Chapter 1409 – Calamity Shackles

After Hua Jiankong left, Chen Xi immediately returned to the Sword Room.

Presently, I only have to consider my mother’s safety. I wonder if this decision of mine will cause Zuoqiu Feng to disregard everything and start the internal conflict within the Zuoqiu Clan… As he sat cross-legged within the Sword Room, Chen Xi’s heart was unable to calm down for a very long time.

He was very clearly aware that the conversation Zuoqiu Taiwu had with him earlier definitely represented a someone within the Zuoqiu Clan, and now that he’d formed an agreement with Zuoqiu Taiwu, then that person would definitely make some sort of reaction to it.

In this way, it was unavoidable that it would affect his mother, Zuoqiu Xue.

However, Chen Xi was similarly very well aware that since his mother was able to survive until now, then she would definitely not suffer misfortune so easily. Just as Zuoqiu Taiwu had said, the Zuoqiu Clan was currently divided into two factions. One faction was led by the current Patriarch, Zuoqiu Feng, and the other faction was led by his mother, Zuoqiu Xue.

The internal conflict between these two factions had arisen a long time ago before Chen Xi was even born, yet Zuoqiu Xue was still alive and well until now. Thus, she definitely possessed a force that was sufficient to instill fear in Zuoqiu Feng’s faction.

Looks like the time I have left is growing less and less. I must deal with all of this appropriately before the internal conflict of the Zuoqiu Clan erupts completely… Chen Xi took a deep breath as he decided in his heart. One month from now, he would pay Hua Jiankong a visit and quickly return to the Mortal Dimension to make proper arrangements for his younger brother, Chen Hao, and all the other clansmen of the Chen Clan. Only in this way would he be free of all worry towards his family even if he went against the Zuoqiu Clan.

As for father… For no rhyme nor reason, Chen Xi thought of his father, Chen Lingjun. Even until now, there was utterly no news of his father, and he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart because of this.

He felt that his current reputation had already spread throughout the Immortal Dimension now. Under such circumstances, if his father, Chen Lingjun, was in the Immortal Dimension, then how could he have possibly not come to Dao Emperor Academy to meet Chen Xi?

Could it be that he isn’t in the Immortal Dimension any longer? Or perhaps there’s some sort of other secret behind all of this? In the end, Chen Xi shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

“Chen Xi is still alive!” Within a magnificent hall, Zuoqiu Sheng had a gloomy expression as he spoke while gnashing his teeth. His voice seemed as if it was squeezed out through the cracks between his teeth, and it revealed a wisp of shock, bewilderment, and extreme rage.

“What happened? Did you see Ancestor Taiwu? What was his explanation?” Zuoqiu Hong’s expression turned grim when he heard this, and he asked while speaking quickly.

“Ancestor Taiwu has…already entered into closed door cultivation!” Zuoqiu Sheng had a livid expression as he said in a low voice, “This is already sufficient to display that Ancestor Taiwu didn’t make the right choice that Ancestor Huanglin said he would make!”

“Dammit! Why did this happen? With Ancestor Taiwu’s disposition, he would absolutely not let Chen Xi off so easily. Could it be that something unexpected occurred?” Zuoqiu Hong’s heart was instantly in chaos. He’d been constantly waiting during these past few days, and he’d been waiting for the news of Chen Xi’s death to spread through the academy. Yet never had he imagined that he would actually receive bad news instead!

“It isn’t just that. I heard that when the Patriarch went to meet Zuoqiu Xue in Iris Immortal Prison, she refused the goodwill the Patriarch gave her.” Zuoqiu Sheng had a heavy expression while his eyes flickered with a cold glow. “This means that no matter if it’s Chen Xi or Zuoqiu Xue, they’ve decided to fight our Patriarch until the end!”

Zuoqiu Hong was stunned for a moment when he heard this, and he went silent for a long time before he said in a low voice. “What should we do next?”

Zuoqiu Sheng said in an agitated manner. “What else can we do? Let’s report this matter to the Patriarch first, and it’ll all be decided on by the Patriarch. However, I guess…the internal strife that has been accumulating gradually for numerous years within the clan will erupt!”

