Chapter 1405 – Turning The Situation Around

Chen Xi’s sudden appearance caused the originally restless atmosphere within the Star Alliance Hall to completely change. Not a single person spoke clamorously, and it was perfectly silent to the point a falling needle could be heard.

This was the force of his presence!

With Chen Xi’s current reputation and strength, even the instructors of the outer court wouldn’t consider themselves senior towards him, let alone these students.

On the other hand, when they saw Chen Xi make an appearance, the hearts of Wang Zipei and the others sunk to rock bottom.

This time, he and his companions had indeed been bribed, and they intended to seize this opportunity to sow discord in order to attain the objective of breaking up the Star Alliance.

They were very well aware that this sort of action had to be done quickly, otherwise once Chen Xi made an appearance, all their hard work would be in vain. So before they took action this time, they’d inquired about it a long time ago. Since Chen Xi ascended into the Heavenstar Saint Rankings, he’d started to enter into closed door cultivation, and it was undoubtedly a superb opportunity for them.

Thus, they took action. They utilized their silver tongues to incite and encourage the other members of the Star Alliance to gather here in order to play out a drama of ‘trying to take over the Star Alliance.’

Because they’d made sufficient preparations and planned it for a long time, their plan developed extremely smoothly. However, when they were just about to succeed, it just so happened that Chen Xi made an appearance, and it instantly destroyed their plans!

The reason was extremely simple. They’d utilized Chen Xi’s name when taking action this time, and they intended to utilize this in order to put pressure on Xuanyuan Xiu and prove the Star didn’t belong to Chen Xi now, and it belonged to the Xuanyuan Clan instead. Thus allowing them to attain their objective of sowing discord and making the other members of the Star Alliance withdraw from it.

Even if those members that left the Star Alliance found out in the future that the Star Alliance still belonged to Chen Xi, it would be impossible to undo everything then.

This sort of scheme was extremely malicious. Unfortunately, along with Chen Xi’s appearance, it was bound to fail completely.

However, Wang Zipei wasn’t an ordinary figure. So, after his expressions turned grim, he smiled brightly and cupped his hands as he said, “Now that I’ve seen Senior Brother Chen Xi make an appearance here, I’m fully at ease. Now it would seem like that rumor that has been spreading throughout the academy lately really is a fabrication that can’t be believed.”

What rumor?

It was naturally the rumor that said the Star Alliance was established by the Xuanyuan Clan while utilizing Chen Xi’s name, and it wasn’t possessed by Chen Xi. It was precisely because of this rumor that Wang Zipei obtained an excuse to take action on such a grand scale.

“Yes, we were rude earlier. But it was all for the sake of the Star Alliance and to help share Senior Brother Chen Xi’s burden.” Wang Zipei’s companions spoke successively as well. However, their voices weren’t as oppressive as they were before this.

“Haha! What a quick change! I have to ask, was there any need to gather so many people here in order to confirm this matter? Was there any need to utilize withdrawing from the Star Alliance as a form of threat?” A’Xiu couldn’t help but speak with ridicule when she heard this. “If Chen Xi didn’t make an appearance, all of you would have probably started to encourage all the other members to withdraw from the Star Alliance, right? Should I suspect that all of this was done for the sake of causing harm to my Star Alliance?”

As she finished speaking, her voice already carried a wisp of a stern questioning tone.

The expressions of many members of the Star Alliance turned grim. Earlier, they felt this matter was slightly strange, but they were deluded by Wang Zipei and the others, causing them to be unable to confirm it until now. Now, along with Chen Xi’s appearance, when they thought about it calmly, they had a stronger feeling that A’Xiu was right.

For a time, the gazes they shot at Wang Zipei and the others had changed.

“Senior Sister Xuanyuan, I know that my actions from before were slightly offensive, yet it was because of the righteousness in my heart, and I absolutely had no selfish motives.” As he sensed the unusual gazes shot at him from the surroundings, Wang Zipei’s heart jerked yet he spoke with a strong sense of righteousness. “Moreover, if Senior Brother Chen Xi hadn’t made no appearance in the Star Alliance for so long, this matter wouldn’t have occurred at all.”

