Chapter 1402 – First On The Saint Rankings

As soon as he woke up from his meditation, over 140,000,000 Starpoints had suddenly appeared in his possession, and even with Chen Xi’s current mental state, shock was unavoidable when faced with such a sudden increase in Starpoints.

This amount was too shocking. But most importantly, all of this had occurred too suddenly and surprisingly. It caused Chen Xi to be stunned for quite a long time before he recovered from his shock.

The final gains from the bidding of those five hundred treasures I casually put up for bidding that day was still able to provide me with over 140,000,000 Starpoints after the academy took 30% of the proceeds. It truly is surprising. Chen Xi sighed endlessly with emotion in his heart. This was the benefits of bidding because those that urgently required some sort of treasure would absolutely stop at nothing to obtain it.

After all, Starpoints could be earned in the future, yet if those treasures were gone, then one wouldn’t know when one would be able to encounter those treasures again.

Presently, I lack around 9,000,000 Starpoints in order to exchange my Starpoints for the River Diagram fragment. Perhaps I can seize this opportunity to accept some assignments related to the Talisman Dao? In next to no time, Chen Xi moved his attention towards earning Starpoints.

Regretfully, after...

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