Internal strife! Zuoqiu Hong’s pupils constricted, and then he sighed. “Actually, we should have disregarded everything and eliminated them all those years ago…”

Zuoqiu Sheng said with an angry tone. “Enough! Don’t mention that matter from all those years ago!”

Iris Immortal Prison.

Within the strange space at its depths was luxuriant mountains, clear water, a bamboo fence, and a cottage.

As usually, Zuoqiu Xue was standing within the small courtyard encircled by a bamboo fence, and she stared silently at the hazy luxuriant mountains in the distance while the space between her beautiful and ink black brows was filled with a tranquil expression.

If Chen Xi was here, he would definitely notice that his expression when in deep contemplation was around 70% similar to his mother, Zuoqiu Xue. They were both tranquil and calm.

“A’Xue.” A hoarse and low voice resounded. Along with this voice, an old man that wore linen clothes, had bare feet, an ordinary appearance, and an expression that was firm like a mountain appeared out of thin air.

Shockingly, he was that senior from the Zuoqiu Clan, Zuoqiu Feiming!

Since Zuoqiu Xue was detained here, the faction represented by Zuoqiu Feiming had had always been resisting the Patriarch, Zuoqiu Feng’s, faction.

In other words, Zuoqiu Feiming was roughly equivalent to Zuoqiu Huanglin in status. The latter supported Zuoqiu Feng while the formed supported Zuoqiu Xue.

“Third Uncle, you’ve come.” Zuoqiu Xue turned around and smiled lightly. “Looks like the internal strife within the clan is on the verge of erupting.”

Zuoqiu Feiming frowned instead. “You’re right. Unfortunately, the time we have is too short. Once it erupts, then the forces we possess now will still be slightly weaker than them.”

Zuoqiu Xue smiled. “I heard Xi’er’s performance in the past few years was really good.”

When Chen Xi was mentioned, a wisp of a rare smile appeared on the corners of Zuoqiu Feiming’s mouth, and he sighed with emotion. “Indeed. That little fellow’s current reputation in the Immortal Dimension is like the scorching sun in the midday sky, it’s unparalleled.”

Zuoqiu Xue smiled as well when she heard her Third Uncle’s praise towards Chen Xi, and her smile carried a wisp of pride. She blinked and said, “Of course, he’s Chen Lingjun and my son.”

Zuoqiu Feiming smiled and nodded. “I came here this time to tell you that you don’t have to worry about Xi’er’s safety. Before I came here, I got the news that the old fellow, Zuoqiu Taiwu, didn’t make a move against Xi’er.”

Zuoqiu Taiwu? A wisp of a complicated expression couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of Zuoqiu Xue’s mouth when she heard this name, and it seemed like she both detested and admired him. She said after a long time, “All those years ago, if it wasn’t for him being indeterminate, Zuoqiu Feng would have had to pay an even heavier price in order to usurp the position of Patriarch, and it would even be to the extent that it would be impossible for Zuoqiu Feng to succeed. Unfortunately, all enmity and conflict can’t compare to the Zuoqiu Clan’s position in his heart.”

Zuoqiu Feiming said with a calm expression, “However, we have to admit that it’s precisely because of Taiwu that we’ve been able to resist Zuoqiu Feng all these years and avoid suffering a disastrous repression.”

Zuoqiu Xue nodded. “That is exactly why I feel conflicted. Ancestor Huanglin’s intentions to use Ancestor Taiwu to kill Xi’er was a ruthless move indeed, and I even I slightly underestimated his ability. Fortunately, all of this didn’t occur. Right, Ancestor Taiwu has been hesitating for so many years, so has he made his stand clear this time?”

Zuoqiu Feiming shook his head. “According to the information I obtained, Taiwu has already entered into closed door cultivation. Perhaps he’s completely disappointed by the current state of our clan.”

As he finished speaking, he was sighing with a wisp emotion.

Zuoqiu Huanglin, Zuoqiu Taiwu, and him were figures of the same generation, and they were able to control and influence most of the affairs within the Zuoqiu Clan. Unfortunately, the three of them had taken three different directions.

Zuoqiu Huanglin supported Zuoqiu Feng to be the Patriarch.

