Chapter 1411 – Returning To The Mortal Dimension

Divine flames flowed through the mountain while a fiery glow danced in the sky.

Suiren Ting suddenly stood up while a wisp of a murderous air was revealed in the space between his brows.

“This kid spoiled our plans repeatedly in the God Attainment Region, causing us to not only miss our chance to obtain the Dao Fruit’s Spirit, we even almost lost our lives. He truly deserves death!” His cold and murderous voice reverberated through the heavens and the earth like a thunderclap, and it was horrifying.

When she heard these words, a wisp of bitter hatred arose within Jiang Lingxiao’s eyes that were tender like water, and she recalled the scenes within the God Attainment Region.

“Fortunately, it still isn’t too late.” After staying silent for a moment, Suiren Ting took a deep breath while a wisp of a cold and fierce glow flashed within his eyes. “Junior Sister Jiang, could it be that there’s a reason why you suggested I should use the Zuoqiu Clan when dealing with this kid?”

Jiang Lingxiao nodded. “This kid killed the eldest son of the current Patriarch of the Zuoqiu Clan, and he has become utter enemies with the Zuoqiu Clan. Senior Brother, do you remember the incident where the last Patriarch of the Zuoqiu Clan perished, and...

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