Chapter 1404 – Harboring Malicious Intent

When he saw Chen Xi reveal a displeased expression, Ling Bai leaped up onto his shoulder with a swish, and then Ling Bai sighed with emotion. “This is the price. It’s your fault for not taking us with you the last time you went around.”

Bai Kui transformed into a wisp of white light that leaped into Chen Xi’s embrace, and he rubbed his furry head intimately against Chen Xi’s chest as if he was saying ‘Alright, alright, don’t get angry.’

Starry was the same as well. However, because his figure was slightly large, he could only move his snow white tail up and down on Chen Xi’s leg as if he was consoling Chen Xi.

A’Man was the most direct. He directly gave Chen Xi a bear hug, and then struck Chen Xi forcefully on the back as he said in a naïve voice. “Chen Xi, I want to eat food cooked by you!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the eyes of the other three little fellows lit up simultaneously.

Chen Xi smiled bitterly when he heard this, and he cursed angrily. “It looks to me like all of you don’t miss me, and you just want to eat the food I make.”

After that, Chen Xi found out that the reason Ling Bai and the others had returned this time was because they were entrusted by A’Xiu with the task of asking him to find the time to head to the Star Alliance Hall.

The reason was extremely simple. Since the Star Alliance was established,...

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