Chapter 1410 – The Minor World, Ancient Hall

Within a Secret Realm in Dao Emperor Academy.


An archaic disk circulated in midair while emanating a myriad of strands of piercingly cold starlight. It seemed to illuminate the boundless starry sky, and those stars transformed into a strange and complicated formation diagram in the end.

Within the formation diagram were numerous lustrous specks of light that were crisscrossed together, and they formed a dense mass that emanated clear radiance.

One could clearly distinguish that those specks of light were like an expanse of worlds, and they were filled with the aura of all sorts of World Energies, causing it to be an extremely magnificent sight.

Everywhere that met the eye, a myriad of worlds were circulating without end, and the starry sky was boundless.

The Dean of Dao Emperor Academy, Meng Xinghe, stood with his hands behind his back while facing the archaic disk, and his deep and calm eyes surged with a myriad of strands of profound light.

He seemed to look young, yet the bearing he possessed revealed an air of countless years of experience, and he had an indifferent and composed aura that gave others the seemed to have returned to simplicity.

“This is the minor world, Ancient Hall.” Meng Xinghe pointed at a speck of light on the archaic disk, and he said calmly, “All those years ago, the Third Netherworld Emperor and the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, discussed the Dao here for ten days. No one knows the outcome of it, yet according to a book left behind by the Dao Emperor, both of these extraordinary figures left behind some secret treasure of theirs in this minor world after the Dao discussion ended.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “According to my inference, the Third Netherworld Emperor probably left the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush here, whereas Fuxi left a fragment of the River Diagram instead.”

At the side, Hua Jiankong stood there, and he was shocked in his heart.

After he sent Chen Xi back to the Sword Room earlier, he’d rushed over here, and the reason was that when he was talking with Chen Xi and returning to the Mortal Dimension was mentioned, he suddenly received a voice transmission from Meng Xinghe.

It was precisely because of this voice transmission that he’d agreed to Chen Xi’s request and would help Chen Xi utilize a restricted secret technique to send Chen Xi back to the Mortal Dimension.

However, Hua Jiankong had never imagined that his Master, Meng Xinghe, would actually personally take action in this matter. Not only had Meng Xinghe utilized the Myriad Starnet Disk to reveal the exact position of the three thousand large worlds and myriad of minor worlds in the Mortal Dimension, Meng Xinghe had actually directly pointed out that Chen Xi was from the minor world, Ancient Hall!

Moreover, when he heard Meng Xinghe introduce Ancient Hall, Hua Jiankong was shocked once more. He didn’t dare believe that such an extremely ordinary minor world was actually the location where the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi, and the Third Netherworld Emperor had discussed the Dao all those years ago.

If news of this were to be exposed, it would probably cause a mighty uproar!

The Master of Oracle Mountain, Fuxi!

The Third Netherworld Emperor!

Both of them were terrifying existences that possessed extraordinary reputations and looked down upon the universe during the primeval times!

Yet they’d chosen to discuss the Dao in an ordinary minor world. So how could this not be shocking?

Especially when according to what Meng Xinghe said, the Third Netherworld Emperor and Fuxi had respectively left secret treasures behind in that minor world after they finished discussing the Dao. Why…why did they do this?

All of this was like a riddle, and others couldn’t help but be curious. At this moment, Hua Jiankong was the same, and he couldn’t help but speak with curiosity. “Chen Xi…wouldn’t have obtained the inheritance of Oracle Mountain there, right?”

Meng Xinghe smiled yet remained silent and maintained secrecy.

However, Hua Jiankong understood that it was probably the truth. He muttered. “In this way, he cultivated and grew up in this minor world, Ancient Hall?”

Suddenly, he thought of something and said with shock, “Master, you said the Third Netherworld Emperor’s Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush was left behind at Ancient Hall. It wouldn’t have been…obtained by Chen Xi as well, right?”

