Chapter 1408 – Planning To Return

In the end, Chen Xi was clearly aware that even if the hatred he carried was capable of causing Zuoqiu Taiwu to feel pity, it was utterly unable to change Zuoqiu Taiwu’s attitude before the interests of the Zuoqiu Clan.

This was obvious from Zuoqiu Taiwu’s unhesitant attack at that instant.

On the other hand, the reason Zuoqiu Taiwu changed his mind in the end was similarly because of the interests of the Zuoqiu Clan.

Because Chen Xi could provide the Zuoqiu Clan with Dao Fruit’s Spirits and guarantee that after Zuoqiu Feng’s forces in the Zuoqiu Clan was eliminated, the Zuoqiu Clan wouldn’t decline but would become even stronger instead!

Under such circumstances, the agreement made between Chen Xi and Zuoqiu Taiwu was an exchange of benefits in the end, or to put it in simpler terms, it was a transaction!

A transaction that disregarded right and wrong, and disregarded enmity!

So, Chen Xi was unable to have even the slightest good impression of Zuoqiu Taiwu.

Even if he really admired Zuoqiu Taiwu’s character, if he became enemies with Zuoqiu Taiwu one day in the future, then he would absolutely not hesitate to kill him!

Was it heartless?


Chen Xi had already paid a sufficient price for this. According to his opinion in the past, if he was able to completely annihilate the Zuoqiu Clan, then he would absolutely not allow a single soul to survive.

Now, for the sake of his mother, Zuoqiu Xue, he’d already made too many compromises!

“Chen Xi.” Right after Chen Xi left the hall and was thinking as he headed back to his abode, a voice suddenly resounded by his ear.

Along with this voice, Hua Jiankong that wore grey clothes and had snow white hair appeared out of thin air.

“Senior.” Chen Xi was stunned, and then he hurriedly bowed.

“There’s no need for formalities. I saw everything that you experienced earlier.” Hua Jiankong’s expression was icy cold and indifferent as always, yet it had obviously eased up greatly when he faced Chen Xi. “You did well.”

Chen Xi thought in his heart. Doesn’t this mean that Hua Jiankong noticed all of this a long time ago when Zuoqiu Taiwu brought me into that hall?

In other words, at the moment that Zuoqiu Taiwu suddenly made a move against me, even if I didn’t produce the Dao Fruit’s Spirit, Hua Jiankong would still save me?

When he thought up to here, an indescribable wisp of emotion suddenly surged out from Chen Xi’s heart, and he cupped his hands solemnly before he said, “Thank you looking after me.”

Hua Jiankong said, “You’ve already obtained the Dao Emperor’s inheritance now. Nothing that occurs within the academy can escape the Dean’s notice. So no one can kill you here. This time, it was you that saved Zuoqiu Taiwu’s life.”

Chen Xi was stunned. “So, it turns out that the Dean noticed all of this?”

Hua Jiankong nodded. “It isn’t just that, Zhao Taici and Ao Jiuhui were outside the hall since the beginning, and if Zuoqiu Taiwu didn’t stop at the last moment…”

He hadn’t finished speaking, yet the meaning behind it was already clearly expressed.

In other words, Zuoqiu Taiwu’s seemingly secretive action had actually been noticed by the Dean since the beginning. During this entire process, the Ancestor of the Phoenix Clan, Zhao Taici, the Ancestor of the Dragon Dimension, Ao Jiuhui, and Hua Jiankong were prepared to rescue Chen Xi and annihilate Zuoqiu Taiwu!

This was the reason why Hua Jiankong said that it was Chen Xi who’d saved Zuoqiu Taiwu’s life this time.

When he understood all of this, Chen Xi was extremely moved in his heart. How lucky I am to actually obtain such favor?

However, he didn’t regret the agreement he made with Zuoqiu Taiwu nor did he regret the Dao Fruit’s Spirit he paid to form this agreement because some things were only more meaningful after one experienced it for one’s self.

