Chapter 1411 – Returning To The Mortal Dimension

Divine flames flowed through the mountain while a fiery glow danced in the sky.

Suiren Ting suddenly stood up while a wisp of a murderous air was revealed in the space between his brows.

“This kid spoiled our plans repeatedly in the God Attainment Region, causing us to not only miss our chance to obtain the Dao Fruit’s Spirit, we even almost lost our lives. He truly deserves death!” His cold and murderous voice reverberated through the heavens and the earth like a thunderclap, and it was horrifying.

When she heard these words, a wisp of bitter hatred arose within Jiang Lingxiao’s eyes that were tender like water, and she recalled the scenes within the God Attainment Region.

“Fortunately, it still isn’t too late.” After staying silent for a moment, Suiren Ting took a deep breath while a wisp of a cold and fierce glow flashed within his eyes. “Junior Sister Jiang, could it be that there’s a reason why you suggested I should use the Zuoqiu Clan when dealing with this kid?”

Jiang Lingxiao nodded. “This kid killed the eldest son of the current Patriarch of the Zuoqiu Clan, and he has become utter enemies with the Zuoqiu Clan. Senior Brother, do you remember the incident where the last Patriarch of the Zuoqiu Clan perished, and our Sovereign Sect interfered in the matter as well?

Suiren Ting was stunned, and then he pondered deeply before he said, “You’re talking about Zuoqiu Beiyong?”

“Exactly! That old fellow intended to side with our Jiang Clan all those years ago, yet he was stopped by the last Patriarch of the Zuoqiu Clan. You know the rest that occurred after that. As punishment, the last Patriarch of the Zuoqiu Clan was killed, and the position of his successor, Zuoqiu Xue, was usurped. After that, she was locked up with the Calamity Shackles and placed in Iris Immortal Prison.” Jiang Lingxiao spoke with a smile on her face, and she spoke about a shocking secret. “If they didn’t have our Sovereign Sect’s support, then the current Patriarch of the Zuoqiu Clan, Zuoqiu Feng, would definitely be unable to control the Zuoqiu Clan.”

When she spoke up to here, she smiled lightly and seemed extremely secretive as she said, “This is a pawn the Sect Master buried all those years ago, and it was for the sake of being able to take control of the Zuoqiu Clan in the future. After all, the Zuoqiu Clan is one of the seven great ancient clans.”

Suiren Ting rubbed his chin and seemed to be lost in thought. He said, “The seven great academies and seven great ancient clans of the Immortal Dimension have always been powers that our Sovereign Sect has been working hard to rope in. Presently, three of the seven great academies have sided with our Sovereign Sect, yet only the Jiang Clan has completely sided with our Sovereign Sect while the other six great clans seem to be holding back. Now, based on what you said, the Zuoqiu Clan seems to have already been targeted by our Sect Master?”

Jiang Lingxiao carried a wisp of heartfelt reverence between her brows as she said, “Exactly. The Sect Master’s ability in deduction is unparalleled, and his ability to lay out plans is matchless in the world. After so many years and with his ability, he would have probably infiltrated every single corner of the Immortal Dimension by now. However, it’s just that we’re unaware of it.”

Suiren Ting nodded and deeply agreed. He similarly felt extremely reverent towards the ability of the Sect Master, and it was even to the extent that he didn’t dare arouse any intentions to disrespect or disobey the Sect Master.

In his heart, the Sect Master of the Sovereign Sect was omnipotent, and there was practically nothing in the entire universe that could pose a challenge to him.

“Since it’s like that, then go contact the Zuoqiu Clan, Junior Sister Jiang, and ask them to wait for an opportunity to deal with that kid, Chen Xi. If it’s necessary, you can provide some help to them.” Suiren Ting pondered deeply for a long time before he instructed. “However, you must remember, now isn’t the time for the Sovereign Sect to fully reappear. So, if it isn’t necessary, then leave it to some disciples to deal with, so as to avoid causing any trouble.”