He was very clearly aware that no matter if it was the Netherworld Register or Condemn Evil Brush, they were absolutely supreme secret treasures in the Netherworld, and the inheritance within them caused all the gods of the world to be extremely fearful — Samsara!

If such a secret treasure fell into Chen Xi’s hands, then it meant that he’d already inherited the mantle of the Third Netherworld Emperor! That was a huge taboo!

“There’s no need to make wild guesses. The conflict of the primeval times has passed a long time ago. No matter what sort of taboo it is, it isn’t important any longer when the upheaval of the three dimensions is at hand.” Meng Xinghe spoke with an indifferent tone. “Not to mention that those aren’t the only taboos in the world. For example, the Nether Immortal’s Coffin left behind by the Dao Emperor is a taboo as well, right?”

Hua Jiankong quickly recovered his calm. Earlier, the reason he felt shocked was entirely because he never imagined that the place Chen Xi grew up in would possess so many legendary things in it.

However, when he thought about Chen Xi’s performance in Dao Emperor Academy and recalled that as soon as Chen Xi obtained the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, Chen Xi had exchanged his Starpoints for the River Diagram fragment that had been kept within the Starpoint Hall for all these years, Hua Jiankong faintly understood everything.

“No wonder. At that time, I wondered why he would possess a Talisman Armament, so it turns out that he’d already obtained the inheritance of Oracle Mountain while in the Mortal Dimension…” Hua Jiankong sighed endlessly with emotion.

“That little fellow isn’t that simple.” Meng Xinghe smiled while his eyes that were deep like the boundless starry sky were suffused with traces of an unusual glow. “You can leave. Bring him here one month from now. At that time…you’ll be in-charge of sending him back to the Mortal Dimension.”

The world of stars.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged while he meditated and fused the Enduring Divine Crest.

Presently, he’d already fully fused the Five Elements, Tempest, Star Obliteration, Taichi, and Risefall Divine Crests, and only the last Enduring Divine Crest remained before he could establish a Talisman Saint Dao of his own.

Something worthy of mentioning was that the Spatial Divine Crest he possessed was a supreme Law that could only be grasped by Immortal Kings, so it didn’t affect him at all when he fused the Divine Crests to establish his own Saint Dao Law.

As for the Terminus Dao Insight, Chen Xi was still in the stage of comprehending and grasping it. It wasn’t even a Law, so it naturally wouldn’t affect the establishment of his Saint Dao Law.

However, in this way, he would probably only be able to completely fuse and grasp the Spatial Divine Crest and Terminus Dao Insight after he advanced into the Immortal King Realm.


Wave after wave of thunderous sounds of the Dao rumbled out from within Chen Xi’s body, and it emanated strands of blazing fluctuations of the Dao that were dazzling, resplendent, and illuminated the starry sky.

His expression was solemn and calm while his mind was clear, and he’d fallen into deep levels of meditation.

The Enduring Divine Crest contained the rare Grand Dao Laws of Creation, Devour, and Eternal. Every single one of them possessed monstrous might capable of annihilation.

If it was an ordinary Saint Immortal, then it could be considered as extraordinarily fortunate to possess even one rare Grand Dao Law, yet Chen Xi had grasped an entire three types of them, and he’d fused them into the Enduring Divine Crest!

Now, he had to fuse the Enduring Divine Crest into his own Talisman Saint Dao, and the difficulty of this process was obvious.

However, Chen Xi was already very satisfied. If it wasn’t for the extraordinarily great fortune that he’d obtained at the Comet Corridor, he would probably have an even bigger headache to slowly fuse all the Divine Crests he possessed.

A month in the outside world was equivalent to five months in the world of stars.

During this period of time, besides fusing the Enduring Divine Crest, Chen Xi had gone to the Star Alliance to discuss the Dao with the members of the Star Alliance. Moreover, Ye Tang and Ling Qingwu had already announced that they were joining the Star Alliance.

In this way, the Star Alliance had become a top-rate existence amongst the student societies amongst the inner court students, and it was peerlessly dazzling. Moreover, its reputation was so great that none could compare to it.