Perhaps this care he received from others could help him now, yet it was unable to help him forever.

“These are three Dao Fruit’s Spirits, please accept them. Please pass the other two Dao Fruit’s Spirits to Senior Zhao Taici and Senior Ao Jiuhui.” Suddenly, Chen Xi withdrew three jade boxes and passed them over.

He couldn’t allow Hua Jiankong and the others to help him for nothing. Most importantly, he hoped to use this opportunity to win over even more help for the day he took revenge on the Zuoqiu Clan in the future.

Hua Jiankong couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when faced with this, and he went silent for a long time before he said, “Actually…there’s entirely no need for you to do this.”

“This is just a form of my goodwill.” Chen Xi gazed at him in a serious manner.

A wisp of a strange arc appeared on the corners of Hua Jiankong’s mouth, and he stared at Chen Xi for a long time before he said, “Alright, I’ll pass this goodwill over to the two of them.”

“Thank you, Senior,” said Chen Xi with a smile on his face. It was clearly he who’d given out unparalleled fortunes to the three of them, yet it just so happened that he had a thankful expression, and these actions were something that was probably impossible to be understood by anyone else.

In that same hall that was empty and icy cold.

Zuoqiu Taiwu sat alone on the seat at the center, and his extremely aged face carried a wisp of self-ridicule as he muttered. “So, in this way, it was that little fellow that saved my life?”

“Of course.” There was a noble and graceful figure standing before him. She had snow white hair coiled into a bun on her head, yet her face was smooth, glowing, and pale like a young woman’s. Her skin was tender, her eyes were deep and calm like an abyss, and they surged with strands of golden flames.

She wore dark golden palace clothes that were embroidered with black edges, and she carried a golden Azure Phoenix cane, causing her to emanate a supreme, mighty, and noble imposing aura.

Shockingly, it was the Ancestor of the Phoenix Clan, Zhao Taici!

There was a stern man with his hands behind his back by her side. His brows were wide, his shoulders seemed like divine mountains that lay across his body, and his mighty figure seemed capable of enveloping the universe. Even though he stood there silently, he emanated an oppressive and terrifying pressure, and he seemed like an azure dragon that had been in hibernation for innumerable years.

Without any doubt, this mighty man was Ao Jiuhui, the Ancestor of the Dragon Dimension that had lived in seclusion within the Scripture Reserve for countless years!

“Then what do the two of you intend to do now?” Zuoqiu Taiwu stared blankly as he pondered deeply for a long time. In the end, he raised his muddy eyes and glanced silently at them. At this moment, he seemed to have become even older.

“Some things can only occur once, and not twice. Because…this is Dao Emperor Academy after all.” Zhao Taici sighed faintly as she looked at this aged face, and then she said, “Old Fellow, I truly never imagined that I would one day become enemies with you. Fortunately, all of this didn’t occur.”

“Hmph! It looks to me like that fellow has gone silly with age! Since that kid, Chen Xi, obtained the Dao Emperor’s inheritance, you should have understood that no one would allow him to be killed, including the Dean!” Ao Jiuhui grunted coldly, and he seemed to be extremely displeased.

Zuoqiu Taiwu smiled bitterly and sighed. “Do you think I wanted to do this? You probably don’t understand how important the Zuoqiu Clan is in my heart. If it wasn’t for that, would I hide myself here for so many years?”

“Constant avoidance isn’t the way. Good…luck.” Zhao Taici shook her head in the end before she turned around and left with Ao Jiuhui.

For a time, only Zuoqiu Taiwu remained all alone within the hall, and he fell into deep contemplation as he sat within the empty and cold hall.

“The Dean said that he’ll meet you once you’ve completely grasped the Dao Emperor’s inheritance. You have to work hard until that day comes.” Hua Jiankong sent Chen Xi all the way to the entrance of the Sword Room before he stopped and spoke slowly.

