Chapter 1412 – Miss Dou Dian

Dou Dian was an independent cultivator from Darsong Dynasty’s Southcloud City, she was at her youth and around 28 years of age.

Dou Dian’s real name wasn’t Dou Dian, and it was because she was called this name countless times to the point that even she forgot her original name. She was beautiful and had a very bright and optimistic disposition, so even if she was an independent cultivator, she was very popular with others.

An optimistic young woman’s luck would be slightly better after all.

Yet today, she noticed that she was slightly unfortunate. She’d found a hot spring that contained thick spirit energy with great difficulty. Yet she just intended to have a comfortable bath when she noticed a fellow dropping from the sky and destroying everything right after she’d just removed her clothes to reveal her graceful and jade white figure.

This place was an expanse of desolate wilderness, and it was completely uninhabited. So, how could Dou Dian have expected something like this would occur? It shocked her to the point of shuddering, and she couldn’t even be bothered to put on her clothes before grabbing towards the space before her. She grabbed her sword in hand, and then executed a ferocious slash.

This fellow just had to appear at this moment. He’s obviously...

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