These final words of his had placed the target onto Chen Xi’s back.

However, these words weren’t wrong at all. If Chen Xi had frequently made an appearance in the Star Alliance in the past, then the other members of the Star Alliance wouldn’t be deluded and instigated so easily.

Chen Xi had been constantly watching all of this with a spurious smile on his face. When he heard Wang Zipei put the target on his back, his expression gradually became solemn, and he suddenly said, “This was my mistake indeed, and I apologize to everyone because I’ve let all of you down.”

As he spoke, he bowed slightly towards the surroundings with a sincere and serious expression.

Everyone was shocked when they saw this.

No one had expected that with Chen Xi’s current reputation and status, he would actually take the initiative to apologize to them. For a time, all of them were slightly at a loss for what to do.

Even if it as those members of the Star Alliance that had some criticism towards Chen Xi in their hearts, they were rather moved as well, and the trace of unpleasant feelings in their hearts was completely wiped away.

“Senior Brother Chen Xi, you’re taking this too seriously. Everyone knows that you’ve been travelling about to temper yourself in these past few years. If it wasn’t for that, how could you possibly attain the reputation you possess now?”

“Yes, Senior Brother Chen Xi is someone destined for great things. It’s impossible for you to spend your time on the Star Alliance, so everyone understands it.”

“Hmph! I’ve detested those fellows with malicious intent since a long time ago. Just think about it, how much benefits have you obtained after joining the Star Alliance, yet you harbor malicious intent now and attempt to sow discord amongst us? They deserve death for having such intentions!”

“Presently, no matter where we members of the Star Alliance go, we receive the respect and kind treatment of everyone. What’s the reason for this? Isn’t it because our Star Alliance belongs to Senior Brother Chen Xi? Some people really can’t stand to see others being well off!”

All the members of the Star Alliance spoke in support of Chen Xi, causing the expressions of Wang Zipei and the others to change slightly. They’d never expected that a mere apology from Chen Xi would attain such an effect.

“Thank you for all your kindness. I’ve decided that from today onwards, I’ll explain the Dao for seven days in our Star Alliance Hall and share everything I’ve comprehended with everyone. If all of you’ve encountered any questions in your path of cultivation, then we can investigate it together. To tell all of you the truth, this is the only method I have to express my apology.” Chen Xi smiled when he heard this, and then he swept the surroundings with his gaze before he spoke once more. Moreover, every single move he made naturally carried the grand imposing aura of a leader.

He’ll explain the Dao for seven days!

After they heard these words, the spirits of all the members of the Star Alliance present here was refreshed, and they revealed excited expressions. If it wasn’t because of the situation, they would have probably started cheering a long time ago.

Presently, was anyone unaware of Chen Xi’s reputation? Could anyone forget the numerous striking miracles he’d created in Dao Emperor Academy during the past few years? It was even to the extent that just a few days ago, Chen Xi had obtained the acknowledgement of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance and ascended to the 1st position on the Heavenstar Saint Rankings!

It could be said that the strength Chen Xi possessed now was sufficient to assume the position of an instructor in Dao Emperor Academy!

Yet at this moment, he’d actually agreed to explain the Dao for seven days and have an exchange with all the members of the Star Alliance. Could anyone not be excited when facing such a rare opportunity?

Why was Chen Xi able to cultivate so quickly?

Why was he able to create so many miracles?

How does he cultivate?

What sort of understanding of the Grand Dao does he possess?

All of this caused the members of the Star Alliance to be filled with boundless anticipation. They were very clearly aware that if they were able to obtain some pointers from this, then it would absolutely be boundlessly beneficial to them.

Even Wang Zipei and the others couldn’t help but be extremely tempted when they heard this. However, when they thought about their actions from before, the flames of desire in their hearts instantly turned cold and vanished without a trace.