“Don’t worry Senior Brother.” Jiang Lingxiao nodded. She was naturally clearly aware that the Immortal Dimension currently took the Sovereign Sect as their public enemy. Once her tracks were exposed, then all sorts of dangers couldn’t be avoided.

“Go on.” Suiren Ting waved his hand and watched Jiang Lingxiao leave before he once more fell into deep contemplation.

The Dao Calamity Sword, River Diagram fragments, Oracle Mountain… This kid’s strength is extremely ordinary, yet why does he possess so many supreme fortunes? Could it be that he’d the personal disciple of that Chaotic Divine Lotus, or perhaps a personal disciple of Oracle Mountain? After pondering for a long time, Suiren Ting suddenly said in a low voice. “Pass down my order to the Dao Attendant Disciple, Bing Shitian, to quickly come see me!”

His voice rumbled as it spread out, and it surged into the heavens.

After a short while, a streak of light appeared out of thin air, and then a handsome figure appeared. He bowed towards Suiren Ting that sat at the peak of the mountain. “Dao Attendant Disciple, Bing Shitian, greets Martial Uncle Suiren.”

This person had a handsome appearance, and his eyes were filled with an ethereal divine radiance. It was exactly Bing Shitian!

“I remember that when you entered the sect, you once mentioned having an old enmity with a disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, so do you know about this kid, Chen Xi?” Suiren Ting asked in a direct manner.

Chen Xi! Bing Shitian was shocked in his heart when he heard this name, and then a wisp of enmity that was sealed at the bottom of his heart couldn’t help but surge into appearance, causing his face to become slightly gloomy.

After that, he took a deep breath and bowed. “Martial Uncle Suiren, my sworn enemy is Chen Xi!”

“Oh?” A wisp of surprise flashed within Suiren Ting’s eyes, and he said with an interested expression, “Tell me about the exact reasons.”

Bing Shitian immediately spoke about the enmity between him and Chen Xi without concealing it at all. He didn’t hold back in the slightest, and he even spoke in detail about his affection towards Qing Xiuyi.

As soon as he finished speaking, he thought in his heart. Could Chen XI have offended Martial Uncle Suiren? If it’s really like this, then it couldn’t be any better!

When he heard of all these matters of the past, Suiren Ting pondered for a long time before he said, “So, in this way, he ascended to the Immortal Dimension from the Dark Reverie’s Nine Radiance Sword Sect?”

Bing Shitian hurriedly nodded. “Exactly.”

“I have something to entrust to you. If you’re able to complete it, then once you’ve returned to the sect, I promise to allow you to leave the ranks of Dao Attendant Disciples. Are you willing?” Suddenly, Suiren Ting’s gaze locked onto Bing Shitian before he asked in a deep voice.

Bing Shitian’s heart shook fiercely, and his happiness showed on his face as he said without the slightest hesitation, “Disciple is willing!”

Since he entered into the Sovereign Sect, he’d always been a top Dao Attendant Disciple, and he’d become sick of it a long time ago. Now, when facing such an enormous opportunity, how could he possibly refuse?

Suiren Ting nodded, and then he tossed a command token over. “Take that and head to the Central Immortal Court to see Immortal Emperor Zi Heng. Ask him to help you get an Immortal Dimension’s Decree, and then return to the Dark Reverie.”

As he spoke, he withdrew another jade slip and passed it to Bing Shitian. “The thing I want you to do is recorded within this.”

The Dark Reverie?

Could it be that he wants me to deal with the Nine Radiance Sword Sect?

Numerous questions flashed within Bing Shitian’s heart, yet his actions weren’t slow at all. He hurriedly received the command token and jade slip before he bowed. “Martial Uncle Suiren, don’t worry. I guarantee to complete this assignment!”

Suiren Ting waved his hand and said, “Go on. Be careful, and don’t expose your identity.”

