Chapter 1412 – Miss Dou Dian

Dou Dian was an independent cultivator from Darsong Dynasty’s Southcloud City, she was at her youth and around 28 years of age.

Dou Dian’s real name wasn’t Dou Dian, and it was because she was called this name countless times to the point that even she forgot her original name. She was beautiful and had a very bright and optimistic disposition, so even if she was an independent cultivator, she was very popular with others.

An optimistic young woman’s luck would be slightly better after all.

Yet today, she noticed that she was slightly unfortunate. She’d found a hot spring that contained thick spirit energy with great difficulty. Yet she just intended to have a comfortable bath when she noticed a fellow dropping from the sky and destroying everything right after she’d just removed her clothes to reveal her graceful and jade white figure.

This place was an expanse of desolate wilderness, and it was completely uninhabited. So, how could Dou Dian have expected something like this would occur? It shocked her to the point of shuddering, and she couldn’t even be bothered to put on her clothes before grabbing towards the space before her. She grabbed her sword in hand, and then executed a ferocious slash.

This fellow just had to appear at this moment. He’s obviously a huge pervert! One that specially came to peek on me while I’m bathing! It was precisely out of such a mentality that Dou Dian didn’t hold back at all, and she truly wished for nothing more than to slash this pervert in half.

After that, Chen Xi who was mistaken to be a pervert opened his eyes. He noticed this wisp of sword qi, and he instinctively stretched out his finger and flicked lightly.


The top-grade profound-rank sword collapsed inch by inch like paper and transformed into powder, and it trickled down into the clear hot spring below.

On the other hand, after suffering such a strike, Dou Dian felt her wrist crack and break before her entire body was blasted into the hot spring with a thump, and she let out a cry of pain.

Within a spacious and quiet gorge, clear white mist curled up towards the sky from a spring, and a young woman’s snow white and graceful figure was completely exposed while bathing. This scene was originally extremely beautiful, and it was pleasing to the eyes and gladdened the heart.

Yet now, along with a flick of Chen Xi’s finger, the spacious gorge wasn’t quiet any longer, and it was filled with the young woman’s terrified cries of pain. The murmuring spring water wasn’t calm any longer, and it thumped with waves while the young woman’s delicate figure struggled within it, and she seemed to be miserable and in a sorry state.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned by this scene. His gaze swept towards the neatly piled up clothing at the side of the hot spring and the young woman that was crying in pain within the hot spring, and he finally understood the situation he was in at this moment.


The first thing that happened upon me returning to the Mortal Dimension is that I actually fell into the hot spring where a young woman was bathing!

No wonder this young woman would slash her sword towards me without even saying a word. This method of descending to the Mortal Dimension really is slightly abrupt…

When he figured out all of this, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be slightly embarrassed. He hurriedly intended to assist her. “Are…are you alright?”

“Don’t come over here! Otherwise, even if I die, I won’t allow you to taint my body!” Dou Dian stuck her head out of the water in panic, and she let out sharp cries without end. Moreover, her pretty and white face was covered in rage.

After that, she gasped, and it was because of the intense pain from her broken right wrist. However, even then, she still didn’t let her guard down because the ‘pervert’ before her was obviously stronger than her, so she didn’t dare be careless in the slightest.

Coupled with this place being an expanse of desolate wilderness that was utterly uninhabited. If this pervert were to use force, then perhaps her pure body would be tainted today…

The more she thought about it, the more enraged Dou Dian felt, and the more helpless and panicked she felt.

Chen Xi was at a loss for whether to laugh or cry as he looked at her.

I’ve really been misunderstood! Chen Xi sighed in his heart, and then his figure flashed before he’d already arrived at the side of the hot spring before moving swiftly. “Miss, wear your clothes first. Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you at all.”

In the end, he stopped in a verdant and luxuriant forest, and then he sat down cross-legged.

He gazed at the scorching sun in the sky and felt the extremely scarce spirit energy in the heavens and the earth, and Chen Xi finally confirmed that he’d indeed descended into the Mortal Dimension.

I presume this is the minor world, Ancient Hall… Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought. According to the information he possessed, his hometown, the Darchu Dynasty, was within this minor world called Ancient Hall.

He started to carefully sense the energy in the heavens and the earth, and he noticed that it was different indeed. It was even to the extent that he clearly sensed the energy of the Heaven Dao above the sky wasn’t complete, and it was like a layer of shattered glass covered the area above the sky.

At the same time, the spirit energy within the world was extremely weak and muddy, and he wasn’t able to sense even a trace of Immortal Energy at all. Moreover, even the energy of space within this world was extremely fragile. Chen Xi suspected that a light flick of his finger was capable of destroying this expanse of the heavens and the earth.

Sure enough, everything in the Mortal Dimension is different from the Immortal Dimension. Chen Xi was very clearly aware that it wasn’t the spirit energy of the heavens and the earth that had become scarce, or that the Heaven Dao Laws weren’t formidable. It was merely because he’d long possessed strength that greatly exceeded this world, and that was the reason that he had such feelings.

At the same time, Chen Xi started to sense the strength he possessed. He noticed that his cultivation at the Saint Immortal Realm had actually been sealed by around 90%. Moreover, he was only able to utilize the energy of the Heaven Dao Laws and was unable to utilize the might of Allheaven Divine Crests or even his incomplete Saint Dao Law. Even his Immortal Sense was restricted, and he was only able to sense the scenes in an area of 50,000km.

