Chapter 1402 – First On The Saint Rankings

As soon as he woke up from his meditation, over 140,000,000 Starpoints had suddenly appeared in his possession, and even with Chen Xi’s current mental state, shock was unavoidable when faced with such a sudden increase in Starpoints.

This amount was too shocking. But most importantly, all of this had occurred too suddenly and surprisingly. It caused Chen Xi to be stunned for quite a long time before he recovered from his shock.

The final gains from the bidding of those five hundred treasures I casually put up for bidding that day was still able to provide me with over 140,000,000 Starpoints after the academy took 30% of the proceeds. It truly is surprising. Chen Xi sighed endlessly with emotion in his heart. This was the benefits of bidding because those that urgently required some sort of treasure would absolutely stop at nothing to obtain it.

After all, Starpoints could be earned in the future, yet if those treasures were gone, then one wouldn’t know when one would be able to encounter those treasures again.

Presently, I lack around 9,000,000 Starpoints in order to exchange my Starpoints for the River Diagram fragment. Perhaps I can seize this opportunity to accept some assignments related to the Talisman Dao? In next to no time, Chen Xi moved his attention towards earning Starpoints.

Regretfully, after he carefully looking through all the assignments related to the Talisman Dao within the assignment area in the Violet Ribbon Starcrest, he didn’t notice any assignments that would allow him to earn around 9,000,000 Starpoints in a short period of time.

If I wait for less than a month more, then I can rely on my rankings at the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain’s Passage Stone Stele to obtain an enormous amount of Starpoints. Unfortunately, it’s still a bit too slow. After unexpectedly obtaining 140,000,000 Starpoints in a single day, he was only a small step away from obtaining the River Diagram fragment. This caused Chen Xi to be slightly impatient, and he wished for nothing more than to go obtain it right now. So, how could he possibly endure bitterly for around a month of time.

Hmm? How could I have forgotten?! Even though I’ve advanced into the Saint Immortal Realm now, it caused my rankings on the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings to vanish. However, I already possess the qualifications to compete on the Heavenstar Saint Rankings! Suddenly, Chen Xi’s eyes lit up as he recalled a superb method to earn Starpoints, and it was to ascend onto the Heavenstar Saint Rankings!

The inner court, Snow Dragon Mountain.

Pure white snow fluttered through the sky while the entire surroundings were covered in ice. The entire area was wrapped in silver, and it was like a world of ice and snow.

When looked at from afar, Snow Dragon Mountain towered into the sky. It was completely silvery white like a snow dragon that was charging up into the sky, and it commanded the heavens and the earth while seeming to be extremely powerful and proud.

A jade white stone stele that was filled with a divine aura stood towering at the peak of Snow Dragon Mountain. It towered into the sky, and it emanated enormous white and hazy divine radiance, causing it to be a rather magnificent scene.

Only inner court students at the Saint Immortal Realm possessed the qualifications to compete on the Heavenstar Saint Rankings, and a total of thirty students’ names were recorded on the jade white stone stele.

It was common knowledge that there were over eight hundred Golden Immortals and over three hundred Saint Immortals amongst the students in the inner court. So the strength of the students that were able to ascend onto the thirty positions on the Heavenstar Saint Rankings was obvious.

Of course, just like the Allheaven Golden Rankings and the Violet Ribbon Gold Rankings, so long as one’s name ascended the Heavenstar Saint Rankings, it wouldn’t just be a form of glory, it would reward one with a huge amount of Starpoints.

Moreover, compared to the other rankings, the rewards of the Heavenstar Saint Rankings was even more generous!


Amidst the world of ice and snow, a tall figure rose up through the air. In an instant, the figure ascended the peak of Snow Dragon Mountain and stopped before the Heavenstar Saint Rankings that towered into the sky.

This person was Chen Xi.

