Chapter 1403 – Daoseal Mark

Chen Xi who’d just obtained the Dao Emperor’s inheritance had ascended to the 1st position on the Heavenstar Saint Rankings three days later!

As soon as this piece of news spread, it was like a rock that caused a thousand waves, and it caused an enormous uproar in Dao Emperor Academy. Moreover, it pushed Chen Xi’s reputation up to an unprecedented height, causing discussions related to him to be everywhere.

However, these sort of discussions seemed to have become another type of argument.

“What? All of you want to set Chen Xi as your targets? Wake up, young men and women, reaching beyond your grasp isn’t a good thing! The path of cultivation should be taken steadily!” An instructor of the outer court educated his students that intended to take Chen Xi as their objectives.

“Silence! I’m teaching, yet all of you are constantly discussing Chen Xi. It’s simply absurd!” An instructor that was teaching was thoroughly distressed, and he berated them with exasperation while gnashing his teeth with hatred. Since this fellow, Chen Xi, returned to the academy, the entire academy had gone upside down. Chen Xi was simply like a troublemaker!

“What? You want to pursue this Young Miss? Save your energy, even if Senior Brother Chen Xi doesn’t like...

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