Fortunately, I still possess my combat experience and ability. If I were to encounter a Heavenly Immortal in the Mortal Dimension, then it would definitely be the Heavenly Immortal that perished… Chen Xi pondered deeply for a long time before he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. After he returned to the Mortal Dimension, he noticed that he’d transformed from a ferocious tiger into a sickly cat.

However, this was only a feeling he had. If he were to be compared to those cultivators of the Mortal Dimension, then no matter how high their cultivations were, they were no different to ants and weren’t threatening to him at all.

This wasn’t exaggerated. After all, Chen Xi stood at the peak of the Saint Immortal Realm while in the Immortal Dimension. So even if he’d descended to the Mortal Dimension now and had 90% of his strength sealed up, the strength he possessed was still something that cultivators of the Mortal Dimension were unable to come close to.

Hmm? While Chen Xi was in deep contemplation, he suddenly noticed that the young woman he frightened earlier had finished wearing her clothes neatly a long time ago, yet she was fleeing towards the other direction!

Looks like this little girl’s misunderstanding of me is rather deep… Chen Xi rubbed his nose. In the end, he chased after her. It couldn’t be helped. He’d destroyed a magic treasure of hers earlier and broke her right wrist. If he didn’t do anything about it, then he would feel regretful in his heart.

Dammit! Truly damnable! He peeped on me and actually said he isn’t interested in me! Bastard! I’ll definitely slashed that pervert into minced meat once I become stronger! As she flew, Dou Dian muttered in her heart and fiercely cursed that pervert from before, causing her beautiful and white oval face to be covered in embarrassment and anger.


A figure appeared out of thin air before her, and it caused her to almost fall into his embrace.

“AHHH! It’s you! What else do you want! Weren’t you uninterested in me!?” Dou Dian’s body jolted with shock, and she cried out sharply without end.

Chen Xi shrugged helplessly. “Would you believe me if I said that all of this was a misunderstanding?”

“A misunderstanding? Ptooey! As if I would believe a pervert like you!” Dou Dian opened her eyes wide as she spat fiercely, and then she turned around and fled with all her might.

Unfortunately, Chen Xi obstructed her path once more with a swish. This time, Chen Xi didn’t waste his breath and said directly, “Stretch out your right hand.”

Dou Dian was shocked, and then she stared at Chen Xi with rage while she shouted. “Give up! I, Dou Dian, would rather die than submit!”

“Oh, so you’re called Dou Dian?” Chen Xi started smiling instead. He suddenly noticed that this young miss was rather cute. This time, he didn’t speak again, and he raised his hand to grab her right wrist before utilizing his Immortal Force to fix her bones.

However, Dou Dian misunderstood him. When she saw that she was caught off guard and her right hand had been grabbed by this pervert, she instantly swung her left hand at Chen Xi’s face.

At the same time, she raised her right leg and stomped it fiercely down towards Chen Xi’s nether regions.

Unfortunately, this slap and kick of hers seemed as if it had fallen into a shapeless swamp, and it was weak and without the slightest shred of strength, causing it to be stopped 30cm before Chen Xi.

Dou Dian was stunned once more when she saw this, and she finally understood that this pervert’s strength far exceeded her own. For a time, she was both sorrowful and furious in her heart, and then she suddenly started wailing. “Bastard! Bastard! This young miss…”

Right at this moment, Chen Xi let go of her right wrist. As he looked at Dou Dian that was covered in tears, he said angrily, “Quickly try it out and see if your wrist is better.”

“Better my ass!” Dou Dian cried as she cursed, yet her voice stopped abruptly right after that. She opened her eyes wide and looked with disbelief at her right hand that she could utilize freely. It’s actually…really better!

Dou Dian instantly stopped crying, and she looked vigilantly at Chen Xi with her swollen and bright almond shaped eyes. “You said…all of this is a misunderstanding?”

Chen Xi said helplessly, “Of course it was a misunderstanding. Have you seen any pervert being kind enough to heal your injuries?”

Dou Dian puckered her pink cherry lips and grunted. “That might not necessarily be the case. Some perverts like to play cat and mouse with their prey.”

This little girl really is extremely vigilant. Chen Xi sighed in his heart. He couldn’t be bothered to give her a further explanation, so he turned around and left.

However, even if he intended to leave, Dou Dian wasn’t willing to allow him to. She cried out in a clear voice. “Hey! Big Pervert, you’re leaving after destroying my treasure?! That was a precious treasure I bought after I took great pains over a few years to accumulate sufficient spirit stones. You…you actually destroyed it.”

As she finished speaking, she puckered her lips, and her pitch black and gem-like eyes carried a wisp of tears while even her voice was slightly sorrowful.

The word ‘hey’ caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but think of A’Xiu. He stopped and turned around to look at the pretty young woman, and his heart couldn’t help but soften when he saw her painted and sorrowful expression because of the loss of her treasure. He sighed. “That was my mistake, I’ll compensate you with a better magic treasure, alright?”

As he spoke, he was about to compensate her with some Immortal Artifacts, yet his hands immediately froze in place. Only now did he recall that he only possessed Immortal Artifacts, and he didn’t possess any magic treasures that were suitable to be given to this young woman!

Dou Dian originally hoped that this big pervert would be kind enough to compensate for her lost treasure. However, when she saw this, she was instantly angered to the point of almost crying, and her delicate and pretty revealed an indescribably aggrieved and sad expression. She sobbed in a low voice. “You’re not just a big pervert, you’re a big fat liar! I hate you! I hate you!!!”

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