He’s come here this time because he intended to rely on the strength that he currently possessed to ascend the Heavenstar Saint Rankings in one go. His objective wasn’t to make a name for himself, and it was merely for the sake of gathering sufficient Starpoints to obtain the River Diagram fragment as soon as possible.

However, to Chen Xi’s surprise, when he just arrived here, he noticed to his surprise that Ye Tang, Ling Qingwu, Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, and Zhao Mengli were here as well. Moreover, based on the current situation, they’d arrived here for quite some time.

Besides the five of them, there were many inner court students in the vicinity.

“Eh, Chen Xi?”

“Haha! I knew you would definitely be unable to refrain from coming here.”

“What? Junior Brother Chen Xi, you intend to ascend the Heavenstar Saint Rankings as well?”

When they saw Chen Xi arrive here, Ye Tang and the others were slightly stunned, and then they smiled as they moved over to greet Chen Xi.

Chen Xi immediately smiled and greeted them. He already possessed a good relationship with Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, and Zhao Mengli in the past, so he was naturally rather happy when he saw the three of them here.

As for Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang, there was no need to mention it. They’d even fought side by side just three days ago and tempered themselves within the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds, allowing them to form a good friendship.

When the others in the vicinity saw this scene, all of them revealed expressions of admiration and respect. The group Chen Xi and the others formed was truly too striking. There was an heir of one of the seven great ancient clans, the Ji Clan, the descendant of a True Phoenix in the Phoenix Clan, the leading figure of the Buddha Dimension’s younger generation, and there were even blazing suns that were renowned in the world like Ye Tang and Ling Qingwu. Coupled with Chen Xi who was renowned through the world and was discussed animatedly in the entire Immortal Dimension, it was impossible for such an extraordinary group to not draw the attention of others.

Through their chats, Chen Xi instantly understood that Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, and Zhao Mengli had obtained fortuitous encounters of their own in the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds. Presently, their strengths had already ascended into the Saint Immortal Realm, so they’d come here together to charge onto the Heavenstar Saint Rankings.

However, regretfully, because they’d just advanced into the Saint Immortal Realm, so the combat strength they revealed didn’t allow them to step foot onto the Heavenstar Saint Rankings in one go.

Ling Qingwu and Ye Tang were the same as well. However, Ling Qingwu wasn’t interested in such a ranking, otherwise she would have possessed the qualifications to ascend the Heavenstar Saint Rankings even before she entered the Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds, and there would be utterly no need for her to wait until now.

The reason she’d come here this time was because Ye Tang had spared no efforts to invite her over, and that was the reason she’d agreed to come here with him.

The both of them had just finished attempting to ascend the Heavenstar Saint Rankings. Ling Qingwu had ascended to the 6th position in one go, causing her to seem extremely striking, whereas Ye Tang was slightly inferior and had only ascended to the 15th position.

The reason that caused such a gap between them was the amount of time since they’d stepped foot into the Saint Immortal Realm. Ye Tang was a step slower than Ling Qingwu, and even though it was merely a step slower, it had drawn open the gap between them.

It was just like what Chen Xi had heard from the outer court’s Dean, Zhou Zhili, when he’d just entered into Dao Emperor Academy — On the path of cultivation, if one is a step slower than another, then one might forever be unable to catch up to that person!

The thing that aroused Chen Xi’s interest was that Ye Tang was obviously interested in Ling Qingwu, yet it just so happened that Ling Qingwu hadn’t noticed it. There was an air of ‘unrequited love’ between them, and it caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but smile in his heart.

Truthfully speaking, Chen Xi rather hoped that Ye Tang would be able to become Dao Companions with Ling Qingwu. However, it wasn’t good for him to interfere and help this happen because in the eyes of cultivators, everything depended on fate and couldn’t be forced. So it all depended on their own fortune.

“Stop wasting time! Chen Xi, quickly go over and let us see exactly what ranking you’re able to obtain.” When she saw there was no end to the conversation between Chen Xi and the others, Ling Qingwu’s brows couldn’t help but raise before she spoke impatiently, and she was extremely frank as before.

