought her along as he teleported and instantly vanished on the spot.

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