Chapter 1404 – Harboring Malicious Intent

When he saw Chen Xi reveal a displeased expression, Ling Bai leaped up onto his shoulder with a swish, and then Ling Bai sighed with emotion. “This is the price. It’s your fault for not taking us with you the last time you went around.”

Bai Kui transformed into a wisp of white light that leaped into Chen Xi’s embrace, and he rubbed his furry head intimately against Chen Xi’s chest as if he was saying ‘Alright, alright, don’t get angry.’

Starry was the same as well. However, because his figure was slightly large, he could only move his snow white tail up and down on Chen Xi’s leg as if he was consoling Chen Xi.

A’Man was the most direct. He directly gave Chen Xi a bear hug, and then struck Chen Xi forcefully on the back as he said in a naïve voice. “Chen Xi, I want to eat food cooked by you!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the eyes of the other three little fellows lit up simultaneously.

Chen Xi smiled bitterly when he heard this, and he cursed angrily. “It looks to me like all of you don’t miss me, and you just want to eat the food I make.”

After that, Chen Xi found out that the reason Ling Bai and the others had returned this time was because they were entrusted by A’Xiu with the task of asking him to find the time to head to the Star Alliance Hall.

The reason was extremely simple. Since the Star Alliance was established, he who was the leading figure of the Star Alliance had only shown his face once in the Star Alliance Hall, causing most of the present members of the Star Alliance to have never truly met him. It was fine when it was for a short duration of time, but once it went on for long, some reproach was unavoidable.

After he found out about all of this, Chen Xi thought for a moment. In the end, he decided that he would first make a trip to the Star Alliance Hall before paying a visit to Zuoqiu Taiwu.

The Star Alliance Hall wasn’t within the inner court, and it was at the side of a mountain in the outer court instead.

After all, the current members of the Star Alliance were mostly outer court students, whereas inner court students only occupied around a third of the total. For the sake of convenience, the Star Alliance Hall could only be established in the outer court.

Actually, it wasn’t just the Star Alliance, practically all the student societies within Dao Emperor Academy had chosen to establish their headquarters in the outer court, and there was only a single reason behind this, convenience.

At this moment, it was noon. The sky was bright, the air was fresh, and the clouds in the sky were drifting gracefully.

The Star Alliance Hall was already filled with people at this moment, and besides a little over ten members that had left the academy to temper themselves, practically all the other members were gathered here.

Presently, the Star Alliance seemed to have become the most striking student society within Dao Emperor Academy. It possessed one hundred and fifty three inner court students and three hundred and twenty outer court students. Merely in terms of forces, it was already sufficient to go against any other student society within the academy, and it was even to the extent that the Star Alliance slightly surpassed them.

For example, top student societies like the Zuoqiu Society and Xuanyuan Society presently possessed only a little over three hundred members.

The amount of their members seemed to be slightly insufficient, but only eight hundred students in the inner court had attained the Golden Immortal Realm and only a little over three hundred students had attained the Saint Immortal Realm after all.

On the other hand, there was an entire few tens of student societies within Dao Emperor Academy. So the Star Alliance’s ability to recruit over a hundred and fifty inner court students was already extremely striking and dazzling.

Especially during the recent period of time. Along with Chen Xi obtaining the Dao Emperor’s inheritance and being ranked at the 1st position on the Heavenstar Saint Rankings, it had caused an unprecedented uproar in the entire academy. This caused many students to come register themselves at the Star Alliance with the intention of becoming a member of it. Obviously, if these circumstances were to continue, then it was extremely likely for the Star Alliance to become the biggest student society in Dao Emperor Academy.

Of course, there were advantages and disadvantages to this. The domineering rise of the Star Alliance aroused fear in the other student societies and caused them to fight with the Star Alliance, and it was even to the extent that some student societies mouthed off about teaching the Star Alliance a fierce lesson.