“Yes, Junior Brother Chen Xi, quickly take action. Let me see if you’re able to give everyone a pleasant surprise this time.” Ye Tang chimed in from the side.

Chen Xi almost couldn’t refrain himself from saying ‘Senior Brother Ye, both of you haven’t even become Dao Companions yet, but you already intend to sing the same tune as her?’

“Quickly go over! Hurry up!”

“You’re on the verge of killing us from anxiety, yet you seem as if nothing has happened. I truly don’t know whether you really came for the Heavenstar Saint Rankings or not.”

“I really look forward to your performance, Chen Xi.”

Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and Zhen Lu spoke successively and urged Chen Xi on.

Actually, Chen Xi really wanted to say ‘I really didn’t come for the sake of the Heavenstar Saint Rankings.’ However, he was similarly clearly aware that if he spoke these words, then it would definitely cause everyone to roll their eyes at him.

“Alright.” Chen Xi shrugged. Under the gazes of everyone present in the surroundings, Chen Xi directly arrived before the Heavenstar Saint Rankings.


Without any hesitation, he stretched out his arm and casually slapped it down onto the stone stele. His actions were casual, and he didn’t accumulate strength at all. However, when his palm pressed down onto the jade white stone stele, it emanated a shocking rumbling fluctuation.

In an instant, the entirety of Snow Dragon Mountain was enveloped by this fluctuation that was boundlessly vast.

After that, a strand of clear light suddenly appeared on the Heavenstar Saint Rankings, and it rose violently all along the way. Under the astounded gazes of everyone present in the surroundings, it arrived in the top ten positions within a short period of a few breaths of time, and then its speed finally slowed down slightly. However, even then, it was still rising without end…

“The 7th position.”

“The 6th position.”

“The 5th position.”

Even if they’d guessed that Chen Xi would be able to ascend to the top ten, but when they saw this scene, everyone present still couldn’t avoid feeling a wisp of shock in their hearts.

This sort of speed isn’t just overbearing and extraordinary!

“The 3rd position!”

Zhen Lu, Zhao Mengli, and Ji Xuanbing gasped successively.

“He’s at the 2nd position already. Even Gu Yueru was pushed down by him…” Ye Tang muttered with shock.

“The 1st!” At this moment, when she saw Chen Xi’s name leap up to the position of first and even push Nie Xingzhen’s name down, even Ling Qingwu was stunned on the spot.

Heaven defying!

Simply too heaven defying!

If she wasn’t wrong, Chen Xi still hadn’t established a Saint Dao Law of his own yet. But even then, he’d actually instantly become the first on the Heavenstar Saint Rankings!

In other words, if it was merely in terms of combat strength, then not a single one of the three hundred plus students at the Saint Immortal Realm within the inner court could rival Chen Xi. Under such circumstances, Ling Qingwu was truly unable to imagine exactly what sort of heights Chen Xi’s combat strength would attain once he established his own Saint Dao Law.

The first!

It wasn’t just Ling Qingwu. At this moment, everyone else was completely dumbstruck as well because if they considered it carefully, Chen Xi had just advanced into the Saint Immortal Realm less than half a year ago!

Chen Xi remained completely indifferent towards all of this. Because early on while he was at the Comet Corridor, he’d witnessed Nie Xingzhen’s strength, and he felt that he wouldn’t lose to Nie Xingzhen. Thus, being able to accomplish this was already within his expectations.

However, when Chen Xi noticed the shocked expressions on the faces of everyone, he couldn’t help but laugh bitterly in his heart. Shit, I’m going to be taken to be a freak again…

The only thing that consoled Chen Xi was that at the instant he ascended onto the position of 1st on the Heavenstar Saint Rankings, 10,000,000 Starpoints had appeared within his Violet Ribbon Starcrest!

In other words, he currently possessed more than 180,000,000 Starpoints, and he was entirely able to immediately exchange his Starpoints for the River Diagram fragment.

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