The Dean asked to see me? Chen Xi thought in his heart and felt extreme anticipation towards this. However, he laughed bitterly in his heart right after that. The jade slip brand formed from the Dao Emperor’s inheritance was still within his sea of consciousness until today, yet because of the River Diagram fragments, he was utterly unable to come into contact with it. In this way, he didn’t know when he would be able to meet the Dean.

“Right, what do you plan to do after this? Will you leave the academy to temper yourself, or will you continue cultivating behind closed doors?” asked Hua Jiankong abruptly.

When this was mentioned, Chen Xi recalled something and asked. “Senior, what sort of preparations do I need to make if I desire to return to the Mortal Dimension?”

“The Mortal Dimension?” Hua Jiankong was slightly stunned, and then he seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “I forgot that you ascended into the Immortal Dimension from the Mortal Dimension. However, with your current cultivation, it’s extremely difficult to return to the Mortal Dimension.”

After that, he told Chen Xi the reason for this.

It turned out that the Heaven Dao Laws of the Mortal Dimension and Immortal Dimension was completely different. It wasn’t just extremely difficult for those of the Mortal Dimension to ascend to the Immortal Dimension, it was similarly extremely difficult for those in the Immortal Dimension to return to the Mortal Dimension.

Because the energy that living beings in the Immortal Dimension possessed had long since exceeded the scope of the Mortal Dimension. So once they descended to the Mortal Dimension, they would be directly annihilated by the Heaven Dao! The objective of this annihilation was to maintain the stability of the Mortal Dimension, otherwise, if beings from the Immortal Dimension were allowed to descend there, then no matter how many worlds there were in the Mortal Dimension, they would have probably been completely crushed.

For example, Chen Xi was currently at the Saint Immortal Realm. If he appeared in the Mortal Dimension, then the energy of the Grand Dao created from a single move of his would be sufficient to destroy a minor world!

Even if this was ignored, and he didn’t do anything at all. A single breath he took would be capable of completely absorbing all the spirit energy that fills a minor world!

Under such circumstances, for the sake of maintaining the three thousand large worlds and myriad of minor worlds in the Mortal Dimension, the Heaven Dao Laws would absolutely not allow a stronger force to appear in the Mortal Dimension.

“Of course, it isn’t impossible if you want to return to the Mortal Dimension.” Hua Jiankong said, “Normally speaking, if beings of the Immortal Dimension wanted to descend to the Mortal Dimension, then there are roughly two methods to choose from. The first is to obtain an Immortal Dimension Decree from the Immortal Court and by relying on the might of the decree, one’s clone can be sent down to the Mortal Dimension. The strength of the clone will roughly be weaker than a Heavenly Immortal yet stronger than an Earthly Immortal.”

The Immortal Dimension Decree! Chen Xi couldn’t help but recall an event of the past because of this. All those years ago, Bing Shitian had precisely relied on such a decree to descend to the Dark Reverie!

However, Chen Xi wouldn’t choose the decree because he knew that the Central Immortal Court was currently under the command of Immortal Emperor Zi Heng from the Sovereign Sect. In order to avoid any mishaps from occurring while he returned to the Mortal Dimension, Chen Xi would naturally not choose this method.

When he noticed Chen Xi wasn’t interested in this method, Hua Jiankong directly spoke of the second method. “The second method requires utilizing some restricted secret techniques. This sort of secret technique is usually possessed by top powers of the Immortal Dimension. Of course, our Dao Emperor Academy naturally possesses it as well.”

When he spoke up to here, he seemed to have recalled something, and a wisp of a strange expression arose slightly on his face before he said, “If you intend to return to the Mortal Dimension, then come look for me one month from now. Remember, you must not allow anyone to know of this matter.”

Chen Xi hurriedly said, “Then I’ll trouble Senior when the time comes.”

Hua Jiankong waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry about it. I have other important matters to attend to, so I’ll be leaving.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he teleported away hastily.

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