During this period of time, Chen Xi told A’Xiu about his plans to return to the Mortal Dimension, and he entrusted her with taking care of Ling Bai, A’Man, Bai Kui, and Starry when he wasn’t here.

A’Xiu was originally making noise about wanting to return to the Mortal Dimension with Chen Xi, yet she was unable to convince Chen Xi and could only make compromise. Chen Xi didn’t have any other choice as well. He wasn’t going to the Mortal Dimension to relax and sightsee, so for safety’s sake, he intended to act alone.

Moreover, because he’d shed all pretenses with the Zuoqiu Clan, Chen Xi had no choice but to be careful in everything he did.

It was even to the extent that for the sake of not drawing the attention of others, he merely told A’Xiu about this, and the others were utterly unaware that he would be returning to the Mortal Dimension soon.

One month later, Hua Jiankong paid Chen Xi a visit before leading away Chen Xi who’d been waiting for a long time, and their figures flashed as Hua Jiankong brought Chen Xi into a Secret Realm.

At the same time, at the extreme east of the Immortal Dimension, there was a mysterious and deep passageway in the boundlessly high sky, and the end of the passageway was a completely different world.

This world was divided into 33 levels. Every single level was comparable to a large world, and it was boundlessly vast and a magnificent sight to behold. It was like a magnificent world that stood independent from the Immortal Dimension.

This was where one of the three supreme sects of the three dimensions, the Sovereign Sect, resided — Sovereign Realm!

The Sovereign Realm was divided into 33 levels. An elder of the Sovereign Sect resided on every single level, and the area above the 33 levels was where the Master of the Sovereign Sect cultivated, a place that stood above all.

Rumble! Rumble!

On the peak of a 30km tall mountain in Sovereign Realm, a figure that seemed like fire sat cross-legged there. His hair was crimson red like fire, his appearance was handsome, and he wore a Daoist robe that was fiery red like blood. He seemed like a king of fire that intended to incinerate the sky!

Shockingly, this person was a descendant of the primeval Suiren Clan whose blood flowed with the bloodline of the gods, and he was ranked at the 2nd amongst the seven Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect, Suiren Ting!

At this moment, the aura in his entire body rumbled while he emanated a myriad of strands of fiery liquid that seemed like lava, and it enveloped the entire mountain. When looked at from afar, it was like an erupting volcano, and it was an extremely astonishing sight.

“Senior Brother Suiren, we’ve already confirmed that the young man is called Chen Xi, and he’s from Dao Emperor Academy. Because his fate is concealed by the workings of the heavens, the Elders were unable to deduce even more information about him.

“However, from the information obtained by our sect’s disciples that’re scattered throughout the Immortal Dimension, we can determine that this kid is definitely deeply related to the Oracle Mountain. Moreover, he doesn’t just possess the Dao Calamity Sword, he even possesses… River Diagram fragments. Otherwise, it would be impossible to conceal his fate so perfectly.

“Something else worthy of mention is that this kid seems to have become utter enemies with the Zuoqiu Clan. We’re investigating the enmity between them right now. Perhaps…if Senior Brother intends to deal with this kid, then you can start with the Zuoqiu Clan.

“The Sect Master hasn’t given any orders, so everything depends on Senior Brother.”

Along with strands of a gentle voice that was pleasing to the ear, Jian Lingxiao that was ranked at the 5th amongst the Elite Disciples of the Sovereign Sect floated down to the peak of the mountain. She wore plain and neat clothes, her hair was combed in a simple manner, and her appearance was pretty, delicate, and refined. As she spoke, there was always a trace of a smile on the corners of her mouth, and her bearing was extremely unique.

“The Dao Calamity Sword, River Diagram fragments, Oracle Mountain…” Suddenly, Suiren Ting opened his eyes. Divine flames surged within his eyes and emanated an astonishing fiery bolt of lightning that tore open numerous terrifying rifts in space.

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