Chapter 1406 – Taken Away By Force

This discussion of the Dao continued for an entire seven days before it ended.

All the members of the Star Alliance weren’t fully satisfied, and they asked Chen Xi to stay for a while longer. Even though it was merely seven days of time, it allowed them to obtain great benefits, and they frequently felt as if they attained sudden enlightenment. It was much better than trying to discover all of this on their own.

However, Chen Xi refused them. It couldn’t be helped. He’d promised Zuoqiu Taiwu a long time ago when he returned from the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds that he would find the time to pay a visit to Zuoqiu Taiwu. However, he’d been delayed until now because of numerous things. So how could he dare delay any longer?

No matter what, Zuoqiu Taiwu was a senior that lived in seclusion within the academy and possessed extremely high seniority. Moreover, Zuoqiu Taiwu had once saved Chen Xi’s life in the Outerealm Battlefield during the inner court exam. Under such circumstances, Chen Xi didn’t dare delay this matter any longer.

However, Chen Xi felt relaxed before he left because the danger within the Star Alliance had been imperceptibly dealt with by him during these seven days of discussing the Dao.

He believed that after the...

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