Chapter 1405 – Turning The Situation Around

Chen Xi’s sudden appearance caused the originally restless atmosphere within the Star Alliance Hall to completely change. Not a single person spoke clamorously, and it was perfectly silent to the point a falling needle could be heard.

This was the force of his presence!

With Chen Xi’s current reputation and strength, even the instructors of the outer court wouldn’t consider themselves senior towards him, let alone these students.

On the other hand, when they saw Chen Xi make an appearance, the hearts of Wang Zipei and the others sunk to rock bottom.

This time, he and his companions had indeed been bribed, and they intended to seize this opportunity to sow discord in order to attain the objective of breaking up the Star Alliance.

They were very well aware that this sort of action had to be done quickly, otherwise once Chen Xi made an appearance, all their hard work would be in vain. So before they took action this time, they’d inquired about it a long time ago. Since Chen Xi ascended into the Heavenstar Saint Rankings, he’d started to enter into closed door cultivation, and it was undoubtedly a superb opportunity for them.

Thus, they took action. They utilized their silver tongues to incite and encourage the other members of the Star Alliance to gather here in order to play out a drama of ‘trying to take over the Star Alliance.’

Because they’d made sufficient preparations and planned...

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