At that Secret Realm in the depths of Dao Emperor Academy.

An archaic disk floated in midair and revealed a myriad of specks of light. They were like starlight that flickered in the boundless starry sky, and they sparkled dazzlingly and resplendently.

“When you return to the Mortal Dimension via the Myriad Starnet Disk, around 90% of your strength will be sealed. At that time, you have to be careful. Don’t utilize immortal treasures and techniques that’re too formidable, otherwise you’ll incur annihilation from the energy of the Heaven Dao.” Hua Jiankong quickly explained some restrictions Chen Xi would have while at the Mortal Dimension. “Besides that, when you intend to return to the Immortal Dimension, you only have to set up this formation, and you’ll be able to create a door that leads to the Myriad Starnet Disk.”

As he spoke, he passed a jade slip over to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi hurriedly received it from him, and then he sized up the Myriad Starnet Disk with curiosity. He asked. “Senior, is it possible for me to bring some cultivators from the Mortal Dimension back to the Immortal Dimension?”

Hua Jiankong glanced at Chen Xi and seemed to have already guessed Chen Xi would ask this question. “Cultivators of the Mortal Dimension that enter the Immortal Dimension would similarly be taken as variants by the Heaven Dao of the Immortal Dimension and be annihilated without any mercy. However, all of this seems to not be a problem to you.”

Chen Xi was stunned and slightly puzzled.

“If I’m not wrong, didn’t the Nine Continent Divine Cauldron fall into your possession in the Outerealm Battlefield?” Hua Jiankong reminded.

Chen Xi instantly came to an understanding and nodded. “Thank you for your guidance, Senior.”

Hua Jiankong smiled and then pressed his fingers together to form an obscure finger seal before he tapped lightly onto a speck of light revealed by the Myriad Starnet Disk.


A strand of flickering bright light appeared before it transformed into a passageway that unfolded through space.

“Return soon.” Hua Jiankong instructed.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and nodded. He immediately stopped hesitating and stepped foot onto the passageway. In an instant, light flashed before Chen Xi’s figure vanished.

After that, the passageway vanished inch by inch.

Hua Jiankong pondered deeply for a long time when he saw this. In the end, he sat down cross-legged and meditated silently before the Myriad Starnet Disk.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

Chen Xi felt as if he was flying through the annals of time. He couldn’t see anything nor sense anything. However, during this entire process, he sensed his strength being gradually sealed up.

He’d tried to resist it, yet was utterly unable to stop the sealing energy. This caused him to feel much more at ease because it at least proved that he was on the path towards the Mortal Dimension.

The Darchu Dynasty!

The Southern Territory!

Pine Mist City!

Numerous familiar scenes couldn’t help but surge into appearance within his mind, causing Chen Xi to be unable to help but feel a wisp of anticipation. Are Chen Hao and the others well?

What are the current cultivations of those two little fellows, Yu’er and An’er?

What about Senior Ji Yu?

Du Qingxi, Song Lin, Duanmu Ze, the Old Turtle King, the Nine Tailed Fox King, Big Brother Bei Heng, Mu Yao and her younger brother, Yan Yan… Are they all still alive?

Numerous familiar faces flashed within his heart, and all his memories of the past gurgled and flowed within his heart like a spring. It caused Chen Xi’s heart to be filled with a multitude of feelings, and he was extremely dazed.

Time flies, and so many years had swiftly passed.

That youth from all those years ago had grown to become the most dazzling new star in the Immortal Dimension, yet did those people from all those years ago still remember him?


After an unknown period of time, Chen Xi felt his entire body shake. The force that carried him had suddenly vanished, whereas his figure fell into a river with a thump.

“AH!!!” A sharp cry resounded by his ear, and it revealed a strand of shock and terror. It completely jolted Chen Xi awake, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a bright sword qi slash down towards him.

However, this strand of sword light was truly weak…

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