Chapter 1408 – Planning To Return

In the end, Chen Xi was clearly aware that even if the hatred he carried was capable of causing Zuoqiu Taiwu to feel pity, it was utterly unable to change Zuoqiu Taiwu’s attitude before the interests of the Zuoqiu Clan.

This was obvious from Zuoqiu Taiwu’s unhesitant attack at that instant.

On the other hand, the reason Zuoqiu Taiwu changed his mind in the end was similarly because of the interests of the Zuoqiu Clan.

Because Chen Xi could provide the Zuoqiu Clan with Dao Fruit’s Spirits and guarantee that after Zuoqiu Feng’s forces in the Zuoqiu Clan was eliminated, the Zuoqiu Clan wouldn’t decline but would become even stronger instead!

Under such circumstances, the agreement made between Chen Xi and Zuoqiu Taiwu was an exchange of benefits in the end, or to put it in simpler terms, it was a transaction!

A transaction that disregarded right and wrong, and disregarded enmity!

So, Chen Xi was unable to have even the slightest good impression of Zuoqiu Taiwu.

Even if he really admired Zuoqiu Taiwu’s character, if he became enemies with Zuoqiu Taiwu one day in the future, then he would absolutely not hesitate to kill him!

Was it heartless?


Chen Xi had already paid a sufficient price for this. According to his opinion in the past, if he was...

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