However, these sort of fights were far from being considered to be going too far. So even though there was friction between the Star Alliance and the other student societies, there weren’t any student societies that really dared to have a full on fight with the Star Alliance.

The reason was similarly simple: the Star Alliance had Chen Xi!

Merely Chen Xi’s name was sufficient to deter many student societies, causing them to not dare rashly come looking for trouble with the Star Alliance.

However, in these past few days, a rumor had spread. It said that the Star Alliance was actually established by the little princess of the Xuanyuan Clan by using Chen Xi’s name, and the true situation was that Chen Xi didn’t take any interest to the matters of the Star Alliance. Otherwise, why hadn’t Chen Xi made an appearance within the Star Alliance since it was established?

Somehow, this rumor was spread to the ears of every single member of the Star Alliance, causing many members to be slightly doubtful in their hearts.

It was even to the extent that many members started to question A’Xiu on the truth of these rumors, and if she didn’t give them a satisfying answer, then they would withdraw from the Star Alliance, causing A’xiu to be in a slightly bad situation.

She was very clearly aware that if such latent troubles weren’t eliminated, then it would cause the Star Alliance to break apart. Because most of the members of the Star Alliance had come because of Chen Xi’s reputation, so even if she was managing all the affairs of the Star Alliance in Chen Xi’s place, she didn’t possess the extraordinarily high charisma that Chen Xi possessed.

Just like this moment, many members of the Star Alliance had urged the others to gather within the Star Alliance Hall, and all of them were mouthing off about withdrawing from the Star Alliance if A’Xiu didn’t give them a definite answer.

It could be said that this conflict was on the verge of completely erupting today.

“Senior Sister Xuanyuan, we have no intention to make things difficult for you. So please give us an answer as soon as possible. After all, we came for the sake of Senior Brother Chen Xi, yet after staying in the Star Alliance for so long, we still haven’t even seen Senior Brother Chen Xi once. Isn’t this slightly suspicious?” Within the Star Alliance Hall, a thin young man spoke in a bright voice, and he spoke confidently. Even if he was facing the little princess of the Xuanyuan Clan, A’Xiu, his expression still remained composed while he didn’t conceal his anger at all, causing him to seem as if he was filled with a strong sense of righteousness.

He was called Wang Zipei, and he was a student of the inner court at the Golden Immortal Realm. He possessed a rather high reputation amongst his peers, so many members of the Star Alliance chimed in when they heard him.

“Young Miss Xuanyuan, we joined Senior Brother Chen Xi’s Star Alliance, and not the Xuanyuan Clan’s Star Alliance!”

“If you don’t give us an answer today, then we won’t cause trouble, but we’ll immediately withdraw from the Star Alliance. Please reconsider.”

“Exactly. All of this needs to be settled in the end.”

These voices caused many members of the Star Alliance to hesitate. Truthfully speaking, they did indeed have doubts in the matter. If it wasn’t for that, they wouldn’t gather here at Wang Zipei’s call.

A’Xiu stood at the center of the hall. Her normally sweetly smiling face seemed to be calm and indifferent at this moment. No matter how she controlled her emotions, her watery and clear eyes couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of anger.

How could she be unable to discern that such a situation had occurred today entirely because of Wang Zipei and his companions?

If she was unable to deal with this matter appropriately today, then the reputation of the Star Alliance would definitely suffer a heavy blow and be reduced to the laughingstock of the academy. It was even to the extent that the Star Alliance might even break apart.

So no matter how angry she was at this moment, A’Xiu could only endure it forcefully.

“What? Wang Zipei, all of you intend to forcefully take over the Star Alliance? Are there any rules left in this Star Alliance? Have all of you forgotten the rules you accepted when joining the Star Alliance?” A’Xiu could only endure it, yet Liang Ren wasn’t able to endure it any longer, and he immediately berated in a grim voice. As far as he was concerned, Wang Zipei and the others absolutely harbored malicious intentions, and they wished for nothing more than for the Star Alliance to be destroyed as soon as possible.