Zuoqiu Taiwu disregarded all of this and chose to withdraw from the internal conflicts of the clan, and he lived in seclusion within Dao Emperor Academy.

On the other hand, he, Zuoqiu Feiming, supported Zuoqiu Xue, and he intended to help her reclaim everything she lost all those years ago and go against Zuoqiu Feng’s faction.

Now, after so many years, this enmity was already on the verge of erupting, yet Zuoqiu Taiwu chose to enter into closed door cultivation. So Zuoqiu Feiming couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. This really is similar to the scene from all those years ago!

“Third Uncle, what about that old fellow in the clan that’s always sleeping?” Zuoqiu Xue suddenly asked.

Zuoqiu Feiming’s expression instantly became solemn when he heard this, and he shook his head. “The situation is slightly bad. I’m unable to come into contact with Ancestral Uncle Beiyong any longer. So, I suspect that A’Feng and Huanglin have already formed some sort of agreement with Ancestral Uncle Beiyong.”

Ancestral Uncle Beiyong!

Zuoqiu Feiming’s seniority in the Zuoqiu Clan was already extremely high, yet he addressed Beiyong as his Ancestral Uncle, thus how terrifying would this Zuoqiu Beiyong’s authority and status be?

“Then what about that old hag that only knows how to cultivate?” Zuoqiu Xue frowned as well, and then she asked while speaking slowly.

“Ancestral Aunt Lenghua hasn’t made her position clear, and it’s truly worrying.” Zuoqiu Feiming sighed.

Ancestral Aunt Lenghua!

Obviously, this was another existence that could compare with Zuoqiu Beiyong.

“Hmph! These old bastards acted like this all those years ago, and they’re doing the same now. If my Father wasn’t so benevolent all those years ago, merely their actions at the time would be sufficient to expel them from the Zuoqiu Clan!” Zuoqiu Xue’s eyes turned cold and revealed a wisp of undisguised detest. When she spoke up to here, she was suddenly stunned because she seemed to have thought of something, and her brows raised as she said, “Third Uncle, do you think they would’ve…”

“I can’t say for certain!” Before she could finish speaking, Zuoqiu Feiming frowned and spoke. Obviously, he has his own guesses since a long time ago. “The death of a person is like a lamp going out. The rules your father established all those years have been completely forgotten by them a long time ago.”

Zuoqiu Xue took a deep breath and said, “Looks like we can only expect the worst.”

Zuoqiu Feiming nodded. He went silent for a long time before he looked at Zuoqiu Xue with worry and said, “A’Xue, has the Calamity Shackles’ strength not weakened yet?”

Zuoqiu Xue said, “Third Uncle, there’s no need to worry. So long as I don’t leave this place, the Calamity Shackles are unable to do anything to me.” When she spoke up to here, she looked at him with a serious expression and said, “Third Uncle, is there any news of Lingjun?”

Zuoqiu Feiming shook his head.

Zuoqiu Xue was stunned when she saw this, and then she puckered her lips and said, “The Prehistoric Ruins have already been destroyed, then he’ll definitely not give up and has headed to the Outerealm to search for the Divine Fate Marking because only such a precious treasure is capable of breaking the Calamity Shackles open…”

Zuoqiu Feiming was shocked in his heart. “Such a treasure really exists?”

Zuoqiu Xue shook her head. “I don’t know. But I know Lingjun, and so long there’s a trace of hope, then he’ll definitely do that.” As she finished speaking, her eyes glistened while seeming tender as water, and that familiar figure couldn’t help but flash within her mind.

“A’Xue, I have to go.” After a short moment, Zuoqiu Feiming bid his farewells.

“Third Uncle, the longer upcoming conflict is delayed, the more beneficial it will be to us. Please try your best to accomplish this.” Zuoqiu Xue spoke swiftly.

“I understand. A’Xue, you have to be careful as well. The situation is already in disorder, so you must not be careless…” Zuoqiu Feiming nodded, and then his figure vanished into thin air in the next moment.

“I’ll definitely survive…” Zuoqiu Xue stood all alone within the courtyard as she muttered in a light voice, and then her thoughts instantly drifted to the years of the past. She recalled her husband, her sons…

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