They were similarly aware that they would probably not possess the qualifications to listen and join in the exchange…

When she noticed the unpleasant feelings in the hearts of the Star Alliance’s members had been eliminated with a few words from Chen Xi and noticed that Chen Xi had a firm grasp of the situation, A’Xiu was extremely happy in her heart as well. She glanced over and stared at the side of Chen Xi’s face with her clear eyes while she said in her heart, This fellow said he doesn’t have any ability to be a leader? He was obviously lying!

As for Liang Ren, Gu Yueming, and Xuanyuan Yun, they were sighing endlessly with emotion in their hearts. Sure enough, comparisons are odious. When will I be able to possess such reputation and charisma like Chen Xi?

“The few of you over there, please leave. From today onwards, all of you don’t belong to the Star Alliance any longer!” Amidst this excitement, Chen Xi’s gaze suddenly descended onto Wang Zipei and the others. His voice was calm and didn’t carry any emotions, but it caused the atmosphere in the hall to become solemn.


The gazes of everyone descended onto Wang Zipei and the others in unison, and their gazes carried disdain, contempt, and pity.

Wang Zipei’s expression changed rapidly and indeterminately. He suddenly roared with sadly with laughter as he said, “Senior Brother Chen Xi, you intend to take revenge? Hahaha! I had good intentions, yet I received such an outcome. I can only blame myself for being too impulsive!”

Chen Xi’s brows raised. These fellows really do refuse to give up their sinister plans, and even until now, he still intends to sow discord. Chen Xi said calmly, “Respect is something you strive to obtain yourself. If you don’t know where to stop, then don’t blame me for really getting even with you after I uncover the identity of the person that’s pulling the strings from behind the scenes!”

As soon as these words were spoken, Wang Zipei’s sad laughter stopped abruptly, and his gaze was slightly anxious and indeterminate. After that, he flicked his sleeve angrily and said, “There’s no common ground for understanding between people of that possess different ideals. Let’s go.”

As he spoke, he led the others to leave the hall with large strides.

“You’re letting them go just like that? You don’t know how detestable they were earlier.” As she watched them leave, A’Xiu sent a voice transmission that was filled with slight unwillingness to Chen Xi.

“They’re just clowns. I want to see which student society they’ll join after leaving the Star Alliance.” Chen Xi spoke swiftly via voice transmission.

A’Xiu came to a sudden understanding. It turned out that Chen Xi intended to use them to uncover the true culprit behind the scenes. She immediately said, “Leave all of this to me, otherwise, I won’t be able to let my anger go.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he smiled as he agreed to it.

Subsequently, Chen Xi had no choice but to change his plans. He stayed within the Star Alliance Hall and started to discuss the Dao with all the members of the Star Alliance.

Everyone sat on the ground and listened to Chen Xi describe his understanding of the Grand Dao, and only Chen Xi’s clear voice resounded like the morning bell within the entire hall.

The Saint Immortal Realm had already stepped onto the path to seek the divine. Every single word and action of a Saint Immortal was filled with the profundities of the Grand Dao, and it was sufficient to preach to the world and educate all living beings.

At the very beginning, perhaps some people had some doubts towards Chen Xi’s explanations. However, along with the passage of time, everyone was gradually immersed in the profundities of the ‘Dao’ that Chen Xi explained.

They were either frowning in contemplation, seemed to have obtained some comprehension, or had a smile on their faces.

It was just as the saying — The Dao is spoken by one, yet comprehension varies.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi stopped speaking, and then he started to have exchanges and provide explanations for the questions of all the members of the Star Alliance present within the hall. Thus, the originally silent atmosphere warmed up along with this.

Many students successively raised the questions they’d met on the path of cultivation, and Chen Xi didn’t disappoint everyone. He guided them one by one, allowing them to frequently feel as if they’d experienced suddenly enlightenment.

It wasn’t that Chen Xi’s attainment in the Dao was extraordinary, and it was because he’d long since moved far ahead of everyone present within the hall. As it was said, knowledge isn’t differentiated by age or time, and those with the ability are those that teach.

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