“We aren’t trying to take over, and we’ve never disregarded the rules. At the bottom of it all, everything we’re doing today is none other than for the sake of confirming if this Star Alliance belongs to the Xuanyuan Clan or Senior Brother Chen Xi!” Wang Zipei’s expression remained unchanged while his words were extremely seditious, and he seemed to have put the Xuanyuan Clan and Chen Xi on opposite sides.

A’Xiu started laughing from extreme rage when she heard this. “I never noticed that you, Wang Zipei, really possess such a firm and unyielding character, and you’re wholeheartedly acting for Chen Xi’s sake!”

These fellows were repeatedly mentioning Chen Xi’s name, and they seemed to be peerlessly loyal, yet no one knew what sort of malicious intent was buried within their hearts. Coupled with the fact that the incident today was too strange, A’Xiu suspected that Wang Zipei had been bribed by someone with ill intent.

After all, the Star Alliance was rising too quickly now, and it was unavoidable for it to suffer the jealousy and repression of others.

“Senior Sister Xuanyuan, those words are correct. If it wasn’t for the sake of Senior Brother Chen Xi, it would be utterly impossible for us to join the Star Alliance. If you don’t believe me, then ask everyone else here if they think in the same way!” Wang Zipei wasn’t enraged by A’Xiu’s sarcasm, and he still in a manner that was filled with a strong sense of righteousness.

“Yes, Senior Brother Wang’s words have spoken of our exact thoughts.”

“Senior Sister Xuanyuan, please give us an answer!”

“I agree with Senior Brother Wang Zipei’s opinion.”

Sounds of agreement resounded once more, causing the situation in the hall to become even more chaotic. Many members of the Star Alliance became extremely restless, and the situation within the hall was on the verge of going out of A’Xiu’s control.

A’Xiu gnashed her teeth with hatred when she saw this. This damnable Wang Zipei. I shouldn’t have recruited him into the Star Alliance that day!

“Alright! As all of you wish, Chen Xi will be here in a while. At that time, let me see if you, Wang Zipei, are still filled with such a strong sense of righteousness!” A’Xiu took a deep breath and spoke slowly, and her voice suppressed all the clamorous voices within the hall.

Wang Zipei’s eyes narrowed imperceptibly, and then he sneered. “We still have to wait? How long have we waited already? Now, we still haven’t obtained an answer. So could it be that Senior Sister Xuanyuan intends to deceive us again?”

Before A’Xiu could speak again, he continued. “Young Miss Xuanyuan, I’ll ask one last time on everyone’s behalf. Who exactly does the Star Alliance belong to? If you’re unable to convince us, then don’t blame us for withdrawing from the Star Alliance right now!”

“Right! Withdraw from the Star Alliance!”

“Withdraw from the Star Alliance!”

Wang Zipei’s companions at his side started shouting once more, and they instantly caused the indecisive members of the Star Alliance to be slightly moved. If the situation continued developing down this path, then even if Chen Xi arrived, it would probably be impossible for him to save the situation.

“Alright! I agree to your withdrawals. From today onwards, the Star Alliance isn’t related to all of you any longer!” Right at this moment, a cold voice suddenly resounded in the hall. It was like the grand tune of the Grand Dao, and it instantly suppressed all the voices within the hall to the point it became perfectly silent.

Amidst this silence, a tall figure appeared out of thin air and stood by A’Xiu’s side. He wore green clothes, had a handsome appearance, and his bearing was calm and extraordinary.

Chen Xi!

When they saw Chen Xi make an appearance, the spirits of most of the members of the Star Alliance were refreshed, and they were extremely pleasantly surprised.

Especially A’Xiu, Liang Ren, Gu Yueming, Xuanyuan Yun, and the others. At the instant they noticed Chen Xi’s arrival, all of them heaved long sighs of relief in their hearts.

Amongst the people present, only the expressions of Wang Zipei and his companions turned grim!

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