Chapter 1406 – Taken Away By Force

This discussion of the Dao continued for an entire seven days before it ended.

All the members of the Star Alliance weren’t fully satisfied, and they asked Chen Xi to stay for a while longer. Even though it was merely seven days of time, it allowed them to obtain great benefits, and they frequently felt as if they attained sudden enlightenment. It was much better than trying to discover all of this on their own.

However, Chen Xi refused them. It couldn’t be helped. He’d promised Zuoqiu Taiwu a long time ago when he returned from the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds that he would find the time to pay a visit to Zuoqiu Taiwu. However, he’d been delayed until now because of numerous things. So how could he dare delay any longer?

No matter what, Zuoqiu Taiwu was a senior that lived in seclusion within the academy and possessed extremely high seniority. Moreover, Zuoqiu Taiwu had once saved Chen Xi’s life in the Outerealm Battlefield during the inner court exam. Under such circumstances, Chen Xi didn’t dare delay this matter any longer.

However, Chen Xi felt relaxed before he left because the danger within the Star Alliance had been imperceptibly dealt with by him during these seven days of discussing the Dao.

He believed that after the Star Alliance experienced this disaster that almost occurred, it would definitely become unbreakable. Even if someone like Wang Zipei tried to sow discord within the Star Alliance in the future, a situation like the situation from seven days ago would absolutely not occur again.

This was the objective that Chen Xi intended to attain by discussing the Dao for seven days within the Star Alliance.

Now he’d obviously attained his goal, so it was time to pay a visit to Zuoqiu Taiwu.


Chen Xi’s figure flickered beneath the sky.

He still remembered that Wang Daolu had once told him that if he intended to pay a visit to Zuoqiu Taiwu, then he should definitely let Wang Daolu know. Actually, at that time, Chen Xi understood that Wang Daolu’s actions were undoubtedly a form of protection towards him.

It was common knowledge that the heir of the Zuoqiu Clan, Zuoqiu Kong, had perished at Chen Xi’s hands. Moreover, the entire Immortal Dimension was clearly aware that he was like fire and water with the Zuoqiu Clan, and they’d completely shed all pretenses between them.

It was even to the extent that he dared confirm the Zuoqiu Clan was probably clearly aware since a long time ago, the Immortal King, Zuoqiu Linghong, had perished because of him as well.

Under such circumstances, Zuoqiu Taiwu, a senior of the Zuoqiu Clan that possessed a rather great influence in the clan had suddenly asked Chen Xi to pay him a visit, so Chen Xi had no choice but to be vigilant in his heart.

I wonder what sort of cultivation Zuoqiu Taiwu possesses. Unfortunately, Dean Chi Cangsheng is in closed door cultivation, otherwise, it would undoubtedly be the safest if I asked him to accompany me to see Zuoqiu Taiwu… As he flew, Chen Xi pondered silently in his heart.


Right at this moment, a strand of fluctuation suddenly arose in space. In an instant, Chen Xi felt that the expanse of the heavens and the earth he resided in had fallen into a sort of absolute motionless state!

Time, space, airflow… Everything was frozen at this moment!

The Immortal King Realm!

Since this person is capable of accomplishing this, it’s absolutely a supreme existence at the Immortal King Realm.

In an instant, Chen Xi’s pupils constricted. I’m within Dao Emperor Academy, who would be so audacious as to actually dare to trap me with such a method?

“Little Fellow, relax and come with me.” An aged voice resounded by his ears, causing Chen Xi’s heart to jerk as he instantly determined the identity of this person! However, before he could struggle, he felt his figure being teleported uncontrollably by an enormous force.

In merely an instant, his figure had appeared within a vast and empty hall.

There was only a single old man with an extremely aged appearance sitting upright on a chair at the center of the hall. His eyes were muddy and drowsy, while his entire body emanated a calm and peaceful aura that was deep like an abyss.

Surprisingly, this old man was Zuoqiu Taiwu!

Chen Xi’s heart sank when he saw Zuoqiu Taiwu. Never had he imagined that Zuoqiu Taiwu would bring him here by force before he could even seek Wang Daolu’s help.

Such actions caused the vigilance in Chen Xi’s heart to instantly rise to its limits.

In his perception, Zuoqiu Taiwu absolutely was an existence that concealed his strength, and in his eyes, there was only the Zuoqiu Clan and no vie between factions.

But it was precisely because of this that Chen Xi found this to be troublesome. Because he was planning on taking revenge on the Zuoqiu Clan. Under such circumstances, how could Zuoqiu Taiwu watch it happen without doing anything about it?

These thoughts flashed within Chen Xi’s mind, and then he bowed before he said, “Junior, Chen Xi, greets Senior.”

“There’s no need for courtesy. Sit anywhere you like.” Zuoqiu Taiwu spoke while his extremely aged face was covered in a calm expression. No emotions could be discerned from his face, yet the more it was like this, the more Chen Xi felt an indescribable shapeless pressure press down upon him.

Chen Xi took a deep breath in his heart while trying his best to calm down as he sat on a chair at the side.

“Little Fellow, why’ve you been hiding from me lately?” Zuoqiu Taiwu opened his muddy eyes while his voice carried a trace of faint displeasure.

It was precisely this trace of displeasure that caused Chen Xi’s strained nerves to ease up greatly. Because this showed that Zuoqiu Taiwu’s thoughts weren’t so firm and pure.

Chen Xi hurriedly smiled bitterly as he spoke and explained everything that had occurred in the past few days.

“Oh,” said Zuoqiu Taiwu. It was impossible to discern any expression from his face, and he sighed after quite some time. “Looks like I misunderstood you. Don’t hate me for bringing you here by force. There are some things that make me unable to wait any longer.”

