Chapter 1407 – Dangerous Turn Of Events

As soon as he finished speaking, the hall was filled with a murderous air!

The oppressive force in the air was like a myriad of mountains that pressed down upon Chen Xi to the point he couldn’t catch his breath.

Have you changed your mind?

A single sentence that undoubtedly was the final notice that Zuoqiu Taiwu gave him!

At this instant, Chen Xi felt suffocated. He felt killing intent and danger that wasn’t concealed at all, and the hairs on his entire body stood on end.

However, a wisp of sorrow arose in his heart. This is Zuoqiu Taiwu. Only the Zuoqiu Clan resides in his heart. For the sake of the Zuoqiu Clan, he can disregard all enmity and kindness, disregard all right and wrong, and it’s even to the extent that…he’ll absolutely dare give up his life to kill me at this moment!

Yes, he had to give up his life!

It sounded laughable. Killing a Saint Immortal was as easy as crushing an ant to an Immortal King, so how could he possibly have to give up his life?

However, Chen Xi wasn’t the same as he was in the past. He was an heir of Oracle Mountain, possessed an extraordinary relationship with Nuwa’s Dao Palace, and had even obtained the inheritance of the Dao Emperor, causing all the seniors in Dao Emperor Academy to place great hopes on him.


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