Chapter 1410 – The Minor World, Ancient Hall

Within a Secret Realm in Dao Emperor Academy.


An archaic disk circulated in midair while emanating a myriad of strands of piercingly cold starlight. It seemed to illuminate the boundless starry sky, and those stars transformed into a strange and complicated formation diagram in the end.

Within the formation diagram were numerous lustrous specks of light that were crisscrossed together, and they formed a dense mass that emanated clear radiance.

One could clearly distinguish that those specks of light were like an expanse of worlds, and they were filled with the aura of all sorts of World Energies, causing it to be an extremely magnificent sight.

Everywhere that met the eye, a myriad of worlds were circulating without end, and the starry sky was boundless.

The Dean of Dao Emperor Academy, Meng Xinghe, stood with his hands behind his back while facing the archaic disk, and his deep and calm eyes surged with a myriad of strands of profound light.

He seemed to look young, yet the bearing he possessed revealed an air of countless years of experience, and he had an indifferent and composed aura that gave others the seemed to have returned to simplicity.

“This is the minor world, Ancient Hall.” Meng Xinghe pointed at a speck of light on the archaic disk, and he said calmly, “All those years ago, the Third Netherworld...

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