Chen Xi’s heart shook because he knew that Zuoqiu Taiwu was about to get to the point.

Sure enough, Zuoqiu Taiwu’s bent figure suddenly straightened while his muddy eyes suddenly became extremely bright and clear. It was like two cold bolts of electricity had suddenly torn open the veil of night, and it shook the soul and was extremely shocking.

At this moment, he was like an awakened god of the primeval times. Every single move he made emanated an imposing aura of supremacy and domination.

“I’m clearly aware of all the enmity between you and the Zuoqiu Clan. I brought you here this time for a single matter. I hope that you can show mercy and bury the hatchet.” Zuoqiu Taiwu didn’t hide anything and was extremely frank while his gaze that was terrifying like bolts of electricity locked tightly onto Chen Xi. “So long as you agree, I can guarantee your mother’s safety and allow the both of you to meet.”

Before Chen Xi could speak, he continued. “The Zuoqiu Clan can’t fall into chaos now! There’s only a single reason for this, the upheaval of the three dimensions is at hand! Once the Zuoqiu Clan falls to chaos, then it’s clansmen would definitely suffer calamity, and the foundation of the clan would be at risk! No matter if you admit it or not, half of the blood that flows in your veins belongs to the Zuoqiu Clan, and I’ll absolutely not allow such a matter to occur.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he looked silently at Chen Xi and waited for Chen Xi’s reply.

The hall was extremely silent. Only his aged voice was still reverberating through the surroundings, and every single word he spoke carried a pressure that struck directly at the heart.

Under such pressure, Chen Xi fell into silence while his expression was indeterminate.

Zuoqiu Taiwu didn’t know what Chen Xi was thinking about. He only needed an answer, so he was very patient and gave Chen Xi sufficient time to think.

However, to his surprise, Chen Xi’s silence merely lasted for a moment before Chen Xi’s expression became firm and calm once more, causing Zuoqiu Taiwu to be unable to sense Chen Xi’s true emotions any longer.

This sort of feeling caused Zuoqiu Taiwu to have a slightly bad premonition for no rhyme or reason.

So before Chen Xi spoke, he’d already frowned and said frankly, “Do you know that Kong’er and Ancestor Linghong’s death have already struck an extremely severe blow to the Zuoqiu Clan? Presently, numerous differences and internal strife have occurred within the Zuoqiu Clan. Once it erupts completely, then no one will be able to escape it, including…your mother!”

Unfortunately, to his disappointment, he wasn’t able to sense a trace of a fluctuation of emotions on Chen Xi’s face, and there was only calmness that seemed like still water.

“Senior, I really admire you for wholeheartedly thinking about the Zuoqiu Clan, but all of this isn’t related to me at all.” Chen Xi spoke with a voice that was calm like his expression. “Because you’re looking at it from the standpoint of the Zuoqiu Clan, and you’ve never considered my feelings.”

Zuoqiu Taiwu frowned while a wisp of gloominess arose on his aged face, causing the atmosphere within the empty hall to become even more oppressive and deathly silent. Even the air was on the verge of freezing.

However, Chen Xi seemed as if he didn’t notice it at all, and he said calmly, “Since the day I was born, practically all my clansmen were brutally murdered, and only my grandfather, my parents, and my younger brother remained.”

“Just a few years after that, my parents went missing, and only my grandfather, younger brother, and I depended on each other for survival. We suffused countless humiliations, ridicule, and mocking every single day and night.”

“You probably don’t know but I endured such a life for over ten years of time. They called me Deadpan Chen, Jinx, and felt that I was the cause of all these disasters. It was even to the extent that…even my grandfather suspected that I might be too unfortunate…”

He recounted everything from the past with a calm voice and tranquil tone. There was no rage or pain on Chen Xi’s face, and there was only a type of extreme calm.

“Later on, my grandfather met with disaster and passed away as well while my younger brother’s arm was crippled. At that time, I felt the world was collapsing around me, and even I suspected that I was a jinx that brought unparalleled disaster to my clan… Even until today, I still feel terrified by that pain, and it’s impossible to wipe away.”

“After that, I finally saw a trace of hope. I found out my parents were still alive, and I found out exactly who was the culprit behind the scenes that annihilated my Chen Clan. So… I cultivated desperately and stopped at nothing to work hard and become stronger. I didn’t dare feel self-satisfied, I didn’t dare slack off, I didn’t dare waste any time or opportunity to become stronger, I didn’t dare…”

When he spoke up to here, Chen Xi suddenly smiled lightly, and his eyes surged with a wisp of an extremely bright glow. He stared silently at Zuoqiu Taiwu. “You’ve seen it as well. Presently, I already possess the strength to deter the Zuoqiu Clan, and I’m about to attain my wish… Do you think I would give up at a time like this?”

“No!” Suddenly, Chen Xi’s voice became resolute, decisive, and firm, and it carried an arrogant imposing aura of its own. “No matter who it is, it’s impossible to make me give up. Otherwise, I would let down those clansmen that have passed away, I would let down my grandfather, and I would let…myself down!”

When he spoke up to here, he puckered his lips and remained silent, and his expression became calm once more.

On the other hand, Zuoqiu Taiwu’s expression was extremely gloomy while his eyes surged with various different emotions. Only Chen Xi’s calm voice still resounded within the empty hall.

After staying silent for a long time, Zuoqiu Taiwu suddenly took a deep breath and sighed, and his expression was extremely complicated. Was he sighing with emotion for Chen Xi’s destiny that was filled with troubles? Or was he feeling sorrowful for the karma and enmity that had been planted a long time ago?

In the end, he looked at Chen Xi while his eyes were already icy cold and indifferent. “No matter what, I’ll disregard everything for the sake of the Zuoqiu Clan. Let me ask you a final question, have you…changed your mind?”

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